Thursday 19 January 2017

In Search of Myself.....

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Some days I just want to sit with myself
        Without a spoken word, happy in my own space

Letting the early sun rays play peek-a-boo with my tresses
I look aimlessly into the serene sky till the point where my gaze ends

I feel like the calm surface of a placid lake
Not wanted to be broken into ripples by a wandering pebble

I feel like a half-blossomed hibiscus violet
Without a desire to be spotted by a butterfly to steal my pollen

I feel like a small baby oblivious of all the worries of the world
Who craves for nothing else but her mother's lap

And suddenly the responsibilities beckon
Kicking me hard out of my trance

Perplexed to see the hour on my clock
I dedicatedly rush back to the next core

But the peace I just experienced lingers on
And I again sit back in search of myself

Am I what the time had made me
Or that child who desired to frame her own destiny

I lot I have achieved and great solace in it I find
And words undoubtedly fail me to express my gratitude to the Almighty for the same

But there's still a void in my heart and emptiness in my eyes from years umpteen
Waiting to be filled when I shall materialise that unseen dream

Until then I wander and meander in search of myself
Without a work spoken, happy in my own space

Copyright ©2015~017 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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