Sunday 18 April 2021

Pure Joy of the Good News Enthralled Them #RomaticThriller

Hello, this April I am weaving a Romantic thriller where Aaradhya is waiting for her love Shamit, who has vanished seven years ago. The story is being narrated by their best friend Riya. In case you missed the earlier chapters of this timeless love saga, 'I Live To Love you', you can read them here, chapter1, Chapter2Chapter3Chapter4,  Chapter5, Chapter6Chapter7, Chapter8  Chapter9, Chapter10Chapter11Chapter12


Shamit and Aaru on the other hand had commenced a new chapter in their life.

These two were weaving dreams of becoming three from two but of course, I was nowhere in their mind, they wanted to welcome a baby into their life. 

I can’t express in words how ecstatic I was to hear the news of getting a mini Aaru or a tiny Shamit. Don’t remember when I had felt this genuinely joyous before. 

Aaru had confided in me, how Shamit had lovingly taken the plunge in this direction and I know how lovely she had felt within hearing this. She had till then kept the secret desire concealed in her heart as she didn’t want Shamit to feel any kind of pressure that might trigger his ill health. 

Nothing mattered to her more than Shamit’s life and she could never ever imagine herself without him even for a moment. She had dedicated her life to her love forever and caring for him gave her pure love and joy and need I say Shamit acknowledged this with all his heart.

I know he had always been very grateful to Aaru for all that she had been doing for him from the day they got married without a frown and the prettiest smile in the world. It is only due to her unparalleled dedication that Shamit was leading an absolutely normal life. He had done no less to prove he was a worthy life partner.

He had been having detailed discussions on this with his cardiologist for a while to get a green signal from him after evaluating all the risks involved and only after he gave his nod he brought this up with Aaru.

“Radha my love it’s time we brought the face of our love into this world! It is time to materialize our most cherished dream, to have our baby.”

Shamit had said candidly while helping Aaru fixing a quick breakfast before they left for work.

Aaru was speechless. Only her eyes were overflowing with delight that moment. 

“Sham, you are the best! How do you all always understand what I never say.” 

She had left everything to run into his broad robust arms. 

Deep within me still dwelled the desire to be a part of their cute world too, it's only they who resided in my heart. Adarsh was quick and intelligent enough to absorb this pretty early and lost his temper every time I unknowingly compared him with Shamit. 

I should have understood I was ruining my own world but I was sure a puppet in the hands of my love for the two who were undoubtedly ignorant of my feelings for them.

The most awaited good news soon arrived. Aaru as a doctor herself had left no stone unturned to ensure all went well in her pregnancy as there was a possibility that her may baby might inherit the rare heart condition his dad had as it was a genetic disorder.

By God’s grace, she had a peaceful pregnancy with no hiccups until she was in the 40th week of gestation.

All of us had gathered and were waiting for the fateful moment for our little Prince or Princess to arrive. All waited for the Gynaecologist’s decision.

Shamit was by Aaru’s side who look composed. She was having a word with the gynecologist in the hospital room. It was a lot easier as she was delivering in the hospital she worked with the help of one of the most well-known and senior gynecologists of Pune. 

Shamit on the other hand looked daddy anxious. He could never get rid of the fear that his baby might get his defective gene. 


Everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my sixth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge, and this year I am weaving a very special fiction, a romantic thriller which shall unfold as you read this series. I will so look forward to your feedback, please do let me know how are you finding it, in all earnestly. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 5 challenges here are the links 201620172018 2019, and 2020

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