Sunday, 13 September 2020

Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0: One Stop Destination for all Blogger Dreams to Come True

I joined Blogchatter in 2016 and signed up for their A to Z Challenge. From then until today, my 5 books have released during the 5 consecutive #BlogchatterEbook Carnivals and I am so pleased to share all five of them are now available on Amazon. Blogchatter Founder Richa Singh and her team have been instrumental in this journey. Thus, I owe a major chunk of my evolution as a blogger to this precious community.

Last weekend when they released their more advanced and user-friendly interface known as Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0 in a one-of-its-kind Zoom party, I felt so proud to hear the announcement because Blogchatter indeed is family by now.


The hard work and detailed thought process that has gone in designing the all-new Avatar of Blogchatter was evident by how impressive the site looked. As one of the oldest community members of Blogchatter, this indeed was a special moment for me as we now have a new abode to ROLL our blogposts for the community and read and advocate others, to together grow and spread our wings and fly.

Personally, I believe Blogchatter is a brilliant platform, every blogger whether new or old, must signup for, especially now with the all-new Blogchatter 2.0 launched. If you wish to know how it helps a blogger, do watch this video, till the end.

Let’s check out 5 ways in which the all-new Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0 can aid you as a blogger in carving your own identity and build your brand in the blogging industry.

1. Your writings grab more eyeballs from interested readers of your genre

No matter how beautifully we write, our content must reach a wider audience to get the desired appreciation. Blogchatter Reloaded does just that. When you submit your blog post on the Blog Rolls it makes your content reach its potential readers.

2. You connect with like-minded and veteran bloggers who can guide you 

Blogging can become a lonely journey sometimes and we may lose direction at any point in time. Blogchatter is a place that helps you forge many lifelong friendships as you follow other bloggers and they follow you. Your bond is special as your friendship is based on your love for writing. So when you get stuck, Blogchatter community friends come to your rescue. So signing up for Blogchatter Reloaded is a very wise decision.

3. They hold a lot of interactive sessions and lives on how to ace your blogging game to help you evolve

The versatile Blogchatter team holds live conversations with many experts from time to time to aid us to take our content a notch up. Detailed information about these lives is available for all members on Blogchatter 2.0 website which we can easily synchronize with our calendars and gain valuable knowledge by attending them.

4. They aid you to monetize your blog by bringing several paid campaigns and sponsored posts

Blogchatter has set the bars really high by bringing well-paid brand campaigns to its community members. The information for these campaigns too, you can get on Blogchatter 2.0 website.


Their payment cycle is one of the best in the industry and


has set the benchmark for various other marketing agencies. As a member of the community, if your profile matched the campaign, you have a fair chance of getting shortlisted for the same.

5. There all the year-round campaigns can aid your soar higher

Most importantly they have many campaigns running all round the year like the Blogchatter A to Z, Lights Camera Action, My Friend Alexa and many others which boost the statistics of our blogs organically and also aid up improve our blog ranks. You can sign up for these campaigns on the Blogchatter Reloaded Website. I currently have more than 1.28 million views on my website all thanks to all the meticulous careful steps taken in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a blogger, you are missing out on something really important if you are not signed up for Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0. They are the best place for all your dreams as a blogger to come true. I highly recommend it to you all. Signup for Blogchatter here.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Memoir: My Mom, The Power in Me

It was May 2006, a week before my mom left for her heavenly abode. I haven’t met her in the last five months after my wedding day. She knew things had been difficult for me as my husband has just lost his father to cancer a month after our marriage, so she came to stay with us for a week. Honestly, I can’t be more grateful to the Almighty for giving me those last seven days with her which were perhaps some of the best mom-daughter times we had spent together and are forever etched on my heart. 

We talked every night, she told me that she was very happy with my choice, that my husband was a genuinely good man and that now she is assured that we will be able to take good care of my younger brother who has moved in to live with us for his studies. During those night, I had often put my head on her lap and rested there for hours while she stroked my hair and kept talking in her soft silky voice. She was a professor of Sanskrit and a very balanced human who wanted to pass on to her daughter all the learnings she had amassed from life and a difficult marriage, her principles of Karma and I loved listening to her with a whirlwind of infinite emotions lost in my own trajectory of thoughts.

In that one week, she filled my kitchen with all my favorite things which she made everyday when I went to office like my favorite pickles that lasted for so long more so as I ate them so sparingly to keep the taste of her fingers alive with me for as long as I can. She also made a very pretty dress for me which is most precious for me till today. I wear it on all important occasions often. My heart was heavy when she was going back. I didn’t know this would be the last time she was kissing and hugging me.

The next week she was gone forever. Such is the love of a mother, I fail to fathom if she has had premonitions that she was going and came to bless her children one last time but her sudden demise definitely shattered me completely. The last time we spoke minutes before she left, she has told me to never give up and take care of my younger brother and her last words made me put together those shattered pieces as I yearn to keep my promises till today. I hope she is happy to see us from heavens above.

My mother is the power in me. She still comes in my dreams and guides me, in those dreams I still get to put my head on her lap and I wake up all smiling. My little one wants to know about nani so much and I often narrate her tales to him. That way I see her living with us. She was and will always be my support system. As a mother I emulate her today engraining the same values in my little one, that’s my tribute to her. 

Truth be told, no matter what I say, I miss her deeply every day and crave for that lap to hide myself forever.

Truly Yours Roma

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Global Launch of my 5th Book: Some Milestones turn you Speechless

My precious readers! Words are failing me today to announce to you the global release of my 5th book- ‘Soulful Letters on COVID, For My Future Grandchild.’ It’s an inspirational testimony of the pandemic era for future generations.

When a woman stranded one thousand kilometers away from home for over eighty-three days during a pandemic, decides to document the times in the form of priceless letters for her future grandchild, she indeed creates a  worthy legacy. She puts these letters together in the form of a unique, emotional yet deeply motivating book written straight from the heart. This is the premise behind my latest release and that woman is me~Yours Truly Roma. Honestly, this isn’t a book it is a piece of my heart.

Yes, this book is my personal story of getting stranded in Vadodara, Gujarat where we had gone for some official work and then the lockdown happened. The pandemic has hit the world and for the first time in our lives, we had to fight for basic amenities. You must read this book to know how did we survive and did we manage to reach back home?

I am also glad to share this book has garnered some really awesome initial reviews. My heart is ecstatic reading them over and over again. When your hard work bears fruits, the tiniest success feels the sweetest. I am grateful to everyone for appreciating my work and want to say that I am able to pen my 5th book in most difficult times only thanks to your love and support always. Writing these letters became my source of inspiration during these most difficult times of our lives. Sharing some of the reviews of my book here.

Jayanti Manikandan says: “The author is only in her 30s but she has written the letters so well by feeling and expressing the situation so well. She talks with such love for her grandchild and at the same time explains the pandemic subtly and accurately for a child’s understanding.” Read her full review here.

Surbhi Prapanna feels: “This book is a collection of heartfelt and soulful letters that a granny has written for her grandchild with pure love and care, with a desire to share her experiences and learning during the challenging time of COVID 19. This book will inspire you to write something like this for your grandchild." Her full review can be read here.

Noor Anand  Chawla recommends: “Roma Gupta Sinha’s ‘Soulful Letters on COVID, For My Future Grandchild’ is a sentimental book, recording a personal story of hope and survival in difficult times. I feel that it will appeal to people just emerging from the lockdown. You will identify with her experiences and may feel compelled to share it with your children and grandchildren, so they can enjoy the benefit of her wisdom.” Check out her full review here.

Dipika Singh says: “Roma’s book  ‘Soulful Letters on COVID, For My Future Grandchild’ is a lovely book that brings positivity and hope for the readers. Recording lockdown days into heartfelt letters is a wonderful idea, to share history with future generations. Given a chance, I would too like to keep such records for my future grandchildren." Check out her full review here.

Ruchi Verma announces: It’s always said what we want to transfer wisdom to our coming generation and when we are facing such a tough time of COVID 19 this book is the best way to pass on unforgettable soulful letters to the coming generations. You can read her review here

Sonal Meenal feel: Really loved the way Roma has addressed the grandchild and explains each aspect of the situation positively. They imbibe various values like humanity, positivity, fitness, gratitude and all letters are filled with care. You can read the full article here.

In case you are interested in listening to some beautiful anecdotes from the book, tune in to my interview on the famous show - Razzmatazz with Rashi below. 

I am so indebted with all the love and warmth you guys have given me always. I am giving you a piece of my heart in the form of this book. I trust you will confer it the same love that you have given to my earlier literary outings. 

You can grab a copy of my book here.

Monday, 24 August 2020

ZEE5 Churails Review: An Impeccable Must-watch Thriller Aiming Women Empowerment


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I have a staunch belief in the fact that Empowered Women Empower Women, so much so, that I have written a book by this title. Trust me, there can be no better time than today to stand up for ourselves and for other women and unite in our fight on crimes against women. This was the reason I was so smitten by the concept of the Churails Series on ZEE5 from the time I heard about it. Since I was waiting for it with bated breath, I binge-watched it right on the first day of its release.


So, here’s an earnest review of the show and why it proved a worthy watch for me.



Intriguing Plot and Story Line of Churails


This show is a masterpiece crafted to perfection by critically acclaimed creator Asim Abbasi. It deals with how women can no more take infidelity and cruel patriarchy in their stride. It is a strong riveting story of four females protagonists from different walks of life who come together and form a squad to give a befitting reply to the philandering husbands.


They run a spy agency under the veil of a Burqa boutique called Halal Designs and help cheated women find justice until one day they run into trouble. Their earnest endeavor to overcome the hurdles is so worth a watch.



Well fleshed out Strong Female Characters


Let me give you a sneak peek into the four lead characters. The four leading ladies are Sara (played by Sarwat Gilani Mirza), Jugnoo     (played by Yasra Rizvi), Batool (played by Nimra Bucha), and Zubaida (played by Mehar Bano). While all four are poles apart as chalk and cheese, there’s a common fire in them which binds them together.


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While Sara is a rich lawyer from what looks superficially like a perfect wealthy family, Batool is a murderer of her husband who has served a jail sentence of twenty years for the same. On the other hand, Jugnoo is a single, high profile, wedding planner and Zubaida the youngest is a boxer from a traditional family with an abusive father. Each one has a hard-hitting story which has made them a rebel. The characters are beautifully fleshed and are equally well played by the four seasoned actresses. It was mesmerizing to see their onscreen camaraderie.


Powerful Dialogues and Performances


I will so like to state that the greatest strengths of this show undoubtedly are its enticing dialogues and power-packed performances by one and all including the supporting cast.


Sarwat as Sara is such a treat to watch as a trophy wife to an aspiring politician whose character gradually evolves and showcases myriad shades. She establishes a deep connection with her audience and it doesn’t feel we are watching her for the first time.


So does Nimra who portrays Batool who was married at a very early age and was subjected to marital rape. She has murdered her husband to save her daughter and that’s why the society called her Churail. A take a bow to such Churails. All the other characters too carve a place in your heart. The series was so un-put-down-able.




Gripping Storytelling and mesmerizing Cinematography


I became a fan of the cinematography and production design of this show almost instantly. It adds so much pleasure to the overall watching of the series. Minutest details have been well taken care of. Right from the first frame, the viewers’ minds and hearts are captivated by the visuals and nuanced performances.


Often a story can be strong but the power with which it is told in front of the camera makes or breaks a show. I loved the background narrations and heart touching poetry to the core and they remain a very significant part of making this series worthwhile for me.


 Inspires Women to Unite against Injustice


I love meaningful entertainment and often love investing my time in watching inspiring fiction and this one perfectly does the trick. It inspires every woman to stand for their own cause and don’t agree to be treated like a doormat as is prevalent in our society. Apart from gender inequality, this thriller also showcases issues like racism, homophobia, and transphobia in an eloquent manner.



Why I strongly believe #MainChurailHoon


While a man is free to do anything there are set norms for women on how to behave, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. Any lady who doesn’t obey this or raises a voice is called a Churail. But it’s high time these stereotypes are broken and if in doing so I become a Churail, yes indeed #MainChurailHoon and very proudly so. This show has embedded this thought deep in me.




Shows like this are a ray of hope to improve the strained Indo-Pak Ties


It was beautiful to see this show shot in Karachi as it feels like they are our own brothers and sisters in terms of culture. Produced by ZEE5 India and shot in Pakistan, this series indeed is a step in right direction in trying to ease the tension between Indian and Pakistan by promoting mutual art and culture.


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Overall, I would say, this show inspires us to embrace the Churail in our self and be the positive face of change the society so desperately needs. It undoubtedly is a must-watch for every woman belonging to the Indian sub-continent. Churails is currently streaming on ZEE5 here.

Truly Yours Roma





Thursday, 20 August 2020

5 Pro Tips to Choose the Best Baby Liquid Cleanser

Every mother’s top priority is her baby’s protection. She is relentless in choosing the best for her little one. My mantra as a mother is to pick the safest products for my little one. Also, I ensure those products are properly sterilized using the best baby liquid cleanser. Baby bottles etc. have decorations like valves and knots. The milk residue clings on them causing the stinking smell. This can be scary for new moms as babies have a developing Immune system.

Thus, I share with you the five-point powerful criteria I use to select a good feeding bottle sterilizer. 

I trust it helps you choose the best for your baby.


1. Should eliminate milk residues and foul smell


We notice that even if we wash our baby essentials with soap, they don’t get completely rid of the stinking odor. This is proof of the fact that milk residues are rotting in crevices of their surface. This can be really harmful to a little one. So, choose a liquid cleanser for feeding bottles, tumblers, sippers, etc. which completely eliminates milk films, residues and bad smell.


2. Should be chemical and Toxins free


Please check the ingredients of the baby liquid #cleanser before purchasing. The cleanser should not contain harmful toxins like Paraben, Sulphate & Synthetic dyes and Other Potentially Hazardous chemicals. The residue of these chemicals on the baby products may harm a delicate infant. So, avoid them.


3. Preferably a plant-based product


In my eyes the best baby cleanser is the one that is 100% natural and is a plant-based formula. This means that it derives its cleansing properties from the power of Mother #Nature which is gentle for a newborn. Natural products are always the best.

A certified  #naturalbabycleanser which is #plant&pure is always my first choice to secure the best care for my infant.


4. Should be safe, effective and baby-friendly


Being natural and biodegradable ensures the liquid baby cleanser gives an effective cleanse to the material of kids. It also aids in cleaning baby's feeding bottles, pacifiers, toys, milk packets, vegetables and peeled fruits appropriately. So, ensure your cleanser ticks these checkpoints. Pick a cleanser whose ingredients make the formation very gentle, skin, and baby-friendly.



5. Must have antibacterial properties


Harmful bacteria may germinate in rotten milk trapped in unidentifiable corners. Thus, we need to disinfectant the baby product completely using a baby liquid cleanser which has anti-bacterial properties. Also, these anti-bacterial properties help in killing harmful bacteria with natural ingredients, present in baby’s accessories in the form of foodstuff.


The above five-point formula can aid you to pick a worthy liquid cleanser for your baby products as it has always done for me.



Now, let me talk about the liquid cleanser I trust the most


After meticulous research and taking help from my pediatrician, I had picked up a brand that has always kept my trust. I am sure you will like to know about it as I use it extensively around all my childcare needs.


My most favorite brand for getting 100% natural and effective baby products is ‘MOTHER SPARSH’.I particularly recommend MOTHER SPARSH PLANT POWERED NATURAL BABY LIQUID CLEANSER to you. 

It thoroughly cleanses all your baby products and makes them germs free in a completely chemical free way. 

This I am saying based on certain impressive facts about the product, you must know.

Also, let’s check how appropriately it satiates the five-point must-have criteria we listed above.

This reliable #bottlecleanser derives its cleansing properties from Green Apple and Basil

Green Apple contains a considerable amount of fiber. This apple extract is a natural cleanser that is free from toxins and harmful elements

Also, Basil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  This makes this natural cleanser a great choice for sanitizing baby products without any harmful chemicals.

Both of these key ingredients together make it the safest and baby-friendly cleansing liquid.

This natural liquid cleanser by Mother Sparsh comes with the presence of plant-derived ingredients. 

These are highly effective in eliminating milk bacteria, removing tough stains and odor from baby feeding bottles, nipples, and other accessories. Thus it undoubtedly is my first choice.

This #bottlecleanser can #hinchbacteria to perfection and can be used safely across all baby products. 

 The fresh fruity smell of green apple further aids in removing the staunch milk residues smell along with removing the leftover milk films 50% better. Thus, it serves its main purpose well along with being a reliable #cleanserforbacteria.




 Also, as its key ingredients are green apple & basil which are skin-friendly & completely safe, this product is ideal to cleanse all baby essentials. I have been using it for over two years now and can vouch for its quality. Mother Sparsh always promises the highest degree of safety for our toddlers.


 Why I love it the most is, being an ideal cleaning agent, Mother Sparsh Cleansing liquid eliminates even the toughest formula stains, pigments, and residue of milk film using the natural extracts it possesses. These extracts also give a pleasant fresh fragrance. I love the smell.



As a nature lover, I am extremely happy to have found a brand that brings the touch of nature to our babies in the form of a blessing.

I love the fact that #MotherSparsh products made in our country. These products use the best knowledge of plant-derived powerful formulas. So they soothe the tender skin of our infants and this makes them the best #Cleanserforgerms.

Their products are a must try and I genuinely highly recommend them to all of you. 

I have been using them for over two years and all their products are so worthy and genuine. If you are looking for the best baby liquid cleanser your search ends here. MOTHER SPARSH PLANT POWERED NATURAL BABY LIQUID CLEANSER is certainly one of the best.

 It is easily available on their website and I always order it from there. This ensures I get the most authentic products always.

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my five published ebooks here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The DestinyEmpowered Women Empower Women and Soulful Letters On COVID, for my Future Grandchild