Friday, 30 September 2016

Satisfaction is Truly A State of Mind

There is a long journey traversed
From being lost in your love
To have lost you my love

Some moments bizarre and futile
Recurring responsibilities and the tide of time
Swept me away from your warm embrace

In the chessboard of our life
Your queen felt pawned defending you from the enemy's knight
You always won but your queen was sacrificed

Need I ever say, I desired you day and night
Waiting for the endless wait
To get over and you remember our golden lovelorn days

The imprints of your butterfly kisses on my temple
Which stroke in me a thousand emotions and tinkles
Are what I crave for before I choose to perish

I was slowly drifting away from you in my mind
When I realised Satisfaction is the hardest thing to find
The vicious circle of life has only made our love more profound

Satisfaction is truly a state of mind
Its as simple as asking you will like to hold your nose which way around
Complications and circumstances may screw things, but that's fine

As long as in the limited time, our lost love we find
Don't push your relationship, just caress it gently with your touch tender
I promise things surely will turn better and this time forever..

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dear Aajii, I Miss you and Your Golden Talisman For Life... (Food For Thought Series Vol-5)

There is no love like the love of Grandparents

It was 3:35 a.m. in the morn when I felt my cell vibrating under my pillow. It was from dad and at this odd hour, it made my heart pound several times faster. Myriad fears flashed across my brain and heart in a flash of a second as I connected the call. My worst fear had come true. Aajii has left us forever to rest in the heavenly abode. 

My heart wept in silent tears of extreme pain for I felt with her has gone my Golden Talisman which gave me the courage to deal with life's most painful throwbacks. I felt lifeless  and collapsed on the floor. I have always been my Aajii's Princess and her love and guidance meant the world to me. For the past fortnight, I have been continuously dreaming about her inviting me to come over to meet her and I am so filled with remorse today. I have been so engrossed in fighting my own life that  I could not understand the hints that my Aajii was going away. I now so much wanted to see her for one last time.

I was scared though how Praharsh would take all this and not break into another fit of violence over me and my two little sons. However my fragile heart overcame his fear and woke him up to book the tickets.Unpredictable as always, this time he didn't choose to hit me or push me away. Instead he went out,  so I woke my little children  up and quickly packed a set of clothes. I was adamant to pay my last tributes to the most important person in my life.

 He quickly came back and gave me the flight ticket to Kolkata but it was only for me. I questioned back that at least our 3 year old younger one must go with me as he is very tiny. But he replied back that only I can go and he is not sure that when I return, I shall find my little boy alive. I was aghast at his reply. Like always he had again battered  my soul through his painful satirical words and ways which lacked reason.

Thirteen years I have bore all this mental trauma all because I could not conceive my own child and when it was revealed that it was not on account of a problem in me but a medical condition with my hubby, he restored to violence to prove his superiority which instead threw naked all his weaknesses. For me his infertility never really mattered as  it can like any other disease be cured or alternatives could be worked out. No matter how many times I told him this, he never really understood my love. Had he not taken to his ego, we were perhaps the happiest couple in town. He being the only child of his parents whom he lost in a road accident, some years ago, aided in further turning him a recluse. Things started to  turn really ugly between us and the love and the bonding started vanishing no matter how hard I tried for he mistook my love for him as my sympathy.

 It was my Aajii and my parents with whose intervention we both reconciled and with God's Grace both our sonnies were born hale and hearty through artificial insemination. Hoping against hopes, I expected time to heal his wounds but he kept pricking them and also my heart. I always loved him so much that leaving him was out of question even if till now it meant me and my children being loved or hated at his whims and fancies.

 Also because my Aajii taught me that love is the best medicine and patience is our strongest weapon that I kept hanging on... I have always obeyed her and if today it meant not being able to see her one last time, I accepted it. It was essential for the safety of my children. I called up and informed my parents, that I will not be able to come when dad told me that Aajii has asked him to courier her last letter to me. Tears rolled down my eyes, my dreams have indicated me everything that was true. I waited wholeheartedly for my treasure to arrive and at 7 in the evening it did arrive with my Aajii's pearls of wisdom: 

 "Nimmi Bitiya , please don't cry, bury all your tears in your heart and use their fire to make you rise from their ashes against all odds. If love and patience don't work, use the power of your education to rewrite your destiny and rise above everyone and everything that brings you misery......" 

 As I was reading, someone snatched the piece of paper from my hands and tore it to pieces. It was he again and his eyes burnt red with anger as he started yelling on me for not entrusting the children with him. His abuses gradually turned into hitting me and in a fit of anger he jumped on the kiddos throwing them against the wall one by one.

 As my little ones bled, I decided to put an end to all this once and for all deriving power from my Aajii's Golden Talisman, her last letter which I could not even read fully.At about 11 p.m. that fateful night, my husband skid in sleep and I picked up my kids and reached the nearby police station and registered a complaint against him in presence of my two friends.

 He was picked up by the police next morn and our house was given to me and my kids to live while he was ordered to stay in a P.G. or elsewhere but not with us. It has been 2 years from them and I have often seen me standing outside our house, quietly peeping and occasionally seeking forgiveness through his moist eyes. But can I ever forgive him ??? Will you ever??

 Umpteen questions run down my brain.. Though I am now financially independent should I get back to him? What if he has not really changed ? Or am I penalising him even after improving ? Do my kids need their dad?

I try my best to forgive but have not still,
the scars on my soul are so deep...
Nevertheless, the fact is that I still love him
Dear Aajii, with your Golden Talisman for life, please guide me...

This is the true story of a dear friend who wrote to me sometime back. Please do write to us what would you have done in such a situation?

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

I refuse to prove myself to the world anymore

When I was born a female child 
I was gifted with the silent onus of proving to the world that giving birth to a girl was not my mom's crime

The first realization of my childhood
Was to prove to the world I was a girl good

It was not ok for me to soil my clothes
Or scatter my toys when sometimes, to play, I chose

In just a few years, my little brother was born 
I have to now prove to them, what a good sister I was, everyone warned

At that tender age, I probably didn't understand what proving oneself meant 
But gently yet responsibly I held his little finger, everywhere I went 

I grew up a little and the adolescent me 
Was asked not to mingle with boys as what everyone will say in the society 

I did exactly and mended a little girl's ways carefree 
To prove to them that for me nothing is more important than the respect of my family

At thirteen, puberty arrived depriving me forever of my status of being a child 
I accepted it well, proving to the world I was now a person matured

I completed my education with admirable grades
Proving to the world the money spent on me was not wasted

Though finding a dream job was a cake walk 
I have to prove at every step of my professional journey, to my male colleagues, that my skill was at par with theirs

Eyebrows again raised when with my love, I tied knot 
After umpteen years of successful marriage, today I prove to them love marriages too last 

With no support system at home,  when my little baby entered the world
I have to prove my motherhood by giving up all my dreams and ambitions

I did it all and for everyone around
Without a single complaint or sound 

But the world is still not satisfied
They crush my identity each day with pride

After standing strong on the testimonies of time 
And proving myself time and again 

I am now tired of this Proving Myself game 
Ending this perennial dilemma once and for all, I refuse to prove myself to the world anymore.

Please don't Judge me ,
I am what I am!
                                    ~An Indian Woman

'Today on World Gratitude day, ironically though, I express my gratitude to the Indian women who continue to prove themselves from birth until death and are yet not able to satiate everyone around. Pardon me for my contradictory thoughts today, but I really wanted to bring this one up.'

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Missing Piece Of Her Heart

She opened the blank notebook...
And felt ecstatic like a small child

Before the pen could touch the paper
The blank sheet got studded with her pearl-like tears of joy

Umpteen lovely memories of the yesteryears came flooding her heart
As she was overwhelmed to reminisce how a long time ago her life was a pen and paper

Writing and creating masterpieces that soothed her soul 
This was only what she has known from the age of four

Mommy dearest always motivated her to the core
And mom's princess resided safely and cozily in her writing world 

Until the day she lost her and also died her inspiration to jot
Overwhelming tears and a broken heart locked the pen and paper forever in the drawer

In the notebook that day was also shut
Her mother's dream to see her carve her niche in the writing world...

That closed notebook was kept in the same chest for years while the lovely Anna got caught in the everyday hustle bustle of life. For the next decade and a half, having lost both her parents, she worked extremely hard to make both ends meet. Later completing her education part time,  she got into a reputable job and mom's princess married her prince charming. Her precious half was a extremely worthy human being who agreed to reside in her ancestral home which had all the memories of her mom. Together they lead a beautiful life and by the grace of almighty were very respectful and loving towards each other.

Anna now had everything one could boast of and she juggled the dual responsibility of work and home quite well. Her home sweet home was a heavenly abode and she always thought her mother would be so satisfied to see her from above.

Mom's little angel who once loved her dream world so much has grew up into a practical wise lady. Very seldom though she experienced a void in the darkest hidden corner of her heart with mild streaks of pain but she always immediately shunned the thoughts and got caught in her everyday nitty gritties.

But she was destiny's chosen child and things were undoubtedly meant to change. When wonderful motherhood arrived and tinkled her soul, the deepest chords of her heart were struck with the extreme divine feeling. Probably this was the time when the void too, in silent steps, pleaded her to visit her once and this time, compelled enough, she agreed.

And thus she headed towards the same chest kept in the terrace room. She gradually opened the drawer and pulled out the shut notebook.

Tenderly she wiped off heaps of dust piled on it
And with trembling hands and eyes numb, opened the blank notebook...

She could hear the silent moaning of her heart
For this is what for years it has craved for

Summoning all her courage, she grabbed a pen
And like a free-flowing cascade poured out all her deep emotions 

For the first time words failed her to express 
How truly wonderful and satiated she felt 

The void was gone at the out pour of those straight from the heart words
And the blank notebook mirrored her mom's dream to her

In the serenity of the blank page,
She found her heart's missing piece

Which created that void which ached
Elated she felt to get it back

Confident she promised to her mom in heaven above 
That for her she now would never quit writing and carve her niche in the writing world.

She now embarked on a new journey
And in the opened blank notebook, rewrote her Destiny.

  ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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A New Perfect Address to Discover Awesome WhatsApp Statuses

I am undoubtedly a Techno-Geek who is on that side of the coin which represents the set of people who believe technology has brought us closer to our family and friends. 
I love every aspect of technology, may be it gives wings to the extrovert in me who loves socialising and connecting with multiple people at a time which also stands extremely justified for my passion of blogging that requires networking to a great extent. Additionally since hubby darling is on a global run always, my gratitude to technology only multiplies to aid me in catching up with him.

No matter in which part of the world he is, we are continuously on whatsapp talking or chatting perennially as is well known without burning a hole in our pockets. This soothes my heart and the agony of he being on long tours always pacified a bit. 

Otherwise too I love whatsapp and love to flaunt my current self through my Whatsapp Status which I habitually and happily change multiple times a day. Though more often than not I love writing them myself, lately I have developed a strong affinity to lovely whatsapp statuses at which are beautifully laid across more than 60 categories, easy to manoeuvre.

I love the Moods expressed through them and find them really witty or humorous or touchy sometimes. I always get a perfect status here for my mood which seems tailor made for me and I am happy to adapt it.

What I prefer about this site is they just not let monotony and stagnation creep in for they keep adding new crazy and awesome whatsapp status every minute for us to dig from if we are not in a mood to compose one ourselves.

And guess what if you are in a mood to write statuses yourself they even pay you for writing new creative whatsapp statuses. Isn't that a win win situation loaded with fun and some money-making too. All you got to do is login to this wonderful website which serves as a dual destination for getting the world's best whatsapp statuses but also become a part of these cute creations.

My Precious Readers, Its a pleasure presenting to you such nice and time saving websites. Do write to me on how to find them or if u have a particular request.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Parenting Discovery that I thought I Must Share

Motherhood knocked at my door in silent steps at a time, when I expected it the least. However, it did not deter the extreme ecstatic joy I experienced at the first mention of it. Oblivious of the challenges ahead, like the truly ambitious, hardworking  and aggressive professional that I always was, I thought mommy-hood will be a similar cakewalk and I will excel at it as was my habit. Was it an easy task?

Though I faced complications from Day 1 due to a very low lying placenta and excessive amniotic fluid, I worked until the last day of my pregnancy. Without my sister or mother for guidance, the journey through those tough months seemed tougher. I heavily relied on the Internet and had it not been for BabyChakra, its step-by-step guidance at every stage pre- and post-maternity (along with an awesome gang of supportive mommies always ready to shelve genuine hands-on tips, who they call MomStars), I would not have sailed through the rough moments with such ease.

Luckily, in all of my 3 trimesters, I spent my nights with my baby - talking to him and caressing him every moment I could. The mornings however were uncomfortable, when I would wake up to a new problem each day - severe heartburn, acute morning sickness or absolute inability to retain anything in stomach. Thus, I developed this amusing habit of laughing at myself every morning and quietly logging on to BabyChakra for help.

I, undoubtedly, always got the best advice. They helped me improve my diet and also introduced me to pregnancy yoga which worked wonders for my system. As I could not digest the calcium tablets, the panel experts suggested many natural substitutes for high calcium. Some mothers even went ahead and taught me some very healthy and tasty calcium rich recipes!

In due course of time, Babychakra became my family and I started to love and cherish my association with it. This only got deeper when my little angel finally entered the world safe and sound.

Well, it was after his birth that I realized that the challenges of motherhood during pregnancy were just the tip of an iceberg. Fortunately, by this time I knew where to seek the most trusted answers for almost everything from feeding, nursing to infant foods and weaning - the list was endless. To top it all, my little peanut was initially lactose intolerant, but every valuable input I needed came at the right time from their experts!

In fact, I got all the information for the wonderful birthing boutique where I delivered my baby, from this holistic website itself - so we booked a package well in advance, after reading candid reviews about it. Thus, when my water bag broke at a mere 32 weeks of gestation, everything was smoothly streamlined and well managed even though my gynecologist was out of town!

As my baby grew, I downloaded the BabyChakra App (Android only) on my mobile - thus, acquiring the best information on play schools, party planning, toddler learning, play areas near me or any such mommy needs, at the touch of a button.

On account of the fact that Babychakra has been so instrumental in the all round development of my child, being a part of this esteemed community has become a way of life for me. I truly owe this earnest note of gratitude to them, straight from the heart.

The cherries on the cake are the numerous mommy buddies which BabyChakra has gifted me with. Since all of us have crossed the same stages of life at different points of time, it is heart-warming to aid each other with our learning. It's pure joy to having come across them just when I needed them!

All in all, Babychakra is truly a great parenting platform, offering access to experts, product and service providers with reviews on them, advice on health, learning, play and travel, and most of all, a multitude of fellow mums. I hope, more and more young parents in India are able to get childcare related help and timely advice from BabyChakra. It is such a life saver!

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How I started Blogging and lessons I take back home after 2 years

I had been writing almost for infinity and tucking my straight from the heart anecdotes here and there for I loved all the admiration I received for them. To formalize the same, I started my Blog in Aug'14 with the earnest endeavor of contributing my bit in improving the state of women in my motherland with the power of my pen narrating their true tales of agony as well as inspiration to inspire the millions others trapped in similar situation. My belief in myself was reinstated when in Mar'15 I received 'Woman Of The Year Award' in Leela Palace Mumbai for my writings on Women Rights and Liberation and I made my aim to work for this cause, a serious business.My first book 'Dare to Defy The Destiny' was released on Amazon this year too evoking an era of Positive Change. You can always write to me to grab a copy of the same and aid me spread my mission further.

Being an absolute novice initially, I fumbled at the start of my blogging journey but  got many worthy lessons albeit after making umpteen mistakes.There are some points I would love to share. First and foremost, blogging has two aspects, one creating quality content and second making that content reach masses, in as many ways as possible. While I am sure many of us excel in the first, we let the latter go and thus let our statistics suffer. 

Remember, its our readers who make our break a successful blog so we must try and reach them to our ability best and build a loyal readership for ourselves which also means that in the writing world it is the quality which supersedes quantity. Another important learning I took is the power of networking with your fellow bloggers not only aids you takes your blog places but also gives you some lovely friends in the process.

Also, if you are a multi-niche blogger like me, your editorial calendar must do justice to all categories you have chosen to foray and as a thumb rule none of them should remain un-updated for more than three months. You may not even know when a brand would sneak in looking for a long term collaboration with you and a not updated blog can give multiple symbols.

While most writers pen their hearts to satiate their souls, it only adds to one's delight if we are gratified with perks of blogging which is done in industry in two ways, through monetization or absolute barter. One can choose the commercials of one's post logically and based on the influence he/she creates. The best is to start minimally and build contacts and gauge the industry. Thereafter, carve your niche in their hearts by creating quality content. Once you become indispensable and the foundation for strong long term relationships are established, you can up your perks and commercials as you will spread your wings in the blogging arena, gaining more followers.

A long gap between your posts is another folly I would like to highlight as it disappoints a revisiting visitor who has been impressed by your previous work. Though I am not able to myself do it always it is advisable to fix days of the week like maybe a tuesday and friday) you will publish, so that your loyal readers know exactly when to expect their next read.

Aahh! I forgot to mention, come what may, always remain true to your readers even if the post is a sponsored one, the ideas and opinions expressed must be genuinely yours with relevant pics to keep the audience glued and create lasting trustworthy impact.

Last but not the least, the power of blogging is best unleashed through spreading community love. Do associate yourself with worthy blogging communities like IndiBlogger, Blogadda, Blogchatter etc to keep you integrated and updated.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Love is in the Hair 😊 (Salon Nahin Livon Giveaway and Review)

Surprises are Awsome
I truly believe a girl's hair are one of her most precious assets and each one of us undoubtedly likes to maintain them and style them in a perfect state. While the everyday hustle bustle of life leaves us with almost no room to nourish and nurture our tresses, our job desires us to look perfect and presentable always with our hair being a significant part of our personality. 

As if the rising pollution was not enough, stress too is contributing in the weakening, drying and tangling of these lovely strands on our head which enhance the beauty of a woman. 

Well, though visiting a Salon each time to get them back in adequate shape will burn a hole on our pockets and is far from feasible in the time constraints, we cannot ignore the fact that a proper hair care regime is essential for each one of us.

I really love my hair for they define me and my mood. I take proper care of them, nourish them with rich oils, wash them preferably with water at room temperature and never towel them harsh. Though I love styling my hair differently each day, I restrict the use of blow dry for the safe as they are know to weaken the roots of our hair.

Instead the mantra I use to de-tangle, silken and set my hair in a particular style is the use of my forever trusted Livon Hair Serum. My association with this awesome product dates back to several years ago, when my mom introduced me to it, stating that she won't be there in my hostel to de-tangle and groom perfectly my long tresses and so I must apply Livon and I was really elated at the results for it absolutely minimized my hair breakage too.

Livon Hair Serum is un-disputedly an essential part of my vanity today. While I apply it on my shampooed towel dried hair while going to work, on vacations or elsewhere and style my silkened hair anyway I desire them to, even if I am in the field, experiencing a bad hair day, I apply it on my lifeless hair to give them nourishment to bounce back desirably.

Livon time to time comes up with further advancements to its existing range and it was pleasure receiving a lovely hamper from them a little while ago which stole my heart at its first glance for it not only comprised of my all time favorite Livon Serum with its Vitamin E enriched, all new light weight formula, to perfectly manage my frizzy hair but also a beautiful floral Tiara to make me feel like a princess and an awesome hair brush to gently caress and pamper my hair post the magical serum application.This truly made a wonderful surprise and I felt loved to the core. 

The Lovely Livon Hamper
The application of this new formula which comes surprisingly at a very very decent price( INR 215) for the next couple of weeks made me realize it's prowess in hair care all the more enhanced and I absolutely loved my look after the fortnight of application of the same( well gals I could not post the before pic as I have been using this rocking serum for over a decade now)... Sach mein I really needed #SalonNahinLivon to create the marvelous Salon like finish at home.

The Princess in Me Caresses by Livon's Tender Hair Care
Voila and here comes a Bada Waala Surprise for all of you . Since I am sure you too would love to experience such awesome frizz free silk hair with Livon. Thus, we are giving away two of these awesome hampers to our readers through our #SalonNahinLivon Giveaway right here..

All you got to do is just share this post on your social media channels with hashtag #SalonNahinLivon and after that mention your name in the comments section below and woohoo who knows you might be one of the two lucky winners to take home this astoundingly awesome Livon Princess Hamper for yourself or the lady in your life. Contest ends Soon (19th Sept 2016) !All the best guys :)

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