Tuesday 13 September 2016

How I started Blogging and lessons I take back home after 2 years

I had been writing almost for infinity and tucking my straight from the heart anecdotes here and there for I loved all the admiration I received for them. To formalize the same, I started my Blog in Aug'14 with the earnest endeavor of contributing my bit in improving the state of women in my motherland with the power of my pen narrating their true tales of agony as well as inspiration to inspire the millions others trapped in similar situation. My belief in myself was reinstated when in Mar'15 I received 'Woman Of The Year Award' in Leela Palace Mumbai for my writings on Women Rights and Liberation and I made my aim to work for this cause, a serious business.My first book 'Dare to Defy The Destiny' was released on Amazon this year too evoking an era of Positive Change. You can always write to me to grab a copy of the same and aid me spread my mission further.

Being an absolute novice initially, I fumbled at the start of my blogging journey but  got many worthy lessons albeit after making umpteen mistakes.There are some points I would love to share. First and foremost, blogging has two aspects, one creating quality content and second making that content reach masses, in as many ways as possible. While I am sure many of us excel in the first, we let the latter go and thus let our statistics suffer. 

Remember, its our readers who make our break a successful blog so we must try and reach them to our ability best and build a loyal readership for ourselves which also means that in the writing world it is the quality which supersedes quantity. Another important learning I took is the power of networking with your fellow bloggers not only aids you takes your blog places but also gives you some lovely friends in the process.

Also, if you are a multi-niche blogger like me, your editorial calendar must do justice to all categories you have chosen to foray and as a thumb rule none of them should remain un-updated for more than three months. You may not even know when a brand would sneak in looking for a long term collaboration with you and a not updated blog can give multiple symbols.

While most writers pen their hearts to satiate their souls, it only adds to one's delight if we are gratified with perks of blogging which is done in industry in two ways, through monetization or absolute barter. One can choose the commercials of one's post logically and based on the influence he/she creates. The best is to start minimally and build contacts and gauge the industry. Thereafter, carve your niche in their hearts by creating quality content. Once you become indispensable and the foundation for strong long term relationships are established, you can up your perks and commercials as you will spread your wings in the blogging arena, gaining more followers.

A long gap between your posts is another folly I would like to highlight as it disappoints a revisiting visitor who has been impressed by your previous work. Though I am not able to myself do it always it is advisable to fix days of the week like maybe a tuesday and friday) you will publish, so that your loyal readers know exactly when to expect their next read.

Aahh! I forgot to mention, come what may, always remain true to your readers even if the post is a sponsored one, the ideas and opinions expressed must be genuinely yours with relevant pics to keep the audience glued and create lasting trustworthy impact.

Last but not the least, the power of blogging is best unleashed through spreading community love. Do associate yourself with worthy blogging communities like IndiBlogger, Blogadda, Blogchatter etc to keep you integrated and updated.

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