Friday 25 June 2021

An avid traveller in the house

Hello every one, here, I am continuing weaving the Romantic Thriller I was weaving in April, where Aaradhya is waiting for her love Shamit, who has vanished seven years ago. The story is being narrated by their best friend Riya. In case you missed the earlier chapters of this timeless love saga, 'I Live To Love you', you can read them here

Chapter 31

 In no time little Sharadhya entered her teens. She was an exact replica of Aaru in looks but in nature she was way more vivacious and outgoing with an enchanting sense of humour.

She undoubtedly was no ordinary young adult and it was bound to be so as she was raised by two of the most capable and loving parents on earth who gave her all freedom to pursue her dreams and experience life as much as she could.

Her confidence undoubtedly spoke volumes and her laugh was extremely contagious.

She was a true face of Aaradhya and Shamit’s pure love and she indeed was super proud of that.

She loved her parents as much as they adored her and I loved their fluid relationship free of any formalities.

Our Sharu wanted to become a travel blogger and pursue photography as a profession. She commenced travelling across the globe some years ago with her granny when she took her to Poland on her fifteenth birthday.

Shamit had gifted her daughter dearest a DSLR Camera to capture beautiful memories and Aaru had gifted her a phone where she can pen all her feelings at all the places she was going to visit.

Coming back she had enrolled for a professional photography and video-making course and was soaked in learning the tips and tricks all the time.

Travel enthralled little Sharu so much that she developed the deep desire to travel the world and also capture its marvels through her lens and words.

It goes without saying that Aaru-Shamit were up for everything she wanted to train at. They knew they had never travelled much but their princess wanted to fly high and kiss the skies. She perhaps had wheels on her feet.

At eighteen, she became independent and started earning through professional photoshoots she did and through ad-film making. Soon she had amassed enough money to start her world tour with one continent at a time.

Of course her parents would have happily paid for it but she wanted to do it all on her own. She was truly magical and wanted to travel at her own expense and not as a gift from her parents. She was indeed a perfect role-model for her generation who loved their independence.

 I loved how she was a wanderlust who didn’t want to settle at one place. Soon, she flew away though always informing her parents of her whereabouts.

She also flooded them with pictures, videos and write-ups from the various countries she travelled to. It was a pleasure for Aaru and Shamit to travel the world through their daughter’s eyes.

Sharu was living her life to the fullest and her parents were so proud of her. Sharu took small photography jobs too in several countries and kept taking her existing skill set further many notches up.

Aunt Sandy would join her sometimes if she wished as she loved travelling like crazy too but her age often intercepted her excitement.

In one trip to Poland to meet her siblings, she passed away quietly. Sharu flew down and paid her homage promising her to fulfil her desire of travelling the entire world. So this is where all her dreams have stemmed from. No wonder Sharu was also a fabulous baker like her granny.

 Back home Aaradhya and Shamit seeing their daughter realise her dreams, decided to materialise Aaru’s long term dream too and shifted their base permanently to Nainital.

They have amassed enough money for the same and now wanted to spend their life peacefully on the mountains doing what they loved doing the be continued.

Truly Yours Roma

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