Thursday 26 January 2017

My Most Favorite Top 5 Restaurants in Pune

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I am a foodie of a kind who counts her calories for multiple days before binging on my Favorite food and that is what makes the satiation of my taste buds all the more worthwhile while keeping in check my weight which I can't afford to increase under any circumstances.

Today I present to you my most Favorite top 5 eating joints in Pune vis-a-vis their food quality-variety , ambiance and comfort on pocket parameters with the pros and cons of each, so that you have the complete information in case you are planning to visit any of these or looking for some cool ones.

1.    Jalebi Junction, Baner: If your tongue savours spicy street chaats n golgappas with Real Ghee Jalebis there is no other place you better be. Not only this, they too specialise in Special North Indian Delicacies like Sarson Kaa Saag and Makke di Roti or Daal Baati churma. The trick is always lay your hands on their Dish of the day and you will never go wrong. They are unbeatable in taste and are truly a vegetarians delight. Their menu is rich and diverse and food is served hot and quick. The sitting place is only decent and is available both on ground and first floor. Remember there is crazy rush on weekends but trust me the food is worth the wait and is surely unbearably light on pocket. There is no telephonic booking available there.

2.    Barbeque Nation, Sayaji Wakad: If an exotic romantic roof top date is on your mind with crazy lip-smacking food and drinks with your love in a secluded corner in a cool dark ambiance lit by the warmth of red hot grill, this place is so ideal for you, so perfect and so cosy. I bet no eatery can beat it in its variety and taste of starters and kebabs it serves hardly leaving any space for its equally rich buffet main course and exquisite desserts in our already stretched stomachs. They have taken great care that they also serve a gastronomic delight to their vegetarian clientele. Sometimes I love their vegan starters more than their speciality non-veg kebabs. Almost always I drool over their dahi kebabs and the chefs their recognise me by face for my perennial demand for them. Barbecue Nations are heavy on pockets but they make the personalised experience worth it every ounce. Also, almost always there would be huge waiting there, so it is recommended to pre-book it telephonically.

3.    Mainland China, CityOne Mall, Pimpri : There are days when my tongue desires only Chinese Cuisines in their authentic version and not the Indianised Spicy Ones and one place I would rather be for it is Mainland China. They know best how to make your experience special with them. This one is an ala carte restaurant and they make the dish special for you by knowing your salt and spice preferences or whether you'll like to have it sautéed or in gravy of different textures. I have had a memorable bday there and we ate all vegetarian because of a Navratra but it I must say I hold the experience close to my heart. The ambiance of the place is par excellence and prices of the dishes are on a higher side but it reflects in the quality of their preparations. You can walk in straight or prebook telephonically.

4.    Ramdev ka Dhaba, Nigdi : Now this purely vegan restaurant is a total surprise package and an ideal family and friends hangout spot of course with damn yummy pocket friendly food. They are well known for their daal baati churma which I bet is one of the best I have ever tasted. The yummilicuous ghee tadka daal is served in a cute replica of a baalti (a small bucket) with ball like Baatis all loaded with Ghee which sure are a gastronomical delight . The ambiance of the place is good and they also serve other North Indian dishes too. It's definitely worth a try. We love it especially when are guests are vegans.

5.    Sigree, Cityone Mall, Pimpri: So if you are a foodie family of crazy variations in taste preferences when you little sonny is craving for some pastas and thin crust pizzas, hubby for some Dum Biryani and prawns with Hot Roomali Roti and Keema kaleji and you for your alltime Favorite grilled options, to get it all at one place along with an overdose party of desserts and ice creams together after having your individual choices, Sigree is sure a delightful choice. In food options and cost per person it is a younger sister of Barbeque Nation but the concept is exactly the same with slight alterations. If you are going there on weekends prebook to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Personally you can mostly catch me hanging at one of these joints on weekends savouring their delicacies while closing my eyes to the number of calories. I vouch by their food undoubtedly.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post and is purely based on my taste buds' recommendations.

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