Thursday 5 January 2017

Pain is my Inspiration

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Pain is a wonderful companion
It enriches me in ways more than one

 Strange yet true, ever since childhood I have experienced it all through
And whenever it chose to leave me for my good

 Priceless happiness made its way inside my life
As if light just sneaked in after a long dark night

 The bright rays only blinded me and filled me with fear and insecurity
Of losing the joys of life's worthy journey

 Like a perfect mate, pain wished to be forever gone
And never come back to this bereaved friend

 But that was not what was destined
God wanted to test umpteen times his Chosen Child

 So he ended my insecurities
And every time reunited me with the Pain precious

 Pain has the Power of igniting wisdom is most morose souls
It teaches you a zillion lessons as moments crawl

 It is now a part of me,
Pain I live and Pain I breadth

 I have no regrets and am at peace
Pain motivates me to seek my goals without any fear of loosing

 Pain burns like a fire in my heart
And propels me ahead on the path of righteousness

 Pain is my Inspiration which pushes me ahead
To voice the hearts unheard….

Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

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