Friday, 27 January 2017

The #MagicofWarmth of that Eternal Moment is Forever Etched on my Heart

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Certain moments are forever etched on our hearts for the amount of warmth they exude further reinforcing our belief that life may not always be a bed of roses but it's definitely fair and worth the experience. These priceless moments are our treasures kept safe deep in our hearts which we can revisit at times when things aren't going our way, to draw some inspiration from. My roller coaster life has been full of such worthy moments coming to my rescue every time life was slipping away from my hands like sand....

We were newly wed then all of 22. Within a month and a half of our wedding we lost his dad forever(of a prolonged malicious cancer illness) and four months later my mom left for the heavenly abode. Naturally, we were devastated. There was so much happening around us. Though S, my precious half, a balanced guy of few words, managed his grief in silence, seeing so much pain, turned me bitter. I saw his silent tears and heard my heart-wrenching wails. I was angry with God for taking away mom who was all of 49 and never had a sickness in life. Dad and my little bro were inconsolable. I was in my new home always thinking who will take care of them now. All this has suddenly turned me cold and speechless and I lost my faith in life.

Back at my home, I obediently fulfilled all the duties of a wife and daughter-in-law. While it was time for me to weave new long lasting relationships with a smile which I did try to the best of my abilities, but there was someone who was gauging what an emotional upheaval I was undergoing for not being able to take care of my bereaved dad and little bro. The solitude pricked me and my moist eyes told me, they were wet of my loved ones' pain.
Every night, I wanted to share with S but I thought he must have been experiencing the same void and agony too for he has lost his dad too, so I embraced quietness and always went to sleep holding his hand clutched in innumerable uncertainties. It went on for a week until he told me he is out for a day for official work. Cold as I was getting, I didn't react much and bid him bye blankly.

The next morning as I opened the door at the sound of the door bell I was aghast to see S standing with my Dad and Bro. They both looked pale with sunken eyes. I didn't let my pain overflow to them and welcomed them with a smile which lit with gratitude and incomparable warmth for the man I fell all the more in love with that day.

S asked me to prepare a quick lunch and no one would believe he fed them Lentil-rice with his own hands as they were reluctant to eat. That moment when he pampered, consoled and fed them morsel by morsel is forever imprinted on my heart. This was the warmest moment my eyes have ever witnessed. The way he loved them, made them smile, massaged their head with my mom's Favorite Parachute Hair Oil (my mom also loved all their bonding commercials and I include one below)  and took care of them exuded enormous goodness. The #MagicofWarmth of that moment melted my heart and though words failed me to express my gratefulness to him, that was also the moment I most deeply fell in love with him and became indebted to him for life. All the sadness vanished in the flick of a second and that moment gave me back myself too. I swore by myself to stay by this great man through thick and this I do many years later today too without fail for that warm magical moment made him not only my pride but also of my dad and bro and their bond is adorable till present day.

'Am elated today to relive the #MagicofWarmth of that Priceless Moment
Expressing my gratitude with failing words to Parachute Advanced to Cajole me revisit them
Such moments lay the foundation of relationships of a lifetime
Forever etched on your heart as a keepsake of happier times'

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Most Favorite Top 5 Restaurants in Pune

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I am a foodie of a kind who counts her calories for multiple days before binging on my Favorite food and that is what makes the satiation of my taste buds all the more worthwhile while keeping in check my weight which I can't afford to increase under any circumstances.

Today I present to you my most Favorite top 5 eating joints in Pune vis-a-vis their food quality-variety , ambiance and comfort on pocket parameters with the pros and cons of each, so that you have the complete information in case you are planning to visit any of these or looking for some cool ones.

1.    Jalebi Junction, Baner: If your tongue savours spicy street chaats n golgappas with Real Ghee Jalebis there is no other place you better be. Not only this, they too specialise in Special North Indian Delicacies like Sarson Kaa Saag and Makke di Roti or Daal Baati churma. The trick is always lay your hands on their Dish of the day and you will never go wrong. They are unbeatable in taste and are truly a vegetarians delight. Their menu is rich and diverse and food is served hot and quick. The sitting place is only decent and is available both on ground and first floor. Remember there is crazy rush on weekends but trust me the food is worth the wait and is surely unbearably light on pocket. There is no telephonic booking available there.

2.    Barbeque Nation, Sayaji Wakad: If an exotic romantic roof top date is on your mind with crazy lip-smacking food and drinks with your love in a secluded corner in a cool dark ambiance lit by the warmth of red hot grill, this place is so ideal for you, so perfect and so cosy. I bet no eatery can beat it in its variety and taste of starters and kebabs it serves hardly leaving any space for its equally rich buffet main course and exquisite desserts in our already stretched stomachs. They have taken great care that they also serve a gastronomic delight to their vegetarian clientele. Sometimes I love their vegan starters more than their speciality non-veg kebabs. Almost always I drool over their dahi kebabs and the chefs their recognise me by face for my perennial demand for them. Barbecue Nations are heavy on pockets but they make the personalised experience worth it every ounce. Also, almost always there would be huge waiting there, so it is recommended to pre-book it telephonically.

3.    Mainland China, CityOne Mall, Pimpri : There are days when my tongue desires only Chinese Cuisines in their authentic version and not the Indianised Spicy Ones and one place I would rather be for it is Mainland China. They know best how to make your experience special with them. This one is an ala carte restaurant and they make the dish special for you by knowing your salt and spice preferences or whether you'll like to have it sautéed or in gravy of different textures. I have had a memorable bday there and we ate all vegetarian because of a Navratra but it I must say I hold the experience close to my heart. The ambiance of the place is par excellence and prices of the dishes are on a higher side but it reflects in the quality of their preparations. You can walk in straight or prebook telephonically.

4.    Ramdev ka Dhaba, Nigdi : Now this purely vegan restaurant is a total surprise package and an ideal family and friends hangout spot of course with damn yummy pocket friendly food. They are well known for their daal baati churma which I bet is one of the best I have ever tasted. The yummilicuous ghee tadka daal is served in a cute replica of a baalti (a small bucket) with ball like Baatis all loaded with Ghee which sure are a gastronomical delight . The ambiance of the place is good and they also serve other North Indian dishes too. It's definitely worth a try. We love it especially when are guests are vegans.

5.    Sigree, Cityone Mall, Pimpri: So if you are a foodie family of crazy variations in taste preferences when you little sonny is craving for some pastas and thin crust pizzas, hubby for some Dum Biryani and prawns with Hot Roomali Roti and Keema kaleji and you for your alltime Favorite grilled options, to get it all at one place along with an overdose party of desserts and ice creams together after having your individual choices, Sigree is sure a delightful choice. In food options and cost per person it is a younger sister of Barbeque Nation but the concept is exactly the same with slight alterations. If you are going there on weekends prebook to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Personally you can mostly catch me hanging at one of these joints on weekends savouring their delicacies while closing my eyes to the number of calories. I vouch by their food undoubtedly.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post and is purely based on my taste buds' recommendations.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

In Search of Myself.....

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Some days I just want to sit with myself
        Without a spoken word, happy in my own space

Letting the early sun rays play peek-a-boo with my tresses
I look aimlessly into the serene sky till the point where my gaze ends

I feel like the calm surface of a placid lake
Not wanted to be broken into ripples by a wandering pebble

I feel like a half-blossomed hibiscus violet
Without a desire to be spotted by a butterfly to steal my pollen

I feel like a small baby oblivious of all the worries of the world
Who craves for nothing else but her mother's lap

And suddenly the responsibilities beckon
Kicking me hard out of my trance

Perplexed to see the hour on my clock
I dedicatedly rush back to the next core

But the peace I just experienced lingers on
And I again sit back in search of myself

Am I what the time had made me
Or that child who desired to frame her own destiny

I lot I have achieved and great solace in it I find
And words undoubtedly fail me to express my gratitude to the Almighty for the same

But there's still a void in my heart and emptiness in my eyes from years umpteen
Waiting to be filled when I shall materialise that unseen dream

Until then I wander and meander in search of myself
Without a work spoken, happy in my own space

Copyright ©2015~017 Roma Gupta Sinha 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Gifting Delight with

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It is extremely fascinating when you receive a thoughtful gift from a loved one as it reflects his love and tender feelings behind his effort to choose a perfect one for you. This further strengthens your bond with him.

I maintain this same ideology while I choose gifts for friends
and family who are the most vital part of my heart. Mostly I like to make innovative gifts by my own hands but if they live quite far away, personalised gifts or gifts that are too unique and showcasing our special connect are what I always prefer and meticulously work upon. Sometimes I also like to pamper myself with some ideal gifts that live up to my choice completely. After all, gifting oneself is not a bad idea either. It can work wonders in lifting your moods and rejuvenate and cheer you up. Thus my hunt for the perfect gifting options is almost a perennial phenomenon in my life.

During one such hunt for the best, I stumbled on a wonderful gifting portal called and though I entered it for its vast network of same day delivery of personalised gifts, cakes, flowers etc in 300 cities, I was aghast at the multiple categories of gift options it offered to its customers to choose from right from flowers and cakes to lovely bed covers and table cloths and kids' products. I also figured out that started almost a decade and a half ago in 2001, IGP is also the largest gifting Portal of India delivering our gifts across 150+ countries round the globe and 7000+ Pincodes. Isn't that so awesome, ordering personalised special gifts for your friends and family and getting it delivered to them in any part of the world. They are quite trustable and I and my family members have many a times sent Birthday Gifts, Valentine's Day Gifts for her and Mother's Day gifts through them and they have never let us down so far and remain my favourites.
Lately while surfing this user friendly website's home and living section, I laid my hands on an enchanting traditional printed blue andwhite table cover, which stole my heart at the first glance and I am so elated gifting it to myself as most products here are optimally priced.
As always the product arrived in perfect packing and ooh la la it so looked so spick and span on my dining table. It made me proud of my own choice but the fact is it's IGP which has always stood by its commitment and delivered best and perfect gifts exactly as it has exhibited on its website and on time to make your loved one's and sometimes even your day memorable....
This website is truly a customer's delight.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Vicious Trap

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Weak and frail I am, to write my heart aches

This chronic pain is slowly taking my life away

Eight long years of medication

And in between troughs of depression

For not being able to get rid of the situation

Has shattered me into pieces a million

Opportunities knock and fade in lifeless shades of grey

At my refusals and excuses, I so easily let my dreams recede away

Can't burden my loved ones always

And rub on them my heart's sadness

The fear of when I will be gone

who shall take care of my little one

Remains the biggest reason on my holding on

I still sip back my tears every day in optimism

Also, holding on to the hazy rays of hope

That seeps in through my window each day

And the Tiny Indian Roller who comes to meet me every day without fail

I intent to break free from the clutches of pain

It's vicious trap I am now so hell bent to break

I shall either permanently defeat my sickness or forever wither away...

The time has come to get back to life

To spread my smile as wide as river Nile and pen down my heart on sheets white

Pic Courtesy: Krish Bis

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Serein by Tata Housing - The Most Worthy New Address of Wellness Homes in Thane

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Haven't I said this enough - my home forever remains the most beautiful part of my heart. It is my personal space, my world and a crystal clear reflection of who I am. Thus for me the quest to explore the better than the best home for myself always makes me traverse a few extra miles so that the place I zero in to reside is a Holistic Wellness Abode for me and my family. Thus being avid nature lovers and calmness seekers, we often landed in flats and duplexes in quite far flung outskirts of the city.

However, a heart-pleasing lush green vicinity in Thane, had been perennially catching my attention for a while now and that's Pokhran Road -2. No wonder if we term it the Malabar Hill of Thane on account of its priceless natural beauty and proximity to the home for precious flora, Yeoor Hills and Upvan Lake. The lush green environment and picturesque landscape steals your heart at the first glance. The icing on the cake is just as I have been silently desiring to put up permanently on this beautiful location, Tata Housing have launched here, their Premium Project – ‘An Address of Pride’ Township named after its serene environment - 'Serein'. Strategically located at the most posh location of Thane, Serein is the true centre of luxury.

With it's launch, it had laid a strong foundation of in city wellness homes in India. With incredible additional facilities and comforts like a pet park, nature trail, organic farms etc they sure are a step ahead in providing holistic wellbeing to its inhabitants along with ensuring best schools, hospitals, shopping centres and access to modes of transport are not away either.

A glimpse of this impeccably planned lush green township fills your heart with nature's song hummed in chorus by the chirping birds as you enjoy the hill view. Such is a home which you feel like passing on generations to generations with pride and blessings. What a great legacy it makes.

Satisfied with the exteriors it was time for me to ensure the 2,3,4 BHK apartments do offer the comfort of cosy homes and yes I was totally stunned to see the execution which undoubtedly is a visual treat. The design ensured abundant sunlight and adequate ventilation in the flats too, both of which were absolutely indispensable at least in my case. No doubt the plan of the township is crafted to perfection from all angles. Its grandeur and opulence rubs on you and you sure wanna own this address at  what we lovingly call 'Serein in the Malabar Hills of Thane'. Amazingly the Zipcode of Malabar Hill-400006 and Pokhran Road, Thane- 400610, our Premium #MalabarHillofThane also bear a striking similarity.
This sure is an ideal site for wellness enthusiasts like me for whom nothing less than the best works when it is a matter of Home Sweet Home for us. If you too sail in the same boat, you sure must check this out!!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Pain is my Inspiration

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Pain is a wonderful companion
It enriches me in ways more than one

 Strange yet true, ever since childhood I have experienced it all through
And whenever it chose to leave me for my good

 Priceless happiness made its way inside my life
As if light just sneaked in after a long dark night

 The bright rays only blinded me and filled me with fear and insecurity
Of losing the joys of life's worthy journey

 Like a perfect mate, pain wished to be forever gone
And never come back to this bereaved friend

 But that was not what was destined
God wanted to test umpteen times his Chosen Child

 So he ended my insecurities
And every time reunited me with the Pain precious

 Pain has the Power of igniting wisdom is most morose souls
It teaches you a zillion lessons as moments crawl

 It is now a part of me,
Pain I live and Pain I breadth

 I have no regrets and am at peace
Pain motivates me to seek my goals without any fear of loosing

 Pain burns like a fire in my heart
And propels me ahead on the path of righteousness

 Pain is my Inspiration which pushes me ahead
To voice the hearts unheard….

Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Is it ok to withdraw terming her a socially awkward child? (Food For Thought Series Vol-8)

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Aantrika is a single child born to a teacher mom and a businessman dad after 7 years of their marriage, in a nuclear family. An adorable princess, she was the apple of her parents' eyes. She was not naughty and was always quiet , playing with her toys alone in her room was what pleased her the most.

As time elapsed, she grew up into an exceptionally brilliant and talented child. Her medals kept mounting and she kept growing in her own world. Her mom and dad as they came back from work, always found her a very good and obedient child and so did her teachers who were full of praise for her.

Then, what was wrong? This pretty little girl never opened her heart to anyone. She barely spoke a few words in the whole day and was always surrounded by books, she so loved to read. She never liked going to birthday parties and felt awkward in social gatherings. She tried her best to avoid people and smile never fully touched her lips. The world soon termed her a recluse and she lived with the tag. Destiny further struck, when God took away her mom from her when was in tenth grade.

As she grew up a little more, this pretty damsel became my room mate in our hostel. The sadness in her eyes bothered me and those silent eyes pricked my heart. Many a times I struck a conversation but could get to know very little. She was either lost in her books or was listening to Jagjit Singh Ghazals. I really wanted to know why she never smiled, is their nothing which can ever make her happy. I could just understand one thing that there was an unknown fear that prevented her from enjoying life to its full. I was opposite, an extrovert full of life and wish I could have rubbed it on her. Our differences made us stick together for many years then. Later we got jobs in different companies in different cities. While  so many eligible bachelors were waiting for her, she silently tied knot to a very simple and timid human being of a very different caste and left India. She again chose a hidden life at a place where no one would know her.

She wrote to me recently and opened her heart out. I could not hold my tears as I could not believe all that she has faced throughout her childhood and now that she was a mother of a daughter herself , she doesn't want her to silently face the worst like her. The letters ink has swollen with her eyes where she wrote how for years her parents most trusted domestic aid Maharaj has Molested and sexually abused her. It was not that she never wanted to voice this to her Parents, she did try but her plea was withdrawn considering she was a very small child and was misreading the gesture which made her embrace perennial silence. But in turn this made a fear from everyone other than her mom and dad sit in her heart forever. It took her decades to overcome this fear or is it even gone today? Will such a child ever be able to trust anyone in her lifetime.

If everyone would not have withdrawn that time, terming her a Socially Awkward Child and even one of them would have tried to find the real cause behind it, we could have saved this girl from leading a painful , full of fright, tormenting life....I am glad she has summoned the courage to speak it out today so that her daughter and many more daughters of the world don't get stifled by the inhuman tendencies of some psychopaths who don't even spare children of their vicious tendencies. It's high time we keep a strict eye on any behaviour deflections of our kids and also on the people that surround them.
      Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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Monday, 2 January 2017

Reflections 2016 : Year RoundUp Post and #GearUp2017 Goals for Truly Yours Roma

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To be summed up in a nutshell I shall term 2016 a year of significant intangible gains including the bird's view of the main aim of the very existence of #TrulyYoursRoma. It came with several realisations and helped me set goals and associate a significant meaning to my life.

In 2014, I had envisioned 'Truly Yours Roma' as a straight from the heart voice of the teaming millions whose true tale needs to be told to the world, to prick consciences and inspire an era of positive change. I did exactly the same and I am glad this way I was living my childhood dream of being the voice of all those I had seen struggle around me. This went on perfectly till I won the VWomen of the Year Award in 2015, post which I was showered with crazy love by Brands.

Going with the flow, I took all the assignments in my stride as I did not find my writing confined to any particular niche or writing style. If something was worth an expression straight from the heart, I wrote about them. What I maintained though was I reviewed the products authentically and returned the ones which were pathetic. Write or Wrong, this was my way of remaining true to my precious readers and not upsetting the brands who accepted the follies.

Though I enjoyed the limelight, start 2016, my fingers and hearts both itched to get back to my first love - eye openers post in the genre Inspiration to satiate my soul and align my writings to the cause which is so close to my heart. Several friends, acquaintances and even some strangers wrote their stories to me and thus it became my responsibility to look out for a larger platform to give their voice a global forum to be heard and reacted to. That is when I joined the coveted Global A to Z Challenge penning 26 True Tales of 26 Individuals like you and me trapped in the vicious circles of destiny. The response to them was humongous. People related to my stories and I gained a lot of friends and well wishers among my readers which enriched me so much. It was as if my vision was materialised and my heart felt so satiated. A to Z challenge also made me a part of the beautiful Blogchatter world, a wonderful blogger community whose guidance plays a crucial role time to time.

You may read the 26 Tales here, if they interest you, by clicking on their link below:

I knew I was on the right track and this was the time my first Ebook 'Dare to Defy The Destiny' was published on Amazon. Thanks to Almighty whoever read it, did write back to me how a particular or all stories in the anthology inspired them and opened their eyes. I was glad they liked it and this further enhanced my responsibility.

This has given me the #GearUp2017 Goals for #TrulyYoursRoma and I share with you my thought-process below, any further suggestions on the same are most welcome:

1.    Start a Forum on the blog and its social media handles where people can anonymously share their true tale or someone else experience of life which can act as an eye openers or inspiration for others.
2.  Let each member of the forum propagate these true tales so that more and more consciences are pricked and urged to correct themselves.
3.  Let each one of us contribute in our own small way to be the Face of Positive Change in our society where crimes against humanity are not uncommon.
4.  To push myself the hardest make my dream project - My Novella see the dawn of the day.
5.  A dedicated 3 hours for my blog each day – Nurture and Care it like my own baby. Have my Blogging Calendar in place. Plan and schedule much in advance and stick to implementation dates.
Trust this year shall give me enough wisdom and surprise in equal proportions to enable me to leave no stone unturned to march ahead on the path I had chosen for myself, unhindered.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!
                                   Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha