Wednesday 13 February 2019

My Version of Valentine’s ❤️

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I love the concept of Valentine’s because in general, I love the concept of love. To love everyone and accept them with open arms is what makes me, me. I rejoice in this month of love and treat it special every year though personally, I would like every month of the year to be the month of love and every day a Valentine’s Day ❤️

No, this is not a sponsored post nor am I doing a favor to those promoting their business in the name of love on Valentine’s. Many write it off, considering it a marketing gimmick and I do respect their viewpoint but for once we can think beyond this cliched notion.

I personally love Valentine’s for several beautiful reasons. It makes me celebrate a festival dedicated purely to love, once a year. It makes me and 'S' revisit our love promises, to exchange hugs, kisses, customarily and celebrate all the days of the valentine week in our own lovely ways. We try to steal a date too and just bask in the glory of each other’s unconditional love which is growing profound with each passing year. On Valentine’s Day, we raise a toast to it 💞.

My little Valentine absorbs this warmth and love too and learns how we can really cherish true love and express our gratitude for the same. We celebrated each day of our Valentine Week with our child too who comes and tells me that on Promise Day, for example, he wishes to promise me to give up something that has annoyed me for eons and it all turns so lovely 💓.

Cute little celebrations like this break the monotony of routine life any aid us weave sweet memories each day. It energizes and rejuvenated us and frees us from the shackles of exhaustive parenting and wifeyhood which leaves very less room for our own smiles💗.

So for me, Valentine’s doesn’t mean expensive gifting or a premium dinner date but just giving out immense love to your loved ones, all of them including your family and friends and rejoice in this celebration of love. Be grateful to Almighty that you are blessed with their love.

Sending your way loads and loads of love this Valentine's , my precious ones!

P.S. I have deviated slightly from the prompt but I so wished to share this #Momology Talisman which is all about pure pristine love and hence this post. Trust you all like it. It is my most powerful way of energising when mommyhood becomes monotonous 💖

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