Monday 1 October 2018

Realize the Significance of Time

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Significance of Time
A couple of months back I was seriously ill. My CA125 has come out six times higher than the permissible value and I was immediately referred for advanced tests. This was the period I had hit my lowest ...though I was smiling throughout but was very scared inside. There was so much more I wanted to do. My kid is still small and I have no support system at home. My husband travels almost twenty days a month, so it’s practically just me and my nine-year-old at home who being a single child remains our little baby like forever. While the fear dwelled in me, I decided to do the best planning I can, in case the reports came positive. First of all, I spoke to my son, apprised him of the situation and asked him to help mom. I told him he was a strong boy and no matter what came out in the reports, he had to be strong. He was a big boy and should take care of himself and daddy. I taught him how to make cheese sandwich or bread-butter for himself and green tea for dad and other housework and also had a word with my house-help seeking her extra support, if the situation got worse, as A was not still that big.
He learnt to come home alone from school and incase I was not back from the hospital and he could not find keys, he would do the neighbourhood to pick keys or make my friend call me to ask for it. I bought him a basic mobile kept at home at all times and entrusted him with a lot of responsibilities which to my surprise, he fulfilled much better than I ever thought. My boy has completed transformed in just a few weeks. He has seen his mom passing out at his school gate and I had presumed the whole incident would make him nervous and numb but to my surprise, he emerged much stronger. Children indeed are we clay, it’s absolutely on us how we mould them.
Luckily my reports came and though I needed regular treatment for my condition, any malignancy at this point of time was ruled out and my hubby and sonny both were on cloud nine and partied as if it was my birthday. I was relieved of my worries too because so far I had made both my precious boys totally dependent on me but hereafter I have pledged and have worked towards changing the situation for the good.
It is extremely vital to make our kids independent at the right age and the process ideally should be gradual. We should motivate and praise them for doing their own work themselves and in case they help us we must explicitly express our gratitude and appreciation to them. It is true that for the parents their kids will always remain their little babies, but for their own benefit, we must make them self-dependent as far as we can. Let them face the adverse situations and develop the hands-on wisdom to handle them, guide them whenever needed or they seek help and let our little buds bloom into worthy future citizens of India.
This entire episode also reappraised me of the fact that how significant time is. Life is too short, you never know what would happen the next moment, and there is so much we desire to do. During my sickness, though I never gave up my running my communication skills academy or writing inspirational articles on my blog on positivity, healing and balancing, I further started planning my time better and trying to touch as many lives positively as possible. I have already also started working on my fourth book. Planning my time has given me so much of extra moments of joy and happiness for all my loved ones too. All through my life, I have maintained that successful are those who know the best management of time because God gifted us all a total of 24 hours, it is absolutely upon us that we spend them sulking in our sorrows or in spreading beautiful smiles. The day we realise the significance of time, we would unearth the biggest treasure of life. I have unearthed it and thus realizing how vital time is, live each moment of my life to it's best.

This is my birthday month and I wish to weave so many more precious beautiful memories and have a memorable time once again and keep spreading happiness as much as I can :)

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