Monday 22 April 2019

Taking responsibility and setting example for others #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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Women Empowerment

Of everything else on earth, it’s a person’s will and determination which can make her achieve success in whichever field she wishes. Today’s true tale of women empowerment is not about a woman but a community of such inspirational women who have set a worth emulating example for many others like them.
Park Street in Pune is a beautiful township to reside but because of its location it gets a little  tedious to get out of there for every little requirement. Hence, the women in the society decided to get rid of this perennial drawback and make themselves self sufficient. There was already a general merchant and vegetable vendor inside their premises for everything else each one took responsibilities as per her liking along with making it a medium to earn.

Priya started her physiotherapy sessions to aid the needy. Tia started a parlour. Sonia started a unique catering service which included early morn fresh Tiffin packing for kids and early office goers and full day yum ala carte. Deepti maintained a stock of stationary needs. Clothes, jewellery, birthday party supplies, gift return gifts, event management all was run inside by the determined women who would have easily spent their days parting around as most of them came from upper middle class family. But each one contributed as per their talent.
Their were dance, singing, swimming, instruments, speech and drama classes for kids within the township by experts in respective fields who resided there. 

Not only these, these women organised Marathons, Yoga and other fitness events guided by in-house slimming experts for the wellness of their fellow beings apart from their special  festival celebrations events. It earnestly was a pleasure to live for five years among such adorable and focused women. They taught me the greatest lessons of Camaraderie in my life. Trust me when I tell you this, if a stay at home lady, decided to start something from home even it was knitting pullovers or making pickles, everyone made sure she was given all motivation and support in spreading her work. There was so much warmth and love to the new entrants in their Whatsapp groups and everyone felt welcomed.

Anything we needed from medical help to a daycare all was available within the premises run in their houses by the resident ladies. Such an empowered bunch of ladies they are. Even if I asked for a doctor in the group, so many of them reached my place to help or called as I stayed alone with my kid, the husband travelling mostly. I have groomed so many of them in my academy for short periods to aid them work on their business model professionally and am still in touch with them. They still have my heart. The love and warmth each one gives and receives there is undoubtedly incomparable and imagine the number of entrepreneurs, this township has created. So many women standing on their own feet becoming independent and making their township independent. Isn’t it a try example of women power? Hats Off to you ladies, I take a bow! 

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