Friday, 14 January 2022

Embracing peace in life despite all odds



Today I am sharing a not so evident slice of my life. The person you see all smiles everywhere is actually battling her demons for the most part of the month. Many of you know that I suffer from fifth stage endometriosis which gives me excruciating physical pain and bleeding for most days in a month but what it also gives me is a lot of mental agony as it cripples my life completely. Trust me when I say this, it takes a real mettle for me to get back to life from that painful period as it leaves me drained and exhausted. I also turn irritable and cranky but that is a part of endo life, I barely am able to bear for the past thirteen years. Perhaps my threshold has gone for a toss over time. The irony is during  this period I am suppose to take extreme care of my health but instead I feel so helpless and weak that I stuff myself with whatever I get, anticipating it will help release happy hormones in my body. Painkillers too have stopped working on me plus I am always trying to avoid them for their side effects as they are useless any way. Have have already consumed more than one can in a lifetime and three major surgeries later I often feel I am losing the fight. 

I am also so done with this lonely battle because I am a total recluse, all I have is my husband as my best friend who gets upset when I am sick so I can’t tell him anything either though mostly I can’t hide. My child bears the brunt of all that I struggle with. I miss my mom who is in heaven and dad who is remarried. Little brother tries to pacify. I often cry wondering what should I do but despite 

 all this, I still get up every time, for my zeal for life is insatiable. I wonder from where comes the power which keeps me motivated to lie down in my quilt with a hot water bag and pen an article. It may be the love you all give me but honestly I don’t know. 

I loose myself in between but somehow by God’s grace always get back on track. Many of you may wonder why I am not replying or vanish suddenly, it is the period I sink and retrieve in my shell because I hate sharing my vulnerable side(lest someone thinks I am playing the victim card) but my blog is my breathing space and it must know the true me and so documenting this here today. Every time I feel like quitting, my Sai gives me the power to rise up again. His hints and love are phenomenal. Last few days again I have been unwell and feeling deeply morose and lonely not wanting to write anything and rejecting worthy opportunities to do what I love doing most grooming the youngsters. 

Reluctantly I opened my blog yesterday for I felt my blog baby would have felt neglected and my chance my eyes fell on the fact that I have completed 900 articles on my blog already and shall soon be crossing 1.5 million footfalls mark on my blog. This really warmed my heart and I experienced a big lift. I shared it with you all and love poured in from all directions. Feeling mentally stoked, I picked myself up and started editing my 7th book which will be releasing shortly. I really really love the way the universe supports me. I may be a motherless lonely child but also destiny’s favourite one to test and bless.

So I am happy today and perhaps gradually learning to embrace peace in my life despite all odds. Have no clue about tomorrow but I try to live one day at a time and it helps. This post is not a rant nor do I wish to gain some sympathy. I just am who I am and have to share my heart with you all. You can judge me, it doesn’t effect me any more as I have come far ahead of all these things in the past decade and a half. Does it really matter, what matters it how gracefully you put yourself back together.

Sharing below some motivation, if God forbid, you are in the same boat. These basic principles have aided me for a long long time.

Be crazily busy: Being busy is the best thing in the world. It doesn’t leave you with any time to feel any pain. So keep yourself busy deliberately and in the process of you can help someone it can’t get better. It helps you heal. I still recall when I took session for kids and women I always felt better after spending time with them. They gave me unparalleled joy.

Be your own best friend: It is good to have reliable friends, at least a couple, who are there in times of need but also try to make yourself your best friend and enjoy your own company while doing things that soothe your soul.

Stop running behind things and people: If you get desperate for someone or something it will evade you for the longest time so stop the chase, they may not be meant for you.

Focus on your goals: The most important thing that helps you sail through the most difficult situations is a bird eye focus on your realistic goals. If you have a reason to push yourself hard it works like magic to let you leave behind every adversity. This is difficult but possible with practice. I have been managing this way quite well. 

Do what you love doing the most: Soak yourself in your passion, I love writing. Right now I have an unbearable colicky Adenomyoma pain and have had a painkiller which is least effective but I just feel like writing all this out today, may be it would hurt less and honestly I am sure I will feel better soon. 

Sorry my loves, I bothered you all with this piece today. If I need to delete this from my blog do let me know and I shall do the needful. Sometimes you just need to pour your heart out…and to me strangers have always given the most love ❤️. I love you all thanks a lot for always lifting me up 🙂

Monday, 10 January 2022

5 Pro Tips to make the experience of starting a business easier

Many of us cherish the dream of running our own successful business. Our dreams are important and each one of us deserves a fair chance to make a wholehearted attempt to fulfill them. This is a good time for small businesses. India is home to over 60 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), who contribute around 29 percent to the country’s GDP, according to industry estimates. Luckily, the advent of the Digital Age has opened up a new growth avenue for MSMEs in the form of e-commerce.                


Meticulous planning and flawless execution would go a long way in starting your own business. Sharing below with you, some vital tips to make the experience of starting a business easier. This is based on the experiences of several talented women students I have trained in my academy to become entrepreneurs and make a head start.


1. Plan, plan, and plan. Planning based on data is the key 1


Having a detailed plan which can take care of all contingencies can help you take the first step with conviction. This simply means that you have laid a very strong foundation for the business which you seek to build, including the financial aspects


During my initial years of working as a G.E.T. in Tata Motors, we were taught by Ratan Tata himself that a worthy business has the best chance to succeed if we have spent 70% of our time and resources in planning it with meticulous details.


Business owners would do well to plan after research into market needs, trends, and consumer sentiment. Data-driven insights can help you identify market gaps and business opportunities. A good step would be to partner with an e-commerce platform like Flipkart that helps you do all this. 




2. Build your brand with visibility and right positioning       


Lay a strong focus on letting your product or service speak of the brand you wish to createAt this point, you need to showcase your products and also catalog them in a way that leads to quick buying decisions. 


One of the woman entrepreneurs I spoke to had taken advantage of Flipkart’s seller hub to design and develop the product catalog. This kind of support is crucial in the early days of establishing your business.



3. Tie yourself with a strong e-commerce giant like Flipkart to increase your reach 2


Post adequate planning and getting ready with your product it is time to give your business an impressive reach so that you can get orders from far and wide seamlessly. 


As a small business, your resources may only allow you to sell locally. But internet penetration and digital awareness across the country means that being part of an e-commerce platform will be beneficial in having a pan-India customer base.


I recently read that Flipkart has opened several new fulfillment and sortation centers to support more and more small businesses, MSMEs, local artisans, weavers, and craftsmen sell through their robust e-commerce platform. 


This makes it a win-win situation for both the small sellers who get a fair price for their products easily as well as customers who get the best products right at the comfort of their home. I love how Flipkart stays committed to technologically transforming e-commerce in India. 


They can thus be instrumental in helping you start and build your business well.



4. Optimise costs 3


MSMEs selling online save on costs like not having to maintain a physical footprint. You would save on warehousing costs since an e-commerce platform does that for you. There is also no need to develop supply chains as you get support on this front too. If you have partnered with Flipkart, then the entire cycle of order to delivery to return or exchange is taken care of by the platform. Again, the entire process is backed by technology so that businesses can easily manage that at their end. 




5. Steer clear of any negativity and keep learning   4


When you start your business, steer clear of people who mock your endeavorYou need to keep learning, especially when it comes to new technology and market trends. Learn the art of selling online and upgrade yourself constantly. If you need, e-commerce platforms help you with training too. Flipkart has webinars and a self-paced learning platform to help small businesses get the edge when it comes to selling online. 


The future belongs to MSMEs and e-commerce is enabling them to become competitive business owners and I cannot wait to see how more women entrepreneurs make use of these opportunities.












Friday, 7 January 2022

The Common Woman of India, the Real Inspiration: #TrueStories In #Causeachatter 2022


"All will be good soon, don’t worry, any illness takes time!” Raya tried to reassure me over the phone as her bones crackled with pain and her body shivered in a high fever. My heart went out to her. She has learned to take life in her stride with utmost poise no matter how difficult destiny made it for her. In fact, I am in awe of how she still is so full of life despite facing so many hardships. Born in rural India, there were umpteen moments when she could have succumbed to the circumstances but here she stands stronger and smarter beating all the odds with her willpower. So, yes she defeated COVID soon too like she promised me on phone and is back on her feet working hard to give her family a worthy life. 

She was born among three sisters and a brother and was always extraordinary in academics. Her elder sisters got married when they were really young and when the choice came that whose medical education fees her parents will be able to afford, her brother was the obvious choice. He completed his studies and started practicing. Raya still continued with her extraordinary passion to excel in her studies and right after her post-graduation started teaching Chemistry in a newly opened engineering college. Her parents were finally so relieved that they could fulfill most of their responsibilities. Soon, they married Raya’s brother who was blessed with a tiny angel. It was finally time to find a worthy groom for Raya who was doing so well in her career.

But destiny had entirely different plans. Her young brother was murdered in a bizarre incident by the angry relatives of a patient who lost his life. This broke her parents but grieved Raya took charge. She promised to take care of her old parents for the rest of their lives and she has stayed firm on it to date. 

In the coming years, she was married to a really nice, handsomely earning, young man who agreed that Raya brought in her parents to their home. They were soon blessed with a sweet little boy, by God’s grace. Raya’s joy knew no bounds, for the first time in her life she felt that perhaps the testing times are over and she can now lead a peaceful time with her family. Both she and her husband were doing good in their respective jobs and their little one was growing so well in his maternal grandparents' arms.

But her belief was soon shaken when her husband got diagnosed with depression and left his job. It was difficult for her to fathom the cause, she still tried giving her best and taking care of him. During all this, she also lost her father to ill health. Again she took charge and took upon herself, both the financial and emotional responsibilities of her family, leading from the front. 

She consulted the best physiatrist for her husband who got better with the right medication and started a new job in a new state. She too switched jobs and moved on with him with her son and mom. Through her hard work, she again carved out a good name for her in the new state where she had just begun teaching, in a school where her son too can study. Time has taught her to take any situation head-on with a smile,  no matter how adverse it is. She just smiles and moves on. She is the common woman of India who is a real inspiration. She to me is a real Superhero.

As years passed, her challenges till today don’t cease to end. Her husband is in and out of his mental health issues and keeps leaving jobs at the drop of a hat. Her mother is old and has had her knees replaced but tries her best to take care of her grandchild who is fairly independent now. Raya loves all of them and also herself. She loves to laugh, dress up and enjoy life. Never give up come what may, is her motto in life and I, her friend, could not have been more proud of her. I so wanted to bring her story to the world. I am sure you all will shower immense love on her. Our appreciation is the least we can do for her. I wait to see her smile as she reads all your messages in the comment section.

In 2022, I will be sharing with you many such real stories for I believe the common women of India are a true inspiration in every sense and their stories must come forward to touch our hearts and inspire us.

Truly Yours Roma

Sunday, 2 January 2022

Birthday boy, thank you for not trying to be my husband

Happy Birthday my soulmate 

I am blessed to have you as my partner in crime 

and otherwise, for the major part of my life 

through the rough seas and joyful times alike 

I am so grateful to God 

For He knew I would not have settled for less

So to me, you, He thoughtfully conferred 

As an anchorage to my fleeting desires

From the first day, we met as teens 

To today decades later, a stolen glance of you still makes my heart skip a beat 

I am still so smitten by your charm 

which I am sure will not last in this lifetime 

There are so many things I wish to tell you 

Which I miss in our everyday banter 

With all its shares of ups and downs 

Sailing life’s journey with you is so worth my one 

I will so like to convey today 

I love(and hate) it when you pull my leg 

But having you as my worst critic 

Has kept me so grounded and focused

Birthday boy, thank you for not trying to be my husband 

And keeping the fire of our friendship and love burning 

I love fighting like kids with you the most 

As the desire to make up post the fight is so special 

Also, I hate to admit, 

I so look forward to our secret dates 

I wonder why ice creams don’t taste the same when you are not with me 

Or without you, I don’t enjoy a movie 

I know you are a busy man 

That’s what adds spice to our stolen time 

You make me desire to live a long life 

After all who would like to abandon your company 

I am lucky to begin my new year every time with your birthday 

It sets the mood perfectly 

Once again have a blast sweetheart on your special day 

May you live happily and healthily a hundred years

P.S. We are drinking non-alcoholic fruit champagne in the pic.

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

What could be the best birthday gift for you I wondered..


💓As we finished our Yoga this morn 

Planning for your birthday celebrations was on my mind 

What could be the best birthday gift for you I wondered 

I asked you, shall I again weave words 

There is no reply, I have no clue what you thought

Perhaps I have written enough on us 

What else can I do for you I scratch my head 

Will my words not mean to you that much 

But then I realise 

Our eternal love has reached that stage 

No gifts, no words can do justice 

To my heart conveying to your heart an earnest birthday wish 

Let silence do it this time 

And our smiles do all the talking 

Intercepted by those precious grins

At every joke crackled 

May you live a hundred years 

My heart smiles and warmly conveys 

And your heart winks and adds 

May it be with you to complete us 

It’s time I send a silent wish in heavens above 

To confer you my love 

With loads of happiness and success and joy forever 

May you keep shining always my pole star! 

Monday, 27 December 2021

How to choose a sustainable weight loss diet plan #HealthEducation

 In the present scenario and otherwise too, there is nothing as significant as our health. The sooner we accept this, the better it is for our overall well-being. Sticking to a healthy diet is the most important lifestyle change that enables us to stay fit. This is as important as regular exercise and for best results eating clean and mild workout in any form must go hand in hand. 

Last couple of years have been a revelation for me in terms of how a healthy lifestyle can give you unparalleled benefits. It was in Feb’20 that I took charge of my fitness and lost 22 kgs in about a year slowly. This was important as I had grown really obese post my endometriosis surgery due to heavy medication. My way of doing it was alternating between different forms of exercise and diets to gain maximum benefit. In this post today I share whatever knowledge and experience I have amassed firsthand. 

If you are healthy and have the right weight as per your height and age then eating a balanced diet is the best option as all food groups are vital for the smooth functioning of our body’s machinery. However, if you are overweight or obese the simple principle that shall help you attain your near ideal weight is observing calorie deficit in our everyday intake.

What does Calorie Deficit mean?

It means that the total number of calories you intake in a day should be less than the total number of calories you burn. This is the underlying principle of most diets that aid us loose weight. 

What is a diet plan? 

A diet plan is a scheduled diet customised especially for a person wishing to loose weight by a professionally qualified dietician. In practising calorie deficit is is important that the different food groups in our diet are rightfully balanced so that the essential nutrients and micro- nutrients are not missed. Thus, when going on a diet one must take the guidance of a good dietician.

Why do diet plans fail?

There are two strong pillars to get great results  in your journey to a healthy weight~Discipline and Consistency. Most diet plans fail for us while others reap benefit from them as we falter on any of the two stated parameters. 

So you must embark on the journey only when you are ready to give your heart and soul to remain strong in your intentions as will power is most crucial. Also, achieving your ideal body weight is the less difficult part of the journey, sustaining that weight is most difficult. But trust me it is doable if you make the changes permanently in your diet, make it your lifestyle. The added benefits will be you will start feeding your family too a healthy diet. 

What is keto diet? My experience

While a majority of dieticians rework your existing diet to help you transition from unhealthy to healthy and integrating calorie deficit there in, there are several special diets which work on exclusive scientific principles to make you loose quickly. 

Keto diet is one such diet. It is primarily a fat rich diet which discards carbohydrates completely. So our body uses its own fat as well the fat we consume for its energy requirements. Eating this diet puts our body in a process known as ketosis and so if you eat outside of the food items prescribed in a keto diet you body is kicked out of ketosis and you gain abruptly all that you have lost. 

So yes keto diet is super yum and makes you loose weight and inches really quick but then you must stick to it for a long term. This diet is sans any dairy and restricts most fruits and vegetables too and of course no carbs so if you are a vegetarian it gets a little more difficult for you. Another advantage of this diet is you feel a kick of high energy the whole day and most food choices are a treat to your taste buds because they are always fat rich. Cooking medium is mostly ghee or coconut or olive oil. 

How to choose a sustainable diet plan 

My experience after trying and benefitting from several diets is that under the observation of good dieticians you learn the best of several types of diet and what works best for you. 

Also, if you are embarking on the fitness journey diet and exercise need to go hand in hand for best results. 

Consult a dietician and they will guide you perfectly. If you have a medical condition, inform your dietician about it, they are mostly very well versed with what to and what not to give to eat. 

For a double check, as you get your diet get it cross-checked by your doctor if you can go ahead with it and get it edited by the dietician if the need be. 

I have done it when I tried Keto. This is an essential step and post this, you can just focus on your goal and you will embrace good health in no time. Also, mentioning below, certain pitfalls I have categorically avoided during my weight loss journey and it has worked.

10 Pitfalls worth avoiding 

1. Home food is the best, if you are eating out too frequently, it will adversely impact your health and weight too. Avoid eating out and if you do, take options from your dietician of what all options you can. Also, watch out for the frequency of eating out.

2. Restrict white sugar and refined flour and oil completely. 

3. Satiate your sweet cravings by honey or jaggery.

4. If you want to indulge some day in a cheat diet do watch your portion size.

5. Eat everything but moderation is the key. 

6. Quit alcohol and aerated drinks.

7. Don’t eat too late in the night. Dinner maximum by seven.

8. Satiate hunger pangs by cucumber or almonds or a walnut.

9. Let green tea come to your rescue exert time you feel hungry.

10. Tale care of your mental health.Any kind of stress shall hamper your weight loss journey.

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