Wednesday, 22 January 2020

5 Unique Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

valentine's Day celebration ways

Undoubtedly with Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air and I totally believe we must grab as many chances as possible,  to celebrate love in our lives and I insist with all our loved ones. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is a festival in our home and has always been extra special for us no matter how the world chooses to judge it. I celebrate it with the love of my life cum my husband cum my bestie of over two decades (all of them are the same guy) and my little waala valentine, my sonny boy, making time for both individually as well together for all three of us..trying to make it unique in my own small way each year and today am sharing with you some cool ideas hoping they spice up your celebrations of love too without drilling a hole in your pocket with expensive gifts.

1. Heart theme deco and letters

Buy some pretty flowers like jasmine or any other flower of your choice and make heart-shaped flower rangolis with them in chosen nooks and corners of your home(remember not to overdo them, they must express your pure love). This little surprise will light up the day of your love and bring the most cherished smile on his face. Also cut colored paper sheets in heart shape and leave out of the box love notes or doodles, with a touch of humor or romance or simply tender love, in them,  hidden at unexpected places like the pocket of his trouser or the pencil case of your kid.

2. Scented candlelight date at midnight

Do up a very special place in your home (an attic or study where you won’t be disturbed) with some exotic scented candles and some wine or whatever you both love and a tiny cake. Hint your partner to meet you at 12 all dressed up. Slip into his favorite dress and spend some wonderful we time amidst the romantic candlelight and mesmerizing perfumes at the stroke of midnight. Trust me these precious moments will truly ignite the passion which the moms and dads in us miss. Use the same table to enjoy a special lunch with your kid in the afternoon after he or she is back from school and express your love with their favorite food for the cute little angels of our life. 

3. Bake your heart in heart-shaped cupcakes

If you enjoy baking, try making some yum cupcakes with heart-shaped icing in multiple hues and put in hubby’s and kid’s lunch boxes as a surprise. You can also get it baked from a home baker nearby. Another idea could be writing some adorable messages on the cupcakes itself. I once wrote a valentine poem for my man on the heart-shaped cake on this day a few years back and it read and tasted so delicious ๐Ÿ˜Š

4. A cozy and secluded movie date

When you are thinking of unique gifting options thorough research often helps. In my quest for the same, I landed on a super rocking movie date venue known as Director’s Cut. It was pricey at weekends but the weekdays and the morning shows were pocket friendly options that too with the least crowd. I did an advance booking much earlier and it turned out to be a worthwhile experience. Cozily enjoying the movie in the blanket with your love and the best dark chocolate on earth was truly an enchanting experience. Something on these lines can always be worked out.

5. A trip to the mountains or a lush green place

I and my husband met in Pantnagar and our love bloomed in Nainital. We have a memory associated with almost every place there. Thus given a chance on special days like this, we love to drive to the mountains there and live each moment again with a smile. The face of our love, our little sunshine enjoys the trip too as we narrate to him tiny anecdotes from mom dad’s life. The idea is you don’t need an exotic dinner date or a expensive gift to celebrate this special day just go to a serene place nearby you love and hold each other’s hand. Talk, smile, share leaving behind all worries. No matter how cliched this sounds, every human being needs that touch, those priceless smiles and an occasional expression of true love seen in the eyes of our partner. Don’t you agree? Watching a sunrise or a sunset together marveling at Mother Nature and professing your love will be as eternal as them comes as the most soothing reminder to your better half. 

Well, In my opinion, we must celebrate love each day and thus every day is Valentine’s Day. You may use any of the above ideas to beat monotonous everyday life any day why wait for 14th February. These are some of the ways in which the diehard romantic in me keeps the flame burning, I hope you find them worthy. Do write to me if you could use any of these in your celebrations and will love to feature you ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Salt Therapy Benefits for kids and Adults Health

My biggest fear when we came to know that we have to shift to Delhi was Delhi’s mammoth pollution. Thus, despite the opportunity being really worthy I tried to resist it as much as I could for I knew the ill effects of hazardous AQI on our respiratory health particularly. 

Nevertheless, we did shift and that too in peak pollution and winter months. I took crazy precautions and was mostly indoors with air purifiers yet had cough, cold and fever repeatedly for the first two months. Luckily I learned about an alternate therapy which can be extremely useful in giving us a respite from most of the simple and chronic respiratory disorders without any side effects and can work wonders even for our skin and aid us destress and even relieve our fatigue and anxiety.

 This therapy is known as Salt Therapy of Halotherapy and in this article, I intend to create awareness about this simple technique so that all of us can reap its advantage. I wonder why it has been an underdog so far because most of my friends and acquaintances who expressed a deep desire to know about this after reading about my experience on Instagram, admitted they had no idea about it. 

Well, Salt Therapy is an age-old therapy founded accidentally by a practicing doctor in Poland in 1843 where workers in underground salt mines suffered fewer respiratory sicknesses.

By chiseling and grinding the salt, the miners produced micro-sized particles of salt that were dispersed into the air of the mine and then inhaled which healed them. 

What is salt therapy? 

Salt therapy also known as halotherapy is a holistic, drug-free, non-invasive, natural therapy for relieving symptoms caused by congestion, inflammation, and allergies of respiratory system and skin. In halotherapy, micronized dry salt is inhaled in a chamber that mimics a salt cave environment. It promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness, and endurance and wellness. 

Why is it beneficial?

The benefits stem from the fact that salt is antibacterial, antiinflammatory, it loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport, it removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen) and Reduces IgE level (immune system oversensitivity). 

Where is it given? 

Salt therapy is usually given in salt caves, salt rooms( for lungs) or salt beds (for better exposure of skin) which have relaxing massage chairs for adults and play rooms for kids. You can choose to do your favorite relaxing activity too inside. 

There the salt is grounded into tiny microparticles by special devices knows as halogenerators and then dispersed into the salt rooms or beds. While relaxing in one of these, we deep breath and inhale the salt-enriched air deep down into the lungs, for unparalleled healing benefits. 

The science behind Halo Therapy

The salt thus inhaled widens our airways and loosens the mucus, which begins to clear quickly, and inflammation is reduced, which makes more room in the airways for us to breathe and thus we start feeling better in just 15-25 minutes. Symptoms subside, sometimes for up to 12 months. The non-inhaled particles landing on the skin help to balance pH and induce the reparative and regenerative processes in the skin, increasing rigidity and stimulating our cell growth and microcirculation. Isn’t that super amazing and easy peasy? 

Suitable for which age group? 

This therapy is equally suitable for all age groups and has no side effects as the microparticles of common salt are getting in our respiratory system and not the digestive system. 

Whether it is babies, children or adults, salt therapy can help soothe a lot of skin, respiratory and lifestyle conditions for all. 

Why is it so important?

In today’s times of extreme pollution with our little ones often having repeated episodes of bitter cough and wheezing this therapy can prove vital and indispensable and saves us from resorting to antibiotics or steroids.

You will be amazed to know that salt therapy has proven benefits in the case of Asthma, COPD, Fibrosis, Sinus, Cold & Flu, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hay Fever, Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue. However this does mean you skip your medication while taking it until the symptoms improve.

Salt therapy caves, spas and clinics are available now in many major cities in India and we can do it to a certain effective extent in our homes too. 

A Word of caution

Certain reports suggest inhaling large amount of salts can cause hypertension that is why the timings of this therapy are limited. It is advisable to get a health checkup done before taking this therapy.

How can we do Salt Therapy at home?  

For it we need to purchase an ultrasonic desalinizer or the salt machine which transforms the salt into minuscule particles, making them unobtrusive when breathing them in. The salt used in salt therapy should be natural rock salt to achieve the best results.

I first experienced a salt cave some years back in Europe and am so relieved finally to rediscover them in Delhi through Tata Salt team who are running an initiative around it. Its benefits are something I really wished all fo you to know and thus have tried to include all the basic information required about the same, in simplest terms here.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to give you a brief idea about this therapy. Kindly consult your medical practioner before taking it.

Truly Yours Roma

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Friday, 10 January 2020

Child’s nutrition & his mental health are connected: 5 Vital Tips #GrowRight

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. As a mother, the amount of pressure that the tiny kids face in today’s era, baffles me. Almost every parent intends to prepare his child to outperform not only in academics but in extracurricular activities too. But what we forget in this endeavour of ours is that amidst all this, our little precious ones are subjected to a lot of mental stress which in turn may make them lose their appetite and trigger mental health issues in them. Lack of proper nutrition due to this may further lead to issues like Attention Deficit Disorder and as the anxiety further builds on, one may get trapped in a vicious circle which is not a good sign. Thus, today I bring to you five key points on how to take care of a child's mental health in India.

  1. Proper Nutrition plays a Pivotal Role in securing Good Mental Health of a child: It is important that our kid’s diet contains all the essential nutrients for appropriate brain development which controls our mental health. This becomes significant as most of the brain development takes place in the early years of a child’s life. Proteins, vitamins and minerals, fibers, carbs and fats all are essential for our children but how to ensure they get it all can be the biggest worry. One sure shot way of ensuring my kid receives all 37 vital nutrients needed for his sound mental as well physical growth is giving him PediaSure once a day as recommended by my paediatrician. This makes me rest assured I have not missed on anything as the little one often gets back the lunch box untouched.

2. Make your home a de-stressing zone for the kid: Making our home a happy place for our little peanuts can really work wonders. Greet them with smiles and hugs when they come back from school. Talk to them about what the best part of the day at school was when they eat and drink. Describing to you happily what happened will de-stress and aid release of happy hormones in them.

3. Inculcate love for music and fine arts: Listen to music, dance together or get into art and craft with your kiddo for an hour at least each day. These aid the toddlers and elder kids to relax and rejuvenate and are very good for their mental health. Combine fruit time here, woven in as a game. We often try our hands at new things and baking and enjoying the rich PediaSure almond cookies is a current favourite pass-time. 

At no time forget that proper nutrition and sound mental health have a huge connection so weaving them together intelligently works.

4. Valuable free play: A child needs minimum three hours** of play every day. Please make sure your kid gets free play time everyday even in exams. It is crucial for his independence and time management skills too. Let them enjoy their childhood and innocence and apply their brains to utilise their free play time their way. It is vital to their mental peace.

5. Amalgamate Breaks and surprises: Stress builds in kids in routine monotonous lengthy school hours coupled with loads of homework back home. So in our home we plan an optimal number of weekend breaks and surprise travels with the kid to farms etc. where the kid can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits along with learning and enjoying and yes de-stressing too. In travel again, my perennial companion is PediaSure which ensures all is well on the kid’s nutrient intake front. The Grow Right Charter from PediaSure is a great guide in ensuring all these measures work together to let my kiddo grow in a healthy, safe environment.

**Grow Right Charter of PediaSure

Truly Yours Roma

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Commencing New Year in Style with a heart full of Gratitude

Happiest New Year Everyone! Really wanted to drop here earlier as it feels incomplete without wishing you all, an essential part of my life. Anyways better late than never ๐Ÿ˜Š. So how are you all doing? Spent the new year night cozily in the blanket or partied hard to ring in the new decade? Well, this time we were in Delhi almost after a decade and decided to ring it the way we used to do in our pre-wedding days by dancing and partying to the new year tunes. The venue we chose was the Grand Ball Room in Radisson Blu Dwarka as it allowed our kid to party with us and enjoy the evening. It was a gala night with the Russian dancers keeping us company throughout and some amazing food and drinks. We danced well past the midnight as we were putting up in the same property and carved some precious memories. Though the crowd and the mismanagement by the staff baffled us, but let’s keep that review for some other day not in my first post of the year.  

2nd January again marked some celebrations on account of mister husband’s birthday and we were very keen on making it extra special this year. Glad we could do our bit for the silent man of the house who only believes in giving to others. Thus had a fun packed New Year and his birthday bash.

As if that was not enough, yesterday we decided to soak in some sun and continue our coveted heritage walk to Qutub Minar. The idea of having our kid with us too this time excited us even more. Most of the time we hit these places during our morning walks when he is in school. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon though we sincerely advice you to book your tickets online before going there on a weekend. We soaked in the sun as well as enjoyed our leisurely stroll at the picturesque site along with clicking loads of pictures. Playing hide and seek and running behind the squirrels was our most favourite part of the day. You all already know how I thrive on these little joys of life.

Came back terribly exhausted yesterday but was keen on writing to you all. I had picked up my favourite dairy and pen to jot the same when a ping from a dear friend made my day. My blog had yet again made to the Top 250 Indian Blogs and there couldn’t have been a better New Year Gift honestly. My heart is so overwhelmed with gratitude, there undoubtedly wasn’t a better way to commence the new decade in style, for a writer like me. It is so motivating.

Last few months I had been missing my academy in Pune, I didn’t realise my how my students there have become such a vital part of my life. Though I am connected with almost all of them and am still taking online sessions a personal connect of meeting in person is missed so badly and had made me feel empty at times. I miss my friends there, my yoga sessions, my yoga sessions and it is still a while to forge new lifelong friendships here in Delhi. 

But things have begun to look good. I have lot of beautiful decade old memories of this place which are worth reliving. Also, there are lots of colleagues and friends to be dug out and met again. So actually while there is no specific New Year Resolution and Goals, after stressful extreme pollution and extremely cold winter, my aim this year is to build our new abode here and feel more settled. I also intend to write exhaustively on women's health and create as much awareness as I can for I feel women's health is a crucial often ignored dimension of women empowerment in our country.

Another strong feeling which is doing rounds to my brain repeatedly is a premonition of something big that’s going to happen this year. I have no clue what exactly it is but whenever I have had such intuition in the past it has always turned true. I am both amused and excited to know if there is something new really destined for me this year but all I can do is wait and watch. Do you have such premonitions too?

Well, I end this page of my online diary here today and will write back to you soon ๐Ÿ˜Š
Truly Yours Roma

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Friday, 27 December 2019

Weaving Memories with ZoomIn

It is 4 a.m. and 4 degrees here in Delhi as I am writing to you. This is set to be the coldest winters here in last 100 years. Having shifted here just a couple of months ago the deadly combination of the cold and the hazardous air quality is baffling us. Advised to stay indoors, I am trying to stay active and non morose by creatively doing up my new home and what better way to do it than weaving together the precious memories of our lives as photo walls.

I am ardent photographer and though have a designated digital space for all the priceless moments of our lives, I am old school in the way that I still love to print them as albums or adorn my walls with them thus giving my home sweet home a very personalised feel. For all my printing needs I rely on ZoomIn who know how to satiate my quality and aesthetic appeal desires with my pictures. 

I did this photo wall for our living space near the staircase area with them and along with many other beautiful adorning for my other rooms. The photo frames blew life into the dull wall and added vibrant colours to the hall. Almost everyone who came home has praised it so far and I am happy I had put my home confinement to some great purpose. It has become my most favourite place to pose too. 

I, my husband and sonny enjoy the art of choosing right pics for the right wall and spend some wonderful moments revisiting the wonderful memories and thus had undoubtedly become our favourite pass-time. 

The app is so cool to use that even my son easily does all adjustments and orders on it. They have a huge collection to choose from photo books, personalised magnets, calendars, collages, home decor photo frames, mugs and what not. They are all very moderately priced and are great value for money. They also make a great gifting option for our loved ones. 

I have recently ordered their square prints to do up a little fancy and peppy interior decor for my kiddo’s room and am so delighted to receive a complimentary planner for 2020 with it. The twenty four small square prints look so adorable and my little one grew an instant liking for them and arranging them beautifully in his room is our favourite winter activity at the moment. Stay tuned to our Instagram to know how exactly our final wall hanging decor looks like. 

Talking about the planner, it is a gorgeous little personal diary in pastels, my favourite colours with weekly planning calendar for each month for us to jot down our schedule. It also aids us enumerate our short term, long term and mid term goals. I have already started using it and am so impressed. A very thoughtful and a considerate gift for their customers. I had earlier ordered some photo books from them too and they are my keepsakes forever till now. 

If you are looking for some innovative photo printing for your home decor or for gifting purposes, ZoomIn App undoubtedly is a great option. I have been using it for years and they have always surpassed my expectations in everything ♥️. Stay tuned to get more updates from us! Wishing you all a happy new year and decade in advance ๐Ÿ˜Š

And here's a special new year gift for all our followers, Use Code - ROMA2020  and get a free softcover photobook 20 pages 5.5". You need to pay only for Shipping &( designer cover which is optional).

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my four published books here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The Destiny and Empowered Women Empower Women

Monday, 16 December 2019

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Would Be Moms

Motherhood is the most beautiful chapter in a woman's life. It makes her feel complete. A woman learns to love someone unconditionally, she even learns to live for her child only. Her days start with the baby and end on him only. She believes in herself. Motherhood starts right after she gets pregnant and starts feeling the changes in herself. During one's pregnancy, there is no greater occasion to celebrate except for the baby shower. We can call it a rehearsal of celebration which will happen when the baby will come. Baby showers are truly an event where there are only positive vibes around and love. When anyone's invited in a baby shower, the first thing to prepare for, that comes in our mind is gifts. What should we gift? Gifting is a social custom that is an earthly expression of love. The same question stands upfront with a similar asking how to be the guest with the most unique gift. 

The gifting era has revolutionarily changed recently. Now people prefer more and more personalized and customised stuff to present to their loved ones. In such times, here is what I came across recently, Hand-painted Portraits Paintings. What was the last time you took a minute and admired a piece of art? It's something that touches our soul. The hardship an artist put into an artwork can't be appreciated enough. A Handmade painting doesn't only reflect the hardship but the essence of care into it too. 

BookMyPainting is one of such places where you can find this essence of care and happiness. It is a technology-enabled platform where you can easily get one of those beautiful creations. There is no smoother experience than booking a painting there. They have half a dozen art styles and a variety of options for your size preference as well. They really are doing great here with this. 
Are you not sure what art style should be selected? Let me help you with that! 
The art style should totally be selected keeping the would-be mother in the center. Her personality reflects it. You just need to notice that.
If the mother is an elegant, classic and retro lover, you might wanna consider the king of black and white sketches. I'm talking about charcoal drawings. These are made of Charcoal and have this fresh natural contrast which is unmatched. Charcoal goes very well with monochromatic light-colored walls and is the classiest of all the drawing techniques. 

If the would-be mother is still a kid inside, you should go for these old school watercolor paintings. They have these color splashes and a jolly vibe. Watercolor painting is an ancient technique from Japan and is widely renowned for its different aspects of portraying the subjects. It will be a wonderful gift for her.
There is one more art style that will do wonder with every woman. That is Oil Portrait Painting. Oil painting is one of the oldest art styles alive. They have sustained through renaissance to modern art and they are still adored the same. Oil is such a close depiction, that i bet sometimes you can't differentiate between real and the art. This will make the best baby shower gift ever. 

Here's a hidden gem. Pencil color sketches are the only available sketching technique that is colorful. They are an upgraded version of classic graphite pencil sketches. All the detailing of pencil sketching is preserved with color depiction. This is a must-go if you're looking for something so different as a gift for mother. You can get her wedding picture drawn in pencil colors. This is really going to touch her, I bet.  
You can find a Picture of the would-be mother from her childhood and get her a baby Portrait. Or you can have a picture in which she's flaunting her baby bump. These shots are just perfect for this cause. All these days you've been searching for the right gift and now you've found it. Gifts are really our love in the physical form of a material. A woman who will soon be a mother needs affection and care, more than anyone. Make sure you are there for her throughout this wonderful journey. 

I wish the mother a happy
future ahead!

Truly Yours Roma

If you like what I write, you can grab the copies of my four published books here: The Fragrance of True LoveDestiny's Favorite ChildDare to Defy The Destiny and Empowered Women Empower Women