Monday 13 April 2020

Love in its purest form: My 12th letter to my Grandchildren documenting lessons from COVID-19 times

{This is the 12th post of the series where I will be writing 26 Letters to my Grandchildren about life and lessons during these tricky COVID19 times. 
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14 April

Hello, my little man, 

Did you read a chapter from your favorite book today? I know you did because it is a family ritual that runs in your blood. We have to at least read one chapter every day to get a good night’s sleep. Even if today you are reading only for fun, as you grow up you’ll realize this is the best thing you have done for yourself, my child. I mean it when I say this, books indeed are our best friends. They never abandon us instead show us the light of hope in gloomy times, give us laughter when we are sad and show us a wider perspective of things when trifle things baffle us. I love them to the core and how I wish you to establish a similar connection with them in your life.

Today I want to share with you about the greatest treasure this lockdown time has given us and it is it has given us back love in its purest form far fetched from the materialistic world in which it has very gradually got trapped into, in last few decades. Unfortunately for some time now the medium to express one’s love has been buying expensive gifts like gadgets, shopping at malls and throwing fancy parties, show off on social media, etc. and the trend was only getting worse day by day. The life was so fast-paced that no one has the time for true love with their parents, spouse, and progeny. It was becoming more of a flashy business and I am not complaining as everyone seems satisfied too. But confinement at home has brought us close to each other once again in heart and soul and I am really grateful as serene love was never about all of the above to me but an expression of care and warmth without a spoken word. The realization of what was missing comes now though.

True love in its deepest form is a mom getting time for stroking her kid’s hair, putting his head on her lap for a few moments which she always missed in a hurry burry to school and tonnes of homework on coming back. True love is your spouse standing next to you in the kitchen and trying all he could to help the tired you finish the chores with equally sharing the load. True love is your eleven-year-old sunshine learning to roll chapatis as mum is having low blood pressure and Dad managing mopping, laundry, and washing utensils to give the partner some rest. 

True love also is spending quality time with each other over a game of cards or ludo or chess. True love is your spouse savoring the food in which you forgot to put salt, with delight because he knows you don’t know how to cook still doing it every single day three times. True love also is a mom trying to make cottage cheese from the little milk left so that she can give her little one his favorite dish. These are the real little joys of life which we missed in the last few years, my child and which mean so much to us and I have been blessed to experience in the last few weeks. Thus I am forced to believe the famous saying, whatever happens, happens for one’s good.

Lockdown has taught us the real value of our friends and family. We are calling and checking on their well being and feel so much closer to them as we fear to lose them. This personal connect was a miss till recently when we would get a cake and flowers delivered on their birthdays. Not that we didn’t care then but there was just no time as we were busy fulfilling our duties at our work. Now we identify our true love for them and realize how significant they are for us because for the first time we have some time in our hands to reflect.

Till February 2020, I was a millennial Maa who would drive your dad to an exotic eatery and we will savor a delectable pizza and that made a perfect stolen afternoon for mommy and sonny. I was rarely in the kitchen but today this one month has transformed me totally. Now we eat home-cooked food three times a day and this almost traditional by now maa tries innovative ideas in the kitchen to perfectly blend taste and health while cooking so that her family strengthens their immune system too in the process of enjoying some yum recipes. This urge to learn something you have never liked for your family is true love my child, which these dreaded #COVID19 times have taught us.

I am sure you will be having a lot of questions around these letters, kid. I hope my remaining letters answer them but if not try approaching your grandpa or dad and they will be happy to help as they have been a part of these times as much as I had and who knows they might add another wonderful perspective 😊.

Sending your way her magical hug
Your granny 


Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my fifth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge and this year I will be writing ‘26 letters to my grandaughter’ with a special purpose which shall unfold as you read this series. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 4 challenges here are the links 201620172018 and 2019

Truly Yours Roma

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