Wednesday 24 April 2019

Voraciously embark on your new venture, your age is just a number #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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There is no perfect time to fulfill your dreams, there is just a perfect desire to fulfill them. I am ecstatic to share with you today that gone are the days when one presumed that one can embark on a beautiful journey of their dreams only in one’s younger years and as one grew
older he was not left with much choice. Retirement was considered an age to sit back and battle old age. Fortunately, it is not so anymore. 

I have come across women who have started working on their dreams after they have aided their children to fulfill theirs. Isn’t that beautiful? Gurpreet is one such lovely soul who lives in a family of seven with her in-laws and two children who have just commenced their respective jobs and her husband. For over twenty-five years, she had given her heart and soul to keep her family happy and tightly bound. Everyone loves her and relies on her with closed eyes, such is the warmth she exudes. 

Having fulfilled all her duties she now wanted to fulfill her dreams as she wanted to stabilize in a suitable means of livelihood for their sustenance after her husband retires in a few years. Additionally , she also has a strong philanthropy bone in her and wants to contribute to the underprivileged in her own small ways. She has always wanted to be a businesswoman but definitely with a twist and that’s exactly what she became.

Clubbing her two desires together, she started a small business from her home called ‘Love and Care Ventures’ where she sold goods made by kids of orphanages, old people and women from old age homes and women shelters along with other embroidered goods that she procured from her village in Rajasthan. She had decided to pay half of the profit to the concerned organization or the person from whom she bought and retain the other half for her business. This gave her both extreme mental satisfaction and the ability to stand on her own feet. 

Soon people started identifying her genuine efforts for loving and caring the needy and bought more and more from her to contribute for the noble cause. As she flourished, she approached more and more organizations who needed any kind of financial assistance and ensured she could get them some help for their efforts. 

Soon this became the purpose of her life. She found so much meaning in her work and worked as enthusiastically as a twenty-year-old. Post-retirement, her husband joined her efforts too and took pride in her work. He even took classes for the orphanage kids and women and elders and added colors to their lives. The money they saved in their venture was enough for them and the satisfaction they reaped cannot be expressed in words. 

Today Gurpreet is a changed woman from what she was years ago. It’s such a pleasure seeing her focused on a greater agenda in life. I am so proud to have contributed my ideas at the start of her journey where she was seeking right directions. She proved to the world that age is just a number. If you have a dream and a passion to fulfill it, there is nothing in the universe which can stop you until of course, you yourself want it to stop you!

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