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Why Microgreens are the nutrient powerhouses? Benefits and How to Grow?


I recently shared about microgreens (the power house of nutrients as they are best known as in recent times) on my Instagram handle and the number of queries I got about them has made me put together this post for all of you, which has all that you wish to know about them. Many of you know last year has been critical to me in terms of health, fitness and nutrition and though I have always been an fitness enthusiast and healthy food advocate, post my endometriosis surgery last July(a condition which has no permanent cure and its medication leads to terrible weight gain), I have been more watchful towards ensuring that only the best healthy nutritious food comes on my plate and that nothing disturbs my morning walks, yoga and meditation regimes. In my search for the best, I came across the microgreens last year on the recommendation of Luke Coutinho and since then sprinkling them on our food is a norm in my family.

What are microgreens?

In simple terms you can understand micro-greens as juvenile-age plants and herbs of unlimited variety that are typically between 2-4 weeks old (vegetable greens, harvested after the Cotyledon leaves have developed). In terms of age, microgreens are older than sprouts but younger than shoots. These plants had developed its first pair of leaves when they are harvested.

You can’t miss them for their nutritional benefits, freshness and aroma and they are undoubtedly a chef’s delight.

I love them as they can be grown by us at our home in our balcony or a window sill in a tray or a small container. The joy of growing them with your little one, caring for them and then reaping the benefits as you pluck a few each day and garnish your food cannot be described in words. 

Microgreens in my eyes are the most versatile health-full ingredient that you can use to garnish your normal food, in soups, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and more directly without cooking or heating.

Benefits of microgreens

Microgreens are also incredibly nutritious and healthy, especially from a nutrient density perspective.

Researchers with the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the United States Department have established that microgreens contain four to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts which is unbelievably impressive.

While their nutrient contents vary slightly, most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper.They are a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants too.Not only that, they are an excellent solution to battle hidden hungers, adding them to your diet is a great power-up, not to mention the precious green it adds to the ambience. They may be micro but their impact certainly is micro. 

In our metro life, at least there is something which is unadulterated and pure grown by us at home.

How to use microgreens?

When you wish to use the live microgreens from the trays it is recommended to use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the plant at the base, just above the roots, while holding a small bunch with your fingertips. To make sure you get the most flavor and the best texture, use the microgreens immediately after cutting.

Which are the best microgreens ?

Without a doubt, it is Broccoli which is a favourite of microgreen growers. It contains 550 per cent of the daily cumulative nutrients of Vitamin A, B, C and K as well as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. 

Only second is Basil, another good example of microgreens that are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. 

Kale, radish, sunflower shoots, pea shoots and wheatgrass are also worth growing microgreens.

Also, salad greens, leafy vegetables, herbs and even edible flowers can be grown as microgreens, though some varieties are better suited than others. Beginners may start by growing one type of seed, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard, chia, sunflower or buckwheat and then gradually add variety to their kitty.

How to grow microgreens at home?

  1. Find a window sill or a location in your house where you get plenty of sunlight.
  2. Thoroughly scan the seed packet(bought from a trustable organic source) to see if there are any special instructions.
  3. Pick a shallow tray or container and line it with about an inch of organic soil mix, smooth it out.
  4. Scatter seeds evenly on top of the soil and press gently into the soil.
  5. Next, cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and spray the surface with filtered water.
  6. Place in sunlight and spray water a couple of times a day to keep the soil moist. 
  7. In 2-4 weeks, you will witness one of thethe cutest marvels of nature,the tiny microgreens, smiling innocently to you.
  8. Consume them refresh within 3-4 days and discard the waste in any plant of your garden, in some kinds of plants they even regrow.
 It is important to note that microgreens need about four hours daily of direct sunlight. In winter months, some may need even more. Leggy, pale greens are a sign of not enough sunlight. Light needs may also be satisfied with a grow light.

What to remember while growing microgreens?

Microgreens are generally considered safe to eat. When growing them at home, pay special attention to the quality of the seeds and growing mediums used which should be free from any contamination of harmful bacteria.

I researched a lot to ascertain that microgreens are not fads and when I was convinced they are worthy of being consumed seven days a week, I have adapted them as a must food habit. Hopefully, this article would have apprised you of all you wished to know about microgreens.

In Delhi, I also like the microgreens supplied by Gingko Greens if you will like to try them first before trying your hands at growing them :)

Saturday, 7 December 2019

A writer’s soul weaved into words

You know what pure writing is, it is to just let whatever emotions flood your heart flow out unconditionally, on a piece of paper without any fear of being judged for it or the urge to customise it for whatever reasons. That is what gives a writer's heart absolute bliss and contentment. Have been in this zone for quite a few times in past weeks and it won’t be appropriate if I don’t post those heartfelt pieces here on my blog, my live diary and my breathing space. The first one is for my mom who lives far far away in heaven, the picture above is of the bridge which one day will bring her back or take me to her or at-least I believe so.

Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one
Why did you go away so early
I feel lonely without you maa

All I need is you
Running your fingers through my hair
If I make a mistake
You scold me hard rather than making a sullen face

And then forgive me like you always did
serving me my favourite rice and kadhi
It would taste of your fingers and your love
I never realised I am gonna miss your fingers so so much

Many years have passed
and perhaps I have grown up
Everyone expects me to act in a certain way
Mature and forgiving and perfect always

I am no more allowed to make mistakes
If I make I have to bear the repercussions in many hurtful ways
I still always try to spread a sunshine smile
But inside my heart yearns for your hug warm and tight

It craves for your chest where I can rest my head
And weep to my heart’s content
Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one

The world is not the same after you have gone
For you were my magic talisman
Everything something went wrong
All I needed was to call you on your phone

Your precious smiles were my cool shade
In bitter, scorching and testing sunny life
The day you dressed me into a bride
Now I realise why my heart cried

I was such a baby
I thought whenever I wished to you I will fly
Never realised just a few months later
You will take a final flight to a land I can never find

The last time I heard your voice
I just thought you are little sick and will be fine
Why does God take away all good people so early
He forgets they too have a family

Your sweet voice still echoes in my mind
I love my dreams where you I always find
Smiling and caressing my tresses
Hearing my endless banter without judging

The irony is when I get up
You are nowhere to be found
Scared, I close my eyes back
But you have already left

Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one
Why did you go away so early
I feel lonely without you maa

If only I can meet you once today
Even if it is for a few minutes
I will hug you tight and not leave your hand
Smother you with kisses and fake an anger asking where you went

I will cry and smile at the same time
For the tears won’t know
They rolled out of joy or sorrow
That emotion shall be divine

When I will hold my mom
I am sure you are listening up there
Do come down and meet me once
Thirteen years without you are way too long

Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one
Why did you go away so early
I feel lonely without you maa....

The second one I wrote last week was for my husband on our anniversary as a tribute to our love, which goes like this.

Happy 14th wedding anniversary my love
Today is the best day to raise a toast to our sweet and sour yet delectable  bond

Thank you for giving me a truck load  of precious memories
and a life full of our affectionate banter

Feels good to look back
At our friendship of 20 years

Walking together embracing each other’s imperfections
Agreeing to disagree and still moving on

No more teens but still cuddling
Chuckling at all our PDA criticism

I agree I am a tough nut you have cracked
I too have handled the fragile you with utmost care

We no more fight(ok we do sometimes),
Perhaps have become more mature and wise

You know what’s the best part of my day
Taking with you those early morn strides

May we walk together like this together forever till the horizon
Without a word said, our silence speaking

This life has become special because you are in it
With you I wanted to grow old

And see how wonderfully we are doing it
As everyday gracefully unfolds

In your arms, life is so warm
Sorry for making you angry so many times

I must be grateful to you for keeping the child me alive
Need I say I love you to the moon and back a zillion times


The third one is a small wish I made for my sonny precious on children’s day, here it goes

Soaked in your innocence and smiles
Life has always been a delight

Mum has always been short of words
To express what you mean to her

My sunshine, my guiding light
You are the power who always keeps me upright

With you my precious little angel
Life is indeed priceless and beautiful

With you my little one
I have lived my childhood again multiple times

Weaved uncountable memories
That warm my heart every time

You have kept the child in me alive
And given a wonderful meaning to my life

Today is children’s day , a day of every child
And I wish you whole heartedly the same my life

You fill my heart so much with pride
May you always shine and rise

Let every thorn of your life prick me thrice
But never try to bother you even once in a while

May all the roses of my life
Give you thrice as much comfort wherever you reside


All three are different overwhelming moments of the same heart which oozed out in words uninterrupted. Would love if you can recommend a title to any one of the above all any two or all three. The same shall be updated in this post courtesy your name.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Latest and trending fashion in wedding dresses

When it comes to weddings in Chennai, there are two topics that have the most buzz and discussions surrounding them. The first is the best wedding halls Chennai and the second is bridal wear. With these two elements dominating the wedding industry, I’ve observed that wedding attire for grooms is unfairly ignored. What most people don’t realise is that the field of Indian wedding dresses for grooms is as vast as brides. 
From the style of the garment to the colour, from the texture to the attire, grooms-to-be can play around with a lot of things to find their kind of wedding attire. The debonair man only has to look as far as Ranveer Singh or the Bachchan duo to see the variety of options available in the market. 
So, for all the men who are not afraid of making a statement on the D-day or try new things, here is my take on wedding attires.

1. A standout jacket for the win

As I flip through wedding photos, one aspect jumps out. Grooms are generally in a black, navy or, at the most, grey suits. The colour of the jackets is limited to these shades. Thankfully, there is a whole slew of other tones grooms can try. Pick hunter green if the wedding is in the winter to break the monotony or choose a pastel shade if the wedding is in the summer. 
Colour is not the only choice; grooms can create a standout jacket by choosing a different type of fabric. Think linen for summers, and brocade and velvet for winters.

2. A dhoti kurta will always be best

I do not doubt that a conventional dhoti kurta will remain the ever-green look for Indian grooms. Somehow the classic appeal of the attire will never go out of vogue. It is not only an effortless attire to wear, but it also instantly makes the man appear like a groom.
For the gent, who wants to bring a little twist to the traditional garment, I recommend styling the kurta differently. Instead of the usual lighter colours, go for bold. Better yet, get the groomsmen to colour coordinate with the groom’s dhoti-kurta to create the most fantastic photos!
3. An embellished dupatta can do wonders

Who says that only brides can have outfits embellished six ways to Sunday? Grooms can bring jazz to their attire by completing their sherwani with an embellished stole. I think the trick is to go for elegant motifs that are lightly scattered across the dupatta and the groom will be ready to flaunt it!

4. A royal Jodhpuri style dress for the groom

Quite similar to sherwanisJodhpuris have riding pants as the bottom instead of a chudidar. The regal dress for the royals of Rajasthan, Jodhpuri is apt to wear for a wedding. The thigh-length coat gives a stylish look. The pants, tight at the calves and loose above the knees are very comfortable, especially when the groom has to sit cross-legged during the pheras.
To spruce up the dress, I advise adding an amazing Safaand a brooch to the coat. If a groom selects Jodhpuri for the reception or engagement, then go for lighter fabrics with subtle shading. 

5. Ombre style is perfect for any groom attire

The trend of creating a colour gradient in the bride’s dress has become quite the norm by now. I feel it is high time grooms jump in on the style. Try a sherwani that slowly blends light shades into a darker tone for an elegant look. 
By staying away from the usual, solid coloured kurta or sherwani, the groom can have stylish attire. The ombre style need not be limited to the wedding. A groom can rock it for any of the functions, particularly a day ceremony.  
There are a number of trends grooms can utilise to bring a new flavour to their wedding attires. The ones I have listed above are just to give you a head start. The good news is that the fusion look, a combination of traditional and modern, is really popular right now. So, don’t limit the groom’s wedding dress to the basic styles, opt for something unique and outstanding.

Truly Yours Roma

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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Women Health: 5 Early Signs of Endometriosis

early signs of endometriosis
A woman  undoubtedly is considered most strong mentally but when it comes to physical strength, it is not that she is any less but over the period of time it deteriorates. That’s because despite of ensuring the entire family’s good health always she has hardly paid any attention to her own well being but I am glad the times are changing today. As I sit here in a park I see a lot of women around me working on their fitness early morn and that gives me immense hope because women empowerment for me is also related to women feeling healthy and strong.

Apart from working on our fitness every woman should also work towards not ignoring any signs of disease when her body starts giving signals and get a proper check up and diagnosis done early on to avoid any complications. In this women health series, we will share with you some common yet less known illnesses in women which if left untreated can cause her bigger some times even life threatening harm in the long run. So, today we talk of endometriosis. As many of you would know I have battled it for 10 long years and will not wish anyone else to go through the same pain. Thus, I share here what’s endometriosis and what are its five early signs which a woman should watch out for.

Why Endometriosis first? 

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women of reproductive age (15-49 years) yes you heard it right and it often goes undiagnosed until it reaches a later stage, firstly, because of the complexity of diagnosing it and second because women have a habit of bearing it all and pay no attention to their health. I am a live example in front of you all, despite of being so educated and so aware I didn’t reach the root cause until I needed urgent surgical intervention...but if one gets diagnosed early it can be easily managed and that's my goal in this series. 

What is Endometriosis? 

Endometriosis is a gynaecological disease in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus, even on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or the intestines.

In a more layman terms, the menstrual blood which we discharge every month during our periods gets spattered back into our system rather then flowing out and gums together our organs as it gets sticky over a period of time. Don't want to explain here how worse it can get if left untreated for years, infecting and crushing many adjacent organs.

This health condition is linked to high level of estrogen hormone in a woman's body.

Unfortunately endometriosis still remains an enigma for medical science, its cause is unknown and it is not possible to get rid of it completely until you get your uterus removed. I will share more about its management and treatment as I progress in this series of articles. But first the most significant part, its early signs....I will try to include as much information as possible here.

The 5 Early Signs of Endometriosis 

Note: Remember a woman suffering from endometriosis may or may not have any or all of the below symptoms and can be symptom free too. Remember why it is called an enigma!

1. Painful periods: If you have unbearable pelvic pain and stomach cramps including lower back much before your menstrual periods sets in which continues right through the periods too, then you must get yourself screened for endometriosis. This pain is a very staunch pain and is often colicky in nature too. In the long run popping painkillers won’t help. Sometimes you may also have irregular periods because of this condition.

2. Pain during bowel movements or urination: Since the endometrial tissue grows outside your uterus too and sticks together your organs one can experience pain during bowel movements or urination. If this is the case, request your gynaecologist to screen you for Endometriosis. 

3. Infertility: Since this is a disorder of your reproductive system, you are most likely to be screened for endometriosis if you are battling infertility. Post diagnosis these implants are cleaned surgically and one can conceive naturally. 

4. Excessive Bleeding:  If you have way too much flow suddenly or bleeding between two consecutive periods it is likely that you may have this disease. So visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

5. Pain during Intercourse:  Pain during or after intercourse in common in this medical condition and there is no need to hide it from your partner rather visit your doctor with him.

Also, if during periods you experience diarrhoea, bloating, nausea, fatigue or constipation they all indicate that you need a simple treatment required for endometriosis if detected in tests. If delayed the pain takes chronic dimensions and your threshold to bear it falls drastically which is so natural and surgery becomes the only option.

These are some symptoms that suggest we need a checkup girls. Another reason  why you must not wait until the pain gets really bad is because the degree of pain here is not directly proportional to the extent of disease. So don’t delay, health is wealth, you are precious for yourself and your family. If you friend or daughter or sister has these issues, it’s high time to get medical help.

In the coming articles I will tell you about the methods of diagnosis, treatments, medications, side effects, what to eat, what not to and holistic lifestyle changes to manage this disturbing disorder of women which often takes a toll on our mental health too. Rest assured this can be fixed. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am sharing with you all that I have learnt during the course of this disease.

Truly Yours Roma

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Friday, 22 November 2019

Goal Setting for #2020 : Five Interesting Leads

The last decade passed in the blink of an eye and I am so overwhelmed to bid it goodbye with a heart full of gratitude and welcome the new year and the new decade with an open heart and soul embracing diverse dreams and far reaching goals. Well, life is a roller coaster whether or not you feel the gone by years have done justice to you, either way they motivate you to set goals for your radiant future. If happiness or success or satisfaction has evaded you so far, it is high time you chuck a fool proof plan to rise and shine and if you are already are in a wonderful space with regards to your dreams can there be a better time to soar higher and higher. 

Why is it vital for us, human beings,  to have goals? Well, our goals and ambitions are what separate us from other living beings. So whether we are the prime minister of India, a fruit seller, a stay at home mom or a entrepreneur we must always have goals, goals which are realistic, challenging yet achievable and above all tangible or measurable. Normally the start of a new year is considered a good time to set goals but the choice is absolutely yours. If you still haven’t thought about it, let’s make it simpler and interesting for you in five simple ways. Ask the following five questions to yourself...

  1. What is my current identity, what do I need to add to it? 

Take a piece of paper or your phone and write on it your current identity, if you are a mom and wife and a blogger or teacher or influencer, focus your energies to visualise how would you like to enhance it whether you will like to grow it to become a solopreneur or may be an author or whatever you think you are best suited for and will make you financially and emotionally more stable and independent even by a whisker. That will thus give you your main goal for 2020 which will be called your operational goal on which you must act now. It will be fantastic if you can also envision your long term strategic goals now and jot them down for a visual reminder whenever you loose track. Trust me it works wonders.

  1. What is unique to me, have I done justice to it?

Write down next what is the most unique talent you possess which is your passion and gives you crazy satisfaction like you might be a great baker or very good with homemade beauty products or a fantastic orator etc. Now,  evaluate how much justice have you done to it in everyday hustle bustle of life in recent times. There can be a great startup idea here buddy just churn your brain, dream big and align the goal you set here with a strong will to turn the tide of time in your favour. I didn’t know the day I used to put my heartfelt titbits on FB that one day I will have published 4 books. 

  1. In what way can I make myself better in 2020 than what I was in 1919?

Third write in a nutshell how you felt you were in the gone year, now write how can you be better. For e.g. if 2019 was a difficult year for me recuperating from a major surgery, in 2020 I must have stringent health goals to not let my condition deteriorate again. Not only that how can I make others aware that their disease doesn’t reach the last stage like mine can be another goal of mine as a social influencer to whom community help gives a different kind of high no matter how small it is. This was just an example. You have to set your goals in such a way that you get better than your previous self in the last year. Simple, right ?

  1. Do you feel it is the right time to embark on a new venture? 

Some extremely talented women embark on their most ambitious ventures at the advent of 40s as they say this is the time they get free from parental duty stuff and have ample of time for themselves. The midlife crisis often shapes up a brilliant future so if you too have a dormant dream your time is now. Set goals, give it a try, even if you fail at least you tried and I am sure eventually you will succeed too.

  1. Have I missed out on something in life big time? 

Sometimes we experience a void but fail to realize what it is, it is that feeling in not accomplishing your dreams and giving it up for family’s sake. But who is stopping you now. Times are most conducive too. Muster your courage seek family or friends support or do it on your own, set goals girl. This is an era of Women Empowerment, your time is now. It’s now or never!

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my four published books here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The Destiny and Empowered Women Empower Women