Monday 2 January 2017

Reflections 2016 : Year RoundUp Post and #GearUp2017 Goals for Truly Yours Roma

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To be summed up in a nutshell I shall term 2016 a year of significant intangible gains including the bird's view of the main aim of the very existence of #TrulyYoursRoma. It came with several realisations and helped me set goals and associate a significant meaning to my life.

In 2014, I had envisioned 'Truly Yours Roma' as a straight from the heart voice of the teaming millions whose true tale needs to be told to the world, to prick consciences and inspire an era of positive change. I did exactly the same and I am glad this way I was living my childhood dream of being the voice of all those I had seen struggle around me. This went on perfectly till I won the VWomen of the Year Award in 2015, post which I was showered with crazy love by Brands.

Going with the flow, I took all the assignments in my stride as I did not find my writing confined to any particular niche or writing style. If something was worth an expression straight from the heart, I wrote about them. What I maintained though was I reviewed the products authentically and returned the ones which were pathetic. Write or Wrong, this was my way of remaining true to my precious readers and not upsetting the brands who accepted the follies.

Though I enjoyed the limelight, start 2016, my fingers and hearts both itched to get back to my first love - eye openers post in the genre Inspiration to satiate my soul and align my writings to the cause which is so close to my heart. Several friends, acquaintances and even some strangers wrote their stories to me and thus it became my responsibility to look out for a larger platform to give their voice a global forum to be heard and reacted to. That is when I joined the coveted Global A to Z Challenge penning 26 True Tales of 26 Individuals like you and me trapped in the vicious circles of destiny. The response to them was humongous. People related to my stories and I gained a lot of friends and well wishers among my readers which enriched me so much. It was as if my vision was materialised and my heart felt so satiated. A to Z challenge also made me a part of the beautiful Blogchatter world, a wonderful blogger community whose guidance plays a crucial role time to time.

You may read the 26 Tales here, if they interest you, by clicking on their link below:

I knew I was on the right track and this was the time my first Ebook 'Dare to Defy The Destiny' was published on Amazon. Thanks to Almighty whoever read it, did write back to me how a particular or all stories in the anthology inspired them and opened their eyes. I was glad they liked it and this further enhanced my responsibility.

This has given me the #GearUp2017 Goals for #TrulyYoursRoma and I share with you my thought-process below, any further suggestions on the same are most welcome:

1.    Start a Forum on the blog and its social media handles where people can anonymously share their true tale or someone else experience of life which can act as an eye openers or inspiration for others.
2.  Let each member of the forum propagate these true tales so that more and more consciences are pricked and urged to correct themselves.
3.  Let each one of us contribute in our own small way to be the Face of Positive Change in our society where crimes against humanity are not uncommon.
4.  To push myself the hardest make my dream project - My Novella see the dawn of the day.
5.  A dedicated 3 hours for my blog each day – Nurture and Care it like my own baby. Have my Blogging Calendar in place. Plan and schedule much in advance and stick to implementation dates.
Trust this year shall give me enough wisdom and surprise in equal proportions to enable me to leave no stone unturned to march ahead on the path I had chosen for myself, unhindered.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!
                                   Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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