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Life will never be a bed of roses so befriend thorns #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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Ratika(name changed) was a trained physiotherapist and the business head of a franchise of a reputed chain. Her hard work and sincerity have always been her identity. Extremely ambitious, she was a calm multitasker. You can never make out from her demeanor what all she concealed within. Always having a smile on her face and a solution to all the problems of the world, she was the person everyone looked up to. 
Women Empowerment
Mom to a six-year-old princess and pregnant with her second child everything looked so perfect in her world. But no it was not. Life will never be a bed of roses always for anyone, it is just that grass looks greener on the other side. 

In reality, life had already taken her for a toss when she was in a medical college and was deeply in love with a classmate. Everyone including they themselves believed that they were perfectly made for each other but destiny had different plans and they broke up after a relationship of four long years. In a frenzy, her parents fixed her match to the first guy they found and she too conceded to her parents’wish, marrying a complete stranger. 

After the wedding, it was gradually revealed to her that her husband and she were poles apart in almost everything. While she was bright, beautiful and intelligent, her husband was reserved, fickle minded and a recluse. Even after the wedding he lived in a separate room and preferred having his separate world. A total moody he loved her on his own whims and fancies. On weekends too he was busy with his friends.

All this was very difficult for Ratika who was extremely pampered by her parents and elder brother at home. It took her a lot of mental strength to adapt to his ways. On top of it, he was short tempered. He will howl one minute and will be childlike the next moment. Someday he made breakfast and fresh fruit juice for her before leaving for work while on others, he made it only for himself and left as if there was no one in the house. Apart from this, he had no bad habit(pun intended).

All this baffled Ratika but her job kept her sane. With time she has developed a bond with him and wanted him to be there more for her but she had no control. When he wanted, they had their first child. Fortunately, they both turned out to be wonderful parents but his mood tantrums didn’t subside with time and remained the same with the kid too. 

By now Ratika has adapted so well to his ways. She has weaved her own world with some beloved friends and their kids and was happy. There were moments of despair which were overshadowed by the moments of joy from the laurels she received at work. 

Their peek-a-boo or a makeshift husband-wife relationship continued with Ratika growing more and more patient and he learning to respect her for her patience. This is when they planned their second child. They were soon blessed with a son and she became eager to join back as staying at home with two children and a husband like Rohit was taking a toll on her. 

She resumed as soon as she could, leaving both her children with domestic help. As she climbed up the ladder, pressure on her grew and he started returning home by 10-12  in the night. The father takes good care of the kid after his work but that is purely based on his mood as he can still retrieve in his room any moment to his room and switch himself off from the world. When I asked why did she go ahead and had children with such a man she says she wanted them too, they are her lifeline.

She now believes that she is better than her husband and is the main bread and butter earner of the family as the man stagnates at his I.T. position for years. She has started experiencing some strange drift that leads her away from him. She also saves ardently and is also planning to file for a separation and weave a better and more predictable world for her kids unless her husband really mends his ways.

An empowered woman is not only financially independent but is also able to take vital decisions for her own good and for the well being of the family. Life I believe in never a bed of roses the sooner you befriend thorns the better it is for you.

This is my twelfth post for my 4th consecutive Global #AtoZChallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. You can read my earlier post in this Women Empowerment Series here: ABCDEFGHIJ, K

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