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Unearthing my precious jewels: My decade long writing journey at a glance


Hello beloved readers, this month August marks the official birthday of my blog baby and thus I felt it is the most appropriate time to look back at my overwhelming journey. Writing has not only satiated my heart to the core it has also enabled me to live a dream by penning 6 books in a row over the past six years. In this special series known as ‘Unearthing my precious jewels’ I will share with you some priceless anecdotes, compositions and behind the scenes and also some titbits about my books, the writing process, the hits and misses…I will bare it out to you all uncensored.

I begin with how it all began😊.

When I had quit my dream job in Ikea of Sweden in 2011 because my little baby’s nanny had conducted a theft in my Gurgaon home and had fled, I had not thought what the insanely workaholic me would do to satisfy my intellect and hunger to achieve. It was a very impromptu decision. We even left the city and moved to Pune. But today do I look back and regret? No.

I was perhaps destined for different things. In Pune I commenced a new chapter in my life. I embraced my first love of writing and gave birth to my second child, my blog. I also felt strongly for the lack of communication skills in the Indian society which is such a stumbling block in the path of their progress, thus I also started my academy to groom six to sixty year olds in the same.

Along with all this I was able to give my little man a decent upbringing, is what mattered a lot to me and spending time with both my boys charged me and aided me do well in whatever task I undertook.

It was perhaps also the time when severe endometriosis symptoms started showing up but none of the doctors diagnosed them right and here today I sit a decade later with the disease aggravated to fifth stage and my second major surgery due soon. But anyways apart from this I could fix everything.

Writing kept me sane whenever I was in pain. Women empowerment was the subject closest to my heart so I wrote on it exhaustively and worked with as many NGOs as I can as a freelancer to help the women in need in any which way big or small. Little ways to soothe your soul you see, to not let your life go in vain. One thing that always kept me going was my belief in the power of karma as taught to me by my mom.

In March 2015 came the first big turning point of my writing career when I was chosen to be conferred with the Woman of the Year Award by Glenmark at Leela Palace in Mumbai. I didn’t realise how huge it was until a chauffeur driver car arrived from Mumbai at my doorstep in Pune to escort me for receiving the award in a star studded ceremony and for the media interview. Those were the days were awards were like what they are today. This event turned the course of my life and I realised I was meant for bigger responsibilities. To be continued.

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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Why COVID vaccination is mandatory for our physical & mental health in these times? #Causeachatter


If you trust my words and have associated value to my experience-backed recommendations to you for over a decade, then please get yourself and your family members vaccinated for COVID-19 on top priority. Leave all the hunches, all fears or procrastination, book your appointment and get the shot and as soon as possible. 

I know all that we hear and read is enough to drive us insane. On top of that getting an appointment the Cowin App is one of the most humongous task of the universe. But yet getting vaccinated in the only weapon in our hands to even plan to step back to what used be our life as free as a bird just a year and a half ago.

Enumerating below the chief reasons why COVID Vaccination is indispensable in today’s times for both our physical and mental health. Even if you are reading this for the nth time do so until you are done with it and once you are then take it upon yourself to inspire your near and dear ones to do so too.

✔️ To develop Antibodies

What does the vaccine do? It injects us the Covid virus in a suppressed non harmful way which triggers our immune system to start producing anti-bodies against the same which will fight the virus if ever we contract the disease in future and keep its impact on us minimal.

✔️ To secure mental peace

Since COVID~19 may turn life threatening, getting vaccinated cannot be avoided under any circumstances. Getting vaccinated will save us from the unfathomable mental trauma we face every time we are forced to step out or meet someone.

✔️ To safe gaurd you even further if you have co-morbidity 

This disease can have severe implications for people with co-morbidity like heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease etc. So for them it becomes all the more vital that they are inoculated at the earliest under the guidance of their doctor particularly if you are under any sort of medication.

✔️ To secure the health of your loved ones 

You might be a healthy adult(though this disease does not spare anyone) but you may have members in your family for whom you may be a asymptomatic carrier, so yours as well as their vaccination is equally vital.

✔️ To resume normal life and travel at the soonest 

We are undoubtedly social animals who can’t be confined to the four walls for a very long time. The life we are leading now is unnatural and no matter how hard we try we can’t stay indoors forever. To resume our normal lifestyles as the earliest or at least take a step in the right direction to be able to do so in near future, we must vaccinate now 🌸.

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Monday, 19 July 2021

Why & How Parents are their Kids' Best Teachers

 Image credit: Babyology

Parents are regarded as the best teachers for their children. Here’s taking a closer look at the key reasons behind the same. 

Parents are always the best teachers of their kids as per studies and reports. While Yellow Class online hobby classes and other academic and creative hobbies to do online will always help children with improved learning and development of new skills, it is parents who will bear a greater responsibility for valuable life lessons in the initial years. 

Parents hold responsibility for providing for the needs of their kids such as attention, love, material aspects, support and also knowledge. Parents are the best and first teachers for their kids. They offer knowledge in various ways. They are the ones who teach children how to talk at a very early age. The child starts learning communication and expression from his/her parents. Parents also have responsibility for locomotor development of the bodies of their children. 

The first two steps of a child while walking are facile owing to the enthusiasm, helping hand and patience of his/her parents. Parents also hold responsibility for helping children ease into school. They teach kids how to write their own names, how to count, tell the time, how to deal with their teachers and also classmates. They also teach children about altruism even when there are frequent ups and downs in life. They hold responsibility for molding the characters of their children along with their beliefs, particularly when the adolescence stage is looming on the horizon. This is an ideal time for parents to help and guide children towards developing their characters. 

Teachers do not have influence of control when children remain home. Children possibly spend greater time with parents at home rather than their teachers. Parents who become friends and exchange information with their children play a vital role in teaching them how to deal with life and its diverse scenarios. Authoritativeness may lead to the child rebelling when he/she understands that something is not going well at all. Good parents always listen to their kids and hear them out. They are better than many seasoned teachers at times. 

Parents do not leave their children confused while showing them the suitable path to walk on. They also provide the best possible knowledge that is available to them. 
Parents help their children to take better decisions in life. They have ample experience which kids do not possess at an early age. Hence, they enable children to take good decisions. Parents do not complain to children about their personal lives, financial issues and other household aspects. They are hence the best teachers by all means. Another vital aspect is that parents teach children how to forgive. Parents teach children how to forgive others and set examples for them to follow. They are the cornerstone of building moral values in children through their thoughts and actions. 

Parents are hence their children’s first and best teachers, their guides and emotional anchors throughout the journey of life.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Must-Read Books for Kids Above 7


Books are life for me, they are my best friends since I was four. I started reading to my son when he was in my womb. I maintained this practice till he started reading himself. Yes, books are that important. They teach us worthy life lessons while entertaining us in the process.


A child who reads is relatively more sensitive and compassionate. His understanding of life, of problems and solutions, of worry and peace, is far better. Whether he is reading online or offline is immaterial as long as he is drowning deep in the world of knowledge the books impart, it is all worthwhile.


For as long as I remember, I have always been a very strong advocate of books and am ill-famous in my clan for only using books or digital library subscriptions to gift whenever I have to do so. I never miss a chance to introduce someone to the world of books if I can,particularly kids.


The books must be age-appropriate so that the kids can understand, enjoy and comprehend. So based on popular demand, I enlist below certain books and series I highly recommend for kids above seven.


1. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

These are undoubtedly the best set of fantasy fiction books for kids ever written. It is the tale of young wizard Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione. The kids love reading Potter’s battle against Lord Voldemort. The vocabulary and the grammar used in these book are impressive and will passively aid children to get better at English as they enjoy the intriguing tale. It is one series my child had read and re-read several times. It also became his inspiration to pen his first book.

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid(Series) by Jeff Kinney

If you wish to gift your kid something more relatable and enjoyable with all the fabulous cartoons and fun satires, soak him in the world of pre-teen Greg Heffley, the protagonist of this series of fifteen books. I bet he or she is going to absolutely adore these books. Written in simple language these contain journal entries with illustrations. 

3. Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer

This series revolves around the twelve-year-old genius Artemis Fowl who is also the protagonist. He is a descendant of criminal masterminds which puts him into several battles worth teaching the little readers a lot of life lessons along with keeping them on their toes for most part of thetale. 

4. The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum

This book is a modern-day fairy tale and is a highly recommended all-time literature classic, a unique fiction of Dorothy and her dog Toto is indeed worth a read for all kids. Do put it on the read list for your children.

5. The Secret Garden by Frances HogdsonBurnett

This book makes a worthy read for kids because it delves into the deep emotions of a ten-year-old girl who was not wanted by her parents. Then what changes suddenly in Mary’s life, her roller coaster ride is definitely worth a read.

6. The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Yet another magnificent read, this book is the tale of a wooden puppet Pinocchio carved out of wood by Gepetto. This book teaches young minds the difference between good and bad in a very impactful manner.

You will find all these titles and more at the British Council Digital Library.  In these pandemic times and otherwise as well, I highly recommend you gift your kid the membership of a worthy digital library like that of British Council which offers him a diverse variety of reads at his fingertips, anytime and anywhere. 


Once your child becomes a member, they have unlimited access to as many as 10,000 eBooks and audiobooks along with newspapers and magazines and academic learning and research materials. The online events and workshops for children they conduct are phenomenal - highly engaging and we love them. Sometimes we also upscale our skills through their short video tutorials. Parents looking to inculcate reading habits in children can explore British Council ‘s ‘Reading for Life’ programme that sends young readers, between 7 – 12 years, on a three-week reading adventure. I recommend it and feel taking their membership is definitely worth it


All in all, there is nothing as vital as introducing the habit of reading to your kid and the earlier you do it, the better. I really hope the above recommendations help.

Monday, 28 June 2021

#ChildrensFiction #ShortStories The Dream of An Innocent Pure Soul Part3


Read Part 1 and Part2 here.

“No mamma, you don’t take care of yourself, I cannot leave the village without you but taking you to a strange city where neither of us has work, isn’t a good idea either!”


He whispered placing his head on his mom’s shoulder when Mohan started pulling hiclothes as if taking him somewhere. Sparsh followed and saw a city dweller and his wife wailing loudly as their car had an accident and their daughter was thrown into the river falls.


Sparsh understood the situation and immediately jumped into the stream to save the little girl. The flow was really strong but he did manage to bring her back and her parents could not be grateful enough. The girl’s father was the Mayor of a big city and had come here for picnic with the family. He and his wife then went to meet Sparsh’s mother as the young boy had won their hearts and offered him a job at their city home. Also, they promised her to cover for his education if he desired to study further.


“Thank you, this means a lot for me and my son!” Sparsh’s mother was ecstatic and expressed her gratitude to the family with moist eyes.


Taking permission from his mom and asking Mohan to take care of her, he left with the couple who soon became very impressed by his work and helpful nature. In no time, he almost became family to them and he cared for their daughter as his tiny sister. He was no longer alone, he also had work and education. Whatever little he saved every month he sent it to his mom. She was always touched by her son’s pure heart.


His mother’s blessings and his immense hard work and desire didn’t go in vain. By God’s grace in due time, Sparsh did become a doctor and decided to practice medicine in his small village as was his dream. Today he is seventy-three years old but he still takes care of the sick and needy of his village and adjacent areas. He is a genuine example of a worthy humanitarian, a role model par excellence. His dream did come true and how.

Truly Yours Roma

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#ChildrensFiction #ShortStories The Dream of An Innocent Pure Soul Part2


Read Part 1 here.

There was a stray tiny pup who always accompanied him wherever he went, Sparsh called him Mohan and always shared his heart out with him. Mohan was Sparsh’s best friend. He always fed him no matter how little he had. In no time, their bond had grown so profound. They both would do anything for each other and were inseparable.


However, there was one thing that had always bothered the little blue-eyed boy. Though his village had a small schoolit didn’t have a good hospital or even a doctor, so there was no one to cater to the sick and it took a while to travel to the city for the same. Thus, he was very keen on becoming a doctor when he grows up and take care of the old, weak, and sick in his village.


“I will study hard Mohan and become a doctor someday, I can’t see the pain which sickness brings to the people”, he would often confide in his big dreams to his friend who would express his consent either by wagging his tail or by gradually nodding. When he turned eleven, he lost his grandmother to prolonged sickness which further strengthened his resolve.


As time elapsed he realized he must support his mom who burnt the midnight oil to make both ends meet, so he started doing small odd jobs here and thereafter school. He also would assist at his school in the library as his headmaster loved him. This gave him ample time to enrich his knowledge as much as he can. He always stood first and brought laurels to their otherwisunknown village. So it was a pleasure having him around at the school.


His mom would feel proud of his son, his sensitivity, and his desire to aid the needy. So, after he finished his tenth grade she advised him to go to the city and find some work and way to fulfill his dreams but how can he leave his mother here all be continued.

Truly Yours Roma

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#ChildrensFiction #ShortStories The Dream of An Innocent Pure Soul Part1

 “Do Dreams come true, Gran….?”, was something that baffled a tiny soul and he would often ask this to his grandmother at bedtime when every day she narrated him inspirational fairy-tales, albeit only the ones with significant life lessons. 


Sparsh was a kind-hearted and soft-spoken nine-year-old. He lived in the countryside far away from the hustle-bustle of cities with his mom and grandmother. He loved going to school and upon his return, he helped his mom as his grandmother was old. His mom was the only bread-earner of the family and weaved carpets for a living.


“Where is daddy, mamma??” the inquisitive kid would always pester his mommy when he was little.


“God loved him a lot, so he took him to his place.” His mother would search for soothing answers to prevent him from becoming sad.


Of course, as he grew up a little, he understood, he will never be back


Their cottage was in a secluded corner by the river so most of his friends resided at a good distance from his place.


Well, he did feel lonely at times but he had his ways to keep himself preoccupied. In his free time, he read some old tattered books which he borrowed from his school library. He used to sit by the river and soak himself for hours in the tales and his blue eyes gleamed with unparalleled joy.


He was a well-behaved shy boy always ready to help so whenever he accompanied his mom for deliveries or to take orders, everyone blessed him (they had no money but goodwill in abundance). Every time he spotted an old man or woman trying to lift something heavy or doing a labor-intensive activity, he would readily do it for him or her.


“You are a gem, little boy! May God, confer his blessings on you, always”, they would say with an overwhelming heart... To be continued.

Truly Yours Roma

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