Friday 5 April 2019

Fearlessly march towards your goals, no one can help you the way you yourself can #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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I met Koshi quite a few years ago and I still remember her as her story stuck to me and inspired me in many ways. I used to live in Gurgaon then. With a toddler under my toe, a visit to a parlor or spa was a luxury so I had opted for home beauty services and that’s when I first met Koshi(name changed). She was a young girl, maybe 22-23 years old but was very dedicated in her work and mature and professional with the clients, very unlike other youngsters her age. I liked her work so much that I fixed her to visit me once a month. 

For the first few times, she barely spoke and finished her work diligently but somehow we both liked each other. Gradually she opened up and used to play with my kid and always before leaving made a nice cup of tea for me. Every time she was gone her sad eyes used to bother me a lot. I often prodded her to speak up about the fire that burnt inside her but she preferred to remain silent until one day when I guess the young girl felt she can place her trust on me.

Koshi belonged to a small town of Uttar Pradesh. When she was all of 16, in her 12th grade, she fell in love with a boy of her village who lured her to come with him to Banaras on the pretext of getting married and weaving a world of their dreams in the beautiful city. She told me that he did marry her and they lived happily for a couple of months but whenever she expressed a desire to meet her or his family, the man got mad on her. 

With tears welling up her eyes she told me that she was extremely naive to trust all that he said as true. When he sold her at a brothel and fled forever she still waited for him considering it would have been some compulsion which made his this helpless that he sold his wife. It took her two years to break her unshakable trust on him and by then she was deeply buried in the dreadful bog of prostitution. Not able to bear it any more,  not fearing for her life a pence, one day she ran away from there. With the very little money she had, she traveled back to her parents in her hometown who refused to accept her and asked her to fled the place immediately.

It was too much for a young girl her age and she felt severely heart-broken and lonely but for no moment she contemplated suicide(yes most people still don’t consider it the last resort and want to fight it all out). She did all of the jobs initially to survive in Lucknow and from there she traveled to Delhi where she initially worked as domestic help. Her education helped her decide better for herself. So saving some money she did a beautician’s course and started doing home service in NCR where she earned much more than what she earned as a house help. 

That was when I met her and she had told me that she is saving all that money and would like to study and do a more respectable job. Based on her interest in maths and accounts I had suggested her to pursue finance field. She kept coming to me for a year and asked me to accompany her for her admission before I shifted from NCR, which I did. After that, I spoke to her a few times and lost touch but she remained connected with me on my social media where we barely spoke to each other. I was pleasantly surprised when last week she pinged and asked my number. I spoke to her after a straight 5 years and was so happy to know that she has now got a job in a reputed bank and sounded really happy. Her beaming voice brought tears of joy to my eyes and I felt so overwhelmed and compelled to share her story to the world. Is she could make it, anyone can!

The girl stood firm in her ambitions, God knows how many sacrifices she made, what she ate, where she slept but nothing marred her determination to reach her goals. She said that she had nothing to lose and that is what made her fearless. She is an empowered woman today who helps many like her and aids them fearlessly march towards their goals.

This is my sixth post for my 4th consecutive Global #AtoZChallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. You can read my earlier post in this Women Empowerment Series here: ABC.D, E

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