Monday 28 January 2019

#Momology Every Mom’s Unique Art Of Rearing Her Baby - 5 Parenting Mantras When Nothing Seem To Go Your Way

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Motherhood indeed is a different cup of tea albeit the yummiest one. It changes you and your life completely and you won’t know what I mean until you become one. Every day we fathom a different secret of rearing our little one and the more we know, the more we feel, we have only touched the tip of an iceberg. There is no right and wrong way of parenting and each mum has her own unique art for bringing up her precious little.

Momology is this unique set of instinctive skill every mom possesses and here we are, through this blog train, felicitating each mum’s Momology.

I am sharing here my mantras as a mommy when nothing seems going my way.

1.Plan A Date With Your Little Precious: This works most often than not. Like we get stressed, little ones too and so like we need to unwind they too. Plan a small date in your means, like an ice-cream date or a movie date without a reason and chill.

2. Laugh Your Heart Out Together: When the kid is unwell and our heart cries, work with reverse psychology, to prevent rubbing your anxiety on the cute little, rather read our funny joker and stories to him or her and laugh your heart out. Both of you will feel lighter.

3. Cuddling and Kissing: Never miss to cuddle and kiss your children no matter how big they grow, not only will they feel loved but you will be overwhelmed with motherly warmth.

4. Appreciate Not Bribe: Let your kids earn stars from you for everything wonderful they do in the day, at bedtime. Appreciate their good points and guide them in their weaknesses. This will undoubtedly strengthen your bond.

5. Steal me time for yourself: We can’t underestimate this weird parenting mantra. If we sulk we shout at our kids unnecessarily, we should rather enjoy some pleasurable activity and indulge while they are away at school, and be refreshed and rejuvenated. I have to do this often as I take 6-8 sessions in my academy each day and am over-worked most days. It’s the kiddo who will bear the brunt, no matter whether he is or is not at fault.That moment, I quietly sneak out for nature walk or grab a mood enhancer- mostly chocolate for me. Taking frequent mini holidays is also magical.

About The Blogtrain: I along with my co-hosts Zainab, Geethica and Prisha feel honored to host this vital blog party raising a toast to our MOMOLOGY. The idea is to let every momma pen straight from her heart, her interpretation of what her Momological skills are. Request you all to feel free to share your motherhood experiences too with your secret talismans and let’s all rejoice in the beauty of this wonderful feeling of mammahood Mother Nature has conferred on us. Did we mention while we are not calling it dadology dads are most welcome to share their overwhelming experiences too?

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