Wednesday 14 September 2016

A Parenting Discovery that I thought I Must Share

Motherhood knocked at my door in silent steps at a time, when I expected it the least. However, it did not deter the extreme ecstatic joy I experienced at the first mention of it. Oblivious of the challenges ahead, like the truly ambitious, hardworking  and aggressive professional that I always was, I thought mommy-hood will be a similar cakewalk and I will excel at it as was my habit. Was it an easy task?

Though I faced complications from Day 1 due to a very low lying placenta and excessive amniotic fluid, I worked until the last day of my pregnancy. Without my sister or mother for guidance, the journey through those tough months seemed tougher. I heavily relied on the Internet and had it not been for BabyChakra, its step-by-step guidance at every stage pre- and post-maternity (along with an awesome gang of supportive mommies always ready to shelve genuine hands-on tips, who they call MomStars), I would not have sailed through the rough moments with such ease.

Luckily, in all of my 3 trimesters, I spent my nights with my baby - talking to him and caressing him every moment I could. The mornings however were uncomfortable, when I would wake up to a new problem each day - severe heartburn, acute morning sickness or absolute inability to retain anything in stomach. Thus, I developed this amusing habit of laughing at myself every morning and quietly logging on to BabyChakra for help.

I, undoubtedly, always got the best advice. They helped me improve my diet and also introduced me to pregnancy yoga which worked wonders for my system. As I could not digest the calcium tablets, the panel experts suggested many natural substitutes for high calcium. Some mothers even went ahead and taught me some very healthy and tasty calcium rich recipes!

In due course of time, Babychakra became my family and I started to love and cherish my association with it. This only got deeper when my little angel finally entered the world safe and sound.

Well, it was after his birth that I realized that the challenges of motherhood during pregnancy were just the tip of an iceberg. Fortunately, by this time I knew where to seek the most trusted answers for almost everything from feeding, nursing to infant foods and weaning - the list was endless. To top it all, my little peanut was initially lactose intolerant, but every valuable input I needed came at the right time from their experts!

In fact, I got all the information for the wonderful birthing boutique where I delivered my baby, from this holistic website itself - so we booked a package well in advance, after reading candid reviews about it. Thus, when my water bag broke at a mere 32 weeks of gestation, everything was smoothly streamlined and well managed even though my gynecologist was out of town!

As my baby grew, I downloaded the BabyChakra App (Android only) on my mobile - thus, acquiring the best information on play schools, party planning, toddler learning, play areas near me or any such mommy needs, at the touch of a button.

On account of the fact that Babychakra has been so instrumental in the all round development of my child, being a part of this esteemed community has become a way of life for me. I truly owe this earnest note of gratitude to them, straight from the heart.

The cherries on the cake are the numerous mommy buddies which BabyChakra has gifted me with. Since all of us have crossed the same stages of life at different points of time, it is heart-warming to aid each other with our learning. It's pure joy to having come across them just when I needed them!

All in all, Babychakra is truly a great parenting platform, offering access to experts, product and service providers with reviews on them, advice on health, learning, play and travel, and most of all, a multitude of fellow mums. I hope, more and more young parents in India are able to get childcare related help and timely advice from BabyChakra. It is such a life saver!

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