Monday 8 April 2019

Harmonize your inner self with the light of faith #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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women empowerment

Shreyu di(name changed), as I lovingly call her, is one of the most caring people I have ever come across. She was born with a vein to help others even if it meant screwing her own life. Born in a well to do family, her childhood was super rocking thanks to the scores of cousins she was surrounded within their joint family until her parents decided to live separately. She loved her grandfather deeply so she refused to go with her parents who left with her younger brother and sister. Even after all her aunts got married, like a very obedient daughter she took great care of every need of her aging grandfather. In all this, though she became matured and independent at a very young age, like every other child, she did feel the void of her parents’ love.

Shreyu di was very creative since she was very small and was an average grocer in her studies. After tenth she decided to pursue engineering diploma from a local college. This was where she met Mukul, a friend who filled her deep void and made her feel special. Mukul too loved her extreme warmth and caring nature. Eventually both fell in love and that’s when her battle began. In some years her grandfather came to know of this and could not accept this alliance as one love marriage were extremely taboo a decade and a half ago, plus there was also a big social status barrier between the two families.

She was the princess of the family and finally owing to her good behavior for one and all always, everyone stood in her favor and she married the love of her life. Coming from an affluent family, for the first time in her life, she faced what is called the battle of survival for life which grew tougher as they gradually evolved from mushy lovers to man and wife facing the real world. A women of great self esteem, she never looked back to her family for any kind of support.

With God’s grace, they were blessed with two wonderful children but their financial condition never stabilised. Though her husband was a genuinely good man who sincerely worked hard towards his goals, he was often duped by his business partners and relatives. That’s when shreyu di decided to take things in her hands for she had faced the scrupulous world much more than Mukul. Being a grand-daughter of a big industrialist she knew what business is all about.

She, along with her husband, first embarked on a joint venture with a multi-level FMCG MNC as their sales partner but somehow despite of the initial growth, they failed once again. Those were depressing times as the children were growing and they needed money for their good education, this is when she decided to give one last full hearted attempt. Based on all the experience she had amassed in the last JV, she once again entered a similar chain with double the vigour. She had laid all her eggs in a basket and it was a do or die situation for them.

Finally, their hard work bore fruits and then there was no looking back. Their sales kicked off like never before and they could build impressive multichannel sales within just a few years. They have now reached the directorial stature in the group and are a inspiration to many joining their business each day. I know there is relentless labour, sleepless nights, vehement planing and genuine prayers behind all that she has achieved today. My heart swells with pride for her every time I see a picture of hers receiving some or the other award. She has harmonized her inner self with the light of faith and it has eventually borne fruit.

She is an example to many that the onus of running the household doesn’t lie exclusively on a husband but equally on the two like the two wheels of a cycle, to create balance. Also, she proves, whether man or woman, you are accountable for your decisions in life.

This is my eighth post for my 4th consecutive Global #AtoZChallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. You can read my earlier post in this Women Empowerment Series here: ABC.DEF,G

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