Monday 16 October 2017

I don't believe I did this: My not so #CleanUpCashOut Hilarious Tale before I knew about

I am an absolute gadget freak and I guess my infinite love for them only gets deeper and more profound with time. I am as well a meticulous researcher of technology and an unparalleled collector of the most advanced gadgets which also means I have to get rid of the old ones which are still in a perfect state but just that I have acquired a newer version.

The first bait naturally always is to my family members(grin!!) whom I can make shelve out a good amount of cash on account of my bang on proposal to them of how my device will be just what they have desired in their dreams. Quite ironically the truth of the matter however is that most of them take the device promising to pay tomorrow and as you know tomorrow never comes. Well, sometimes they do but that's rare enough and it's bad manners to ask for money in family. Tears!!

Thus, about a couple of years ago, I decided to act smart and put the advertisement of my recent mobile phone on my social media handles requesting a share to my friends. This wasn't quite a trend back then but the pictha of my well maintained device at a steal deal price did turn certain eyeballs and I got a couple of calls. 

While the first one wanted to negotiate the price which I was quite adamant on not contemplating, the second call I got was from a young man who told me politely how he desperately wanted to but this cell phone for his wife and requested if they could come over. My heart melted at his soft plea and I agreed.

Late that evening the couple knocked at my door. They were fairly young and looked very newly wed. They greeted me with the most beautiful heartfelt smiles and a namaste. They looked at the mobile and caressed it fondly for minutes while whispering in each other's ears in between. The new wifey was adorably pretty and the two seemed deeply in love with each other. Though personally I don't entertain strangers I found them totally harmless and we struck a conversation. 

I found their tone quite familiar and they turned out to be from Banaras while we are from Allahabad. Knowing that we belonged to the same region they eased a little. I quite liked them too.

When the money matters began, I have mentally already decided to give them the device for 4K instead of 6K which I have quoted, just out of my goodness and I shared it with them upfront. Suddenly their faces turned grim and they became quiet. Restlessly I asked them the reason and they said while they needed the cell phone more than their life to talk to each other as the man was mostly touring, all they had was 1300 rupees, hence they would not be able to buy the device. They thanked me for my time and were about to take leave when I stopped them.

"Please take the mobile phone from me as your wedding gift my dears. You are like my own brother and sister as you belong to our place and I shall be happy not to charge you even a single penny for this", I gave a content smile to them as they reluctantly took the device and left. I didn't regret my decision a single bit and slept happily that night. 

Next morn I spoke about this lovely couple and my kind gesture to my bffs in the Zumba class and was aghast to know what I heard next. This couple has duped many online sellers this way after studying thoroughly their social media profiles. Phew!! This shattered my heart into a million pieces. They have clearly played with my emotions and robbed me of my feelings to ever being kind to anyone.

After this incident, I didn't sell my used gadgets for a long time, until I registered on where I get the most worthy value for my devices whenever I decide to clean up the #CleanUpCashOut way❤️ and because my cashify journey so far has been truly amazing I thought of bringing this hilarious tale as well as my love for cashify to the esteemed readers of Truly Yours Roma here along with an exclusive coupon code CLEANCASH which fetches you an extra Rs250 for the sale of your gadgets! All you get to do is get on this website/App on your device.

We wish all of you a very very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! It's high time we clean out all the old gadgets and make out some good cash out of them the Cashify way :D :D

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