Monday, 4 January 2021

5 Reasons why I recommend the global telemedicine platform SeekMed


Undoubtedly, health is our top priority in the current pandemic times. But ironically, these are also the times we are most scared to visit a hospital or a clinic for our treatment. The fear of contracting COVID is real and is mighty big, whether or not we suffer from a co-morbidity. 


This is where lies a humongous need for superlative telemedicine services to connect us with the best doctors while ensuring we are at least risk. 


Particularly for someone like me who suffers from fifth stage endometriosis, staying in touch with a trustable senior doctor is indispensable. Remember, I had shared about my decade long battle with this disease sometime back with all of you. 


Thankfully, I am much better now and the entire journey of learning how to manage it has taught me many important lessons. The first and most important being timely second opinions from a senior highly experienced and trustable doctor before the disease aggravated to its advanced stages. But honestly traveling to meet a top doctor in the metro, for a second opinion, for my bitter crippling pain was in no way feasible as I had a little kid to rear and my work. There again was a dire need for a premium telemedicine platform that could somehow connect me to the most eminent doctors of gynecology without traveling, almost like magic.


Glad that this need was fulfilled by a really worthy global telemedicine platform SeekMed as they made it possible for us to connect to the most eminent award-winning doctors of India from the comfort of our home no matter which part of the world we reside. Can it get easier and better than this? Let’s evaluate. Well, there have been more telemedicine apps before SeekMed too, so what makes it stand out.


Padma Shree, Padmabhushan Awardee Doctors with over 30 years of experience on their panel


Though our motherland can boast of some of the best super-specialists of the world with an extraordinary success rate of treating various life-threatening diseases, access to them, unfortunately, is very difficult for a common man. Travel to the hospitals, getting a timely appointment, long waiting time of multiple days to get a slot can become quite painful to a patient and his caregivers. 


But SeekMed makes it a cakewalk for all of us as it has a meticulously chosen team of over 100 doctors many of whom are Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Dr. BC Roy awardees. On average, these doctors have over 30 years of experience and hold senior positions of very high responsibility with leading super-specialty institutions. Also, over 45% of the doctors have fellowship, education or experience from the United States and Europe.


Consult Specialists at a convenient time from the comfort of your home 


As per a report, India has more than 150 million, elderly patients residing in remote parts of the country who have to travel to big cities to meet a senior doctor for their existing health conditions, pre-surgery consultations, and second opinions. 


With the advancement of technology and with the help of SeekMed, now they can consult these top specialists right from the comfort of their home at a suitable time. In fact, not only from India you can connect to these doctors from anywhere in the world through a video call. Easy peasy isn’t it? Particularly in these COVID times, I would say, they seem like a real divine blessing.


Get the vital second opinion on various life-threatening diseases 


I can’t highlight to you how important a timely second opinion can get especially in cases where one suffers from something like cancer or when surgery is recommended or sometimes when the diagnosis is not clear and many other important instances. In such a scenario a Second Opinion from a senior award-winning specialist can prove to be a lifesaver. Do you know, in the year 2018 a study published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology revealed that an expert second review changed the diagnosis for 43% of the 70 patients in the study. In 2017, another study brought forth the fact that 21% of patients who sought a second opinion at Mayo Clinic in the USA left with a completely new diagnosis and 66% were proved partly correct but refined by the second doctor.


Thus a second opinion from someone profoundly experienced can prove really vital and aid us to make an informed medical decision for surgery or future course of treatment for us. SeekMed just makes this Second Opinion super easy for us.


Strong intent to improve patient literacy through the most authentic health library 

India’s doctor-patient ratio is still bleak and so obviously we still have poor health literacy. It’s extremely vital to know about our ailments inside out to aid us to manage them better and seek timely help which many a time becomes impossible in the limited time we have with the doctors. Also reading on the web from an inappropriate source can be misleading. SeekMed has bridged both these gaps through their most authentic and exhaustive Health Library which has detailed credible information on hundreds of medical conditions, tests, procedures, and over thirty thousand medicines and a lot more. It is a profound resource for patients like me to apprise myself of the details of my health condition and manage it far better. I am extremely certain that it can help many of you too.


SeekMed’s Patient-centric philosophy and mission ‘Health care for all’ and ethics 


Time and again since its inception in 2018, SeekMedhas proved how they earnestly desire to bring super-specialty consultation to the doorstep of the needy. In their highly ethical patient-centric approach they have taken the responsibility of bringing the expert consultation of as many as 30 super specialties including Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, etc. to our homes through their platform.


I deeply appreciate the two extremely passionate U.S.-based founders of SeekMed,  MrAlok Awasthi and Mr. Sharad Dubey, whose sheer philosophy in SeekMed is to empower the patients to make informed unbiased health decisions and reap benefits of the same without being influenced by middlemen or word of mouth.


So you see why I felt an earnest desire to about this incredible platform with all of you. If you are in need or know someone in need, he can access SeekMed in the following simple steps:


1. Install the mobile app or use the web app

2. Register as a patient

3. Search for doctor's specialty & send an appointment request

4. Once the appointment is created, make payment in the app using a discount code

5. Upload medical reports in the app

6. Video consultation on the app

7. Receive e-prescription


Also, with an earnest endeavor that you get the most superlative health care at your doorstep I share my code ROMA20 with you, use it while booking your appointments and get a 20% discount. 


Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Bidding Adieu to 2020

My last Covid letter of 2020 to my future grandchild: This post is a part of a series I am penning to the future generations to apprise them of COVID times and this is my 28th letter 

28th December 2020
6 a.m. 


Dear Ann,

I am writing to you after a brief hiatus and I am sure you must be waiting to know more on the COVID Saga I had narrated to you in my last 27 letters. Actually, I have been waiting and hoping against all odds to share with you some good news about the pandemic and so the long gap kid. 

There are so many things to update you on. Remember last time I told you how after being stranded in Vadodara for over 80 days, we reached back our Delhi home safely in Jun’20. Since then we have been mostly indoors in our home here too taking all precautions managing all the household chores ourselves. Of course, your grandpa’s office downstairs beams with certain activity as the show must go on. Your dad’s school is still running in full throttle online from 730 to 230 and loads of assignments thereafter. This is the new normal my child and all of us have kind of adapted to it. 

Whether forced or otherwise it has put a full stop to all leisurely travel and my heart really goes out to your dad who hardly steps out to play. His winter vacations are on and yesterday we took him to a deer park in our neighborhood and also to play some cricket in the sun. It felt like ages, while we had taken a lot of precautions(took our masks off just for a few seconds to click some pics),  it felt as if many on the roads have lost their patience and are flouting all rules. 

Your dad and me on 27-Dec-2020

Some didn’t bother to wear masks while others just hanged them below the chin. The markets too are flooded with people some to shop but many others to earn their livelihood understandably. We have still not gone to malls or markets other than just moving around the city in our cars. Delhi is still a burning platter beaming with thousands of new Corona cases everyday so we don’t have a choice though child many a times it feels claustrophobic at home. Even a visit to a neighboring park is highly liberating.

I guess many of us have now started counting our odds and heading out to avoid getting mentally sick. Quite a few of my friends have confided in me on this and I understand their situation. The fact is, in these pandemic times, it is not even good to advise as we don’t know what mental state the other person is and thus we need to leave it to each his own. It’s been 10 months since the lockdown child and it feels as if it has been an eternity. Now though everything has opened now gradually, still taking precautions is the new way of life. 

2020 has been such a year, we won’t be able to forget it for ages. It has taught us immensely many significant lessons and like every year this year too I have penned my Reflections 2020 and Goals 2021. You must also do this each year kid, analyze the year just gone by for you, and decide what you will like to make better in the coming year. This shall really help you evolve over a period of time and aid you fulfil your dreams. I have taught this to your dad too and he is doing it for 2 years now. He began when he was nine๐Ÿ˜Š

We are all pumped up to bid  2020 adieu shortly and welcome 2021 with new hopes. Apart from COVID, I will also remember it as the year I reached my health goals by losing 20 kgs extra body weight and defeating endometriosis complications to a certain level.

The good news is the vaccine for COVID-19 has arrived and has been administered to many in Europe and America. Though it has come in with a lot of speculations it somehow is a relief to all of us as something is better than nothing. It is expected to arrive in India soon. It is going to be a humongous task for the Govt. to administer to the huge population in India. The first ones of course being the elderly and the Corona warriors. Rest all of us will wait peacefully for our turns. 

Can’t tell you how much I wish these pandemic times to end and lead a free life. This too shall pass like everything else and the good days shall be here soon hopefully. I Will surely update you on the same, my little love...Do take good care of yourself. Dream big and keep working hard to fulfill them without losing focus.

Sending you a million kisses my future grandchild 

Your granny 


{This is the 28th post of the series where I will be writing 26 Letters to my Grandchildren about life and lessons during these tricky COVID19 times. Letter12 , 3 , 56 , 78 ,9 , 10 , 11 ,1213 141516 , 17 , 181920 ,21222324,25 , 26 and 27 can be found here}

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

#Thankyou2020 What 2020 Taught Me: Reflections 2020 and Goal Setting 2021


Yeah! It’s December, my most favorite month of the year. I am sure many of you would love it too. Though the reasons can be different for each one of us. Like for me, December is the month of love as I wedded the love of my life this month after some cool dating for years. Also, the day on which we vowed to be each others’ forever in a Lord Shiva Temple in Pantnagar also comes later this month☺️. Yes, we celebrate it too. Celebrations for me are a timeless way of weaving sweet memories in the beautiful journey of life. These recorded moments give us the power to sail through the rough tides of life, believing in ‘This too shall pass’ and good days shall be back again. The Christmas festivities, extreme chill, and vacation mood further add to the vibe. 

As a writer too I feel this has been for years for me, the most important month of the year. I dedicate it to reflecting on how I have evolved and added value to myself during the course of the year. What was a hit and what was a miss? How can I improve? Also, I use it to envision my goals in the forthcoming year. 

2020 albeit has been really a very different year. It shall require courage to look back at it, today or whenever we would wish to in the future. It shall be one of the biggest examples in history of how a pandemic can derail the entire world and bring it to a standstill. One way to look at it is the fear of the worst has brought out the best in many of us.

My reflections of the past year fill my heart with gratitude for a number of things in 2020. Here they come because counting blessings is me, so me. No matter how adverse the circumstances will be, you will always see me smiling, I have that rare ability, I have earned it after a lot of practice and I am so proud of it. You will owe a special prize from me if you can ever spot a pic of mine without a smile.

Reflections: What 2020 taught me?

  • 2020 taught me how there is a silver lining in every dark night, that you can get stranded in an unknown city 1000 km away from home, for months due to nationwide lockdown and can still survive.

  • You not only survive but also encapsulate those testing times in the form of inspirational letters for your future grandchild and release it as a book which received an overwhelming response from the readers. The book is available here.

  • 2020 most importantly taught me how important fitness is in our lives, I embraced a very happy lifestyle with my family and in the process lost 20 kgs weight in about eight months. I am extremely grateful to the almighty for never letting me give up on my exercise and diet schedule despite suffering from endometriosis. 

  • 2020 has taught me to be a lot more independent. My dependence on help is zero now and I am far better at life skills like cooking. YouTube has done an incredible job in teaching me umpteen new cuisines which of course I had customized to make their the healthiest version even if it means forgoing a little bit of taste.

  • Though online education has its own weaknesses, in these times it indeed is a perfect solution. Since we have just shifted to Delhi last October,  it kind of gave me time to gauge my kid’s education which I am very particular about. 

  • So apart from fitness, health, and focus, 2020 has also gifted me something I have always craved due to extensive travel of my husband for his work and kiddo’s day school, yes it’s the most valuable quality time with family. I am so grateful for it to the Almighty.

  • Last but not the least, 2020 has helped me revive my most favorite hobby of all time that’s gardening. I just love my plant babies and taking care of them and seeing them bloom in all their glory is what I really love to the core.

Aren’t these things absolutely worth expressing gratitude for? Indeed, they are. Thank you my Lord for bestowing us with all this and so much more.

Now comes planning for the future. How do I want my next year to look like? Of course, a lot will depend on the vaccine and when we can really get the shots but to whatever extent I can, I should go ahead as per the plan.

Goals 2021

A Love Saga Novel

After penning 5 books, I want to change my course a little now and so my sixth book will a multi-series Love Saga exclusively available in prints. The plot is sitting right in front of me. Just waiting for God’s direction to commence it one fine day. The plan is to finish the manuscript in the first half of the year. Amen!

Resume Nature Runs

One of the things I have missed the most during this pandemic era is my long nature walks in the early morns. I feel claustrophobic inside but have always abided by the rules in the last nine months. As soon as it ends, I would love to restart my routine and this time sprint in the arms of Mother Nature and soak it all in until I am satiated.

Travel like freaks, take vacations

I have wheels on my feet and everyone near and dear knows the best way to lift my spirits is a vacation which hasn’t obviously happened this year. When all this gets sorted in 2021 hopefully, I will take a long long vacation and yes that’s a goal.

Resume my academy sessions in full swing

One reason I love Pune so dearly is, my academy is there and all my students are there, they are so much a part of me. Yes, I miss them to the core though I am connected with them in video calls. But ever since I shifted to Delhi late last year, I didn’t take any new admissions despite requests of taking the sessions online from some parents and ladies I know in Delhi. I really thought I had too much on my plate but in all that I have felt I miss a very important part of myself. In 2021 I plan to restart my mission of aiding 6-60-year-olds in bridging the gap between their intellect and expression through my communication skills academy to the best of my abilities.

Want to co-pen a book with my son

This is a dream I have nurtured for a while and requires some serious homework.  He writes well and whenever I see his scribbled pieces here and there, I feel a strong desire to publish work together with him. The idea is still in the nascent stage though I intend to make it more concrete soon and will love to share the progress with you all.

So these were some of the goals I have given myself for next year of course along with maintaining the good health I have finally embraced.

Penning these gives me a broad spectrum of goals I need to lay the foundation of at the earliest. It was a pleasure sharing my heart out on the same with you guys. Happy New Year to all of you in advance! Lots of love, Truly Yours, Roma ✌

Here’s an ode to our Timeless Love

My eyes are moist with extreme gratitude

and heart too soaked with pure love 

as I pen this ode to our timeless love

Thinking of our beautiful journey so far

What if I hadn’t met you that fateful day 

Who would have I spent so many perfect years with

You taught me friendship, you taught me to love

Slowly and gradually we weaved our tiny world 

Year by year, we grew, we evolved 

Facing all the challenges, firmly holding each other

Life has not been a bed of roses 

But we have together befriended the thorns 

Standing the testimonies of the time 

We still go strong 

Smiles or fight, all of them add spice 

Giving us a reason to weave more memories ripe  

Our love turns 15 love, it’s our Official Crystal Wedding Anniversary 

and I am so so ecstatic and proud of our priceless journey 

To fall in love with you and keep drowning in it thereafter till today 

Is perhaps the best decision I have ever made  

Our is a semi-perfect fairy tale I wait to culminate 

Into happily ever after forever for as long as ever 

Your arms are my paradise 

You evoke in me a million desires to lead a long life 

To you, I owe most of my smiles 

Your shoulders are the best place to rest when I am tired 

You are the polestar of my life 

And I am your Ursa Major 

My life revolves around you my one 

I pray we stay like this till the next Big Bang 

Love to the farthest star and back 

Happiest Crystal Wedding Anni month my love

Monday, 23 November 2020

Wonder, now on Netflix: A perfect amalgamation of education and entertainment for kids

Entertainment is as essential for kids as for us adults (It’s the icing on the cake if it has education integrated within). Especially in these times when our social life is almost zero, it offers a great opportunity to spend some cozy time with our little ones. But picking the right movie or series can be a tricky business. I personally love picking up something which entertains as well as leaves a strong lesson in the kid’s heart in this impressionable age. 

Luckily I have landed on some good ones in the past few months and today I recommend to you one such film which I still remember weeks after watching it with the kiddo and often comes up in our discussion. It’s the movie called ‘WONDER’ which released for the Indian audience on Netflix on 9 October 2020. This heart-touching film is based on the novel ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio and was first released in America in 2017. Personally, I love book adaptations in movies and mostly I read the book before watching the film but not this one. 

Plot of the Movie

This beautiful soulful flick is a story of a 10-year-old boy Auggie Pullman who was born with a rare medical facial deformity known as Treacher Collins Syndrome. He undergoes as many as 27 surgeries to be able to see, hear, talk and smell but the deep scars on this face remain which he often covers with a helmet to prevent other kids and adults from getting scared of him.

Fortunately, he is blessed with a wonderful set of parents and elder sister Via, particularly his mother Isabel played by my all-time favorite Julia Roberts. She homeschools Auggie until he reaches grade five. But after that, keeping in mind how sharp Auggie is and his extreme inclination towards science they decide to admit him to a normal school which is where all hell breaks. 

Overcoming his initial inhibition, little Auggie ventures school where almost every kid appalls from his face. This movie is all about how he overcomes the bullies at school and several other difficulties and wins wonderful friends like Jack. It will be heartwarming to watch his journey as he bags the best student award towards the end๐Ÿ˜Š.

5 reasons I loved it

1. The theme of the movie is beautiful

Yes, the theme of the movie is priceless. In fact, it is a perfect amalgamation of entertainment and meaningful education for kids. I got glued to the movie right in the first 5 minutes, the storytelling was so bang-on. It was ‘unputdownable’. My heart kept going on special children like Auggie and saw how he filled my kid’s heart in compassion for him. Children are such selfless and innocent souls. Despite his facial discrepancies, Auggie’s mom has brought him up so well into a little genius with a beautiful smile and forgiving heart. Auggie is an inspiration to one and all and thus I say this movie is a must-watch for everyone.

2. The direction and acting are impeccable

WONDER is directed by Stephen Chbosky and he has done a phenomenal job with the subject at hand. A rare subject as delicate as this requires precise handling and how I admire Chbosky’s work. His genius is complemented by seasoned actress Julia Roberts’ acting who looks so real in her portrayal of Auggie’s mother but the show-stealer definitely is little Jacob Tremblay who plays August or Auggie Pullman. The support cast and crew too have done a wonderful job and it won’t be just if I don’t give them a special mention.

3. Inspires acceptance for all

The movie has nuances and overwhelming moments that compel us to think and self introspect. It is a marvelous take of Auggie and Jack’s friendship too. What is it that Jack does that breaks Auggie’s heart and he falls sick? The emotions of Jack’s sis Via who never got their parents’ time and attention, did she love Auggie unconditionally or secretly despise him? You must watch the movie yourself to find out. To us, it deeply conveyed the strong message to accept everyone with their set of strengths and weaknesses with open arms.

4. Entertaining and heart-warming 

I have always been an ardent fan of meaningful cinema and this one shall top my list for many years, I am sure. Wonder is a heart-warming entertainer and Auggie’s smiling face keeps presenting itself in my dreams so often. Such is the impact. If you too value your time and want to spend it on something worthwhile, I highly recommend WONDER to you.

5. Educational Treat for our little ones 

In COVID times, this movie makes an excellent choice for giving a worthy educational treat for our little ones. Watch it cuddled with them in your blanket and enjoy their myriad thoughts on the subject subtly imbibing in them values of compassion and acceptance of all. It is vital for them to have such meaningful lessons in life early on. This is what evolved parenting is all about.

Truly Yours Roma’s Rating of the movie


Truly Yours Roma

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

5 Weight Loss Fitness Mantras that aided me loose 20 kgs


I feel so exhilarating shedding 20 kgs in 2020, a year all of us will remember for many reasons. Consuming hormonal medications for endometriosis has made me swell and I got trapped in the vicious circle of consuming them to relieve pain which in turn increased weight. 

Early this year I decided to commence my fitness journey despite all odds. Due to a surgery last July, my body couldn’t take a heavy gym workout and I had to abandon it the very first month. Luckily I landed on a great dietician who guided me in this weight loss transformation. I was extremely elated as well as surprised how well I performed and my body reciprocated so well to a perfectly healthy lifestyle. At not one moment I thought of giving up the hard work and dedication. It wasn’t easy though because my endometriosis pain cripples me so often. I am finally so happy to get back in perfect shape and nearing my ideal body weight. This Diwali and Karwachauth I donned sarees after almost a decade as I felt confident my fat was gone and I didn’t need to hide my curves.

On a daily basis, I get requests from all of you to share tips on what actually worked for me, and here I am keeping my promise. The 5 Mantras that have worked magic for me to lose 20 kgs in eight months are:


Diet plays the most crucial role in our weight loss management and believe me when I say this, I now eat much more than I ever ate before but now I eat clean and I always try to eat on time. I consume nuts, lots of fruits, vegetables, oats, quinoa, amaranth, cottage cheese, and several other proteins. I perhaps eat everything but in ideal portions and don’t do obsessive or stressful eating. I eat my breakfast at 9 a.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. and in total, I eat 5 small meals a day. 

You can check out my post: Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips to know the exact details and timings.

Just remember what you put in your tummy determines how you look and how healthy you are, for me 70% of my weight loss is Right Diet taken at right time. 


It is also extremely vital to complement a good diet with any form of good exercise say 30-45 minutes a day. A brisk walk at home or yoga or gym or Zumba or Pilates anything you love shall stimulate your cells to lose weight appropriately.

 I do it come what may. It is compulsorily 5000-10000 steps for me every day along with yoga to tone my body and skin which has got loose by losing weight.

I have written about 10 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss and Flat Stomach. You can read them here.

There is no substitute for hard work guys. You can also choose your favorite physical sport too as a form of exercise for your fitness or acquire home workout equipment from my list here. 


Our Sugar and Salt intake determines a lot of our body parameters. While eating salt in moderation is advised, white sugar can be totally avoided and substituted with natural organic jaggery or honey. I have given up sugar totally in the last 8 months and mostly don’t take salt in my dinner or use it extremely sparingly. I also use pink salt for cooking. Just regulating these two had aided me a lot on a healthy weight loss without any fad diet which I don’t recommend.


The balancing act is the most important thing I had learned from my dietician’s at Your Diet Lounge because it’s okay to indulge in festivities or birthday parties. We don’t have to forgo them completely, all we have to do is balance the extra empty calories we have accumulated the next day with a detox diet. I find this really great to cleanse my body too of all the toxins too. 

I had shared a great papaya detox diet that also helps me stimulate my metabolism when my weight gets stuck in my Instagram post here. My IGTV videos too have a lot of weight loss tips under the hashtag #weightlosswithRoma if they interest you. 

You can just have fruits the whole day, the day after you had partied and that would suffice too.


The point we often miss while trying to lose weight is that the more water we consume the better it is. It shall be all the better if the water is an infused one. Water is the magic potion for our gut. 

I take a lot of homemade detoxifying drinks for effective and sustained weight loss. I have shared the recipes here. Apart from weight loss these also aid in boosting our immunity and our overall health. 

Similarly, a sound sleep is extremely crucial for us to sail towards our ideal weight. Any stress or lack of sleep deters it. I always sleep early and get up early, my morning me time gives me the energy to remain active the whole day with a smile.

Now, all these points appear simpler to read but require an earnest endeavor to practice in synchronism but trust me it only takes a couple of weeks to get into the habit and once you get it the journey becomes worthwhile. It shall not only bring unparalleled benefits to you but to your family too in the long run. Losing weight is not rocket science, it just requires a sincere will and dedication to keep sailing forward despite all odds. 

Truly Yours Roma