Friday 2 April 2021

Can I help you, Shamit has asked in a velvety voice #BlogchatterA2Z #RomanticThriller

Hello, this April I am weaving a Romantic thriller where Aaradhya is waiting for her love Shamit, who has vanished seven years ago. The story is being narrated by their best friend Riya. In case you missed the first two chapters of this timeless love saga, I Live To Love you, you can read them here, chapter 1, Chapter2.


It was my first day to school in Pune and I was feeling the evident void. Subconsciously through out the day my eyes kept searching for Aaradhya though other students in class did try remotely to make me feel welcome. Nevertheless they conversed in Marathi which further repelled the reclusive me. 

The last period was of Painting. Since I had not got the sheets and paints the teacher asked me to borrow it from someone for that day.

Can I help you? 

I heard a velvety voice from right behind me. I turned back to find a secretive smile to greet me but my eyes first landed on his painting. It was unbelievably therapeutic. He has drawn a sunset in the backdrop of a church and a young girl walking towards it. For some reason the painting felt soulful, the colours spoke to me. I am bad with brushes but have a been eye for some fantastic strokes.

As if getting out of a trance, I realised I have someone waiting for my answer.

Yes, please and you really paint beautifully!

I love dipping emotions in colours and dropping them on the canvas. 

He replied. It was too deep an answer for his age, I might have wondered at that time. But because I liked him, I would rather like to begin it all on a happy note.

So along with a sheet and colours, I will also like to borrow some tips on painting so well in the coming classes. 

Yes, sure. I will help the best I can. 

After school we introduced ourselves to each other and for the first time I noticed that not only his thoughts were deep, so were his eyes. 

Hi I am Riya, I hail from Nainital and my dad has just picked a job here.

Wow, my mom tells me how serene a place Nainital is. By the way, I am Shamit born in Poland but grew up mostly in India. 

The best part was he conversed in English or Hindi and not Marathi, another reason we instantly picked a liking for each other. So it was actually good in the school with him, he introduced me to his friends too, so we became a solid gang of buddies. Icing on the cake was we all lived in the same housing society and the tomboyish me found a clan.

Of course I missed Aaradhya and spoke to her as often as possible. We both have also decided that we would pen mini-letters in our diary for each other and share it when we meet about how we felt. On the first day to school I wrote, 

7 July 1993

9 p.m. 

Dear Aaru, 

My first day at school here without you was so morose, I was thinking of all possible ways to survive a life sans you but I kept failing miserably as I only saw you everywhere. 

In the last period though, I met someone, His name is Shamit. When I first saw him, I can’t take my eyes off. You know why? He reminded me of you so much. His deep eyes and profound thoughts are so much like yours. His helping nature too wooed me. He is a budding painter and you a young poetess. 

By the way, I hope you are continuing with your writing. I so look forward to reading you when we meet in summer vacations, my love.

How’s life without me? I wish and pray we get to live our lives together forever soon.



It had hardly been a month that I was away from her and I was already so looking forward to meeting her and confide in all that was happening in the new mystical city with seemed bizarre to me initially. Above all I wanted to tell her about Shamit, my new friend, how I adore his art and absolutely relish his Polish mom’s bakes. Then, I could never imagine that we will see this day when Shamit’s disappearance would turn my girl insane. Tomorrow I shall narrate to you how they met and also how my own feelings matured.


Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my sixth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge and this year I am weaving a very special fiction, a romantic thriller which shall unfold as you read this series.I will so look forward to your feedback, please do let me know how are you finding it in all earnestly. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 5 challenges here are the links 201620172018 2019 and 2020

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