Tuesday 16 April 2019

One who takes care of her parents until the last should be given the real right to carry their names forward #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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Akshita (name changed) was the fourth and youngest in four siblings and had a cheerful childhood somewhere in a small town of India. Her parents and her two sisters and an elder brother all showered buckets of love on her unconditionally and she undoubtedly was the pampered one. Akshita exhibited great resilience from a very young age. She loved being independent and remained very serious and devoted to her education. She had great respect and love for her parents who have done their best for all their four kids and it was her only wish to give them the best in the world. While her elder two sisters married and choose to be homemakers that was not her cup of tea. She was extremely motivated by her brother who was a doctor,  to pursue the profession of her dreams. 

Soon she completed her masters and accepted assistant professorship in an engineering college in Greater Noida where her brother practiced and lived with his wife and daughter. It was time for them to look for a suitable match for her. when the most worst thing in their lives happened. Something that tore them apart and shattered the hearts of the complete family forever. Over a kin loosing his life to a chronic health condition, some members of a local community, murdered her brother brutally. Words fail me sum up what hell broke on them. He was the best son, best brother, best husband and best dad of this world. His untimely demise paralyzed all of them. Their dad’s shoulders stopped and soon he realized going to the police station every day will not aid him anyway to bring the culprits behind bar.

In all this, Akshita decided to rise above her unbearable agony and take care of her old parents who have suddenly grown so weak after they lost their son so painfully. She decided, come what may she will always take care of them and she did everything she could to make them smile. They say time is the best healer, in due course of time, she got married to Rohan who accepted her parents like his own. 

Destiny loved to test her resilience over and over again. She was again heart broken when her first pregnancy got terminated but you can never see an emotion on her face. They shifted base for her husband’s new job and she yearned to find a good job there too in which she succeeded. They were soon blessed with a baby boy and to be with her child she decided to take a couple of years off. Her parents continued to live with her. Life again took a turn when her husband was diagnosed with depression and he lost his job. With a toddler under her toe, this shook Akshita once again. It was really tough both emotionally and financially but my girl decided to hold on.

She left the kid with her parents and set out job hunting and kept accepting all offers until she landed on a good one. She even took tuition in the evening, to do whatever it takes for survival. The bills of her husband’s  and her ailing parents’ treatment drained all their savings. But she did not give up. Even God helps those who help themselves. Soon her husband recovered and got a good job. She too got settled in a job which satiated her. Finally they had time for their little one too. 

Akshita has lived up to all the promises she has made to life. Like she had promised herself, she has taken great care of her parents, she did all she could to save her father whom she lost to old age last year. Her mom still lives with them and her heart swells with pride seeing her daughter donning multiple hats to perfection. She undoubtedly is a great teacher, wife and mom too. She truly is a girl of great resilience and will power and I felt her story definitely deserves to be spoken out. Also, I feel the kid who takes care of the ageing parents until the last, should be given the real right to carry their names forward and not the son or sons by default.

This is my fifteenth post for my 4th consecutive Global #AtoZChallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. You can read my earlier post in this Women Empowerment Series here: ABCDEFGHIJKLM, N

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