Monday 16 January 2017

The Vicious Trap

Indian Bloggers

Weak and frail I am, to write my heart aches

This chronic pain is slowly taking my life away

Eight long years of medication

And in between troughs of depression

For not being able to get rid of the situation

Has shattered me into pieces a million

Opportunities knock and fade in lifeless shades of grey

At my refusals and excuses, I so easily let my dreams recede away

Can't burden my loved ones always

And rub on them my heart's sadness

The fear of when I will be gone

who shall take care of my little one

Remains the biggest reason on my holding on

I still sip back my tears every day in optimism

Also, holding on to the hazy rays of hope

That seeps in through my window each day

And the Tiny Indian Roller who comes to meet me every day without fail

I intent to break free from the clutches of pain

It's vicious trap I am now so hell bent to break

I shall either permanently defeat my sickness or forever wither away...

The time has come to get back to life

To spread my smile as wide as river Nile and pen down my heart on sheets white

Pic Courtesy: Krish Bis

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