Thursday 25 April 2019

Work from Home is an option every homemaker should explore #WomenEmpowerment #BlogchatterA2Z

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Women Empowerment

How I love the fact, that this is an era of entrepreneurs. Until about a couple of decades ago, a person felt most secure doing a 9 to 5 job and mostly had a suppressed entrepreneurial vein. People who had a traditional family business joined it and there was a majorly clear divide between the service and the business class of people. But things have completely changed now.

A person’s risk-taking ability as well as the burning desire to pursue a profession in the field of their passion have both soared impressively and many are undoubtedly proving their worth. 

Being on your own is the new trend which is catching up and even if it pays you a little less because it is in the field of our choice, you enjoy it more. So the overall satisfaction index goes high.

Thus I feel this is the most ideal time when each homemaker can explore a work from home opportunity whether it is her own small venture she wishes to pursue or work from home full time or part-time job.

It may or may not suit her but until she will test the water how will she know and if it doesn’t there is always a second time. I understand she gave up her career to rear her kids perfectly but as they grow up she can now plan for her growth too. 

Primarily, her degree may be her aid for her to begin her innings. This is a story of Manasi(name changed), an Ayurvedic doctor by education who interned under a very famous and trusted doctor in Ahmedabad. Many times when he was not there, she advised the patients and they always found it to be very fruitful. Precisely, she was good at her job. She wanted to have her own clinic soon and serve the people which she really loved from the bottom of her heart. 

When she expressed this desire to her parents, they welcomed her decision but like any other set of parents asked her to get into holy matrimony first and then start a practice wherever she settles with her spouse. She agreed and wedded a banking professional from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. She was happy to get Navin as her spouse. First settling in her new home with in-laws and then the birth of her two daughters never gave her enough time to give a second thought to her practice and so her dream got deep buried in her heart to what seemed like forever. She just treated her extended family and their friends free of cost and satiated herself partially. But everyone praised her for her bang on diagnosis and always blessed her for treating them appropriately which made her happy.

As her two daughters grew she got more and more caught up with them or at least she thought so until she happened to tell it to me one day when she came to pick up her daughters from my sessions. I felt pressed to make her realize her wasting her talent is a loss to humanity who need good worthy doctors. It took us a while but she finally agreed and started a small clinic in a spare room of her home with a nominal fee. As people’s trust grew on her so did her confidence and joy.

It is an extreme joy to see her fulfilling her dream today, her family too is extremely supportive and proud of her as well. 

Often the inhibition to start, to break the inertia lies within us and once the first step is taken in the right direction, nothing can stop you, my dear! So, go for it gal ♥️

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