Friday 27 January 2017

The #MagicofWarmth of that Eternal Moment is Forever Etched on my Heart

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Certain moments are forever etched on our hearts for the amount of warmth they exude further reinforcing our belief that life may not always be a bed of roses but it's definitely fair and worth the experience. These priceless moments are our treasures kept safe deep in our hearts which we can revisit at times when things aren't going our way, to draw some inspiration from. My roller coaster life has been full of such worthy moments coming to my rescue every time life was slipping away from my hands like sand....

We were newly wed then all of 22. Within a month and a half of our wedding we lost his dad forever(of a prolonged malicious cancer illness) and four months later my mom left for the heavenly abode. Naturally, we were devastated. There was so much happening around us. Though S, my precious half, a balanced guy of few words, managed his grief in silence, seeing so much pain, turned me bitter. I saw his silent tears and heard my heart-wrenching wails. I was angry with God for taking away mom who was all of 49 and never had a sickness in life. Dad and my little bro were inconsolable. I was in my new home always thinking who will take care of them now. All this has suddenly turned me cold and speechless and I lost my faith in life.

Back at my home, I obediently fulfilled all the duties of a wife and daughter-in-law. While it was time for me to weave new long lasting relationships with a smile which I did try to the best of my abilities, but there was someone who was gauging what an emotional upheaval I was undergoing for not being able to take care of my bereaved dad and little bro. The solitude pricked me and my moist eyes told me, they were wet of my loved ones' pain.
Every night, I wanted to share with S but I thought he must have been experiencing the same void and agony too for he has lost his dad too, so I embraced quietness and always went to sleep holding his hand clutched in innumerable uncertainties. It went on for a week until he told me he is out for a day for official work. Cold as I was getting, I didn't react much and bid him bye blankly.

The next morning as I opened the door at the sound of the door bell I was aghast to see S standing with my Dad and Bro. They both looked pale with sunken eyes. I didn't let my pain overflow to them and welcomed them with a smile which lit with gratitude and incomparable warmth for the man I fell all the more in love with that day.

S asked me to prepare a quick lunch and no one would believe he fed them Lentil-rice with his own hands as they were reluctant to eat. That moment when he pampered, consoled and fed them morsel by morsel is forever imprinted on my heart. This was the warmest moment my eyes have ever witnessed. The way he loved them, made them smile, massaged their head with my mom's Favorite Parachute Hair Oil (my mom also loved all their bonding commercials and I include one below)  and took care of them exuded enormous goodness. The #MagicofWarmth of that moment melted my heart and though words failed me to express my gratefulness to him, that was also the moment I most deeply fell in love with him and became indebted to him for life. All the sadness vanished in the flick of a second and that moment gave me back myself too. I swore by myself to stay by this great man through thick and this I do many years later today too without fail for that warm magical moment made him not only my pride but also of my dad and bro and their bond is adorable till present day.

'Am elated today to relive the #MagicofWarmth of that Priceless Moment
Expressing my gratitude with failing words to Parachute Advanced to Cajole me revisit them
Such moments lay the foundation of relationships of a lifetime
Forever etched on your heart as a keepsake of happier times'

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