Friday, 12 July 2019

My decade long battle with #Endometriosis : Not a Rant, a Lesson

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We say we reside in a modern world equipped with modern technology which can detect health issues earlier on and treat them at the right time. But why do we still have so many cases of misdiagnosis and why we ourselves miss the signs or plainly keep it concealed as a woman for years for not wanting to bother  our loved ones. Medical negligence, social conditioning, zero self-care, these are not one but multiple issues and thus I am choosing to document my decade long battle with endometriosis here with a prayer no one else gets to bear so much without a reason and each women endeavours and yearns to take care of herself like she does of her family.

It was mid 2008 and doing really well in our respective careers, we intended to plan a baby some years later when we got the news that we were pregnant. Sheepishly smiling we welcomed the new phase of our life. My first ultrasound revealed I had a small intramural fibroid in my uterus which should not grow and hinder the growth of the fetus. By the grace of Almighty, it didn’t grow and we welcomed our little bundle of joy in 32 weeks of gestation due to excess amniotic fluid in 2009.

By 2010 I started experiencing a severe lower abdomen pain for most of the month which grew from worse to worst and almost paralysed me. My physician after symptomatically treating me with painkiller injections and doing all preliminary tests suggested me to meet a gynaecologist who in turn put me on a hormone tablet which over months let to crazy weight gain.

Worried we travelled back to our gynac in Gurgaon who instead put me on OCPs promising that it will ease my pain plus will not lead to the unaccounted weight gain. Nowhere the cause of the pain was ever discussed and it was  I guess assumed by all that the fibroid was the cause of the pain though one of our cousins who is a practising homeopathic doctor has always told us that most fibroids don’t cause pain. Today I look and wonder how ignorant and naive was I, never questioned any doctors for what they are treating, the cause or the symptom.

Then life took its course and we shifted from Delhi to Pune and I continued my battle with pain resorting to popping OCPs and  painkillers frequently, until they stopped aiding me manage my colicky pain. I thus began my journey with gynacs in Pune. The first one I met was a very acclaimed doctor in Magarpatta who advised me to plan a second child to get relief from the pain followed by another famous one in Park Street giving the same advice and alternating me on painkillers injections, antibiotics and hormonal doses which I guess kept on reducing my threshold to bear the pain at all. They made me quit OCPs(oral contraceptive pills) too so that I can conceive but with this pain and my little boy to take care of I was never ready.

After mom passed away in 2006 and dad remarried I have developed the habit of bearing all pain silently though I did sometimes told my husband and brother that this pain is killing me but mostly I maintained my stronger hiding self. Repeated visits to multiple doctors and not getting a cause of the pain have kind of made my husband silently believe that my pain is more of a mental disorder rather than a physical pain. Don’t get me wrong, he has always been my bestie, my lover , my confidante, probably had I been in his place I I would have felt the same. He always told me he was ready to take me to any doctor to get me rid of this and he always did too. I am a woman with a very firm mind and I knew this pain wasn’t mental and there was something seriously wrong but gradually I started trusting him a  little bit too and kept popping painkillers over painkillers most nights to prevent crying out aloud lest they got disturbed. Somehow I wanted to get rid of the pain but didn’t know the cause still, despite of going to the best doctors recommended by closest relatives. 

By 2017, more than seven years into the pain, I had decided to know the cause and try everything to cure myself, that was when came the biggest blow of my life. On the recommendation of a very close friend I met a senior doctor Dr. Avinash Phadnis of Oyster and Pearl Hospital Pune who insulted and humiliated me badly in front of my husband and son that this was my way to torture my husband and it was all a weaved story by me. His language was rough and indignant and he shattered my confidence to a million pieces. I cried for hours that night and decided I will never tell anyone about it even if I die with this pain until one day in July 2018 I passed out at my son’s school gate out of severe pain. People say that my body got all twisted and it took them many minutes to get me back to senses. I walked back home holding my little one’s hand as if nothing has happened.

A couple of weeks later I was in a mall to watch a movie with my family when the excruciating pain made be unable to stand and tears bloated in my eyes but I kept quiet and grabbed a nearby chair. Somehow husband saw me and something struck him really hard. For the next one hour he kept googling for doctors and we got an appointment of Dr. Neelima Agarwal  for 8pm, it was still 8 hours but he got adamant that even if they don’t get dinner that night we will visit her.

Meeting Dr. Neelima was like meeting the angel of my life, in the first time I met her she told me you have endometriosis just my listening to me patiently for half an hour.  She is an elderly lady who has a mother’s touch, I felt she was sent by my mom from heaven’s above to take care of her ailing daughter. She did all my tests, my Cancer Antigen125 reports came out to be 6 times above the permissible value and many nights I slept in the fear of who will take care of little son, mostly in tears and kissing my son and husband alternately who have loved me immensely and unconditionally but never shared it with anyone. Despite of all this I worked everyday and my work, my writings, my academy kept me sane. Also, I always smiled and gave out a lot of positivity to the universe for I believed what you give out to the universe is what you get back in abundance.

Dr. Neelima’s medicines and her warmth and love towards her patients,  cured me for about a year. She wanted to postpone surgery because of my less age and kept me on injections and oral medications until in May this year she realised the disease has already reached 4th stage and recommended us to meet the most renouned laproscopic surgeon of Pune Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar for a second opinion for the surgical Intervention.

I waited for my kid’s school to reopen and met Dr. Shailesh who turned out to be another gem of a guy, Sai has blessed me with. My surgery turned very critical because of the retrieval of a 10 cm mass and adhesion of many organs together which he has to give incision and separate. The surgery took place last Saturday 6th July 2019 and I have 5 more weeks of rest but the care they have give me at Dr. Sailesh Puntambekar Sir’s Galaxy care hospital cannot be expressed in words. I will always be indebted to Dr. Neelima and Puntambekar Sir. I wish I would have met them earlier and saved ten painful years of my life.

Last but not the least I am so grateful to my husband and the love of my life Shobhit who has cared for me day and night last seven days with so much love and to my little sonny who has been the most well behaved kid and hasn’t bothered mom a pence. Thank you so much to all of you for your best wishes and prayers and phone calls. The pain is now in bearable limits and I am starting working from my bed today which wouldn’t have been possible without you all. 

Pls do take good care of yourself and incase you are unwell ensure the cause is getting treated by the right doctors on the right time.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Born Without Wings, Yet We Can Fly!

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I am that bird
who was not born with wings
but she believed
she was meant to fly

fly high up in the skies
without slightest fright
I am that bird
who was not born with wings

My self belief, my urge
to fulfil my dreams
to carve out my own unique identity
helped me maintain my sanctity

I gradually grew my tiny wings
empowering them
with a lot of conviction
and one firm step at a time

I had taken
the road which is seldom taken
I knew I am that bird
who was not born with wings

But who knew
how to grow a pair new
and no matter how many attempts fail
one day she will fly through

People called her names
to abandon a fruitful career and fame
In search of
an unfulfilled dream

ridiculed for her passion
she kept the fire burning within
whether or not the world realised
the purpose of her being

She loves to give
She loves to smile
She believes as long as she is alive
She will be someone’s guiding light

True I am the girl
who was not born with wings
But I now possess a pair
which aid me passionately fly high

My wings are made of
pure satisfaction that I gain
when I aid someone
to fulfil their dreams

For my dream
is the fulfilment of their dreams
the smile on my lips which floats
is thanks to seeing them achieve their goals

I fly high
basking in their success
they empower my wings
and I am satisfied

How simple is life
when you learn to feel happy
In other people’s smiles
you really soar up in life

It gives me an immunity
to all the criticism people throw my way
For I understand human nature
more than them

No one can now stop me
from achieving
what’s been a vision
for decades

To contribute uninterrupted
to work day and night
to be a face of positive change
no matter how small it is

Love me, hate me
Abandon me
But I am here, right here
looking straight into your eyes

I agree, I am the bird
who was born without wings
But I have learnt to identify the inner strength
which aids us grow a pair strengthened

If I can do it
So can you girl
I too was born without wings
and the same is with you

train your mind
teach it to give it a tough fight
raise your voice
and give it back

Yes, give it back with all your might
Train yourself hard
So that they dare not
look at you with a wrong eye

It’s we who can wash off rape
Domestic violence is till that day
Until when we hold that hand
and take a firm stand

How dare you kill my daughter
when she is in my womb
I pledge to give her the right
To see the world and bloom

I am entitled to equal pay
Or a job in the army
If at all one needs to prove
You will find me stronger than you

I know you are the girl
who is not born with wings
but I promise you
you can grow them quick

and take a flight
of your dreams
just train your mind girl
and see what wonders you can achieve

(Straight from a women empowerment crusader's heart..written a poem after a long hiatus, it just oozed out. Trust you like it)

Truly Yours Roma

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

An Ideal Escapade from Mundane Life: Noor Anand Chawla’s ‘Tales from My Travel Treasury’

I am a born traveller at heart. Anything travel excites me. So when I am not travelling, I am reading travel to appease and satiate the traveller in me. I love travelogues to the core as they transport me to the writer’s world and let me live on his or her experience virtually and savouring it and also secretly associating my own experiences to the place or building a bucket list. This is the reason I picked up Noor Anand Chawla’s debut ebook ‘Tales from my Travel Treasury’ and read it addictively in one go until I have savoured every ounce of it. I especially loved its cover which features the author herself 

In this book, the author invites you to experience a wealth of funny, sad, scary, and interesting anecdotes with me. An encounter with a wild-cat, a young ghost in a hotel room, first experiences of consuming bhaang, regressing into past lives, and confronting her fear of water- all make for riveting and relatable reads.

Noor Anand Chawla is a lawyer who pursued her passion for writing after the birth of her baby boy. Having studied at esteemed institutions like St. Stephen's College, Delhi, the Faculty of Law, Delhi University and King's College London; she practiced law at the Delhi High Court. Noor pens lifestyle articles on her website



This book is a unique travelogue with a galore of multiple emotions all weaved in succinctly by the author in this tiny package. Of course I loved her vivid experiences both national and international but what I even loved more is about the human bonds she has laid stress in invariably through out the book which made the reading quite soulful. For example her unique bond with her nana Ji is definitely worth a mention here.

She has thought out of the box in this book and has given her anthology an appealing alliterative title to add to readers’ anticipation and speculation of what was coming ahead. This is something I really liked. 

The fact that many chapters leave a life lesson for us to contemplate on and build in our character is what I consider a hidden advantage of this book. 

Also, you get to relive your travels from childhood until the present which undoubtedly uplifts your mood  and leaves a smile on your face. I especially loved her England experiences as a student.

You must also read this book for all her spooky experiences and brilliant vacations all over the globe and India. I am sure you are gonna love it as much as I did.


The authors language and narration are ideal to the genre and is relate worthy at every juncture. I was able to see through her in all her tales, that’s how genuinely she has expressed herself. 

As an author of four books myself, I can strongly say for sure, this is a one of its kind debut and I wish the author many many more successful literary outings like this. 

You can download the limited edition free copy here and soak yourself in some virtual travel fun an ideal escapade from mundane life.

This review has been written as a part of Blogchatter Book Review Program.

Truly Yours Roma

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Monday, 24 June 2019

Book Review of Dr.Surbhi Prapanna’s ‘Creative Kids’

Mothering is a beautiful art and what better way to learn it than from another mother. Mostly our mothering style is a lot inspired by our own mothers and if not we often seek other mothers’ help or best practices while evolving our own style. This is how I guess it should be and particularly for me I learn a lot from fellow mothers in the blogosphere and my academy and try to assimilate and weave in all that seems ideal and worth emulating.

Summer vacations have just commenced and I was on a look out for some interesting fun activities for the little one to keep his boredom at bay and let his creative juices ooze out. That’s when I stumbled on my dear friend, Dr. Surbhi Prapanna’s debut ebook ‘Creative Kids’ and I instantly had a premonition that our summer vacations are totally sorted now. 

Indeed, I was right every way, me and and my boy we read the book together and did almost all of the activities listed there in and loved it to the core..hence I thought of writing its review here in the bigger benefit for most moms.

About the Book

This e-book is a collection of 26 easy art. crafts, DIY and fun activities for kids ( with A2Z theme). All these activities are simple, interesting and made up with available at home supplies. This  is author’s first ebook and she is nervously excited to start her author journey. The book is a little effort from her side to keep the kids creatively engaged and help parents raising a creative child. He is hoping you would like it.

About the Author 

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna is a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion. She has more than 4 years of professional writing experience and her work had been published on various prestigious online platforms like,, and
Health, parenting and creative activities for kids (art, crafts, DIYs etc...) are her niche. And she shares her areas of expertise and parenting experience on her blog She has won so many awards for her academic and professional excellence, but won the “Best parent award” is most precious and satisfying experience of her life.

Pages: 82

My take on the book

This book is a boon to parents who love to keep their kids creatively engaged either in solo or in group activities thus ensuring that they are learning and evolving as they grow. The beauty of the book is simplistic explanation of every single DIY which the kids can read themselves and invent ways to either replicate the craft or innovate and do something similar or alike. 

What I also loved is most of the crafts are worthy examples of best out of waste and can be made out of trash lying at home at zero investment and teaches kids value of money. To convert a shoe box into a doll house was a fantastic idea to help the kids remove all the clutter at home with their toys. It made the mom in me smile, no other better way to get them clean up. This proves that the author is indeed a smart mum. 

The fact that alternate ways of doing a craft are mentioned gave us readers great flexibility in terms of getting the requisites ready for the DIY.

At the end of each chapter, the benefits of that particular activity are explained to help one acquire deep knowledge of engaging and investing his or her time making something.

The variety in the book is worth talking about as it includes almost everything from nature inspired crafts to group activities both at family and school level to kids learning selfcare by doing DIYs. 

Images of Author’s daughter doing the crafts have been an icing on the cake and very motivating for the little kids to do it by their own hands.

You can pick any chapter in the book and it will leave you inspired and make you and your little precious sweethearts learn something new and enrich you an ounce further. Isn’t it worthy. We absolutely loved it and still play with the soap water bubbles we learnt to make  from this book!

Language and Narration 

Author’s language and narration are ideal for all age groups to comprehend the activities with equal ease at first read and that’s perhaps the win of this book with a purpose.

It is an ideal handbook for parents, preschools’ teachers and art and craft lovers to have multiple ideas enlisted at a particular place.

I wish the author many more wonderful meaningful outings like this one, in coming future 😊

You can download the limited edition free copy here.

This review has been written as a part of Blogchatter Book Review Program.

Truly Yours Roma

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The Commercialisation of Education in India

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When I was small, a school was considered a divine institution next only to temples, we almost worshiped our gurus and grasped all that they taught with all our hearts and mind. Those values have remained with us till the present day and scores of years later, if we come come across them somewhere even on social media today, our heads still bow down in gratitude to them. We have been under their guidance for years and they have an undeniable contribution to what we have shaped up into, in our lives. Our parents have taught us ’Guru Devoh Bhavah’ meaning place your teachers next to God. This was the reason back then,  teaching despite not very well paying, was considered the most noble profession and had the greatest satisfaction index.

But unfortunately in the past three decades, this has completely changed. It is heart-wrenching that today most schools maintain seller customer relationship with the parents of the kids enrolled in the school. That divine feeling is gradually vanishing. Even if there is a great vision and mission at the top, there is no means to ensure that it is adequately cascaded down to the root level with teachers attrition the highest among all. A profound leadership at top can in no way stop a teacher from leaving if her husband is transferred to another city. Plus the opening of innumerable schools at every nook and corner have increased opportunities for them to grow and prosper but does that justify frequent job shifts? Well all of us do it in our jobs right so why won’t they but all this leaves we parents in a soup who have entrusted the little piece of their hearts to the school with so much faith and trust.

As an educationist myself, I have visited innumerable schools in the past few years and while I was impressed by the global education model they sold to me in almost all of them, on the more practical level I still find them incapable of implementing them impeccably or even to a decent level at the root level. I believe there still are some fundamental misses in the way education is imparted in India despite the foray of many international schools as well global curriculums here.

Of course things are changing for good and kids are now taught what kids globally learn at least in some schools but it is being done by the same teachers swapping their jobs every three months. How does the school ensure their training part of the teachers when they themselves fail to find a replacement at the first place. Results are kids don’t have a particular subject teacher for months. This horrifies the parents and when the bridge of their patience collapses they change their kid’s school to another one which looks more promising. But is the tale going to be different there? Unfortunately no. We are all caught in the same vicious trap.

The commercialisation of Education in India has not only burnt a deep hole in the parents’ pocket but also has stolen the peace of their minds. Parents on the other hand are getting caught in the mad race of comparing their kids with the peers and changing schools because the herd is moving in a particular direction. Both these extremes are detrimental. Every kid is unique and has his set of strengths and weaknesses, accept them the way they are and give them what is suitable for them. 

With each passing day I am getting to meet more and more parents who are adopting home schooling for their kids and confidently and merrily so. While I still have my belief in the institution called school but don’t know for how long. Somehow, I believe it it vital to a kid’s social growth at every age.

You have been extremely lucky if you have found a reasonable school for your little ones, congratulations, you are one of the chosen few but sadly quite a big chunk still remains hit by the above epidemic.

While the school should ensure good education and extracurricular imparted to them by respectfully retained and trained teachers, the parents should also be patient with the teachers and school to let them enrich your little ones. That’s the least I can say at the moment and pray that the soup the Indian education system currently is in, get sorted soon. We can’t sabotage the future of our nation.

Truly Yours Roma

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Lina Ashar: The Most Optimistic Face of Evolving Indian Education Scenario

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Billabong High

I am a firm believer of the power of education but as a parent, it often baffles me that despite trying our best are we giving our children the right kind of education to make them strong worthy citizens of tomorrow? Similarly, if I think as an educator who runs an academy to impart the kids, the vital 21st Century Skills like Public Speaking after school, I feel there is something really significant lacking in today’s Indian Education system which calls for a paradigm shift. A child’s holistic personality development should happen at his school and he must enjoy the leisure and free play in the time remaining. 

The schools must aim at knowledge beyond books and should yearn to inculcate life skills and problem-solving methods to raise confident kids. A couple of days ago, as I attended the launch of the first company-owned company operated Billabong High International School in Pune, this topic remained the foundation of our meaningful discussions, throughout.

Of course, I loved the state of an art, extremely inspiring infrastructure they have built in a whopping 2.25 acres in Amanora Park Town in Hadapsar, but was has impressed me the most and has stayed with me is the school’s founder Lina Ashar’s vision and mission in life. Born in Australia and brought up in Britain, she first took up a teaching job in Australia. In India for a sabbatical, she was aghast to see the plight of education in here and started Kangaroo Kids Preschool 1993 to introduce international best practices in education to India. When her vision to impart holistic education to as many kids as possible culminated she started Billabong High International Schools in 2004 and so far opened 30 of them in India and Maldives.Thanks to her efforts KKEL has become India’s No. 1 Most Trusted Education Brand (TRA’s Brand Trust Report – India Study 2019, 9000 brands across 16 cities).She has been felicitated with numerous awards for her work in the field of education and envisions to touch the lives of more than a million kids in a positive way.

She has dedicated her life to change the face of education in India and has a dedicated R&D Team who works on the integrated curriculum for the kids absorbing the best of all worlds plus adding their own expert views to it. It was extremely heartening to have a one to one candid talk with her on the innovation she desires to bring in the Indian education scenario and her passion and zeal for the same are extremely impressive. She has done an impeccable job at securing the best education modules are imparted to Billabong High Kids irrespective of the teacher who is imparting them( as attrition is beyond her control and she can’t sabotage the learning of the students). She and her team have introduced a personalized learning app “Skippytech” for pre-school kids and digital learning platform “Billabox” for Grade1-8 kids which is revolutionary in terms of it aiding each kid to learn at his own pace. 

I loved the fact that Billabong High values life skills and practicality over bookish knowledge and doesn’t compare kid to kid and instead grooms each kid to become a North Star in the field of his choice. Their best practices are worth emulating and if you reside the Hadapsar side in Pune, I would recommend you to check out the school with very fine infrastructure and even finer well researched educational modules. You can contact them at 8291158390.

Education is the best investment we must make in our kids and it should never be short of the best. The children should be trained with the 21st Century Skill Set right in the school which is their second home without the need of any after-school sessions desired. 

Truly Yours Roma

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