Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Boost your blog and take it a notch higher with #MyFriendAlexa

Many years ago, cajoled by a dear friend, I started my blog with the name ‘Straight From My Heart’. True to its name it was all about me penning all my thoughts down in it straight from my heart. This was all I knew about blogging then. I shared it with my friends and relatives on FB or via email and there appreciation as well my own contentment to having expressed myself was enough for me. 

There was nothing professional about it nor was monetisation a goal. I did create content for websites but that has nothing to do with my blog. I did a lot of work but had no clue about my reach or SEO. I had a dedicated set of followers and their love would satiate me.

In a couple of years it got better and I ended up working with some good brands but the upward progression was as slow as a snail.

In next few years I upped my game with Blogger Support Platforms like Indiblogger and Blogadda and thought my world expanded a bit after I purchased my domain name.

But the eureka moment for me was when I first came across Blogchatter in early 2016 for the A to Z Challenge. I had never realised then, how through them, I took my first steps into professional blogging. From something as trifle as having my blogging calendar set for next two months to publishing my 4 books with them in ebook carnivals through their 4 seasons of A to Z challenges they have aided me evolve to perfection in every way they could and can I be more grateful. They taught me brand building and I rechristened my blog baby. They were and still are my torchbearer and a guiding light in the right direction.

I am saying this for the umpteenth time that what I love the most about Blogchatter is their wonderful vision for the community always which has never gone wrong till date. Thus I have looked forward to each of their campaigns most sincerely and have reaped great benefits not only in terms of making my blog soar higher and higher in stats but also in terms of individual growth.

One of their most successful campaign ever is #MyFriendAlexa which aids in making our blog soar higher in terms of a global metrics called Alexa Rank by giving us a wonderful readership as well as our work getting global exposure. 

This is my fourth consecutive year in #MyFriendAlexa and I know if done religiously it is the biggest boost we can give our blog and I am ready to take the plunge despite of many other critical preoccupations this month.

 In this campaign, all you got to do is publish biweekly entire September and read and share the 10 blogs you are given each day, yes that simple. You will get all support from your exclusive whatsapp groups.

At the end of the month you will be amazed to find out how many wonderful writers have become your friends and have enriched you multi-dimensionally apart from the stats of course. 

It is a campaign where you have no loss and all gain as it gives your back your mojo to write and read religiously. Both these skills are vital for a professionally evolving blogger. 

Like A to Z challenge, you don’t need a theme here or start from an alphabet, all you need is to create good content to retain your readers, read good content and spread good content by sharing it. 

If what I have written above has struck a chord with you, I will recommend that you join the campaign by clicking here. The last date arrives soon so you got to hurry.

Also if you are a blogger and not a part of our Blogchatter family yet, do join it now by following Blogchatter on Twitter and I promise you will only thank me later for it!

Truly Yours Roma

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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Mindfulness Yoga Beginners Guide

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meditation guide

No wonder we women are multitaskers which also means we almost perennially have a lot of mental clutter going on in our brains which often deprives us of our well deserved mental peace and equilibrium. Along with it are certain negative feelings that may arise of a particular situation and refuse to leave us or plain boredom culminating from the monotony of life. 

Sometimes venting out to a near and dear one helps but you may not always afford the luxury of having an earnest ear and a guiding light instead you may become your own guiding light, your own way to optimal peace in your life. I do so by practising Mindfulness Meditation. It has immense therapeutic healing power and I can’t express in words how wonderfully it has helped me. 

Wanting to share it with all of you, today I commence a series on ‘Mindful Meditation’ in which I talk about some really worthy, easy and useful techniques I adopt to meditate and rest my mind and soul and pamper it with all the calmness of the world. It also empowers me to take the most difficult situations in my stride.

When: I practice it early morn, you may choose any time of the day when you won’t be disturbed and it’s your own personal time. Try as much as possible choosing the same time everyday. It further aids in training our mind over a period of time and it automatically seeks this devotion time and space going forward, pacifying our mental pressures further. Even if you are able to do it thrice a week to begin with it is ok, I will urge you to take the first step.

Where: Choose a comfortable place, I do it in my balcony sitting on my Yoga Mat with the cool monsoon breeze caressing me and supporting me unnerve and free myself from the bothering thoughts which are adamant not to abandon us. However for the last one month after my Endometriosis surgery, I was practising it lying down with my spine straight and limbs relaxed. So sitting, may be with a cushion to comfort you, or lying down relaxed is your choice, choose the position which is most comfortable for you. 

Why: Because we wish to take care of ourselves, of our mental health, of our peace and to be mindful of having a meaningful life full of happiness and dreams. It is vital for us to take care of our mind and soul as much as we care for our body through physical fitness. Combining Yoga and Meditation is the most brilliant idea to attain both mental and physical good for oneself.

What: To meditate, gently close your eyes, join your hands to pray or put them on your knees or wherever you find it comfortable. Plug your ears with soft meditation music if possible or just the sound of waves or waterfall or rain, you can easily find them on web. Set alarm for how long you wish to be in meditative state starting from 10 mins to up to an hour depending upon how much time you can manage. I normally do it for 30-60 minutes.

How: Once you are ready start meditating taking deep breaths inhaling at the count of four and exhaling at the count of six. Concentrate on the gap between your inhaling and exhaling counting them aloud (I chant Om each time) or better still opening 10% of your eyes and focusing on the tip of your nose. Some thoughts will undoubtedly come drifting, let them flow out of you in colourful balloons as you see them eluding you and rising high up in the sky.

With regular practice, you will be able to visualise these balloons going out explicitly  leaving your mind calm and filled with peace and you become more and more mindful of the  moment soaking yourself totally into it. We make no effort to rid ourselves of these thoughts rather make them our companion.  In it I am mindful of my present and gradually attain the wisdom to accept and act the best. It is termed mindfulness meditation. This may at times transport you to a deep sleep and you may continue to be in a meditative state even when the music gets over. Stay there for an extra minute and then gradually get to your routine with a calm and composed, positive brain.

I strongly believe Meditation is something which will benefit you all irrespective of your gender and these simple steps will aid you take a right step in the right direction. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries on the same.

In the coming volumes of this series, I would love to discuss many other vital additions we can make to our meditation regime to let optimism and happiness flow in our lives like blood runs in our veins.

Truly Yours Roma

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Does PediaSure Really Work: A Mother’s First hand Verdict #GrowRight

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I am often asked by moms - How do I ensure my child gets all the nutrients  vital for his growth and does a health drink like PediaSure really work for him? In this blog post, I address all these questions of yours.

 Motherhood undoubtedly has been the most beautiful chapter of my life. It has touched my heart and tickled my soul like nothing else. Saying that it has also been the most difficult one, for despite being an instinctive mom, I have feared making grave mistakes which may adversely affect the growth of my little precious. It also perhaps stems from the fact that I had a preterm baby born at 32 weeks of gestation, though his birth weight was quite heartening.

But as my child grew up into becoming a playful toddler, he became an extremely fussy eater to the extent that he started looking extremely thin and lanky. So I decided to seek a Paediatrician’s help. Gem of a guy that he is, the doctor taught me four nutritious tricks that really worked for me in fortifying essential nutrients in my child’s diet.

He taught me to take him vegetables and fruits shopping with me and make him pick a lot of colourful ones. This really excited him back home to taste them and thus his intake of fruits and vegetables increased, gradually yet permanently.

He also asked me to include Ragi in his diet in the form of sweet porridge with jaggery or as laddoos with powdered nuts. I gave them in his school lunch box every day.

Based on his suggestion, I also made multigrain aata at home so that even if he had one chapatti, it would cater to many of his nutrient needs. I normally made a roll out of it, with vegetables and ghee added into it and we had it in the balcony watching birds or stars.

Most importantly, he also recommended PediaSure for him. It has 37 vital nutrients extremely essential to provide complete and balanced nutrition of the kiddo as it is almost impossible to fortify them all in a little kid’s meals. It did wonders to my kid’s growth. He had told me that it will surely help him in his growing years increasing his height and weight and help develop his immunity and brain True to the word, there has been visible growth in 90 days. It has high quality protein so is very good for bone growth too. 

I really understood that a shortfall in his growth today may impact his future and knew the importance of nutrition in his foundation years. So along with the above, I kept giving him PediaSure every day in milk, or in shakes religiously alternating between its different flavours, to keep my little angel’s taste buds appeased. By building in variety and choices, I was able to combat my fussy eater’s tantrums and was proud when he showed visible signs of grow right.

So yes, PediaSure did work for my kiddo and made me a happy mom. I still give it to him once a day and he happily devours it because of its yum flavour. Especially in summer months, when the kids’ diet goes down drastically, adding a health drink like PediaSure, to his/her diet can work wonders in giving them perfect nutrition. As a mom, I strongly recommend it!

Truly Yours Roma

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Friday, 2 August 2019

5 Practices that have Helped Me to Stop Worrying if My Toddler is Growing Right

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 As a mommy I know that every single mom on this planet constantly worries whether her little precious bundles of joy are growing right. Are they getting all the essential nutrients? How can you improve upon it? Especially with the advent of monsoon when our children’s immunity goes for a toss, what can we do to save them from getting sick and continue to grow stronger both physically and mentally?

So today I’m sharing with you five practices that have helped me to stop worrying if my child is growing right. My child has been a fussy eater right from the start and ate only the bare minimum that is required for survival. Deciding to reverse the fussy eating, over the years I have meticulously worked upon what goes in his tummy and what else he needs to grow appropriately.

1. I want to draw your attention to food labels: When we go shopping for things other than fruits and vegetable, have you looked at the labels before you put an item in the cart? What goes into the processed food we are buying? The food label not only tells us the ingredients used in this food but also tell us the nutritional value of the food. Since I have started this practice, I have realised that Food Labels have helped me distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods. I now always check that the food item I am picking up has enough proteins, vitamins, minerals and good quality fats like monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Labels also help me know the nutritional facts, serving size and storage instructions.

2. Make a colourful plate rich in seasonal vegetables and fruits: Little children love colours and are fascinated by them. To his balanced plate, I have added colours using various vegetables and decorated his homemade multigrain atta chapatis into a rabbit with ears of carrot, smile with bell pepper, nose of cucumber, eyes of black grapes and he started savouring a little bit of everything and his taste evolved with time. Trying to add one fruit or vegetable that he loves and let him finish the rest to get the same too has worked for me. Also, include ragi in their diet if you can, it is a rich source of calcium. Sit with them and have food. Children learn the best habits not by hearing what we say but emulating what we do. Take your child when you shop for vegetables and other food items. Let them help in the cooking process too. The involvement will get them more interested in what they eat. 

3. Nuts are a must: Nuts like almonds and walnuts contain healthy fats and loads of micronutrients to help our little ones grow effectively and build strong immunity. Include them alternately in your kids’ diet as whole or powdered form rolled in paranthas or in kheer. Also, try to give them dates and dry fig which are again dense in nutrients like iron.

4. Outdoor play is vital: One hour of outdoor play is a must for every child and can in no way be compromised with any screen time under any circumstances. I have kept that one hour fixed always whether he plays football, basketball or cricket. On days when it rains, we have a fun yoga or Zumba session for us in our balcony and these turn out to be special bonding times for us.

5. A worthy health drink like PediaSure: Last but not least is PediaSure, one of the most powerful tools in this mom’s kitty - recommended by my Pediatrician when my son was two years old. Many a time despite trying our best we miss certain extremely significant micronutrients in the diet we give our little hearts. PediaSure contains 37 such vital nutrients which result in visible growth in 90 days and I can vouch for the same. It really helps moms of fussy eaters like me, to breathe a sigh of immense relief with the support it gives to our little angels. Its super yum flavours can be alternated upon too to add variety and soothe our little ones’ taste buds further.

I follow the above religiously and ensure that my kiddo eats right and plays right to grow right and I trust you have found these points useful as well! Do share with us your tips and thoughts in the comments below.

Truly Yours Roma

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

5 Beautiful Temples You Can’t Afford To Miss In Goa

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I first visited Goa with my mum dad and brother in my teens and need I say it was love at first sight when I saw the beautiful island from my aircraft before touching down. Next I visited the land of ethereal beaches with my husband post our wedding and the love only grew fonder and deeper. For the past many years it has almost become our second home and we visit it at least twice in a year. I have already written about its best beaches, properties reviews, eateries but today I wanted to show you the offbeat divine side of Goa which is very close to my heart, the five priceless temples , the hidden gems, you can’t afford to miss. If you are a vivid cultures' enthusiast and have a devotional vein you will definitely strike a chord with these.

1. Shri Mahalakshmi Temple: This historical marvel constructed in 1413 is the one of the most visited temples in Goa, I visited it in Navratri and the opulence and grandeur with which they are celebrated here were awesome. We had a great time soaking ourselves in the mixed culture celebrations, when one of the idols of Mahalakshmi were taken out on a chariot on the auspicious occasion of RamNavmi. It was a pleasure seeing this divine side of Goa. It was about 22 kms from Panjim and we drive there by our personal car. 

2. Shanta Durga Temple:  Again near Panjim, I particularly liked this relatively recently constructed temple( constructed in 1966 though its laterite mud shrine was built in 1738) because of the fusion of Indo Portuguese architecture in its design. We loved the entire large temple complex built at the foothills of Kavalem Village in Ponda and dedicated to Goddess Shanta Durga. Do check out the interesting tale behind this gorgeous monument, when you visit there.

3. Mangeshi Temple: 21 kms from Goan Capital, Panjim, this undoubtedly is one of the really adorable temples of the state dedicated to Lord Manguesh. Shifted here by Marathas, this temple is one of the most famous in the state. A word of caution here is, before visiting this place, please do check online its dress code and clad yourself accordingly.

4. Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple: This one is perhaps the oldest temple in Goa, loved its ambiance, spiritual vibe and abundance of Mother Nature surrounding it. Everything about it is divine including the Shivlinga inside. This site is now declared a protected monument. Lord Shiva devotees gather here in large numbers during Mahashivratri and soak themselves in the ethereal joys of devotion.

5. Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple: Located in Konkan, I visited this temple in monsoons and loved its mesmerising one of its kind architecture which has hues of Mughal and Europeans cultures. It is an absolute must visit and even better if you can visit it on Gokulashtami. It is a temple with a great historical past worth knowing about.

So, it’s a half truth that Goa is all about, only sun and sand and seafood, there is also a rich, prestigious, multi-cultural historical treasure this state keeps hidden within. Do explore it the next time you hit Goa and I am sure you will find the hours you invest worthwhile! 

Truly Yours Roma

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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

5 Vital Ways In Which Every Woman Can #ENSURE Her Good Health

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There is nothing as significant as our health and unfortunately it is the one thing we women often knowingly or unknowingly ignore the most. Do you agree that our sound health is closely related to our nutrition? The reality is a woman’s health is more nutrition than one can ever know. 

I am in my late thirties and I admit until just a couple of years ago, I have completely ignored my health and nutrition, probably because I was young and fit, so didn’t feel the need for it but the fact is, it is absolutely essential for us to be particular about our (women’s) health and nutrition throughout our lives for we undergo multiple internal changes as we first menstruate, to child birth to menopause and at every stage our body needs several vital nutrients in different proportions to cater to its requirements. I learnt it the hard way but now I remain vigilant and particular about it. Five vital ways each one of us can ENSURE we stay strong and healthy forever are:

1. Eat a healthy nutritious diet: Mindful eating is most vital for all of us. As you plan your diet make sure you consume your daily requirement of proteins, calcium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. Gauging them through an app is a good idea. It also keeps you in check from eating junk. Personally for me consuming fresh fruits and vegetables works wonders, I make them into yummy salads with my choice of dressing and a garnish of sesame and flax seeds.

2.Maintain a healthy weight: I firmly believe in maintaining a healthy weight neither too thin not too fat it good for a woman. Balance is the key always. A healthy lifestyle is the best gift we can give ourselves. It is the best preventive medicine we choose for ourselves and thus for our families. Isn’t this a great motivation?

3.Include health supplements like ENSURE: Lately I took the #StandForStrength Challenge with my near and dear ones and was aghast at how many of us could not actually do it and it speaks volumes about our fitness. As we age we start loosing our muscles and at times it becomes vital for us to include health supplements like Ensure Powder from  Doctors’ No.1 Favourite Brand Abbott which is a source of complete balanced nutrition usually for supplemental use with or between meals. Enriched in proteins and twenty six other essential vitamins and minerals, ‘ENSURE’ ensures healthy weight gain and aids in building muscle strength for adults and the elderly. 

4.Take long nature walks in sun: Our body synthesis vitamin D from the food that we consume in the presence of sunlight, thus apart from good nutrition we must ensure we take good long strolls or brisk walk in morning sunlight preferably in the vicinity of Mother Nature which will further assist in our good physical and mental health.

5.Regular exercise without fail: Last but not the least, complement an apt nutrition with sufficient physical activity of your choice like yoga, swimming, gymming or whatever you prefer.Three or four or five days a week, totally depends upon you but maintain a strict routine and indulge and engage all your body muscles to move around and remain active and healthy for a long happy life.

So dear women, don’t ever compromise in your adequate nutrition  and activity no matter what age bracket you are in and stay healthy, happy, positive and smiling always. 

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my four published books here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The Destiny and Empowered Women Empower Women

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

The Therapeutic Nature Walks Have My Heart

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Yesterday was a beautiful day, eighteenth day after my surgery, I felt wonderful from morn and wanted to end my forced confinement at home. For an addictive workaholic like me, this has been the greatest punishment. Thus, I was hell bent to go out somewhere and treat myself. I always enjoy this me time and occasionally don’t mind pampering myself and cheer myself up. So I knocked at a dear friend’s door entrusting her with the keys and other domestic help responsibilities. As we struck a quick discussion, she offered to drive me to her most favourite monsoon location somewhere outside Pune and I jumped with joy  because though we already live on lush green mountains on the outskirts of the city, any opportunity for further getting closer to Mother Nature appeases the nature lover in me like nothing else. This was probably what my heart probably desired the most at that moment.

So impromptu we set out. The gorgeous Shakun drove as slowly and carefully as possible and gave me all the comfort she could so that my stitches don’t hurt. It was cool breeze and drizzle all along the long drive, caressing me, healing me and relieving me of the void I had been experiencing for the past few days. My heart smiled, can’t express in words, how wonderful I felt.

We drove and drove and finally stopped at her favourite destination and spent a couple of hours there, trekking, soaking our feet in the pristine water, lying on the fluorescent grass which glistened in sun rays playing a peekaboo with the clouds. I also had a word with the little snails, fishes and crabs and posed for a lot of pictures which I love doing. The colourfully bloomed flowers smiled back at me as I tenderly touched them. 

We felt that this is the most ideal place we must do our meditation so the sound of the breeze and the greenery spread to as far as you can see, seemed ideal to enhance our mindfulness and focus and channelise our energies affirmatively.

I thoroughly enjoyed the nature walk and when the heart to heart banter of the two girls got over, we merrily drove back...simple  joys of life, isn’t it, yet so potent of revitalising you. I wanted to document these precious moments and thus this post.

For me Mother Nature has always been the best healer from ever since I was small. Morning walks in her lap has been my most favourite form of workout from ever since I was a tiny girl till today. The power of nature walks cannot be negated. Right from soothing your eyes,  to unnerving your brain to de-stressing your complete self they have the power of rejuvenating and deep relaxing you. The more close we stay to nature, the better it is for us for it is our mother right and mothers are always the best ♥️♥️

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my four published books here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The Destiny and Empowered Women Empower Women