Thursday, 18 May 2017

Reflections AtoZChallenge : I Set A Goal And Yeah My Second Book Is Releasing Soon

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Blogging is an erratic journey and you naturally tend to get lost in the huge ocean of capable and impressive writers if you don't keep your head firm on your shoulders and keep yourself motivated to create something unique to touch the hearts of your readers as well satiate your soul. Plus it is important to have a direction where your blogging is heading and to have goals for your writings. Goals both in terms of the quality you produce and also the quantity in terms of how to maximise the reach of your posts.

No matter how much gyaan you assimilate from your friends you get the real gauge of the situation when you dip in it and either learn to swim or drown and fade away.

Last year as I embraced the coveted #AtoZChallenge I set my first sincere goal of bringing forth 26 true tales of Indian Women evoking an era of change. They were widely appreciated and took the form of an  Kindle ebook which still sells steady on Amazon. Though I had won more than a dozen blogging contests before it, my real recognition came from these twenty six heartfelt renditions talking of women empowerment and liberation which helped in shaping my identity in the blogosphere.

The A to Z Challenge gave me the dedication to fulfil my dreams of being the voice of Indian Women and also gave me the global reach and if you are wondering why I am talking of last year, here's the reason why. Last year's success, blew away layers of dust from my long cherished parallel desire of attempting an eternal Love saga in the form of a novella for I had a strong belief in my story telling capabilities though so far I had mostly played in the non-fiction genre. And yes eleven months ago, I made up my mind to penning a serialised fiction for my #AtoZChallenge in 2017.

Fast forward to the last day of March this year, pressing circumstances forced me to initially think of abandoning the opportunity. I saw my blogger friends theme reveals and rejoiced in their planning with scheduling the posts well in advance....and then suddenly on 1st April I wrote my first introductory post of my novella with absolutely no drafts at all but with the characters only built strong in my head and nowhere else.

An unknown force kicked me out of my slumber and then there was no looking back from there. I wrote every morn at sharp 9 a.m. unfailingly for the characters played havoc in my mind until I brought them to paper. The urge was so strong that despite I met with a serious accident with my face and right hand burnt badly right in the first week of April, I didn't give up. The reason probably was was the appreciation I received for the narration and the story line right at the start. Also, since I knew my goals well in advance and I always love inching close to them despite of the circumstances, without a doubt I sailed ahead.
I wrote close to a thousand words each day and just went with the flow, though I admit I would have spent more time editing but I rather preferred reading my wonderful co-Bloggers who were also participating in the challenge. It felt like family with them and with my loyal readers who accepted my maiden serialised fiction attempt with great love. The month was amazing which also gave some wonderful friends of a lifetime.

Thanks to this awesome challenge and the constant support of team Blogchatter, on 1st May I had the manuscript of my first novella in my hands and as I thoroughly revisited it many times, I admit it was a crude first draft albeit of a beautiful eternal love story. I spent the coming two weeks editing and shaping it into a profound book after uncountable rounds of edits and it shall be available in print as well as ebook versions very soon.

This is an earnest note of gratitude to all of you from Truly Yours Roma, straight from the heart and I wish you will embrace my book with open arms too and shower it with buckets of your love like always.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Gaurdian Angel From The Heavens Above

Just a thought of my mom touches and soothes the deepest corners of my heart. Her selfless love and the light of her wisdom caresses my soul on the darkest of nights though today I am far far away from her. Yes, she now lives with God but connects with me every single day from the heavens above. The fragrance of our beautiful relationship still mesmerises my soul and I and my actions are nothing but her reflections. All the words of the universe will fail me to express my gratitude to her for all she has done for us and this is the reason why me and my younger brother always called her 'Mother India'. Yes, she resembles Nargis of Mother India not only in her ethereal beauty but also in the way Nargis had fought all odds in the Bollywood Flick to rear her children.
The journey wasn't easy at all with life's vicious circumstances always creating stumbles but she ensured that we got proper education and made a flourishing career for ourselves. No doubt we have inherited the strength of character and extreme dedication and will power from her. Her beautiful smile never gave away the fact that she had hidden abundant pain in her heart but was still proud of her children's achievement and we in turn are so proud of hers.
Tears well up in my eyes when 11 years after she is gone, still her students write to us about how grateful they are to her for what they have become in life as well how they still remember her generous loving nature. Only yesterday one of her students who had succumbed to Polio early on in life but mom's vehement support and guidance made her fulfil her dreams despite of the inability, wrote to me on Facebook remembering her. Such was our mom who lives forever in our hearts. Whenever, I am my little brother meet we still hum the song we sang with our #MotherIndia, "Dukh bhare din beete re bhaiya, ab sukh aayo re....".
And did I mention her impeccable sense of humour she was well known for. She was gifted in terms of making the toughest situations light with her flawless banter and was loved by everyone on the family alike for staying with them in thick and thin. I try to imitate her in most of the things and a fairly new mom that I am, I admit I am still learning. Whenever I am stuck in something #BigSmall, I look up at her, my guiding angel in Heavens above and she sends me subtle hints to aid me. Such is a mother whose unconditional love is unfathomable and is beyond the ties of life and death. She is my superstar and the strongest rock of my life.
Though for me everyday is a Mother's Day, I appreciate how we dedicate second Sunday of May every year to the most precious person of our life as 'Mother's Day' and urge everyone to shower unconditional love on her that day and always. How about ordering her a unique gift from and surprising the most beautiful woman in your life. She indeed deserves much more.
I bow my head to all the Mother's of the world who are divine angels sent by God himself to make this world the most beautiful place with their true boundless pristine love...This is Truly Yours Roma wishing you a very very Happy Mother's Day.
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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Zenith Of Love ~ Concluding Volume of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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That night was even more wonderful for Priyam. Despite of many rooms at home, the entire gang of the affectionate family members put their beddings on the floor in the hall and kept chatting, gossiping and giggling with mom and dad joining them too. There were silly jokes and friendly banter mostly and crazy bursts of laughter. Priyam sat next to Meer smiling all the time and took part in the fun with full excitement. That's when Dad said they should not wait to get her to their house anymore and everyone shouted in delight that they were soon to hear wedding bells. Even if it was not Aditi as they had presumed, they were extremely elated that eventually dad will see his youngest son married before he closed his eyes which looked inevitable though he exhibited signs of improvement occasionally.

Though Meer was elated that Priyam had won his parents' hearts, he watched carefully Priyam's reaction to the entire ruckus and this time she didn't twitch at the mention of her wedding. She just got all red and smiled and Meer knew it was finally a ‘Yes’ from her. How he wanted to hug her that moment, his infinite love had made his beloved overcome all her apprehensions and fears. The new more beautiful memories had eventually wiped away the uglier ones of the past. The two experienced a sea of overwhelming emotions in their hearts as they skid into their world of dreams with everyone else huddled together right there, at the centre of the huge hall...

In the morning, joyful Meer called Priyam's mom and her brother and asked them to get ready as he was coming to pick them up. The two danced in joy too, to hear that finally their darling was out of the destructive spell of her past's brutal memories. After all love and warmth are the best medicines to heal the deepest wounds and that's what Meer and now his family had showered on her in abundance. This had enabled her to take the plunge and place her trust once again in humanity.

The wedding was to commence in two days and as they applied for a leave extension, a lot was needed to be worked on rapid fire basis including their wedding trousseau while the rest of the family made quick fix arrangements of everything else. Honestly they didn't even had the time to think they were getting married, there was so much on their platter but it was also so much fun. How the family managed such a grand wedding in two days is still a talking point in the whole of Bhopal but yes all went really well and there was a shower of blessings from every near and dear who could or could not attend the wedding in such a short notice.

PriyaMeer enjoyed their wedding to the core for there were so many wacky moments which made it further memorable. This was bound to happen as they had shopped together. Like if Meer's Jutis were with Priyam, her makeup went in his bag, thus despite of having separate rooms they kept running for each other's and laughing over their pathetic state in their own wedding. Plus there was custom after custom which came at such a rapid pace…amidst of thousands of wedding clicks with relatives of relatives. They realised they were themselves, when they they were taken to their room at 3a.m. only to be woken up for another prayer ceremony at 6 on a chilly December night.

But they were happy, very very happy. Such was the power of their pure, divine, true love that they have won over the world that day. There was truly something special about those moments and they were on the zenith of their love. Meer pulled her near him and holding her the closest possible, kissed her deeply. Priyam too felt further complete in those safest set of arms that night. A love like theirs finally met its befitting end.

No it didn't end here, it was just a beginning...Eight years later today, as I sit with them having their favorite sandwiches and some coffee, I feel the same infinite love and warmth between the two.. oh sorry, they are three now, their little angel Preet is now 6 years who looks like a mini Priyam. She is dad's darling and enhances their love several-fold more. No one is now scared to utter the word Dad, there is happiness and only happiness in their paradise. I wish every Priyam in this world found a Meer.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Yes, Love Heals the Deepest Wounds ~ Vol 25 of PriyaMeer's LoveSaga

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Donning a pastel green Salwar kameez, Priyam looked mesmerizingly radiant as she entered his dad's room. Her goodness and innocence reflected on her face and she surprisingly felt very comfortable after Meer's mom had welcomed with a warm bear hug. Undoubtedly, there was a sense of comfort in their home. It felt like a cosy abode, she had always craved for with every single corner done up impeccably with a personal and homely touch. It seemed the big bungalow as well the big hearts of the inhabitants had space for everyone. Meer's mom and Aditi had already had a word with his dad and so as Priyam touched his feet, he blessed her and made her sit right next to him. Meer was sure of this as he knew his caring dad was a thorough gentleman. He too entered the room but stood at a distance.

The otherwise hesitant Priyam almost instantaneously struck a chord with his dad and they chatted for about an hour on topics like education, employment, growth prospects and a little about her and her family but not about wedding and so Priyam was absolutely comfortable and thus her first meeting with his dad and mom went just fine and they didn't dislike the lovely beauty with the brain either.

She had planned to stay with them for the next two days and as Meer's siblings and their families arrived to meet her, it felt like a celebration in the house. The love they selflessly poured on Priyam who was going to be the youngest member of the family barring the kids, gave Priyam the kind of happiness which no words can aid me describe. In fact she loved all the attention and she felt she belonged to them. And as she occasionally stole a glance of Meer, who blew a flying kiss at her, every time he was sure no one other than Priyam was noticing, she blushed. She felt as if she was turning the most beautiful pages of her life and reading the same made her heart smile and tinkled her soul.

That night on the terrace as they grabbed a Kulfi each, she expressed her gratitude to Meer for showing her this beautiful side of life which she thought only existed in dreams or movies. She had never felt so pampered in a lifetime and yes, I guess she was changing her heart, gradually, calmly, moment by moment....

Will she be able to eventually walk out of her fears and embrace what life has in store for her or she will just walk away with all the warm memories in her heart? Stay tuned to find out in the concluding volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.
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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

X-traordinary Pain Brings Out Love In Its Purest Form That Knows Only Giving ~Vol24 od PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Meer was home for a week now… his dad's health was deteriorating as his rare blood disorder has relapsed. Meer found it so unbearable to see him in so much pain and didn't leave his side for a moment. There was a pool of relatives and well wishers in and out of their house to meet his dad who was giving up slowly this time yielding to the pressure of old age and his chronic sickness. It was not easy for any one of them. The anchor of their house was slipping and no matter how hard she tried to control them, tears kept blurring his mom's eyes and the sea of tears lodged there just didn't dry up.

Meer was so proud of his dad whose goodness reflected on his face. He had been a Govt. servant but had never taken a single penny in bribe. He was a family man who took great care of everyone around him, this is the reason why whoever learnt about his ill health, came running. Meer knew his dad wanted to see him married before he left for the heavenly abode but had just kept quite for the sake of his son. He felt it was his duty to fulfil his last desire and wanted to do it all cost just for him.

He met Aditi the same night and shared with her everything about his and Priyam's relationship seeking advice from her childhood best buddy who suggested him to introduce Priyam to his parents, though she herself successfully hid everything that her heart was through. Meer really liked the idea for he was sure no one especially his parents can ever dislike Priyam. Before he left Bhopal to persuade her precious half for the same, he did one good thing, he took his mamma into confidence who was initially a little angry though but later gave in her sonny's request of just meeting his choice once.

Priyam was relieved to see her love was back as this also meant to her that his dad was better and she had been praying invariably for the same. As they met at their favorite spot on the sunset point that evening, holding her face firming in his palms, he apprised her of the situation at home and how deeply he wished to fulfil his dad's last desire with his eyes turning moist as he expressed himself in his softest ever voice. He also shared how he wished that she met his parents once. He had a firm belief that even if it comes after a few initial hiccups, they would approve of them and his dad would be eventually proud of his choice.

On the other hand, though Priyam's heart went out to her Mee and all that he had said had made great sense to her, but she was perplexed at the thought of meeting his dad. She was not even comfortable with the word dad and her ugly past stood in front of her whenever she heard or tried to speak the same. But for someone who meant everything to her, she weaved herself together and agreed. Meer took permission from her mom to fetch her along with him and they started immediately as time was running out for his dad.

Was it easy for Meer's parents to accept Priyam? Will Meer be able to fulfil his dad's last wish? Stay Tuned to catch the penultimate volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Will Wait For You Till Eternity ~ Vol 23 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Meer's unconditional love and immense warmth melted her mom's heart and she was certain she couldn't have found a better match for her. Her fear of social stigma eventually began fading away. One evening as she sat sharing her deep worries with him over a cup of coffee, she was taken by a great surprise to know he was already aware of Priyam's firm stand of not marrying in her lifetime. Though she was relieved to discover her daughter had not kept any secrets from the man she said she loved do dearly, she really looked forward to know how Meer had taken it.
In reply to her concern, the always sorted and composed Meer convinced her to wait and give her princess time, time for her on trust on humanity to come back, time for her ugly memories give way to the more beautiful ones she was weaving now. He had full faith that the therapeutic touch of his true love would cajole his lady love one day to accept the traditions and customs that made no sense to her now. For him their souls were united forever that fateful night they accepted each other in the sacred Lord Shiva temple of their college campus in the presence of Gods and all the stars of the universe and an official wedding was just a matter of societal obligation now.
Thus, he himself was in no mood to hurry up things or impose a decision on Priyam. With their workspace at office just a floor apart and their apartments in the same tower, they were living a dream. Priyam was the happiest of them all. Meer had filled the perennial void on her heart with gallons of serine love, warmth and care and in her rare innocent ways Priyam touched Meer's soul umpteen times each day. They were truly made for each other and I so wished they remained happy like this forever.
Their world suddenly was so beautiful and they immersed and satiated their souls of each other's love to their heart's content after two long years of separation. They ate, shopped, cooked, hanged around arm in arm and slept together. It was as if they were glued to each other and life seemed a bed of roses momentarily. They even took cookery and dancing classes together on weekends. Like I always say, the most beautiful relations in the world are the ones which don't have a name, their mare enchanting fragrance keeps the two hearts entrancingly elated. Naming brings in social responsibilities and many expectations too, so one must only take the plunge only once he or she is ready for the same or else wait for the right moment like my PriyaMeer.
Priyam has weaved her world in his arms and she cared a pence about the society. She has had enough of their ruthless ways and shallow faiths from her childhood. Meer was her pride and she somehow believed marriage may ruin their divine relationship. With every passing day her belief grew firmer and all she desired and craved for was to be in his warm embrace till her last breath. Though Meer was ready to give her beloved all the time of the universe, it was getting increasingly difficult for him to hide his love from his parents and family who still had no clue about Priyam and wanted their youngest one to settle down.
What do you think Meer should be doing in such a situation? To find out, you can grab the next volume right here on TrulyYoursRoma tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Vague Pre-Conditions of True Love ~ Vol 22 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Her dear mom had decided to startle her sweet little princess that early spring morn but as she entered her daughter's abode she herself was startled beyond compare, finding Meer there. It was still dark outside and Priyam felt equally gloomy within. She kicked herself a million times in her brain for not having told mom about Meer. Not that she hadn't contemplated doing that almost every day but several reasons stopped her from doing so and she had to bear the repercussions today. She had broken her mom's trust and her repentance made her heart sink. She tried clearing her throat to speak to her but words didn't just come out. The awkward pin drop silence in the room was brutal.

Meer however was unfazed and warmly greeted her mom touching her feet with a smile. Seeking inspiration from Meer, Priyam opened up a little, to her mother, "Mom, Meer is joining my organisation from Monday!"

"C..o..n..g..r..a..t..s S..o..n!" , is barely what she murmured in a faint voice. Thanking her and wanting to give the mom and daughter their space, Meer left shortly.

"Why didn't you tell me Priyam? Do you guys plan to get married?" mom asked her darling as they sat having breakfast. Priyam looked sullen and spoke in a very calm voice, "This was precisely the reason I didn't tell you mom. Please don't judge me for what I am going to reveal to you now. I love Meer for years now from the bottom of my heart and will die to spend my entire life with him but I can't marry him. We are very happy together and I will like things to be like this forever. After dad left you in a lurch and witnessing all the turmoil with you at a tender age, I have no belief in the sanctity of matrimony. I don't have the courage to take so much again all over again....The name marriage scares me mom. I don’t understand the vague pre-conditions for my love to get acceptance. "

Her mother was perplexed to hear her daughter's views. Not that she bothered about the society or was orthodox in her thinking, all she wanted was her daughter to settle happily in her life and here her past stood right in front of her eyes ruining her daughter's present. She felt deeply hurt in the vicious circle life has entrapped them into. Though she still didn't have a distinct opinion on Meer, she was ready to trust her daughter's choice. She also understood her daughter felt very vulnerable and fragile that moment and thus decided not to pressurise her. That's the kind of mother she has always been to her children though she wondered if Meer was aligned with Priyam's decision or not or will he abandon her as soon as he was apprised of her thoughts. Was his love for her deep enough? Every possible vague thought flooded her mother's mind but she shunned them maintaining peace at home and she caressed her daughter's forehead who lay on her lap.

Meer soon joined Priyam's work place. As Priyam's mother was here for a week, she met Meer every evening when he came to drop her and got to know him better.

Was Meer aware or Priyam's thought-process? Had she already shared with him her stand on marriage? Does the two set of parents feel comfortable in the set up? Stay tuned to catch some final action right here tomorrow on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.