Monday 29 October 2018

Humbled and Overwhelmed to be felicitated with the Planet’s Pride Award by Women Planet Foundation!

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It isn’t easy when you step out for a mission in life. While your goal is clear, there are stumbling blocks at every step in life. Not only are you a lone voyager in your journey..not only are there infrastructural issues and mind blocks to overcome but also a lot pulling you down or rather demotivating talks that flood in from all directions barring a few who stand as a firm rock of support in all your endeavours.

Luckily for me, I have always found this criticism extremely worthy for the proportion works inversely for me. A word of criticism burns the fire to prove myself severalfold stronger in me. Actually, they have found my mission worth a thought and then meticulously analyse it to be able to reach this stage, isn’t which a very good thing and I am grateful, seriously.

But apart from this gratitude for a moment and deriving my positivity from them, I don’t give them a second thought and move on, on my path of Karma. This is how I was when I began my writing journey fourteen years ago as a women empowerment writer or when I launched my own communication skills academy with a mission to aid as many six to sixty-year-olds in bridging the gap between their intellect and expression and this is exactly how I am today. Giving up a full-fledged career after having worked in 22 countries wasn’t an easy call. I know the value of time and staying positive and happy always. That’s what I give out to the universe in abundance and that’s exactly what I get back in return. You have proved it be giving immense love to my three published books. Isn’t that the most precious return?

The return also sometimes comes in the form of unparalleled surprises and one such meaningful overwhelming surprise was to be awarded with the coveted ‘Planet’s Pride Awards 2018’ from Women Planet Foundation which felicitated 25 women from more 700 nominations from all over India on their ‘unique entrepreneurial missions in life with a cause’. I was truly humbled by their gesture and though I could not travel to Vadodara due to some unavoidable circumstances to receive this prestigious title, earnestly, words fail to express my gratitude to them. Though I keep sailing my lone boat firmly, awards like this or the one that I won before, ‘Woman of the Year, 2015’, affirm my belief that I am steering in the right direction and will continue to do so until my last breath. It indeed is a beautiful milestone in my life and will always remain special. You have made the purpose even more worth by acknowledging it.

Planet's Pride Award Winner

I dedicate my awards, my felicitations to all my precious criticizers for bringing out the best in me. You are the fire in me, please keep burning. I seriously mean it, please keep challenging me dear for I truly believe criticism is worthy.

And to all my friends and well-wishers, I am nothing without you, you are an inspirational bunch of buddies anyone would ever crave for.

Thank you so much, everyone!


Truly Yours Roma

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