Saturday 23 February 2019

5 Ways that can save a mom’s day when nothing goes her way

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Parenting is a versatile journey and indeed very precious and very beautiful for every mother in her very own special way. It’s a feeling, all the words of the universe put together would fail me to express. It indeed is divine and extremely enriching. I have never been a perfect mommy albeit a good one, good in the sense that I have learned to learn from my mistakes as a mother and not to repeat them. I have also in some of my posts on the healing power of positivity and the balancing act encapsulated my learning’s and shared it with all of you earlier but the fact is no one can ever fathom all the deep secrets of motherhood.. 

Though mothers are believed to be epitomes of strength and patience and they are so for most days but this may not be true always as we too are human beings. Actually, every mum has her weaknesses and her weak days. Days when she feels a staunch pain in her heart for doing a particular thing that way and not doing it an alternate way. The irony is though we believe that moms are the strongest, their hearts are also the most fragile. So some days when nothing goes our way we freak out. 

Now, since I am a meticulous planner, I have formulated 5 principles for myself to tackle and come out of these situations and now I have trained my mind to work on them, to a great extent. Today, I decided to calibrate my thoughts with all you gorgeous mums as well.

  1. Sometimes just let it be, you can’t control everything that is happening in the world: All’s going well in the family and suddenly you contract viral fever and you pass it in to your little ones who struggle under it because they are small and we start cursing ourselves, getting irritated and unfortunately the little ones bear the brunt again. This happens right? So what should we do? We should rather train our mind not to let negativity engulf us and take it easy please. This is life and we are not Gods, so let’s work to maintain the peace and happiness of our family which begins from us.

  1. Smile and spend time with yourself: If you love nature walking or nature photography or have any other favorite pass time please indulge and smile when you spend time with yourself, you will not only feel rejuvenated but also the happiness hormones will be secreted in your body ridding you of all the guilts. I try to do this as often as possible despite having a hectic schedule 5 days a week I let Mother Nature work her wonders on me. I also keep writing positive notes to self while I do all this.

  1. Music is a healer of the soul: If you are an ardent music lover like me, there is no therapy like plugging in your favorite music and singing out loud with it. Ah! What great peace and satiation it brings to the soul. Also, if you like to shake a leg on it, do your most random and funny steps like no-one’s watching and have fun (it also will act as a workout for the smart momma in you). Some days when I feel down and out I do a karaoke of old soulful melodies and sing to my heart’s content and soon the two boys also join the fun. Doing all this makes me a baby and helps me unnerving and also bring some joy to my family. Technology is a boon sometimes, isn’t it? Try this and you would love it, we don’t need to be a singer for it😛.

  1. Self Dates: This is another weird sounding thing I do. There are some days when we moms experience a void whether we are working or are a SAHM. I call it the void of inspiration. It inspires me to take the leap of faith to better myself. But when I am experiencing this void I sulk, so I plan a date with myself to have my favorite chocolate shake at my favorite mall and I indulge shamelessly with a large grin. I pack the boys to work and school and hire a cab to my this place where I treat myself and heal myself by scribbling on a piece of paper my feelings and the way forward. Since I am my own best friend this venting is therapeutic and makes me the chirpy smiling Roma again. Trust me self-dates can work wonders for us.You may also have a date with your spouse or your child incase any of them are free.

  1. Divert Your Mind and keep the right company: Mind is the most powerful beast to tap and a flood of negativity can wipe off years of positive mentoring. Many times, the negativity can come from your near and dear ones and can take your mental equilibrium for a toss. That is why it is said that you are the company you keep. So make a conscious effort to have positive and supportive friends who can understand your times of turmoil and help you divert your mind away from angst. I have this understanding with my bestie, whenever we feel we need each other, we ping - “Ice Cream Date?”, to the other and within moments the other reaches out to support even if it's just over a phone. Such codes are fun and needed. Be independent but have at least a couple of dependable friends.

Trust me there are days when nothing seems to go our way and clouds of despair and spreading their vicious clutches all around us, those are the days use any of the tips above to save your days, my loves, this is a straight from the heart, #Momology Gyaan from one mom to another. If it doesn’t work I am right here, ping me and I will love to take you through.

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