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Wonder, now on Netflix: A perfect amalgamation of education and entertainment for kids

Entertainment is as essential for kids as for us adults (It’s the icing on the cake if it has education integrated within). Especially in these times when our social life is almost zero, it offers a great opportunity to spend some cozy time with our little ones. But picking the right movie or series can be a tricky business. I personally love picking up something which entertains as well as leaves a strong lesson in the kid’s heart in this impressionable age. 

Luckily I have landed on some good ones in the past few months and today I recommend to you one such film which I still remember weeks after watching it with the kiddo and often comes up in our discussion. It’s the movie called ‘WONDER’ which released for the Indian audience on Netflix on 9 October 2020. This heart-touching film is based on the novel ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio and was first released in America in 2017. Personally, I love book adaptations in movies and mostly I read the book before watching the film but not this one. 

Plot of the Movie

This beautiful soulful flick is a story of a 10-year-old boy Auggie Pullman who was born with a rare medical facial deformity known as Treacher Collins Syndrome. He undergoes as many as 27 surgeries to be able to see, hear, talk and smell but the deep scars on this face remain which he often covers with a helmet to prevent other kids and adults from getting scared of him.

Fortunately, he is blessed with a wonderful set of parents and elder sister Via, particularly his mother Isabel played by my all-time favorite Julia Roberts. She homeschools Auggie until he reaches grade five. But after that, keeping in mind how sharp Auggie is and his extreme inclination towards science they decide to admit him to a normal school which is where all hell breaks. 

Overcoming his initial inhibition, little Auggie ventures school where almost every kid appalls from his face. This movie is all about how he overcomes the bullies at school and several other difficulties and wins wonderful friends like Jack. It will be heartwarming to watch his journey as he bags the best student award towards the end😊.

5 reasons I loved it

1. The theme of the movie is beautiful

Yes, the theme of the movie is priceless. In fact, it is a perfect amalgamation of entertainment and meaningful education for kids. I got glued to the movie right in the first 5 minutes, the storytelling was so bang-on. It was ‘unputdownable’. My heart kept going on special children like Auggie and saw how he filled my kid’s heart in compassion for him. Children are such selfless and innocent souls. Despite his facial discrepancies, Auggie’s mom has brought him up so well into a little genius with a beautiful smile and forgiving heart. Auggie is an inspiration to one and all and thus I say this movie is a must-watch for everyone.

2. The direction and acting are impeccable

WONDER is directed by Stephen Chbosky and he has done a phenomenal job with the subject at hand. A rare subject as delicate as this requires precise handling and how I admire Chbosky’s work. His genius is complemented by seasoned actress Julia Roberts’ acting who looks so real in her portrayal of Auggie’s mother but the show-stealer definitely is little Jacob Tremblay who plays August or Auggie Pullman. The support cast and crew too have done a wonderful job and it won’t be just if I don’t give them a special mention.

3. Inspires acceptance for all

The movie has nuances and overwhelming moments that compel us to think and self introspect. It is a marvelous take of Auggie and Jack’s friendship too. What is it that Jack does that breaks Auggie’s heart and he falls sick? The emotions of Jack’s sis Via who never got their parents’ time and attention, did she love Auggie unconditionally or secretly despise him? You must watch the movie yourself to find out. To us, it deeply conveyed the strong message to accept everyone with their set of strengths and weaknesses with open arms.

4. Entertaining and heart-warming 

I have always been an ardent fan of meaningful cinema and this one shall top my list for many years, I am sure. Wonder is a heart-warming entertainer and Auggie’s smiling face keeps presenting itself in my dreams so often. Such is the impact. If you too value your time and want to spend it on something worthwhile, I highly recommend WONDER to you.

5. Educational Treat for our little ones 

In COVID times, this movie makes an excellent choice for giving a worthy educational treat for our little ones. Watch it cuddled with them in your blanket and enjoy their myriad thoughts on the subject subtly imbibing in them values of compassion and acceptance of all. It is vital for them to have such meaningful lessons in life early on. This is what evolved parenting is all about.

Truly Yours Roma’s Rating of the movie


Truly Yours Roma

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

5 Weight Loss Fitness Mantras that aided me loose 20 kgs


I feel so exhilarating shedding 20 kgs in 2020, a year all of us will remember for many reasons. Consuming hormonal medications for endometriosis has made me swell and I got trapped in the vicious circle of consuming them to relieve pain which in turn increased weight. 

Early this year I decided to commence my fitness journey despite all odds. Due to a surgery last July, my body couldn’t take a heavy gym workout and I had to abandon it the very first month. Luckily I landed on a great dietician who guided me in this weight loss transformation. I was extremely elated as well as surprised how well I performed and my body reciprocated so well to a perfectly healthy lifestyle. At not one moment I thought of giving up the hard work and dedication. It wasn’t easy though because my endometriosis pain cripples me so often. I am finally so happy to get back in perfect shape and nearing my ideal body weight. This Diwali and Karwachauth I donned sarees after almost a decade as I felt confident my fat was gone and I didn’t need to hide my curves.

On a daily basis, I get requests from all of you to share tips on what actually worked for me, and here I am keeping my promise. The 5 Mantras that have worked magic for me to lose 20 kgs in eight months are:


Diet plays the most crucial role in our weight loss management and believe me when I say this, I now eat much more than I ever ate before but now I eat clean and I always try to eat on time. I consume nuts, lots of fruits, vegetables, oats, quinoa, amaranth, cottage cheese, and several other proteins. I perhaps eat everything but in ideal portions and don’t do obsessive or stressful eating. I eat my breakfast at 9 a.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. and in total, I eat 5 small meals a day. 

You can check out my post: Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips to know the exact details and timings.

Just remember what you put in your tummy determines how you look and how healthy you are, for me 70% of my weight loss is Right Diet taken at right time. 


It is also extremely vital to complement a good diet with any form of good exercise say 30-45 minutes a day. A brisk walk at home or yoga or gym or Zumba or Pilates anything you love shall stimulate your cells to lose weight appropriately.

 I do it come what may. It is compulsorily 5000-10000 steps for me every day along with yoga to tone my body and skin which has got loose by losing weight.

I have written about 10 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss and Flat Stomach. You can read them here.

There is no substitute for hard work guys. You can also choose your favorite physical sport too as a form of exercise for your fitness or acquire home workout equipment from my list here. 


Our Sugar and Salt intake determines a lot of our body parameters. While eating salt in moderation is advised, white sugar can be totally avoided and substituted with natural organic jaggery or honey. I have given up sugar totally in the last 8 months and mostly don’t take salt in my dinner or use it extremely sparingly. I also use pink salt for cooking. Just regulating these two had aided me a lot on a healthy weight loss without any fad diet which I don’t recommend.


The balancing act is the most important thing I had learned from my dietician’s at Your Diet Lounge because it’s okay to indulge in festivities or birthday parties. We don’t have to forgo them completely, all we have to do is balance the extra empty calories we have accumulated the next day with a detox diet. I find this really great to cleanse my body too of all the toxins too. 

I had shared a great papaya detox diet that also helps me stimulate my metabolism when my weight gets stuck in my Instagram post here. My IGTV videos too have a lot of weight loss tips under the hashtag #weightlosswithRoma if they interest you. 

You can just have fruits the whole day, the day after you had partied and that would suffice too.


The point we often miss while trying to lose weight is that the more water we consume the better it is. It shall be all the better if the water is an infused one. Water is the magic potion for our gut. 

I take a lot of homemade detoxifying drinks for effective and sustained weight loss. I have shared the recipes here. Apart from weight loss these also aid in boosting our immunity and our overall health. 

Similarly, a sound sleep is extremely crucial for us to sail towards our ideal weight. Any stress or lack of sleep deters it. I always sleep early and get up early, my morning me time gives me the energy to remain active the whole day with a smile.

Now, all these points appear simpler to read but require an earnest endeavor to practice in synchronism but trust me it only takes a couple of weeks to get into the habit and once you get it the journey becomes worthwhile. It shall not only bring unparalleled benefits to you but to your family too in the long run. Losing weight is not rocket science, it just requires a sincere will and dedication to keep sailing forward despite all odds. 

Truly Yours Roma

Saturday, 31 October 2020

HiPi Premier League on ZEE5: A Worthy Treat for all Cricket Lovers

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Ours is a family of cricket lovers. While my husband has always been the most ardent cricket fan, his love has rubbed on sonny and me over the years to the extent that it now almost feels like a religion at our place. But the last eight months of lockdown and then gradually opening up of the world, due to the pandemic, has kind of been morose for us, diehard cricket fans. Thus when ZEE5 announced HiPi Premier League 2020, the biggest cricket extravaganza of the year, we jumped off our chairs in excitement. It is so much fun playing HPL and trying every way our team wins.

I am sure you will like to know more about it, so here you go.

What is HiPi?

HiPi is a super entertaining short video app on ZEE5 launched in July’20 where we can upload and watch videos of up to 90 seconds. The content curators, celebrities, and social media influencers like me just love this place as is evident by the high-quality rich content we upload on it across all genres. For viewers too, it is an absolute delight. It is available as part of the ZEE5 App which is impressively heading towards becoming a Super App that integrates all the ways and means of entertainment in one place.

What is HiPi Premier League?

Trust me when I say, HiPi Premier League or HPL is the most happening Sporting Spectaculars of 2020. It’s a one of its kind opportunity for all of us, cricket lovers to celebrate our favorite sport. It went live on September 19th, 2020. If cricket is on your mind all the time and you love curating short videos this one undoubtedly is for you where you can not only have a plethora of fun but can also win amazing prizes worth 10 lakhs.

What are the teams in HPL?

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Now here comes the most fun part. HiPi Premier League has eight exciting and awesome teams named impeccably after their regions and are owned by captains who are famous celebrities and renowned influencers like Sugandha Mishra, Sanket Bhosle, Gaurav Gera, and Ssumier Pasricha.

Here are the HPL teams for you:

• Hyderabad Hippers
• Mumbai Mastis
• Delhi Dhoomers
• Rajasthan Rockstars
• Punjab Putters
• Chennai Swaggers
• Bangalore Badshahs
• Kolkata Khiladis

I am playing for my favorite team, DELHI DOOMERS, and keeping my fingers crossed that we will win. The support of our captain Ssumier Pasricha to us is phenomenal. It’s such a pleasure to watch what exciting content the teams are curating including their captains. This contest is so much fun. There are so many people joining our teams every day to support their players.

Sharing with you below one of my most favorite video ‘Uncleji ka Bouncer’ on HiPi, there are many more you would surely love.

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How do you play in HPL?

If the idea of playing HPL excites you hop on it now. You can find HiPi on ZEE5. Just sign up and choose your favorite team and make short videos and upload. Simple isn’t it? While the competition gives you the much-desired adrenaline rush, creating unique content makes your creative juices flowing. I personally love the concept of HPL, it appeases the cricket lover in me.

Prizes Worth 10 Lakhs for HiPi Premier League Winners

The icing on the cake is the there are many rewards for HiPi Premier League Winners worth 10 lakhs. The user who gets the maximum number of likes on his video during a day or during the week wins fabulous prizes. Also, the season’s leading content creator wins the mega prize.

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All this is incredible fun and a perfect treat for all us cricket lovers. I am having so much fun playing it. Have you checked out the HiPi Premier League on ZEE5 yet? If not, download it now.

Friday, 30 October 2020

A Successful Career Selection for Your Little One’s With ‘Eduauraa Top Mentors’

Awareness is required to deal with any situation in the present world. The basics of awareness we learn from our teachers. Eduauraa is offering the top most teachers of the country for your kids on your digital screen. Teachers will guide your kids, teach them with unique methods, and make them a smart and skillful kid.

A few years back when parents were students, the scope of getting knowledge was very less. It was limited to school teachers and tutors. Now ZEE5 Eduauraa is providing a full mentorship for your kids in only Rs.999 yearly subscription with full-on entertainment of ZEE5 together, do check on this link for full detail.

Eduauraa is best experienced with desktop and laptop. It provides your kids with a safe environment with fun learning. Education now with ZEE5 Premium offering with limited time offer up till 31st Oct. Basically with Annual ZEE5 subscription, you can avail for entertainment and education.

Proper guidance always leads toward a positive mindset. Eduauraa mentors will guide your kid to study hard and choose an impactful career for further in the future. Eduauraa has also a strong base of subject material, courses of a different state, competitive exams course, and course of spoken English i.e. Access to study material in line with the syllabus.
Eduauraa best team of teachers will guide your little ones to do their study with a smart schedule so that they can’t get bore. Kids should have a free mind so that they can choose their own time and subject to study and Eduauraa mentors will guide them with clarity.

Every parent has a worrying phase where they think for their kids' future, Eduauraa helps them to ease those tensions. Eduauraa’s mentors have a very clear vision, and they know how to guide the kids to select a bright career of their interest. They provide all the required details and help them to prepare for it. A brighter future is always guided by someone who knows about it properly.

ZEE5 and Eduauraa have a collaboration program so that kids can have equal fun with their education. Entertainment helps the kids to release the tension and education helps them to become successful. The collaboration program of ZEE5 Eduauraa is all about fun with education together.

Kids are the sweetest soul, and it's easy to mould them in any direction. The mentors of Eduauraa never pressure the kids to study hard, to practice more. Kids should enjoy their classes without any distractions. Believe it or not, Eduauraa mentors have all the attention of your kid.

They just show away with uniqueness like video classes, motion graphics, and creative examples which attracts a kid's attention easily. Sometimes mentors do guide them to take several tests to check the IQ’s of the student which always leads to a better option 5 ways mock tests can help your child score much better in their exams (Eduauraa has mock question papers to prepare children for boards ).

Board exams are like ghosts for any kid, but if a kid has proper guidance and a strong base then the fear of ghosts just vanished. Eduauraa’s topmost teachers from all over the country with all the required knowledge which you can also check on The role of Mentor in e-Learning (How children can benefit from interaction with experts and gain from their support they help the kids to fight with the fear of Board exam ghosts. There is an option with Eduauraa to prepare the board exam with ‘10 years board-wise solved questions papers’. These 10 years of board question papers are the answer to all the fear of Board exams.

Eduauraa provides a vast range of curriculums of 9 Boards which includes, ICSE, CBSE, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. All the subject teachers are highly qualified and most talented from all over the country.

Eduauraa keeps an eye on every student in particular and maintains a high growth in them.
Graphic motion and video-based classes attract the whole attention of kids, and they enjoy their classes. Eduauraa also arranges surprise tests for the kids and for that we have the entire syllabus scheduled as per the need. Parents can check the statistics of their kid’s performance, their current chapter’s information, the test results, the teacher’s details, and also extracurricular activities of Eduauraa for their kids.

ZEE5 and Eduauraa together always gives a positive result as per the parent’s perspective. ZEE5 has all the entertainment which can be enjoyed by parents and kids both and Eduauraa has a strong subject material which enhances the kid’s education. ZEE5 Eduauraa will always stand with the parents and the kids.
The Vision of Eduauraa Top Teacher’s are:-

Eduauraa teachers are well planned and organized to train your kid into a smart person. They are always available to guide your kid with innovative and creative ideas. They know how to deal with your kid so the kids can share their wishes, their requirements freely with their mentors. If the mentor has a very clear motive of guiding your kid then what else you can expect in the minimum amount of yearly subscription in just INR999, follow the link for more details of Eduauraa services for you.

Eduauraa believes in the right education system for your kids. We provide value education with systematic and unique techniques under the mentorship of highly educated teachers. We mentor the growth of your kid, and also provide them with all the entertainment required for them. Due to this pandemic situation, online learning is only a way to provide education to your kids under safety measurement.

Eduauraa is available for all the parents of the country with a curriculum of 9 different boards, 10 years board-wise solved questions, graphic motion studies, subjective tests, quizzes and video classes. Eduauraa is a pocket-friendly option with all convenient and unique measurements. A mentor is just like a godfather who guides your kid to achieve a bright future. Our mentors can provide a successful future for your kid.