Sunday 9 September 2018

The Healing Power of Staying Positive and Happy

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For years I lived in the belief that whatever I will think, the opposite of that will happen though I strongly believed in karma. Thus if I wished to come first in class, along with working hard, I kept repeating to myself that I will fail to come first in class and that made me push myself harder and eventually I stood first and was doubly ecstatic. This worked fine as a child but as I grew up, I realised this way of negating my own worth each time was making me sulk over trifle problems of life. Since I always told me that the good won’t happen so that the good happens eventually, I kept myself in a negative state until the result came which was the majority of my time. So naturally, I stayed on the opposite side of the happiness spectrum for most times which I realised over thorough self-introspection, was my biggest folly.
I am Destiny’s favourite child and it had chosen to put me to severe tests because it believed in me and thus I have to be happy about it and prove her correct and the moment I realised this I weaved a better world for myself♥️.
For a stipulated period of time, I forced myself to be positive and look for positives in everyone, love them, overlook their negatives and invest this happiness in my relationships no matter how trifle they were. I wanted to give out to the universe all the happiness and positivity of the world because you get what you give out is what I firmly believed. I stayed away from negative people and when I met them I welcomed them with a smile and ended it there and trust me the eternal power of this positivity and happiness state healed me of chronic wounds of my life and surrounded me in a peaceful aura and soon it became a habit, a habit which now defines me.
For years now, I have witnessed this healing touch. I have learnt to ignore the bad and absorb the good. I have embraced to smile forever and let it wash off the deepest sorrows of my heart. I have also embraced to aid people to come out of this internal crisis within themselves and the results are uplifting.
Most of my regular readers know I run a Communication Skills Academy for 6-60 years old and many women who enrol themselves trust me are not weak in their personality or communication but because they are sulking in a mental state that they have created for themselves, they are undergoing strong midlife crisis after being once ambitious women to becoming just a mom and wife not able to rid themselves of the vicious trap. This negativity weakens their confidence and they consider themselves redundant. A few even are at the footsteps of depression but the best part is I have seen them change and change for the good. All they need is someone to show them the right direction and guide them initially and they are ready to rock the world once again and I am so proud to be that ray of hope and mirror for them. Once they are able to work back on their own happiness and positivity, they feel so liberated and happy that in moments they regain their lost confidence and are all set to polish their personality and communication skills and set their goals in life and achieve them๐Ÿ˜Š.
This, in fact, happens to all of us irrespective of our gender. Practising positivity is significant but not easy because of human nature of falling into the trap of negative thoughts easily. To stay positive, stop speaking bad or badly in front or behind anybody’s back completely. Try stepping into the other person’s shoes before outrightly rejecting his thoughts as malicious. Stay away from anger and ego, our greatest enemies. Think a little before you blurt out your thoughts. Rather wait for the right moment to make your point leave the most impact. Respect your values and relationships. Invest in your relationships for you will get what you give. Learn to love as much as you can, so that you are loved back in abundance. Life is short my friends make the most of it. Smile your heart out like there is no tomorrow, you never know your smile can actually heal someone’s sorrows. All this isn’t Gyan, all these are my learning from the greatest teacher in this earth known to us as life. Stay positive and stay happy and let their healing power uplift your life.
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