Friday 30 September 2016

Satisfaction is Truly A State of Mind

There is a long journey traversed
From being lost in your love
To have lost you my love

Some moments bizarre and futile
Recurring responsibilities and the tide of time
Swept me away from your warm embrace

In the chessboard of our life
Your queen felt pawned defending you from the enemy's knight
You always won but your queen was sacrificed

Need I ever say, I desired you day and night
Waiting for the endless wait
To get over and you remember our golden lovelorn days

The imprints of your butterfly kisses on my temple
Which stroke in me a thousand emotions and tinkles
Are what I crave for before I choose to perish

I was slowly drifting away from you in my mind
When I realised Satisfaction is the hardest thing to find
The vicious circle of life has only made our love more profound

Satisfaction is truly a state of mind
Its as simple as asking you will like to hold your nose which way around
Complications and circumstances may screw things, but that's fine

As long as in the limited time, our lost love we find
Don't push your relationship, just caress it gently with your touch tender
I promise things surely will turn better and this time forever..

This post is for Day 1 of UBC and Daily Chatter 

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