Thursday 18 April 2019

Quintessential desire to set things right no matter how uncomfortable the times are #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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My heart warms writing about Anisha(name changed) who is a beautiful example of a buddy parent. I don’t know why I have this extraordinary love for Gujjus and I have many of them on my forever friends list. Anisha definitely is one of them. You enter her home and the love and care in the air rub on you instantaneously.
She is a makeup artist and runs a makeup studio in one room of her flat. She has a doting husband who is in the construction business. Together they run the household. They have two lovely children Kritika and Shreyas. Anisha and her husband are not too well educated but they are definitely the best set of parents anyone would ever crave for especially Anisha, who had so often approached me to decide the best avenues for her kids’ future. For she says she wants her kids to do the best and though she understands their feelings and desires, she is perhaps not the right person to guide them. She stands as a firm rock behind her kids and can move mountains to get them nothing short of the best.

I groomed her 20-year-old, a couple of years back. That is the age kids face the biggest dilemmas of their life and it becomes vital to aid them to identify the right direction for them. Kritika undoubtedly is a bright girl and it is evident that her extreme confidence stems from her mom’s unconditional love and faith in her. I remember that day when she had been nagged by a relative for not having her goals clear and she sat next to me with tears welled up in her eyes but refusing to drop. How I wish that relative would have rather helped the little girl identify her dreams. 

Anyways she took it as a challenge and we worked really hard to set everything correct. Post completing her graduation, she cracked three out of four organizations including Wipro and Axis Bank and is all on her own, at twenty-two today. She has also enrolled in post graduation and is pursuing higher studies in banking. Such an example of a mom-daughter duo, both beautiful human beings, just needing a push in the right direction. 

The best thing about Anisha is that she has never differentiated between her boy and girl on the basis of their gender nor has her husband had. She also is well aware of her children’s strengths and weaknesses and wanted them to weave a career in the profession of their choice. Her son had just completed her intermediate and wants to join hotel management and she is again standing by his dreams and only yesterday we had a long chat about it. Shreyas also now has his elder sister to guide him.

She herself is a self-made woman. When they lost their home in Mumbai to illegal construction embroglio of a builder, she along with her two little children and husband came to Pune and started a small parlor from her rented home which gave her money to cater to the immediate needs of her family as well as look after her kids. With time her work grew and so does her earnings and the earnings of her husband. She has to take up a beautician’s work because she was not much educated, as a lot of importance was not given to education in her traditional business family. That’s the reason she wanted her children to do higher studies that too in the area of their passion so that they can fight all odds of life appropriately with the power of education and she has fairly succeeded. 

Today when I look at her she runs a makeup studio and trains young women to stand on their own feet. Her work gratifies her and so does the fact that she has made her children fulfill their dreams. They have eventually bought a house for themselves where the hardworking couple wishes to spend their lives peacefully. Her quintessential desire to set things right no matter how uncomfortable the times are has eventually made her reach her goals in life. She is such an example to everyone!

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