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#Review of #Movie #Soorma : Testimony of a Brother's Love to make his Sibling a Legend

Review of Movie Soorma

Over the years we have gradually graduated from the newly weds who every Friday flocked the theater to watch the first day first show of most movies, to considerate parents who wisely scrutinize what would be best for their nine year old's impressionable young mind and accordingly decide which movie to watch though on a broader spectrum we wish him to be exposed to everything. Nevertheless, movies based on sports or sports personalities are always the first choices of both the sports buff boys ~ daddy and sonny.

Thus, no points for guessing, as we packed our bags to a weekend getaway to have some monsoon nature fun, we decided to watch the movie, #Soorma on the way and it really turned out to be a very nice, clean and worth a watch movie. Pure unadulterated Bollywood flick with multiple emotions and every character, every relation beautifully and mostly positively weaved.

The film is based on the real life comeback story of hockey legend Sandeep Singh who gets paralyzed waist down when a bullet hits him accidentally in a train. Actor, singer Diljit Dosanjh I felt is the most befitting fit for the innocent Sardar that Sandeep Singh is from his childhood. That innocence was vital to be kept alive to justify the cuteness of the character and to keep the audience enthralled and enticed as he played class hockey for India and got the nickname 'Soorma'. Diljit no doubt was good as a vulnerable lover as well as an impulsive yet profound player.

But if you ask me what I loved most about the movie, it was a pure testimony of an elder brother's love who himself has trained for years to be in Indian Hockey Team when his younger brother opts out in childhood itself. Though he himself doesn't get picked up for the national squad, he goes out of the way in discovering and getting honed his brother's unique talent. Also, he stands like a wall for his brother in every single need of his and was a treat to watch. Angad Bedi you sure nailed this buddy and you remained my favorite for most of the film.

Tapsee Pannu played Sandeep Sharma's love interest and did a fair job as was envisioned for a character which narrates the tale in the movie. Vijay Raaz as Sandeep's Coach definitely deserves a mention for impeccably essaying any role that he is ever given to him...I really love them all. Every other character of the movie was wonderful and relatable.

What I also loved about the movie was that Shaad Ali has kept the biopic simple and straight from the heart and has steered clear of unnecessary bollywood drama and masala to it. Of course the hockey fans were left wanting to know more about the ace player's thought process and strategies when on field but for a commoner like me, the movie did the job and made my weekend pleasant.

Truly Yours Roma's verdict on this movie is no matter what is your favorite genre, this movie is a must one time watch for every Indian because it is not always about cricket. Hockey is our national sport and I wish and pray it reclaims its lost glory soon. 

A huge round of applause for the Soorma Team ! I also wish more such movies are made are we inspire more and more children pick up sports and make themselves and their country proud :)

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Kashmir, A Piece Of My Heart : A Travelogue, A Memoir, Straight From The Heart

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I first went to Kashmir when I was in my tweens and was so enthralled by its unparalleled beauty that I left a piece of my heart there forever. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life and was ecstatic to witness this precious heaven on earth. I loved everything about it, the Dal Lake, the Shikaras, the Majestic Shalimar and Nishat Baghs, the floating market where I met a little boy probably six years old selling mesmerizing water lilies and only knew three Hindi words - ‘ Ek Ka Do’.

Dal Lake

He was sailing a tiny wooden boat with loads of flowers and his image stayed with me for a long long time. Thus when I got married and ‘S’ asked me where would I like to go, I told him I wanted to stay in a houseboat in Srinagar. This was 2008 and I was once again here after about more than a decade but nothing has marred its pristine beauty. Though people’s souls were charred by multiple attacks of terrorism their love for their primary source of income, that is we tourists, remained the same. They love you and take care of you like no one else.

 I stayed in Latif Bhai and his wife’s houseboat, "Qutub Minar' and ten years later today I still remember them for how they took awesome care of us more like their own family. His wife waited for us to wake up in the morn and made fresh kahwa for us. She also cooked yummy Kashmiri delicacies to our taste in lunch and dinner piping hot made and served with extreme love and finesse. Their artistic sense was revealed by the way they have done up their houseboat and it is by far my most memorable stay ever. They made us feel like a king and queen in palace and pampered us every bit.

In the nights Latif Bhai used to take us on a stroll in his shikara to witness the charming Dal lake glittering with the reflection of all the lights in water. It used to be biting cold and we sat cuddled in the blankets his wife use to give us before we started. I am yet to witness something as heart-warming and picturesque as this in my life.

He also arranged for our day trips to Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam etc. and we found our cab drivers equally affectionate and caring though each one had a heart wrenching tale to tell. I chatted with them for long. I also saw a young lad selling flowers in his small boat in Dal Lake and I felt he is the same small boy I met when I came here with my parents. I bought flowers from him without fail, both times.

Every single part, every nook and corner of Kashmir was more beautiful than any words of the universe could describe but each day we were happy to return back to Latif Bhai and his wife as if our family was waiting for us for dinner. For several years he even called us and we had promised him to return and again stay in his houseboat.

We still often remember them fondly as I conceived little ‘A’ within a month of my return from Kashmir and we really plan to go to Latif Bhai’s houseboat one day with our little sunshine.

Latif Bhai with my husband

I almost reached them this summer when I went for a Vaishno Devi Trip followed by a wonderful vacation at Patni Top. It was an extended family trip with safety being the prime concern and it was decided that this side of Kashmir was a bit safer. My heart felt shattered that I missed the opportunity closely. Though Patni Top and adjacent Sanasar had the same air as were as pristine and adorable, they made me nostalgic of my earlier visits to Kashmir, which still lives in the softest corner of my heart.

It is difficult for me to explain my bond with it in words. It is a strange connection I feel to this place. My heart cries remembering all the people staying their have gone through especially hearing it from their own mouth. I have cried with them as they told me how all their children and spouse and parents were all killed in one go by terrorists posing as Indian army, there are some tales I don’t even have the guts to narrate hear. They don't really know now whom to trust. Nevertheless, they still have the heart to smile and welcome us with open arms though the tourism industry there is constantly diminishing. 

I salute to their spirit and their love for their motherland. I wish and pray to the Almighty to please bless this most beautiful state of India with peace, forever and yes Latif Bhai I will surely come very soon and stay no where else but in your houseboat, I promise ♥️.

My Perennial Love Affair With High Heels

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Where to buy best Block Heels

Even since I was tiny, I loved wearing heels .This was strange as my mum neither wore heels nor had any distant affinity to get on her toes to look a bit taller. But I loved them as much as I loved dressing up. Not because I any which way was aware or conscious that I was very short in height but because it completed my look and to this day my perennial love affair with donning the most hot and sizzling pair of heels continues, sometimes to an extent that I am recognized by my pair of heels.

It was decades later that I came to know the real reason of why I have embraced and adapted to wearing heels early on. It was perhaps because the man with whom I would walk my entire life is six feet three inches tall 😛. 

Thus, I never have to really worry before falling in love with him and eventually marrying him 😊. 

For my wedding too,  I got the most gorgeous pair of six inches high silver block heels matching with my wedding trousseau to enjoy the whole day’s fun and frolic and dancing without getting tired.

Yes, I admit I am more of a platform and block heels person for I equally love comfort which for me must accompany style and oomph. Whether to work or for a client meeting or for a date night I prefer flaunting white block heeled pumps a lot. They empower me with morn to night comfort styled to perfection!

When it comes to footwear fashion, I love to stay up-to-date with Global fashion trends and am always on a look out to add a new and unique pair which is in at the moment and thus have heaped up a priceless collection of heels for myself which I am so proud of. My husband and my friends call me crazy and mock that I keep my strong block heels ready to hit back strongly in case I smell a danger and I only smile back. Nothing on this earth can end my perennial love affair with high heels.

What are your footwear preferences ? Do you have a go to brand while purchasing shoes for you and your family?

Friday, 6 July 2018

The 5 Places That Will Make You Fall In Love With Malaysia

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You all know I can do anything for my love of traveling and go freaking crazy preparing for a trip which I love to keep ardently well planned to the tee but this one just tipped me off my feet when I came to know that I had to go backpacking immediately for a training in Malaysia just the coming week. I was making a mental map of what all places I must not miss and squeeze in my Professional trip for I knew the beautiful country had a plethora to offer. Since I landed in Kaula Lumpur, it obviously became my first destination and yeah it is a wonder-town, you may not like it miss it and other attractions of Malaysia for the following reasons.

1.    Kaula Lumpur: Places such as the Petronas Towers, the Perdana Lake Gardens, and Menara KL Tower make the capital city a wonderful tourist destination apart for the culinary delights it has to offer on account of the mixed Malay, Chinese and Indian inhabitants here. It is also a wonderful shopping destination and the currency used is Malaysian Ringgit which is about seventeen Indian Rupees so if your aren’t a spendthrift like me, you better do some cost benefit analysis before indulging. I went for a crazy bargain in Petaling Street and it made me nostalgic of my shopping sprees in my own motherland. I loved Batu Caves and Aquaria KLCC the most among the numerous other attractions the city and its neighborhood offered. Earnestly, the city offered great delights to a traveler and has several other marvels that will absolutely make you fall in love with it.

2.   Malacca: Pronounced locally as Melaka, this ancient town with hold your heart captive forever not only for the numerous museums, churches, temples and other attractions it offers but also for the calmness and serenity in its air which shall de-stress and refresh you like never before. UNESCO declared Malacca has a world heritage site in 2008 for its historical and cultural significance. Based on how much you love ancient history you may prolong or limit your stay here... It indeed is one of it’s kind in Asia.

3.   Langkawi: If you are as much an absolute beach freak and sea lover like me, head to Langkawi also known as The Jewel of Kedah. It is an admirable archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea some 30 km off the mainland coast of north-west Malaysia and something which would make you fall in love with Malaysia. I loved its variety of adorable beaches ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. This place possesses a duty free status and one can enjoy any indulge here to his or her heart’s content.

4.   Cameron Highlands: If you ask me my most favorite part of a Malaysian escapade, it was a visit to the heartwarming, mesmerizing and an absolute visual treat Cameron Highlands. I shall never forget this cool place in my life. I loved its breeze, it’s lush green tea plantations that soothed one’s eyes like nothing else in this universe, Strawberry farms where I plucked some yummiest strawberries, the so adorable butterfly gardens, and flower greenhouses which filled my heart with so much ecstatic pleasure. I was so smitten by its charm that I had to book a hotel in Cameron Highlands and extend my day trip for a night stay at this heavenly place.

5.   The Genting Highlands: When in Malaysia you can’t afford to miss our very own Asian Las Vegas, yes that’s what Genting Highlands are known as. Yes, Genting is Malaysia’s most exotic hill station, this Kuala Lumpur mountain peak getaway is Malaysia’s Asian-style Las Vegas. We loved it for its casino, nightlife and luxury hotels. I was stunned to discover that it is the First World Hotel, which was listed as the world's largest hotel in 2006 by the Guinness World Book of Records for having 6118 rooms.

There are several other heart stealing attractions of Malaysia like the Penang, Malaysian Borneo, Perhentian Islands, Tiamon Islands etc. that you would like to weave in your Malaysian trip. 

Truly Yours Roma wishes you bon voyage for your Malaysian Trip. 

Trust you enjoyed the read and found it worthy in picking up your destinations as you plan a Malaysian Vacation. Do gift yourself and your family one♥️.

Unseen Malaysia | 41 Bucket-list-worthy Destinations

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Review of Bay 15, Cabanas by the Bay Dona Paula, Goa : #MyTravelDiaries

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bay 15 cabanas goa

If you are a beach addict like me this post in undoubtedly for you, take a dip, soak yourself, enjoy the read and may be you end up weaving another super amazing vacation for yourself... 

Yeah, I am a sucker of beach vacations and have my dedicated addas(read beaches) where I somehow run away to, at least twice a year and one of them is Goa by all means. I am found there so much that one of my blogger friends presumed we live there😃.

I love waking up to a sunrise on a beach and enjoy my breakfast by the shore watching the waves trying to come near me and receding away. I can sit there the whole day writing or reading on and on. No I don’t care about the tans, I never did, tans are too less a cost for all that fun and frolic in water and sand and then collapsing on the beach pads for a drink as you get sun-kissed. A sunset by the beach can’t be missed either. So for me a beach holiday always translates into a beach resort, the nearer to sea the better, the more personal the space is, the better. I eventually wish to have my own cabin on a secluded beach in Goa, I am a wild child you see 😛.

So till I have one of my own, one of our most favorite properties in Goa to stay is the Cabanas at Bay 15 situated at Odxel Beach at Dona Paula. It is a lush-green heart-warming huge property closest to the sea. It has 16 Cabanas or Swiss inspired wooden cottages or chalets, located between palm trees, having all modern amenities. We had booked a sea facing cabana and the overall stay experience was phenomenal. We just loved the place and will love to stay there over and over again. Let me quickly enumerate to you why 😊.

We drove there from Pune after a totally packed and stress-fully busy March this year and this sinfully quiet place gave us everything we desired to relax our nerves.

While the staff instantaneously transferred us to our cabana with welcome drinks waiting for us, lip smacking lunch was served at the sea side. The chef took great care that the spices were adjusted to kiddo’s taste at such a short notice while me and hubby just chilled grabbing a drink each. 

The beach was just a small flight of stairs down and since we were a tad bit tired after a small stroll we settled on the beach pads to hear the mesmerizing sounds of the waves hitting the rocky shore and witness a gorgeous sunset. Yes, the resort offered a perfect view to the same.

We had our evening tit-bits in the tiny balcony of our cabana and then hit the swimming pool. A small one but clean and having wonderful surroundings. A dip is water rid us of our lethargy and we hit the pool table for a round of snooker followed by a wonderful beach side dinner with live music. It was like magical and we danced till late. The staff took great care of us and we loved their hospitality, a point we consider foremost while we rate or recommend a property.

Morning was even more beautiful as we went for a long stroll in their huge property meant to accommodate as many as a thousand people for large events and musical nights, they host there. They have maintained mother nature in her purest form and are blessed with the beautiful beach right at their feet. The little one and daddy darling played a lot of games like frisbee, football etc while mommy was curled up with her favorite book under her comforter in her cabana of course when not in water. It was the exact kind of vacation our heart yearned for and our cozy cottage by the beach at Bay 15 just so delightfully offered us that.

My phone somehow didn’t connect to their WiFi despite of repeated trying which in fact was good for a digital detox to me and we were not very comfortable with some stray dogs inside their premises. But these two points we will safely ignore in front of the wonderfully good experience we had there. Rest from our check in to check out it was a perfect experience and I recommend it to everyone from honeymooning couples, to families, to bunch of friends, you world enjoy every ounce of it.

Pro tip from Truly Yours Roma: The cost of stay there is absolutely not humongous but still there are always some or the other offer running of the travel booking portals. Take the best bet but don’t forget to ask for a sea facing cabana.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post but I loved it to the core as much as I love you all and thus thought of sharing it with you all. Hope you found the review worthy :)

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Three Years, Author of Three Published Books, Can’t Ask For More: Thank you #BlogchatterEbook Carnival

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I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Neha whose ebook 'Digital Marketing for Small Businesses' is also part of the mix.

About Neha's ebook: Online Marketing for small businesses is a beginner's guide for start-ups, small businesses and personal brands wishing to start online marketing. This guide will help them understand the jargons, to do things on their own to start with an online marketing plan.

...I strongly believe it’s vital to revisit the crucial turning points of your life which you can proudly term the defining moments of your beautiful journey. You not only derive power from them but also they aid you envision forward, your goals in life.

It’s drizzling beautifully outside and the outside temperature is a breezy cool twenty four degrees in Pune. It’s my usual time of writing in utmost peace with a hot cup of coffee. My most precious me time of the morn. My eyes are twinkling with joy to see the hard copies of my three books and my heart does a happy dance as the feeling of them doing well, sinks in. Three years, three published books, I wouldn’t have asked for more. 

I look back and realize had it not been Blogchatter, I wouldn’t have lived this dream of mine so early and so big.

It was three-four years ago, when as I was expanding my horizons as a blogger that I landed on the Global #AtoZChallenge bringing together hundreds of bloggers of the world to blog together every single day of April barring Sundays. Since I was then working on a series of thought provoking true tales of Indian Women, I decided to take on the challenge to give my series an international platform. An exhaustive search on Twitter brought me in touch with Chandni from Blogchatter who made me a member of this wonderful community of writers who were also championing the same series.

Being a beginner, it was extremely worthwhile working with this clan who brought out the best in us and also had an impeccable vision for us of what happens to our wonderful content post the challenge is over.
 It was overwhelming when my series was considered worthy of being compiled to an ebook in the one of its kind #BlogchatterEbookCarnival Season 1. With Blogchatter’s help and special sessions, I learnt the indispensable steps to publish a book, how to edit it, how to design ebook cover etc. Had it not been their support, the journey wouldn’t have been this smooth.

Thank you so much Blogchatter, you made me a published author of three books of three different genres,

Dare To Defy The Destiny ~ Non Fiction Inspiration
The Fragrance of True Love ~ Fiction Romance
Destiny’s Favourite Child ~ Autobiography 

(You can click on them to grab a copy)

three books of roma gupta sinha

I was just a ray of positive hope, you made me a shining star.

 I shall forever be indebted to you and to the #BlogchatterEbook Carnival .This was my third consecutive year in it and this time it was all the more memorable as I was a mentor to this coveted carnival too. Much love to this priceless community from the bottom of my heart.

 I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Sonia whose ebook 'Deal of Death' is also part of the mix.
About Sonia's ebook: When the peaceful Munshiganj is affected by paranormal activity, detective Raya Ray steps in. Sharmila feels wronged when she's told she delivered a stillborn. A dead body, a secret inside the temple, soon Ray realizes no one is what they appear to be.

#BookReview : Diary of a Baby by Mahak Wadhwani

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Hola precious readers of Truly Yours Roma, we are back with a very very special book review and you would know in a moment why it stands out.

Have you ever read a book written by an unborn baby or a two year old little peanut? Well I have and here I review it for all of you.

Book Name: Dairy of a Baby 

Author: Mahak Wadhwani

Book Blurb: Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your baby’s mind? “Diary of a Baby” is a candid, witty take on life from a baby’s perspective written as diary entries, followed by interpretation phases of baby’s life from the author’s own parenting experience.

Author BioMahak Wadhwani is the author of “Diary of a Baby – Candid confessions of a baby from 0 to 2 years” and blogger at Baby & Beyond. An Engineer and MBA, Mahak spent 8 years working in business and technology consulting, before jumping off the corporate ladder and landing headfirst into a life of pooplosions, 3 a.m. feeds, teething and toddler tantrums – a life so exciting that she realized she just had to share her journey with the world. She writes about her parenting escapades, with a focus on gentle and mindful parenting techniques, mother and baby products, age-appropriate toys, books & activities and health & wellness.

My View : First things first, ‘Diary of a Baby’ is the cutest read I have had in the recent past and that is because I was extremely amused to read how a little baby feels from the time he is in his mom’s womb to till he becomes two years old. While we parents would have often given it a miss that even our little bundle would have had precious emotions about us and others as he entered this huge would, author Mahak has encapsulated the same in such a heart-warming manner.

I almost felt it is the baby talking about how he felt during the different milestones phases of his life and felt connected to his views. Surprisingly in each chapter I also felt as if my own son was speaking to me about how crazy he felt the world was when he began the beautiful journey for life which I feel is the win for the author mommy.

This autobiographical account of a little baby is also important from the viewpoint of quite a few worthy advice shared by the author for new moms at the end of most chapters. Her trials and dilemmas felt so real and I connected to each one of them and wanted to speak to her and discuss it further for instance the potty training imbroglio😊. Only we mom know what a project it is.

Right from the kiddo’s separation anxiety, to not letting mom and dad go out for dinner to the preschool settling saga, I have been there so know it all but hearing from the little one’s one mouth was stupendously wonderful.

Certain chapters left me thinking deep like a baby doesn’t know it’s a pink for girl and blue for boy or it’s a doll for a girl or a car for a boy. The little angels don’t know it, it is the people like the shopkeeper in the book, who teach it to them and then we blame the bias or gender inequalities prevalent in our society. It’s brilliant piece of writing by the author to prick our conscience in the right direction.

Overall I just loved reading this breezy at times comical diary of a baby. If you are a parent and looking for a light, cute and heart-pleasing read, this one’s indeed for you. It is a well structured ebook laid in some amazing chapters. You can download it here.

I would love the author to keep adding more chapters to this book as baby ‘N’ completes three and four and five and many more years😊. Lots of love to him and his gorgeous mommy, need I say, just loved the concept of the book.