Wednesday 10 April 2019

Just so proud of the moms who are raising empowered daughters today #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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I will never be done reiterating the fact that if we have to make India a more gender-neutral nation, we have to imbibe the right values in our boys and girls today, by every means. Inculcating the right attitude in our daughters and in our sons right now makes them worthy enlightened citizens of tomorrow and whenever you come across an example of one such very wonderfully brought up kid, still in teens, you definitely feel inspired and wish you keep working in the right direction. I am just so proud of the moms who are raising such empowered daughters today and weaving a beautiful future for our beautiful nation, silently yet passionately.

One such girl is Simara(name changed), I first met her last year. She entered my class with a beautiful smile. I was guilt-ridden as I was supposed to meet her and her mother long back but something or the other kept coming and we had to keep postponing it. Better late than never, we began.

She is a tenth grader who has opted for homeschooling which amazed me as she was an extrovert and a total people’s person full of warmth and love for all. I came to know that her family had shifted here the previous year and the school she took admission in ninth grade didn’t turn out to be good for a Muslim girl like her. She said she faced indiscriminate bias and by then it was too late for her to get admission to any other school in high school. It is heart-wrenching and unbelievable that we still find such schools in India, but we accept it or not, we do. Simara fought the circumstances each day and always raised her voice but then her considerate parents decided to pull her out from the institute which would instill wrong basics in her.

This would have left any other girl perplexed but not Simara, she embraced homeschooling wholeheartedly. She said she now had time to do so many other things apart from preparing for her boards. This was true every way because this girl is a jack of all trades. While she says she wants to grow up and become a psychologist and help humanity, she is also an avid reader, makeup artist, and a fabulous chef. All of fifteen, she also has a very strong opinion on every matter small or big and loves to voice her opinion and pen her heart.

Polishing pure gold like her is a goldsmith’s delight. Nothing can ever stop her from achieving what she desires. In no time, she has become one of the best speakers in my academy. She has also started blogging to create a digital space for her. Her writings make it evident what a true believer of women power she is. Forever ready to help, she often joins me in women empowerment related work. Also, she loves spreading positivity with her articles like optimistic self-chats. 

She is also a fiercely independent girl who likes to discuss her dilemmas with me straight-forward for she knows she and every girl of the universe should stand up for themselves and be their own voice to be able to stand with men on an equal platform. She has her weak moments too but then she knows how to emerge stronger from them. She is truly an empowered daughter of today.

She has my heart for all the goodwill and joy she spreads around. She is truly an inspiration and how I wish every kid this generation becomes like her. Hats off to those moms who are raising empowered daughters and sons like her today. Are you parenting your kids or nephews or nieces the right way?

This is my tenth post for my 4th consecutive Global #AtoZChallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. You can read my earlier post in this Women Empowerment Series here: ABCDEFGH, I

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