Saturday 17 September 2016

The Missing Piece Of Her Heart

She opened the blank notebook...
And felt ecstatic like a small child

Before the pen could touch the paper
The blank sheet got studded with her pearl-like tears of joy

Umpteen lovely memories of the yesteryears came flooding her heart
As she was overwhelmed to reminisce how a long time ago her life was a pen and paper

Writing and creating masterpieces that soothed her soul 
This was only what she has known from the age of four

Mommy dearest always motivated her to the core
And mom's princess resided safely and cozily in her writing world 

Until the day she lost her and also died her inspiration to jot
Overwhelming tears and a broken heart locked the pen and paper forever in the drawer

In the notebook that day was also shut
Her mother's dream to see her carve her niche in the writing world...

That closed notebook was kept in the same chest for years while the lovely Anna got caught in the everyday hustle bustle of life. For the next decade and a half, having lost both her parents, she worked extremely hard to make both ends meet. Later completing her education part time,  she got into a reputable job and mom's princess married her prince charming. Her precious half was a extremely worthy human being who agreed to reside in her ancestral home which had all the memories of her mom. Together they lead a beautiful life and by the grace of almighty were very respectful and loving towards each other.

Anna now had everything one could boast of and she juggled the dual responsibility of work and home quite well. Her home sweet home was a heavenly abode and she always thought her mother would be so satisfied to see her from above.

Mom's little angel who once loved her dream world so much has grew up into a practical wise lady. Very seldom though she experienced a void in the darkest hidden corner of her heart with mild streaks of pain but she always immediately shunned the thoughts and got caught in her everyday nitty gritties.

But she was destiny's chosen child and things were undoubtedly meant to change. When wonderful motherhood arrived and tinkled her soul, the deepest chords of her heart were struck with the extreme divine feeling. Probably this was the time when the void too, in silent steps, pleaded her to visit her once and this time, compelled enough, she agreed.

And thus she headed towards the same chest kept in the terrace room. She gradually opened the drawer and pulled out the shut notebook.

Tenderly she wiped off heaps of dust piled on it
And with trembling hands and eyes numb, opened the blank notebook...

She could hear the silent moaning of her heart
For this is what for years it has craved for

Summoning all her courage, she grabbed a pen
And like a free-flowing cascade poured out all her deep emotions 

For the first time words failed her to express 
How truly wonderful and satiated she felt 

The void was gone at the out pour of those straight from the heart words
And the blank notebook mirrored her mom's dream to her

In the serenity of the blank page,
She found her heart's missing piece

Which created that void which ached
Elated she felt to get it back

Confident she promised to her mom in heaven above 
That for her she now would never quit writing and carve her niche in the writing world.

She now embarked on a new journey
And in the opened blank notebook, rewrote her Destiny.

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