Monday, 11 October 2021

How early should we start grooming our kids?


How early should we start working on our little ones so that they get a headstrong foundation? Perhaps this is one of the most frequently asked questions to me both as a mom and as a communication and creative writing coach to kids. 

While in my academy I accept kids of age six and above, I believe, a mother or even for that matter a dad can start laying the right foundation quite early on.

I feel a child is learning the most when he hasn’t started speaking as he is only listening so his or her grasping is several folds better. I used to read to my kid in my womb and also when he was born I continued to talk to him about all that I wanted to teach him in the form of fun conversations as they enhance retention. 

What I intend to say is your tiny darlings are like wet clay when there are born the sooner you start molding them the stronger and well-shaped they become. Also, I believe there is no better teacher to a kid than his own parents.

Our kids are our own reflections, so we must try to be what we want them to become. Warmth, compassion, gender equality, politeness must be the first qualities that must be engrained in them. Discipline is the second most important thing. 

Public speaking, creative writing, personality development, or their outshining in any other field shall automatically happen if they learn the discipline to pursue their art passionately.

For them to be able to explore what they truly love we must ensure their adequate exposure and keep a keen eye on what they are good at. 

Don’t put them in every class instead let them hone the skills they already possess, by getting them trained under experts. 

Remember initial basic grooming is best done by the primary caregiver of the child and by age four or so his or her training by a professional can begin if he or she already displays exemplary skills in a particular field otherwise give them some more time and let them just enjoy and explore their childhood in full. 

I used to be surprised when parents of two and a half-year-olds wanted me to groom their little ones in public speaking but I know they wanted their kids to train early. I never said no for even by being around other elder kids the younger ones picked finer nuances. 

So yes that’s why I say there is no start age to groom our tiny tots, they are continuously learning when they hang around us, it would be really wonderful if we can be worthy role models for them and focus on laying their foundation right as early as we can. Parenting indeed is hard work but is also unparalleled divine joy. Also, it is an ongoing process, at no stage can we slack even a bit in our responsibility. 

Truly Yours Roma

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The Mandatory Birthday Gratitude Post 2021

Hey my favorite people, I really missed you. Thank you for showering so much love on me on my birthday. You all are way too kind and need I say your wishes meant the world to me as always. I was truly overwhelmed. Here’s a little dedication to my world.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude today 

You have always given me unparalleled joy 

Thank you for taking out time for me 

You won’t believe how blessed I feel

To have you all as my virtual family 

Who has kept me standing firmly on my feet 

I am grateful for all the love on me you pour 

Whether it’s my birthday or otherwise 

I don’t know why they say Social Media is trash 

I have picked my family here of whom I am so proud 

You are a choice I made when I became public with my blog 

And I am glad I chose you all 

You are from where I pick my inspiration 

You don’t even know, you lift me in ways million 

I have always been a rebel 

Always picking up paths unconventional 

Acceptance was all I have ever desired 

Thus, with my words, I had knocked at your door 

And with open arms, you welcomed me in your heart 

Years passed and only stronger grew our bond 

Words fail me to express today

How deep gratitude I feel for you all 


You are a very significant part of my world 

And I shall always cherish the way me you hold 

Thank you so much once again 

For showering the baby in me unconditional love on her birthday

Truly Yours Roma

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Thursday, 30 September 2021

Why a piece of my heart resides in the mountains forever?


Very few people know

I spent my early childhood 

On the mountains 

In a pristine, unbelievably picturesque village of Almora 

The heavenly tiny place was called 'Maasi'

Where we lived in the only Pakka house of the entire locality

Around our home was our happy place 

Our beautiful home garden 

Where we grew our food

Gardening with mamma was my favorite pass time 

I owe my love for the greens to her 

I can till today feel how she caressed me and our water lilies alike, warmly

My mom was my treasure 

How I wish she would not have left me that early 

But God has a dearth of good people is what I believe 

I am not angry with him because I know in my heart permanently she resides 

Our home was surrounded by mountains in all directions 

Beautiful, serene, and lush green

As I soaked in the fresh air, I also soaked in pure joy 

Don’t know it was Mother Nature or my mom’s fragrance 

I guess a bit of both 

Which I still experience whenever I land on mountains 

I thus believe, a piece of my heart resides in the hills forever 

who keep me pulling towards them like magnets very potent 

I still remember 

A serene river flew behind our home 

Dad allowed me to soak my feet in it often 

Words fail me to express what those little joys of life meant  

I would throw pebbles in the crystal clear water 

and adore the myriad originating circles for hours 

Looking amused and excited at the same time 

Holding my little brother’s hand and smiling

Jatru kaka our Nepali help 

Narrated such worthy tales in his Nepali accent 

Hema lived nearby 

She was mostly found in our home 

She would often clad me into their traditional attire 

and tell my parents how I looked like a true Pahadan

I am not sure if my parents laughed over it then 

But I am sure in those years, I became a true Pahadan 

Honestly thereafter,  my heart always resided in the mountains 

At every opportunity, I went to them, running 

Later dad bought us a home in Dehradoon

And stronger grew my bond with the Pahads

As I watched Mussoorie hills from my home in Dehradoon foothills

I took my first steps to weaving words with souls 

Then life happened and took me all over the world 

But my core desire remained to live peacefully in my mountain home 

It holds true till today 

The chill breeze of the mountains gives me unparalleled joy 

The Sun there shines brighter than elsewhere 

As if Mother Nature is kissing us from the nearest 

I am just back from spending a little time with them

And am amazed to see how they have pepped me up

I was feeling low and sick when I had started 

After meeting them I feel as fresh as a baby 

No wonder a piece of my heart lives on the mountains forever 

and given a chance, I will love to spend the rest of my life there 

Sending this deep desire out in the universe 

Trusting it shall conspire, to fulfill my desire 

Truly Yours Roma

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Can’t keep calm, it’s my birthday month #Selflove

How can I keep calm

It’s my birthday month 

I know not why but this time around the year 

I always turn into a baby 

Mostly the preparations start well ahead 

For I love basking in the joy

I pick my gifts too, well in advance 

And this time I chose to gift myself the happiness of a lifetime 

Yes, a trip to the mountains does the trick 

It is as if a piece of my heart lives there 

Whenever I hit my lowest 

They act as my magic pill always 

Nature is more than therapeutic to me 

I miss my life in lush green outskirts of Pune 

Now living in the concrete jungle of Delhi

My soul feels trapped and confined 

Sorry I got swayed away 

Won’t let an iota of sadness creep in

That’s the promise to self as this birthday I ring in

Working meticulously towards soulfully happy indulgence 

You know what I did 

I finally gifted myself an exhaustive bucket list 

And before I could make it 

I have already started ticking off things from it 

What pure joy it is

To desire to do something you never dreamt of 

When you pull off such amazing stuff with grace 

You thought you would never ever try 

It is the happiness of those moments 

That pesters you to keep merrily sailing on and on

Experiencing the new is what I have now dedicated my life to

Routine and monotonous are abandoned now on 

Let’s see what it takes 

The thought itself gives me an adrenaline rush 

Our life is a precious gift from God

Why waste it over trifle stuff 

Do what gives true contentment to your heart

And this thought is my gift to myself this birthday 

Your life is how you choose to weave it

And happiness is all I now wish to embrace 

I am sure sad moments shall come 

To balance on the fun 

I will then let the memories of good times 

Aid me to sail through the tough ones 

My mantra from now on is to train my mind 

To overlook the sickness and moments sad

Be very selective about my life 

Happiness this birthday I gift myself 

Truly Yours Roma

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Ten values we must ingrain in our kids

As parents the most important responsibility we have, above everything else, is to make our kid a good human being first. I am sure you will agree, it is to a great extend in our hands what kind of individuals our kids grow up into and how strong a character they possess. I have thus written 10 commandments for my son to follow religiously and have displayed them on his study table. Every time he gets to read this I am sure he interprets it to add value to himself. Slowly and gradually these shall get engrained permanently in his brain. Today, I decided to share them with you because I feel they are really very important. Do communicate these to your little ones who are wiser than you think😊

1. Have a compassionate heart, try to help others 


First and foremost teach your children kindness. Their heart must naturally yearn to help some one in need. That is the first humane value all of us must possess. The better way of teaching them compassion is by practising it yourself at all times and lead by example. What they see is what they learn the most.

2. Always respect everyone and talk politely with them particularly your parents 

Respect for every one whether it is their parents, elderly, the house-helps, drivers, gaurds etc. shall embed in them the feeling of equality early on. Also if he is a boy, he must particularly know that he is suppose to always respect girls, be friendly with them and also respect their boundaries and if she is a girl she must ensure no one is doing anything to her that deprives her of her respect or self esteem. Please do talk,  talk and talk to your kids about this, there is no better investment you can make in them, than your time.

3. Never laugh at anyone 

When the online schooling commenced a year and a half ago, I saw my kid’s Whatsapp group friends(group) made a lot of fun of others which I did not want my son to absorb and I had to yearn really hard to make him understand what’s right and wrong and how we must choose our friends wisely. Unfortunately laughing at others and back biting is human tendency, we need to help our kids train their minds against it early on. My son now sees how the other four fingers are laughing at him when he points one to laugh at anyone else and so is wary to do the same.

4. Never give up, come what may

Kids are inexperienced, innocent and naive, any kind of pressure, small or big, can overwhelm them. We have to inculcate in them gradually that adverse circumstances may arise but they have to learn to take them all in their stride.  Tell them not to panic in any situation, just deep breathe and think what can be the best solution to their problems. They will soon learn to sail out of them with right guidance. 

5. Be honest with yourself 

Often children may resort to lying as this gives an immediate solution to their problem without bothering about the long term results. I use various stories to make kiddo understand how first of all we must be honest with ourselves. We will get a good night’s sleep if we will be true or honest to ourselves always. It might be difficult to follow but in the long run honesty is the best policy and it strengthens your character like nothing else.

6. If something bothers you, talk about it to someone wise and trustable 

Particularly in these COVID times most children are confined indoors and if they are single or live in a nuclear set up chances are more that they may face troubling times or feel stressed and anxious about a particular situation. I understand it becomes very difficult to communicate when you feel bad but we have to become their friends in such a way that if faced with a difficult circumstance they chose you or a trustable confidant like their grandparents or teacher to sort out their feelings at the earliest.

7. Never let a stranger fool you or cause you any harm 

Children can easily get into the trap of a sweet talking stranger or even an acquaintance, in the unsafe era that we unfortunately live in, the little ones must be taught this as early as it can be. Also, whether a girl or a boy, groom them gently into identifying what is good and bad touch. Also, give them age appropriate sex education with precisely as much details as their tiny brains can process.

8. Give yourself a happy(pep)talk if feeling low 

I am a strong advocate of self motivation as no one else can lift you up like you yourself can, for this I self talk and pep myself up whenever I feel low, would love out children to adopt the same practice too. Just look at the mirror and talk to yourself pouring your heart candidly out. Motivate yourself, smile and indulge in your passion.

8. You are defined by how nice a person you are, not the marks you get in exams 

Can I agree more to this one. Often in the mad race to make our kids a topper or a sports champion or an ace orator we forget that we have to be first their guiding light to become a good charactered person because that is more  important than anything else. Please don’t make exams a matter of life and death. Do read my post on this here.

10. Make your own timetable and keep at least one hour for something creative that you live doing the most 

Never spoon feed your child and make them forcibly do what you seem is right rather train them for independence, hold them when they falter and guide them only when the need be. Let life be a beautiful journey each day for them where they evolve gradually and learn to stand firmly on their feet. Let them plan their day, do something creative that they love, interact with their peers and have a command over their life from early on with you vetting at each step that they don’t lose focus of the right direction.

This was Truly Yours Roma, sharing her parenting experience, would love to hear if you relate ♥️.

Truly Yours Roma

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Your happiness is in your hands #SelfMotivation

Your happiness is in your hands girl

 For as long you will have to depend for it on others 

Trust me it will come and go 

Leaving things out of control 

This control on your life 

Is what matters the most 

Life is too short not to embrace 

what we truly love 

It’s time you take charge of your life 

Do what gives you a genuine smile 

Make a list now of all that remains to be done 

I am yet to make experiences tonnes

I read somewhere and it made me ponder 

Everyone has two lives, have you ever realised 

We start our second life, When we genuinely realise 

What gives us true joy and to get it we strive 

The joys need not be big 

As simple as sipping your morning coffee

Or reading a brilliant book

Or slipping into your favourite LBD

Keep yourself busy 

Carving a way sweet 

That helps you move closer  

Towards doing what makes you ecstatic 

You have to device your own formula for joy 

You need to have a reason why you live

Gradually keep sailing towards your goals 

And life truly will be beautiful 

I have realised the biggest mistake one makes

Is to seek happiness in others 

Who might have their own lives 

From this situation a helplessness arrives 

Your happiness  or sadness is in your hands

No one else can be held responsible for the same 

Expecting from them is your folly 

And it alone is the cause of all agony

They have their own shoes to fill 

Just because you gave your life for them 

They need not for you do this as well

Take charge my dear, slowly and gradually 

Weave your own world of little joys 

Soak yourself in work 

If that gives you unparalleled solace 

Or have the courage 

To fulfil all your dreams still not materialised

Untwine the threads of complications 

And break them into simpler tasks 

Better fulfilled one at a time

Live life queen size has been my mantra 

What is life without fun 

Add as much zing and bling as you can 

Make your sickness or any other bottleneck a mental game 

Embark on a new journey each day my love 

Explore the world 

Get the adrenaline rush 

Smile and laugh with a open heart 

Let no moment from now on 

Be filled with regrets 

Your happiness is in your hands

Let nothing ever evade your smile 

Truly Yours Roma

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