Wednesday 23 June 2021

Acceptance heals the deepest wounds

Hello every one, here, I am continuing weaving the Romantic Thriller I was weaving in April, where Aaradhya is waiting for her love Shamit, who has vanished seven years ago. The story is being narrated by their best friend Riya. In case you missed the earlier chapters of this timeless love saga, 'I Live To Love you', you can read them here

Chapter 29

Aaru ran to lift me up and made me sit on the sofa. She was speechless to know what I have been through my entire life. So was Shamit but he needed to speak and fix this for all three of ours’ sake. I too have wanted to hear their side.

“Riya, I am glad you vented your emotions. We always knew you loved the two of us deeply but we didn’t know your exact feelings. Our apologies for that. We are your besties yaar, you would have opened your heart to us long back. Why did you feel we would have judged you?

Anyways better late than never. You know what the most important, it is acceptance of our feelings. We are humans and have no control over our emotions and I believe it is ok for you to desire living with us for your entire life. We too love you Riyu and would ideally love that you stay with us forever but not as our third life partner, my dear.

We value you as our best friend for life who gave the seven most precious years of her life in aiding Aaru rear our little Sharu when I was gone.

You are priceless to us and our lives are never complete without you.

But most genuinely the concept of being our third life partner is flawed which shall only bring more chaos to our lives which isn’t the right thing to do after all the turmoil our lives have gone through in the past seven years.

Aaru is my only and only love and so am I to her, we don’t have the same kind of love for you but a more divine sacred love that we confer to a dear family friend.

That’s the reality, my dearest and I know you are a smart woman to let it sink in gradually.

I know it’s going to be painful but accepting this at the earliest shall be your best medicine and help your wounds heal faster.

Obsession of any kind is always hurtful Riyu, get rid of it at the earliest. It is a mental game and you are strong enough to defeat it.

Also, I will like to take the liberty today to draw your attention towards Adarsh who had always loved you to the extent that he even wanted to get rid of me.

Please do give your marriage another try, you are an ocean of love, invest it in the right man to whom you are wedded. Give it your best shot this time and remember you do have a home in Pune where we would welcome you with open arms any time you need.”

Shamit said as gently as he could.

“I agree with Sham, Riyu but am glad you spoke your heart out with us. We’ll sort it out together.”

Added Aaru with all three of us getting into a group hug like our school days which brought a smile on our faces.

I left soon after and thought what Shamit said the entire night. He was actually right. I was more obsessed rather than in love. He could not have put it across better. Somehow I felt lighter and finally could see a clear path ahead.

I called Adarsh and he got so excited that he said he would drive down the next day to come and pick me up.

Finally, I got closure of my screwed feelings and was ready to take a giant step ahead with an open mind.

I had promised myself to try a little hard and shower true love on my husband from now on. The road undoubtedly wasn’t easy but I am sure we would make it work out.

 The next day I bid goodbye to three beautiful souls and moved to Mumbai with my husband and I am so glad I did.

While I experienced new energy and joy starting afresh, Adarsh was so good to me as well. I loved sharing special moments with him. In no time, our life became absolutely blissful. I realized what a grave mistake I had been doing.

My wounds had healed and I was finally happy, very happy for the first time for no one else but be continued

Truly Yours Roma

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