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#Momology Every Mom’s Unique Art Of Rearing Her Baby - 5 Parenting Mantras When Nothing Seem To Go Your Way

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Motherhood indeed is a different cup of tea albeit the yummiest one. It changes you and your life completely and you won’t know what I mean until you become one. Every day we fathom a different secret of rearing our little one and the more we know, the more we feel, we have only touched the tip of an iceberg. There is no right and wrong way of parenting and each mum has her own unique art for bringing up her precious little.

Momology is this unique set of instinctive skill every mom possesses and here we are, through this blog train, felicitating each mum’s Momology.

I am sharing here my mantras as a mommy when nothing seems going my way.

1.Plan A Date With Your Little Precious: This works most often than not. Like we get stressed, little ones too and so like we need to unwind they too. Plan a small date in your means, like an ice-cream date or a movie date without a reason and chill.

2. Laugh Your Heart Out Together: When the kid is unwell and our heart cries, work with reverse psychology, to prevent rubbing your anxiety on the cute little, rather read our funny joker and stories to him or her and laugh your heart out. Both of you will feel lighter.

3. Cuddling and Kissing: Never miss to cuddle and kiss your children no matter how big they grow, not only will they feel loved but you will be overwhelmed with motherly warmth.

4. Appreciate Not Bribe: Let your kids earn stars from you for everything wonderful they do in the day, at bedtime. Appreciate their good points and guide them in their weaknesses. This will undoubtedly strengthen your bond.

5. Steal me time for yourself: We can’t underestimate this weird parenting mantra. If we sulk we shout at our kids unnecessarily, we should rather enjoy some pleasurable activity and indulge while they are away at school, and be refreshed and rejuvenated. I have to do this often as I take 6-8 sessions in my academy each day and am over-worked most days. It’s the kiddo who will bear the brunt, no matter whether he is or is not at fault.That moment, I quietly sneak out for nature walk or grab a mood enhancer- mostly chocolate for me. Taking frequent mini holidays is also magical.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss The Kumbh Mela of PrayagRaj (Allahabad)

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kumbh mela allahabad

Allahabad now Prayagraj is truly special to me for reasons more than one. Many years ago, I first stepped on this sacred land as a new bride. I knew it as, the man I loved belonged to this place, but the moment I set my foot there, it became much more than that, I felt a strange comfort, warmth and holy air letting my soul breathe easy. It had an old world charm with temples at almost every turn. Don’t know if I can call it love at first sight but our connection was undoubtedly instant. In the evening I was taken to ‘Sangam’ as a part of our wedding ceremony and we offered prayers there amidst priests chanting shlokas to bless us and keep us united throughout our lives. I realized, in all this, my love for this gorgeous place grew more profound and this love continues to grow deeper with every passing day. 

sangam prayagraj

I may not have said this before but 13 years later,  I now belong to this place in words and in deeds. I love everything about it, its cultural heritage, its academic prowess, it’s history, the lovely temples, the absolutely delectable food but above all I love Sangam and you know the reason why. There is another reason. Sangam is also the place where my mom lives as when she left for heavenly abode, her remains were immersed here. So just stepping in Allahabad gives me the feeling that I have landed once again on my mom’s lap. 

Not only me, Sangam means a lot to every Hindu. It is the where the three most revered rivers of India, the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati meet and it is here where the magnanimous Kumbh Mela is organized every twelve years. It is the holiest pilgrimage for Hindus where they take a dip in Sangam as it believed that this rid them of all of their sins. Between two Kumbh Melas, every sixth year comes the Ardh Kumbh and this year in 2019, Allahabad is hosting an Ardh Kumbh Mela which has surpassed all scales of opulence. People not only from all over India but also from across the world are visiting Kumbh this year to experience this mega event. 

Kumbh Mela, Allahabad

My family who visited Kumbh last weekend say that the grandeur of Kumbh this time is incomparable to all their past experiences and cherished the experience. No doubt it is the biggest peaceful conglomeration of people in the world. It has taken months of planning and execution to accommodate as many as 3 crores expected visitors for the 'Nahan' at Sangam. There are basic to five-star camps, drinking water, sanitation, parking, artificial intelligence and CCTV facilities to avoid stampede or the outbreak of a disease and the organizers indeed deserve a pat on the back.

The whole of my Allahabad has been lit up these days as if it is Diwali and it looks as pretty as a new bride. A lot of Sanyasis as well as noncelibates stay here for several days and offer worship forgoing all the worldly pleasures. This is also one of the biggest tourist attraction in India for people who want a first-hand experience of traditional Indian culture. The atmosphere in the Kumbh Mela is something which cannot be described in words, the chanting of the hymns by the priests, the pious ringing of the bells, the devotional music on the air, food is the form of Prasad, the experience of the holy dip which rids you of all tiredness and mental malice are all meant to be felt deep within our hearts.
ardh kumbh prayagraj

It is widely believed that when Lord Vishnu was carrying a Kumbha(utensil) of Amrit which sprinkled on 4 locations which are the current day hosts of Kumbh Melas in India- Haridwar, Prayagraj, Nashik, and Ujjain. Thus, taking a dip in the holy waters at these locations during the Kumbh Mela is considered divine and fulfilling for every person who follows Hindu religion but for me, it can be every Indian as well.

The Ardh Kumbh Mela dates this year are from 15 January to 4 March and in case you don’t want to miss this absolutely worthy celebrations and one of its kind experience, our Prayagraj would love to welcome you with open arms. You can refer to their website to get all the details that you need😊.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. This is straight from a Allahabadi’s heart πŸ’—

Truly Yours Roma

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Monday, 21 January 2019

4 Classic Hindi Movies That You Would Love To Revisit

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I am an absolute movie buff and entertainment to me means binge watching my favorite Hindi movies online, whenever my hectic schedules leave me with some leisure time. You would undoubtedly find me in the top ten percent strata of Bollywood movie lovers. Though I love all genres of movies, there are some which have always remained close to my heart and I can watch them over and over again umpteen times. In this special post today, I bring to you a list of 4 such Classic Hindi Movies which are my personal favorites. If you wish to catch these movies online, you can find them all on ZEE5.
1. Raja Hindustani: This Aamir Khan and Karishma Kapoor starrer appeases the diehard romantic in me like no other. Shot mostly in a beautiful hill station of Palankhet, this is indeed the cutest love story of a taxi driver and the daughter of a wealthy businessman. The more I watch this one, the stronger grows my belief in the power of true love. If you haven’t watched this one yet, you must watch this one for the impeccable performances by the lead pair and the heart-touching direction.
2. Mera Naam Joker: This movie might have been released much before my birth but every time I watch it, it touches the deepest corners of my heart. It narrates the story of a clown – Raju, which in all its finesse brings forth the several-fold layers of the life of a joker of a circus who has to always make everyone laugh concealing his sorrows deep within as ‘The Show Must Go On’. You must watch this one for being one of the best classics of Indian Cinema ever made. Its meaningful and profound songs still give goosebumps to me.
3. Heyy Babyy: More often than not, I pick up a comedy flick to unwind from a grilling day and this one has all the ingredients to throw me into fits of laughter perennially. It is a tale of 3 flirtatious guys played by Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, and Fardeen Khan, living in Sydney, who have an incredibly casual attitude towards dating and relationships in general. But one day they find a cute little baby outside their door with a note that one of them is her father. Eventually, the little angel transforms them into worthy caring fathers. But what happens when her mother comes back to claim her? You must watch this one for its perfect comic timing and a strong message for everyone out there.
4. Golmaal: If someday you are feeling low and don’t want to apply your brains in a movie, watch this watch this quirky comedy. It is a funny story of four friends played by Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Tushar Kapoor, and Sharman Joshi, who dupe an old blind couple. If you are a Rohit Shetty fan, well you must not miss it and trust me you will enjoy the comic nuances of a perfect ensemble cast which is the USP of the Golmaal series but I find this one(the first one) the best.
I am overwhelmed weaving this list for you, hope you found it worthy.
Stay tuned for many more such lists and straight from the heart reviews.
Truly Yours Roma

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Thursday, 10 January 2019

It Was Never About Money To Me

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Truly Yours Roma 

I am a born ‘baniya’, so as the popular belief goes I must have the greatest value for money,  I should not only know how to make loads and loads of it but also how to save itπŸ˜›. It should be in my blood right but in reality, I am just the opposite of all the aboveπŸ˜‰. Yes, I am the biggest PARADOX and actually, don’t profess any of the above qualities. 

Still, I am the most content and the happiest soul on earth probably because it was never about money for me😊.

Don’t get me wrong, I really value the above set of individuals and I have been there being at the peak of my corporate career and making big bucks and it was not that I didn’t enjoy that phase. I really cherish everything life has given me so far and appreciate it to the helm and.. for what it didn’t give me, it was probably never meant to be for me because ‘LIFE KNOWS BETTER’. 

Trust me when I say, a stylish dress from a local vendor which looks fab on me gives me the same pleasure as a Sabyasachi in my closet. For me, a friend who buys me pearls with a heart full of love and warmth for me means more than the diamonds gifted me, by someone, just to show it off😊. My academy which grooms children and adults to fulfill their dreams pays me peanuts in comparison to my high profile jobs but the kind of ecstatic joy and high it gives me is so out of the world. The fact that I am contributing in my motherland’s glorious future satiates me like nothing else.

People call me crazy, on not getting back to my awesome career after enjoying my maternal sabbatical but the fact is in my mind the question never arises and that’s because I do what I love the most, I write and I make an impact in people’s lives no matter in what small way but I do. Isn’t it above all financial ambitions?

Yes, I reiterate it indeed was never about money for me. This despite I am a spendthrift, I love buying small presents for myself and appreciate myself because I trust I deserve self-love for the infinite love that I give out to the world unconditionally at all times, without a frown. Trust me only when you can love yourself, you will be able to love and appreciate others. Don’t agree, this can undoubtedly be some food for thought for you and I will wait for your answer.

 I remember those days when I used to be in Europe for my dream job while back home in India my 8-month-old has got a fatal cut in his nose at midnight, I could see it on webcam but do nothing. That day money lost all its significance from me and I ended the mad chase. So now you know from where this acceptance stems from. With time I had learned to invest in happiness and smiles rather than money. Today I and S make just the right amount of money to buy us little joys of life and nothing else and we are happy in our space. We don’t have big savings but we have time for each other and live life to it's fullest. We believe in making every moment of our present worthwhile and invest in our happiness today because no one has seen tomorrow. We don’t compete with the world we better ourselves not for anyone else but for our personal growthπŸ’–.

I have written to you about many principles I base my life on like positivity, the balancing act, independence, significance of time and several others, today as I jot my first inspiration post of 2019, I decided to pour out my earnest thoughts on why it was and is never about money for me. No, I don’t mean to suggest that you should not save but just that do evaluate your life at regular intervals, is it how it was meant to be for you, have we deviated from our goals?

Truly Your Roma wishes you a Glorious New Year from the bottom of her heart :)

Truly Yours Roma

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Ssshh! Secret Confessions of a SMART Momma

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers #smarthomerevolutionEarnestly, I take a lot of pride in practicing what I preach. For example, I have always believed in working smart rather than working hard(with due respect to the significance of hard-work). I believe, our smartness often makes us more innovative and efficient. Isn't it? Well, the answer has always been a 'yes' to me and my thoughtful partner in crimes to execute this smartness have been a plethora of smart devices which have made this world a much more convenient and a better place to live in. I have said this a million times at least before and I still reiterate there is no boon to mankind like technology is and full points to us, homo sapiens, to have made such a creative use of our intellect, in inventing it and I am glad there is no looking back in its advancements with each coming day(proud smile!!).

Yes, I am a self-confessed gadget freak and these days since it's winter vacations, me and my sonny boy, begin our day with a fitness regime out in the pristine early morn sunshine. We jog together and giggle and work out with loads of discussions and friendly banter and gossip on umpteen topics. Our companions in these lovely morning rituals are my smartwatch and his fitness band, which we smartly strap on to aid us to calculate our steps, calories, heart rate, target achievement, and several other parameters. It is so much fun competing and preparing with your own child as we set more stringent fitness goals each week. These smart wearables bring in so much of discipline and activity to our otherwise leisurely walks because we know someone is keeping an eye as we try to get rid of the extra pounds we have assimilated in the Diwali Season(wink!!).

Back home, mommy and sonny make fat free breakfast in our smart air fryer to rid us of those extra calories of fried foods. Often hubby dearest, the head chef of our family, joins the fun and gives his expert out of the box advice to make the food tastier as the air fryer executes his command to perfection. Thanks to the #SmartHomeRevolution of which we actually are torchbearers in every sense, we have the mundane tasks at home transform into quality family times, the cherishable moments which make life worthwhile, aiding us to materialize our goals of weaving sweet memories each day in the beautiful journey called life.

I simply adore the smartness, these smart miracles bring to us. You know who my best buddy is, at home when the boys are away at school and work, well, it is another smart device, my Google Assistant, it would not be an exaggeration if I say it indeed is 'the device of the millennium'. The way it keeps me company the whole day, answering my queries, playing my favorite music or reading books to me and what not, even giving me reminders for my schedule in the academy I run, it is the most wonderful personal assistant anyone would ever crave for.

Well, honestly if I start enumerating how many ways I depend on these smart wonders, I can almost write my fourth book. For instance, there is nothing that bothers us more than the security of our little ones when we are not with them and this is where I insist we employ smart devices as are vital aid. For days I am out for work and the little boy manages the home on his own after coming from school, I have installed smart cameras at home to check on the 9-year-old kiddo occasionally. It just makes me feel so comfortable and safe, that my heart often sends up a prayer of gratitude to the inventors of such smart solutions and I love to confess that I am a smart momma because of these smart solutions, we are blessed with in our lives.

From morn till night these smart devices aid us in countless ways yet the quench of the techno buffs in us if often left unsatiated as we discover smarter and smarter solutions for our perennial needs. Lately, we have installed Smart lights in our home as we were bowled over in sheer admiration to their impeccable features like the home away control and mood-based smart lighting all at one command from us (It is admirable to see my precious little thoroughly study these smart aids and choose the best one for his home always, no wonder this generation kids are 'technobrats'). I am truly overwhelmed and love the way these devices have eased our lifestyles plus there are wonderful initiatives like #GetFitWithFlipkart that create the desired awareness that how technology can optimally aid us in our goals for life, also it makes it so quick for us to order online any degree of smartness we desire to acquire. All we need is a touch on our phone to order them. Easy Peasy isn’t it? 

The smart momma is me thus once again proudly confesses here that she gives a cent percent credit of her smartness to these smart devices which make her mundane tasks fun and make her a super momma... and which she has been ordering on Flipkart since 2007 (who have kept up her trust always and transformed her home to a smart home). 

Truly Yours Roma

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