Sunday 5 April 2020

Entire Humanity Unites: My 5th letter to my Grandchildren documenting COVID-19 times

{This is the 5th post of the series where I will be writing 26 Letters to my Grandchildren about life and lessons during these tricky COVID19 times for us and what we are learning. Letter1, 2 , 3 and 4 can be found here}

6 April 2020

Hello, our little bundle of joy, 

I trust you are enjoying your school. It is a great place to have fun with your friends as well as amass loads of knowledge and values. This knowledge and values shall lay the foundation of what you will become in life. So have fun, child and also learn.

Every morn I sit at 5 a.m. hoping to write to you some positive news but unfortunately till today which is the #Day13oflockdown I don’t have any to give you. The cases are increasing each day and the percentage increase is increasing too. The good part is that the entire humanity has united in its war against this pandemic and has extended support to each other irrespective of their nationality, caste, color or religion which is such a critical need of the hour. 

There are a few cases though where religious meets are held with thousands of people from across the country and globe despite announcements from the government that they are not allowed. Unfortunately Coronavirus has spread in them and now a bigger danger looms on all of us as so far we have averted the community spread of this highly infectious disease. Nevertheless,  I am forcing myself to believe that they have done it in ignorance and since now what is done is done, I really hope things come under control at the earliest. We were united, are united and will be united in our earnest attempt to fight this battle.

The leaders of the nation can give us a big protection umbrella to protect all of us but it is we who have to ensure that we find a safe place under it. In these COVID-19 times that protective umbrella is social distancing as it spreads from humans to humans like wildfire. If we will not meet or not go out we will be able to break the chain of the viral spread. As no vaccine or medicine is available for it yet, this is the only way we can stay safe. So the responsibility entirely lies upon us, how wisely we operate.

You know we had become so lavish and extravagant in our widespread choices and so dependent on our house helps that these times are teaching us some worthy lessons. Now we know how less is more and it is wonderful for the family to share the load and complete all the household chores. We go out to an essential commodity shop only when it becomes absolutely mandatory to buy it, maintain queues and are learning the value of digital transactions so that money doesn’t exchange hands and spreads the virus. 

Eating out too is now impossible and we are all having home-cooked fresh food and I am sure this too is a worthy step in the right direction because a balanced diet made with fresh ingredients at home, my child, also aids us to build our immunity which is our response and fight against any virus entering our body. 

How I wish each one of us fulfils his or her lockdown duties as drops makes ocean. Even if a few of us defy the lockdown norms, they jeopardise the life of 133 crores people of our country. 

Hopefully,  each one of us is doing the right things. Prayers and meditation are keeping us sane. God will soon get pleased and give us the solution of this vicious problem we all are in. May there come a vaccine or treatment for it at the earliest. Till then we are keeping our fingers crossed sweetheart. 

Sending your way lots of love and blessings 
Your Granny 


Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my fifth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge and this year I will be writing ‘26 letters to my grandaughter’ with a special purpose which shall unfold as you read this series. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 4 challenges here are the links 201620172018 and 2019

Truly Yours Roma

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