Friday 31 March 2017

A Secret Affair : Vol 1 of the Series 'Lost Love'

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“Life’s fair and I will get my share”, Priyam penned as she sat on her hostel room desk on the first day of her course in engineering. As usual she was pouring her heart out to her best friends, her notebook and her pen, where she has practically concealed all her emotions so far. Over the years, she has weaved her own world of words and had a perennial secret affair with them. Her words were her power, her most priceless possession. Every night, she caressed them softly and they loved to dance to her tunes.

It was this unique bond of the two that despite of all the upheaval she has faced at such a tender age, she has still managed to keep her thought brimming with optimism and that is what has aided her sail smoothly through the rough seas, so far.

Today she has joined her dream institute (nothing less than an I.I.T. could have made her prove herself to all those who have always questioned her self-worth) and her first day has been more than happening. So here she sat in her couch indulging in a candid one of its kind rendezvous with her besties, the words, which looked so heartening on the beige sheets of her coral notebook.

After months, she has felt good today as she was gradually inching towards her goals. But time was running out. Her heart went out to her little brother and her mother who were waiting for her. She pulled out a snap of theirs from the crochet sling bag her mom has made for her and the kissed the two of them. The two of them meant everything to her and they were her inspiration. Thinking about them, she took to her world of her notebook and pen again, reassuring herself, “The dark night is over and this is the onset of a new bright phase, if not anyone else, with you, my Lord, you stay and aid me work wonders, uninterrupted and unhindered.” The Clock struck twelve and she gradually skid into a deep sleep to welcome a promising new tomorrow.

I found her positivity and self-affirmation very intriguing and contagious for I have never seen someone as focussed and clean hearted. She was as calm as a placid sea yet one can witness a crazy storm in her eyes.
If you wish to know what the next lovely morn had in store for her? Whom did she meet? Was this a new beginning of a relationship of a lifetime…...I shall be releasing every consecutive volume each day of April barring sundays. Stay Tuned.

Vol2 ~Released here
My Precious Readers, Here I am, Truly Yours Roma, bringing to you whole of April (in #AtoZChallenge ) a sweet and candid tale of Priyam and Meer who are a wonderful set of human beings, hoping that the fragrance of their beautiful relationship touches and tinkles your heart and stays in it forever.

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