Monday 1 April 2019

Be Strong-willed girls, there is nothing we cannot achieve with Willpower #WomenEmpowerment

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women empowerment

When I first met Saranya(name changed), she wept inconsolably as she shared her misery. It was heart-wrenching to hear her. She looked vulnerable and has lost her zeal to live life but she has to live for her 3-year-old only son whose one kidney was removed when he was just one month old. So he needed constant medication and extreme care to prevent him from catching frequent infections. He needed his mum more than any other child his age and for the past three years, Saranya has given her life and soul for her little one.

During this period she has faced several emotional and financial upheavals but she had stood the testimonies of time like hard rock. However, now her patience was giving up. Five years ago she had married the love of her life against all odds. Being a single child, her parents have given in to her desire. She was a chirpy, happy go lucky gal who was an M.B.A. in finance and was in a well paying secure job. All seemed well in their world until their precious little, Aadi was born. She naturally has to give up her job and was extremely busy rearing her tiny prince when she discovered her husband was having an extramarital affair. She fought hard for his love and by God’s grace their marriage did survive this hard blow but it seemed this arrangement was purely for the baby.

As time passed, she started feeling weak inside. She was a normal human being, it was natural for her to crave for some support, some love, some words of comfort from her near and dear ones but it never happened. Her husband preferred living in his own world after they had their child. They even slept in different rooms. She did not get support from her in-laws either because it was an inter caste marriage much against their wish. Her mom was a chronic heart patient and her father has screwed up his life cribbing about her mom’s perennial illness and inability to give him his son. 

Despite of all this, she still told me that she again wanted to stand on her own feet. Since she can’t leave her son who will need her for many more years, she wanted to start doing something from her home. I was impressively surprised by the strong will power this girl has. It took us a while to get her back smiling and we began our journey. The most difficult part was to get her rid of her pessimism. She strongly believed that all the wrong in the world will happen to her. With time and a little support, her wounds healed, her relationships flourished and she completed her law degree to work from home in helping organisations and people in filing their legal papers. She also funded her own education by taking tuitions. She has recently started blogging too and I really see the fire in her radical articles. 

She is not comfortable sharing her name and wishes to stay anonymous but if she would have allowed me I would have shared with you how the topic she chooses are so genuinely worth a discussion. The reason I shared her story in this Women Empowerment series is to tell how significant our will power is. This girl is an example to so many. Every day is a challenge to her. She still smiles every moment and makes the most of her life, holding her little one on her waist always, she rejoices like there is no tomorrow

If a woman willingly decides that she has to break free from the shackles of patriarchy, from all the adversities of life and fulfill her dreams, becoming both financially and emotionally independent, no one can stop her. 

Be strong-willed and teach the same to your daughters. We are yet to realise the unbelievable mental strength gifted to us by God. Remember it is all in the mind!

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