Friday 1 March 2019

Happiest 10th My Potterhead, May You Always Shine As the Star Brightest

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Happiest tenth my Potterhead
Here’s mum smearing you with a million kisses turning you red

Sounds weird and I know you have newly learned to shy
When I paint your cheeks with my lip colors bright

Never realized how soon my little cuddly coo has grown out of mamma’s arms
Commencing his journey in the twin-digit years' charm

My heart is overwhelmed with love and warmth
In anticipation of the excitement that comes along

As you grow up in your tweens
My innocent bubble, acquiring all wisdom and maturity

There is so much I wish to say
May you forever shine as the brightest star in every life’s stage

My son, my life, my world
May happy and cheerful you always stay

Remember my precious, all days will not be as bright as today
So when you encounter the rough days

And life throws lemons on you
Don’t forget to make from them your favorite lemonade

Sip that lemonade with a strong heart and a wide smile
And all the sorrows of the world will slowly melt away

Remember always, God helps those who help themselves
So never be scared to take the right steps

Mum will not be there with you always
So be independent and carve your own ways

You are a big boy today, my love
Never forget you get what you give

Always respect all girls and women you come across
Help them, support them like you always do to your mother

Understand life is never a bed of roses
So befriend the thorns

As adaptability is the greatest virtue
That would aid you in roughest seas, to sail through

Once again wishing you happiest tenth my Potterhead
Mum sends you buckets full of loves and hugs on your special day

May all your dreams come true my worthy angel
and you always shine as the star brightest

P.S. All through the last month I merrily wrote my parenting experiences in the #Momology Blog train but I wanted to end this series, which is extremely close to my heart, with a heartfelt love note to the guy who made me experience it all. Thus this micro-poetry for him on his big day,  in a hustle bustle but truly straight from the heart :)

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Truly Yours Roma

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