Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Endometriosis and Ayurveda


Hope you guys had a great Diwali and are back on your health goals. For me as a 5th-stage endometriosis and adenomyosis patient, my fitness and appropriate eating are always a priority. So post-Diwali when with extended family I go easy on my discipline, I gradually switch gears back to my routine as early as I can. 

I had written to you earlier about: 


Today I want to write to you about the treatment of endometriosis. I have learned the hard way that endometriosis cannot be treated with Allopathic medicines which though help us manage the symptoms but injections like Lupron have long-term side effects on our body while the underlying disease is not eliminated from the root.

Laparoscopic surgery to remove endometrial tissue growths and Adenomyoma is pain relieving as well but they grow back very soon too. Uterus removal surgery is considered the ultimate treatment but it does not guarantee that you will be pain-free post undergoing the same. This precisely sums up my battle in the first 12 years of battling this disease which crippled my life to a great extent. Not that I did not try alternative medicine like homeopathy but unfortunately they failed to abate my colicky pain almost killing pain. 

Managing the pain symptoms and lifestyle changes were the best bet for keeping endometriosis at bay is what I concluded till May’22 when a very senior gynecologist in Delhi scheduled my surgery for organs(uterus, cervix, and ovaries) removal which she said may or may not relieve the pain.

I was not convinced as to why go under a knife if the problem cannot be eliminated. Thus I researched and dug and dug to find a worthy solution that can be trusted because my Cancer Antigen 125 was extremely high almost 5 times the permissible limit by then and by my Sai’s grace I landed on the SKK panchakarma page. 

I read several testimonials and success stories of Dr. Rani Gupta reversing endometriosis through Ayurvedic medication and Panchakarma. Meeting her was a turning point in my disease history. She told me that over time Ayurveda could reverse the pathology of endometriosis and I could be disease free. Her words were music to my ears and I enrolled with her.

 In June I underwent my first Vasti Panchkarma cycle and have been on Ayurvedic medication since then. My symptoms and quality of life are getting better day after day and now I am mostly able to manage my pain with Ayurvedic painkillers.

Post 5 months of treatment, my disease has almost stabilized and has not increased as per ultrasound and CA125 reports and I expect it to reverse in my second cycle of Vasti Panchkarma scheduled this week. I feel a lot more healthy now and am sure the universe shall surely conspire to make me disease-free for which I shall always be indebted to my doctor for her strong handholding and result-oriented approach.

Endometriosis affects approximately 10% of reproductive-age women and girls globally and the only treatment accepted so far is uterus removal which in no way guarantees the pain shall be gone as endometriosis is a full-body inflammation. 

The purpose of writing this article is to create awareness about Ayurveda having treatment for endometriosis in most cases. So if you know a near and dear one struggling with the same do guide them to consult a trustworthy Ayurvedic gynac as early as possible to attack the disease early.

 I have shared my first-hand experience here as a patient with a pure aim to let more and more people know about the non-invasive treatment of endometriosis in Ayurveda. 

I shall once again write to you all to update my health status once my treatment is over. Until then I am most positively keeping my fingers crossed with an unparalleled trust in my doctor.

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Thursday, 6 October 2022

This may be my last birthday


Have you seen a girl 

Who has reached forty 

But still likes inflating balloons for her birthday

And order herself a cake and a tiara 

She is still excited about her special day

Thinking about how must she dress 

What all would she do

Whose phone calls she will await

Sounds crazy right 

Very immature and not age appropriate to some perhaps 

But that’s me, very typically me

And I will not like to change myself 

I celebrate each birthday of mine 

As if it is my last 

No regrets must remain

When I bid goodbye to this world 

Just one precaution 

Don’t burden others with your expectations 

It may lead to my own heartbreaking 

I would rather now, myself hum my heart’s tunes

Learned it over the years 

And am happy now with the way I have evolved

Can’t force and control all things 

But can be happy in whatever Lord gives 

Today is my birthday 

And like every birthday,

When I gift myself a new skill

This time I had trained myself in a new habit 


Yes, I am training myself to just let go, breathe and relax 

And be content and happy at the moment 

You have done great so far girl 

Happy Birthday dear me, you do deserve all the love of this world♥️

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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

On Dussehra I overcome all the Ravanas who wish to pull me down


Sometimes I fail

To keep myself motivated

To keep smiling 

Despite inside my heart crying 

I still put a brave front 

I still rise up and feel inspired 

Only to defeat those 

Who leave no stone unturned to pull me down

And I appreciate them 

For doing it so conspicuously 

That some thing dies in me each time 

Still I keep them closest to my heart 

Each one of us has

These Ravanas in our lives 

Who play a havoc with our minds 

Without us even knowing about them 

They can be our ego 

They can be our false pride 

They can be our inertia to get out of our comfort zone

Or it can be a near and dear one in our life 

Dussehra teaches us 

To overcome all these Ravanas 

Let them not decide 

Whether we are happy or sad 

This year most festivals or important days 

Have started on a wrong note for me

A tear has dropped here and there always 

And like always I have sucked it in, in silence 

So far I have 

Still kept hanging on 

But not I am hell bent

To defeat all the Ravanas 

They do it to me 

Because I give them a reason for it 

Sorry but I am not sorry for myself anymore 

They have done enough 

This year I promise to myself 

To defeat all the Ravanas in my life 

With a strong heart and few words

Until my last breath I will smile despite all odds

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Monday, 19 September 2022

What are the symptoms of oral HPV? Oral HPV Symptoms

What are the symptoms of oral HPV? Oral HPV Symptoms

I firmly believe that there is nothing as important as our sound health. Particularly the last few years have been a real eye-opener for me. I have learned the hard way that a slight delay in getting timely medical intervention may cause inconvenience in our lives. Thus, it is very important to remain vigilant towards our bodies at all times. Now, I swear by preventive health rather than a prolonged battle later, which God forbid may cost us or our loved ones our lives.

Fortunately, we are born in an era where medical science has advanced to a level where we can prevent many severe diseases by taking timely preventive measures. All we need is awareness about the same. The best way to do so is to always stay in touch with our doctors for thorough check-ups and preventive care recommendations for ourselves as well as our families. 

I also try to do my bit to spread the knowledge by exhaustively penning down information that would boost awareness and preventive measures for diseases we may not be aware of. 

Today I want to talk to you about HPV prevention for adolescents and adults. From the perspective of a mom, I strongly feel our teenage kids must be equipped with immense confidence to step into adulthood without the slightest fear. Only we can gift that freedom to them. I recently visited my gynaecologist and she told me about the HPV and its prevention. I was quite unaware about HPV until then, so this visit was an eyeopener. You will know about it in a while as you advance in the post but first,

What is HPV?

The term HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. It is known to be one of the most common sexually transmitted infections of the reproductive tract. It is important to know that almost all men and women contract HPV within months to a few years of becoming sexually active. 

Yes, the statistics prove that around eighty percent of human beings who engage in sexual activity may contract HPV in their lifetime. Thus, it is advisable to think about the protection against the same.

Types of HPVs

We must also know that there are over 100 different kinds of HPV, and not all of them cause severe health problems.

HPV can be majorly categorized as 

  • High-risk HPV, i.e., the virus that is cancer-causing 

  • Low-risk HPV i.e., the virus that is not cancer-causing. 

In several cases, HPV infections resolve on their own without any notable symptoms. 

However, some kinds of HPV may cause problems like genital warts

Some other kinds of HPV can also cause cancers of the cervix, vagina, vulva, anus, head of the penis, and several other cancer. 

 Normally HPV clears on its own, but if left untreated, these cells may develop into cervical cancer. It is extremely disheartening that every 9 mins, 1 woman loses her battle to Cervical Cancer in India. Early-stage cervical cancer generally produces no signs or symptoms and that is baffling.  

How does HPV spread?

HPV is known to spread by intimate skin-to-skin contact in the genital area during sexual intercourse including oral sex. It can also be spread through kissing with tongue. This is termed oral HPV. 

HPV can also be contracted by coming in contact with an infected surface.

One is at a higher risk of developing oral HPV if

  • He/she has more than one sexual partner

  • he/she uses tobacco or alcohol

  • he/she has a weakened immune system

The biggest risk for developing oral HPV arises from having oral sex or mouth-to-mouth contact with someone who has an HPV infection. 

HPV is preventable 

Usage of condoms and dental dams during sexual activity can help prevent the spread of HPV to a small extent.

Additionally, regular screenings can help in early detection of HPV and related illnesses.

The good news is that 80% HPV can be prevented through vaccination and our boys and girls can be safeguarded against the several potential health hazards of HPV. 

Sadly, many of us parents are not aware of the vaccine and may miss securing our young ones stepping into adulthood from HPV, hence I decided to pen down on this topic. 

If you are a parent of young girls and boys, please get in touch with your doctor to know more about the right age and other details about the vaccination against HPV.  

There is nothing more reassuring than the prevention of HPV and related cancers and diseases in our young kids who are ready to spread their wings and fly high.

This is something we can’t afford to miss as their responsible parents. Even adults must contemplate and discuss getting the vaccine with trusted healthcare experts.

You can check more about it here:, and talk to the expert on the site, or consult your doctor. 

Issued in public interest by MSD India

This information is for awareness only. Please consult your doctor.

The Kindness Gene

There is a lake behind my home 

 Adjoining a deer park 

The surroundings are lush green 

And are perfect for my morns

I go there for my serene morning walks 

To meet my friends who are the ducks, the deers, the peacocks, and many more 

Always carrying something to feed them

And get a chance that way to speak to them 

They reciprocate with different sounds 

And now have started recognizing me well 

For as soon as they spot me

They start walking toward the metal grill that separates us 

Spending time with them is one of the best parts of my days 

It leaves my heart so full 

As I feed them 

And sometimes get to touch them 

We indeed connect through 

An often unspoken deep language of kindness 

Every living being on this earth 

Speaks from the heart and listens from the heart 

We may not identify this until later 

But once we do

It is the purest feeling 

For someone to experience 

It is a gift from Mother Nature 

And in my case 

Also from my own mother 

From whom I have inherited #thekindnessgene 

Growing up in her arms has taught me so much 

I have always seen her helping others 

As a banker’s wife and a huge extended family to support 

Her means were so limited yet her heart’s kindness knew no bounds 

On days I just saw her walk miles

To save the money she would have to spend on her commute 

But when she did take a rickshaw 

She always gave the rickshaw puller a rupee extra 

She never wasted a single morsel 

Even the last bit of rice in our home

Was fed to birds and whoever was thirsty

Came to our house to quench his thirst 

Her small gestures touched my heart 

How during the Navratri 

Though she never hired a Househelp 

She always fed the underprivileged children of neighboring help 

Unknowingly I have carried her legacy forward 

In many ways, I find myself a mini replica of her 

And I genuinely feel so humbled 

That her kindness gene I am proudly inheriting 

On her birthdays and death anniversaries still

I do things she genuinely believed in 

Carrying food and gifts to orphanages and old age homes 

I see her smile at me from the heavens above 

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Friday, 16 September 2022

Something sure has changed in me

Something has sure changed in me 

And is it making me happy?

Of course yes it is 

At every stage of my life 

I have loved the new me 

I also love how quickly I adapt 

To the circumstances many times 

Not in my favor 

This trait has always been helping me stay afloat 

And rejoice over nothing in most games of life 

And has something in me 

Really changed?

Well yes, it may not have changed completely

But it indeed is gradually 

And the self-love advocate in me is accepting it  gently 

I feel calmer 

The turmoil is settling 

Self-doubt is giving a new place 

to self-belief, in all possibilities 

Perhaps I am aging gracefully 

I am no more lonely 

I have started loving my own company 

Of course, there are still some unfulfilled dreams 

But now the ways to fulfill them have evolved tastefully 

I have embraced life wholeheartedly with all its ifs and whys 

And that has changed in me the most 

I no more question, I accept 

And plan to do my best 

In that circumstance 

With a positive heart 

I am still learning though 

And have to do a lot more 

Am willing to turn the tide of time 

In my favor 

I am sure every battle of life I will surely conquer 

For I truly believe 

We are the ultimate saviors 

Of our own mental health 

And the best way is to smile wide 

Living life queen size till we are alive

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Monday, 12 September 2022

There is inspiration in every nook and corner of India

 I love writing about people who bring an instant smile to your face whenever you remember them. Today I want to talk of a gorgeous, powerful, and simple elderly lady whose house I frequent in Nainital as an Airbnb guest in their ancestral heritage home. Though I know her for only about 2 years now she and her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter are already families and it seems I know them for years.

My first acquaintance was with her extremely creative son who gave up a high-paying merchant navy job to embrace a life of his choice in his native Nainital with his family. The thought of following one’s heart and the will to do it with full heart and soul is in itself so inspiring. Sometimes I feel, I am much like him I can give up everything to lead a peaceful life on a mountain sucking in a breeze, hiking, and maybe writing endlessly. It is so heartwarming to see that our present generation has got the courage to embrace what they love and does not thrive more on materialistic pleasures. The roads they take are tough but not taken anymore. This young man dons many creative hats and is always on the lookout to learn more to unleash his creativity along with making ends meet for himself and his family.

But from where does all this courage stem from, it perhaps stems from his free-spirited and ever-smiling mother who not only helps her son run their heritage home but also runs an authentic organic honey and herbs business. She has immense knowledge of subjects like naturopathy and is always ready to spend hours with you talking and motivating. Spending time with her is therapeutic for me, I met her as a stranger and I stick to my belief that in this lifetime I have received the maximum love from strangers only. 

She is such an embodiment of inspiration for me. Losing one’s husband and kids weaving their own nests often women turn a recluse but not she. She is excited to know about everything including even the share markets. She is keen on aiding her son in his business as the pandemic has adversely affected almost everyone engaging with guests, guiding them, aiding them with recommendations, and by always being there for them.

I spoke to her yesterday and she told me she had just returned from a meditation retreat in Mount Abu Rajasthan. Isn’t that the way each one of us must live life until our last breath? In today’s fast-paced world, we often get trapped in sadness and sulk with all sorts of negative thoughts engulfing us. Sometimes we feel it is all over or plan to give up but that’s the juncture we must break free from the clutter. 

Travel to your favorite place on earth and connect to yourself. Life is beautiful, we just need to embrace it wholeheartedly. Sometimes your responsibilities will tie you down, but it is ok, be happy you are blessed with them. It is all about acceptance and making the best of our circumstances. Inspiration can be within or in anyone you meet, let that genuine goodness warm your heart and help you become a good human being.

Speaking to Asha Aunty gives me so much hope and the ability to hang on during the restless phases of my life which I am sure almost each of us faces at some point. There is inspiration all around us and within us. Let us see it from our hearts’ eyes and life becomes a lot easier.

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