Sunday 28 April 2019

You are what you make yourself #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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Women Empowerment

Shalini was full of effervescence and love for life. She was her dad’s princess and the apple of her mom’s eyes. Very sincere and well brought up, she had completed her education with flying colors. Teaching had always been her first love and that is the profession she embraced as both her parents were teachers too. 

She met Raghav during her advanced teachers’ training program and it was love at first sight for them. They got married with the blessings to their parents and life became a beautiful bed of roses. Shalini has got a true soul mate in Raghav and there’s was a true fairy tale. The two slowly weaved their nest with great love and warmth. Soon, the good news that they have conceived arrived.

However, Shalini had a complicated pregnancy from day one. The strong woman that she was, she still sailed through the period praying each day with an unfazed smile. Raghav’s support further strengthened her but she delivered an extremely premature baby in just 28 weeks gestation. Doctors said he would not live as the baby was too tiny and premature to be even put on life support. However, Shalini held him close to her and didn’t leave him for a moment. When doctors came to check on her several hours later, they were shocked to still see him alive and put him on a ventilator immediately. They called him a miracle baby who exhibited an unparalleled desire to live and was in NICU for three straight months before he was brought home. 

Shalini and Raghav’s joy knew no bounds to welcome their son Atharva home and they thought their fairy tale had resumed as everything went perfect until Atharva turned 6-7 months old and started crawling on his fours when he was diagnosed with a rare disorder of having extremely fragile bones. So even a little stress on his bones will result in a fracture. There was no treatment to this ailment. 

This shattered Shalini, who still decided not to give up no matter how adverse the circumstances become. She gave up her job and took the utmost care of her son. She tried her level best he doesn’t break another bone but bones kept breaking and ironically making Atharva and his mom stronger day by day, year on year. Soon they lost count of the broken bones and started only counting their smiles.

Shalini didn’t let her son’s physical condition impact his mental growth and did homeschooling for him and like his mom, Atharva too turned out to be a very bright student. To give her son company she started taking a lot of classes at her home for kids all of which Atharva attended too. He is a happy chirpy child who never considers his wheelchair a handicap. Today Atharva is twelve and her mom is a renowned tuition teacher of the vicinity known for her exceptional teaching skills as almost forever, imparting education was her only passion. Words fail me to express how happy I feel every time I see the mom son duo. She proved to the world, you are what you make yourself, circumstances cannot make or break you, your own will power and resilience can.

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