Tuesday 13 April 2021

Matured, Sensible, Ripened Love #RomanticThriller #BlogchatterA2Z

Hello, this April I am weaving a Romantic thriller where Aaradhya is waiting for her love Shamit, who has vanished seven years ago. The story is being narrated by their best friend Riya. In case you missed the earlier chapters of this timeless love saga, 'I Live To Love you', you can read them here, chapter1, Chapter2 Chapter3Chapter4,  Chapter5, Chapter6Chapter7, Chapter8  Chapter9, Chapter10Chapter11, and Chapter12


With Shamit recovering well and showing a good response to medicines and a worthy healthy diet and lifestyle, things started to get back to normal gradually. It took them around a year to set things right and start weaving their nest.

Shamit withdrew from his services in Army on medical grounds and joined their family business. He worked from his home office helping his mom who was more than elated to see her son sharing her load and getting back his confidence and happiness little by little. 

Aaru had known Dr. Pradhan from her college days where he was a visiting faculty. He offered her a job in his hospital and she was the happiest to accept. 

Taking care of Shamit’s health was Aaru’s first priority though and she had discussed this at length with Dr.Pradhan who was like a father figure to her. Under his guidance, Aaru had been able to get unparalleled improvement in Shamit’s heart condition. He could finally live normally, a happy and healthy life forever albeit with a few precautions. 

Felt like the happy days were back again and our inseparable love birds were back together to their priceless happiness. They went for nature walks together, sipped lemongrass tea together, cracked each other with their silly jokes and Shamit painted portraits of Aaru who was always his most favorite muse.

They had put the past behind and didn’t have an iota of regrets. They were perfectly made for each other, the best partners ever. 

I hanged around their place every time I visited mom and dad and felt ecstatic to see their beautiful world full of warmth and love. We revisited the old days even walked down to our school, a couple of times. 

These two were pure innocent souls, they meant no harm ever to anyone. For our age, they have been through enough but they never expressed their pain and their love has only matured and ripened with time. They lived in the moment and that’s what I loved the most about them. 

Seeing Shamit paint brought fond memories back. I used to hang around this place so much with him before Aaru shifted here for higher studies and now Aaru lived right there in that room which of course had been expanded. Shamit still behaved with me like the tomboy I was back then as a teenager and I didn’t mind it, though I was a changed person now.

In fact, all of us have aged gracefully over the years I would say. Whenever I came to Pune I went to Nainital too but Aaru could not accompany me as she never left the side of Shamit even for a day. It was thanks to her efforts and Shamit’s extraordinary willpower that all was right in their beautiful world yet again. 

Aaru’s parents had come and stayed with their daughter quite a few times though. They were so proud of her, her values, her dedication, and her spirit. Shamit and his mom loved them a lot too, together they became a big happy family.

As time passed, Aaru became a well-recognized name in her professional field too. The compassion of her soul was ideal for her profession and it gave her great comfort whenever she could cure anyone. Her kind words were as therapeutic to the patients as her medical expertise.

Shamit’s hard work and smart planning yielded results too as their business grew by leaps and bounds.

No matter how busy the two were they had their evening cup of coffee together in their balcony listening to their favorite playlists Shamit had curated for her. It was their happy place for years until....


Everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my sixth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge and this year I am weaving a very special fiction, a romantic thriller which shall unfold as you read this series.I will so look forward to your feedback, please do let me know how are you finding it in all earnestly. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 5 challenges here are the links 201620172018 2019 and 2020

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