Tuesday 10 April 2018

Just A Small Tribute To My Favorite Clan - Strangers

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Life is my muse and my most favourite teacher. I adore and love it for all the wonderful experiences it enriches me with and all the magnificent people it makes me rub my shoulders with. It isn’t believable but the fact is the clan I am most comfortable with is strangers. I have this strong sense of comfort with them for multiple years now. I talk to them, learn from them and often end up building priceless life long friendships with them. This is a weird trait I have acquired traveling solo (from the age of 13) within the country and across the globe and I am proud to say I have met far many good people than the bad ones or probably I have an eye for good people and strike a chord with them almost instantaneously (also, I am karate trained to deal with the bad ones, so they better watch out😃).

When I moved to Pune, I first took a rented accommodation in a wonderful society called Florida Estate, which was a residential complex for retired Army Officers and their families. I have just given up my job and found the company of the army wives extremely uplifting. They truly are extraordinary people full of life. I took a swim with them every morn and began my day on a happy note. Most of them were quite elder to me and taught me beautiful lessons of life. Each one had a great inspirational story and the sucker of real life true tales that I am, I learnt the essence of life from these gorgeous women. Need I say I am indebted to them for life. They came in my life at the most crucial hour. Most of all, I learnt how to be proudly happy in one’s own space from them.

Another incident which is fresh in my memory, fills me with a deep sense of gratitude for a stranger, dates back to my engineering days. I was in my third year of engineering in Pantnagar and was traveling back home to Moradabad where my parents stayed that time, in a train which was alarmingly vacant and dark. As I boarded the train, a set of drunk boys from the medical college of the same university got up too and one of them touched me wrongly. I gave him a stare and scanned the entire coach and found an elderly man sitting on one of the seats. I sat in front of him. I maintained a firm demeanour despite of being a little scared inside. Within seconds these 7-8 boys hovered all over us fiercely close, passing lewd comments. This was when, uncle, if I may call him so, sat next to me and started retaliating those boys, like a protective father. Their remarks grew further bad for the next hour but then they got down at the next station. I expressed my heartfelt gratitude to uncle. How can I ever forget him, a total stranger, I don’t even know his name. He said he worked in Century Paper Mill. I wish he somehow reads this earnest note of gratitude to him. Gems like him bring back my faith in humanity time and again.

These touching experiences probably make me smile to a stranger immediately if my heart scrutinises and approves him at the first glance. You can share your heart with them and listen to their unbiased opinion without the fear of being judged. My experiences with strangers have also taught me that people in general are good and harmless. It’s probably the situations which make them otherwise.

This post is a tribute to the strangers who have made me a Yes person. Most often you will find me saying a yes and thinking of a reason to avoid saying no for I think will I feel good if the other person says no to me. Such is a wonderful impact my favorite muse life has on me and words fail me to express my gratitude to it♥️. Part11

To be continued in the next parts of #SlicesofLife Series on #TrulyYoursRoma in #AtoZChallenge this April.  I am writing on some extraordinary slices from my ordinary life.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have always given me. Truly Yours Roma is nothing without you! 

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