Sunday 25 April 2021

Void that was impossible to fill #RomanticThriller #blogchatterA2Z

Hello, this April I am weaving a Romantic thriller where Aaradhya is waiting for her love Shamit, who has vanished seven years ago. The story is being narrated by their best friend Riya. In case you missed the earlier chapters of this timeless love saga, 'I Live To Love you', you can read them here


For months we searched for them madly. Aaru was not going to give up until she found her Shamit. She had not eaten properly for as long as I can remember and had forgotten to smile. We had moved to Nainital to our parents' place for the time being. It was extremely painful to inform Shamit’s mom and Adarsh’s aayi-baba about their disappearance.

The investigating officers couldn’t find much despite repeated interrogation of everyone at the resort including us to weave the chain and events again and draw some hints. It was as if the two men had vanished from the face of the earth which was hard to believe and accept. 

The only happiness and inspiration Aaru had were the innocent giggles and cuddles of her little princess who would hang around mamma all the time she was home. Aaru never let her sadness rub on the tiny angel who was finding it weird with so happening around her for a four-year-old to witness.

She surely missed her dad too and would often ask about him. I used to put her on my lap and convince her that her daida had gone very far away to get the prettiest doll for his little Sharu and would be back soon. I myself wasn’t sure of it and cursed myself to have even come for this family vacation. 

I felt empty. I had lost all zeal to live. The only reason I didn’t because I was Aaru’s shadow and I could never abandon her. I had promised her I will have her back always. Also, I had to ensure Sharu was fine. Taking care of her from morn to night had added so much meaning to my life. Aaru had the bigger agenda at hand. 

In due course of time, we returned back to Pune. Aaru had so many priceless memories of her Shamit in that house and she had to take care of aunt Sandy too whose health had deteriorated suddenly after her son’s disappearance. Sharu too needed to be admitted to a school. We had decided to put her in the same school we three had studied.

With every passing year, Aaru changed and grew more serious and quieter. I had moved to live with them locking down Adarsh’s home forever because it haunted me. Deep within I felt guilty for all that had happened.

Every night I saw Aaru penning a long letter to her Sham and spending time with him. She strongly believed he would come back someday and then she would make him read all of these. I also heard her talking to him and listening to their favorite songs. 

It was the best bet for me to let her spend that time and feel normal for at least some part of the day. I could feel the void she was experiencing in her life and it was impossible to fill it.

I tried everything I could. I gave up my job and asked Aaru to resume her medicinal practice. Working again lifted her a bit. A lot of her time now was also consumed by her growing daughter who needed her. I loved their relationship as most of the time I saw the little one too taking care of her mother, making her laugh, and putting her to sleep with her. Sharu was a divine gift to all of us to aid us to keep moving and not give up on life. She was reason enough to live. I loved her very dearly and am so grateful to her for all the unconditional love she had been showering on me all these years. She is my mini Aaru, equally bright and soft-hearted.

As she grew up, she too believed that daida would come back someday though she had very faint memories of him. Aaru has taught her to keep repeating that daida would return soon as she had heard that God resides in little ones.

After years of daily follow-ups,  Aaru got some good news. It indeed was music to our ears.


Everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my sixth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge, and this year I am weaving a very special fiction, a romantic thriller which shall unfold as you read this series. I will so look forward to your feedback, please do let me know how are you finding it, in all earnestly. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 5 challenges here are the links 201620172018 2019, and 2020

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