Sunday 2 December 2018

Give Wings To Your Dreams And Fly High

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I meet a lot of women and girls each day through my academy, who are fiercely educated and talented but they lose their sense of direction for their career goals somewhere in the nitty-gritty of life. It feels that their ambition or passion in life, sleeps somewhere in the deep crevices of their hearts but does it ever die? In most of the cases, no. Getting married or rearing kids may have suppressed it but I am glad there is a ray of hope... especially in today’s era where successful entrepreneurship and startups are significantly growing no matter how small and big they are and some extraordinary job opportunities too exist. You should know what you want and have the ability to leave no stone unturned to get it and no goals are unachievable.

The sky is the limit for you girls and I mean it so much when I say this, I am there to act as a medium between you and your dreams, always, to the best of my abilities. You just have to keep the fire in you burning and have a purpose in your life to carve your identity in the field closest to your heart. Remember it is not about money, it is about fulfilling your dreams, money would come as a by-process but the satisfaction that you achieve is beyond compare. Slogging in the corporate world in different parts of the world rendered me this wisdom that there is nothing like working in the field you are most passionate about.

A friend, Nandini is an MBA in finance, she had a fantastic career before she got married and had a son due to which she took a break from her career. But the problem is she has no clue how long this break would continue, though her son is already four now. She is directionless and this makes her sulk and embrace a lot of negativity about the things around her. She is often brooding and this void in her heart has made her lose the charisma in her personality. It was heart-breaking to see her like that until some time ago but now eventually she has decided to go full throttle with her dreams embedding positivity and goals in her life.

My experience teaches me that, though you have it in you, sometimes you just need a wise stranger or a coach, a guru, a neutral third person who is free from all bias, doesn’t judge you and reintroduces you to yourself. I got one at the right time and the rest is history. With the same aim, I began this academy for many more like me to carve out their own path of success and I am glad I can help you all today. It can be any vocation dears, you just have to overcome your inner demons and inertia.

 For e.g. it is extremely heartening to see how numerous women have embraced blogging to give a voice to their thoughts and to showcase their talents, working from home and achieved due appreciation along with their financial goals. Similarly, there are numerous other fields all you got to do is make the first step, opportunities hang on every door. Spread your wings and fly high, I will be the happiest to see you all soar higher and higher and if you need any support write to me at or call me at 8806666355 for personalized sessions both online and offline.

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