Thursday 21 February 2019

Top 5 Sensitive Baby Wipes of 2019

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With every passing day, my belief that motherhood is no cakewalk grows stauncher. Trust me when I say this because today while on one side we are blessed to have such accentuated technological advancements that the wide gametes of products that flood the market have aided moms perfectly, on the other hand so much choice in the product range baffles us.

Almost all brands claim to be best for our precious little angels and as moms, we undoubtedly crave for nothing short of the best for them. For example, when it becomes a matter of hygiene and extreme care for the skin of our little munchkin we become double precautious of our choice. Well, we mommies too have now gained the smartness to figure out the best for our mini ME’s. Like when it comes to choosing the best baby wipes we have amply researched the constituents and know what is ideal for our babies.

Below we present to you a list of 5 Best Sensitive Baby Wipes for the year 2019:

 1.Mother Sparsh Unscented Baby Wipes: These are my top favorites as they are as good as cotton dabbed in pure water. Made of plant-based fiber and Aloe Vera they do not harm Mother Nature at all and are 100% biodegradable. Such a relief to a mother that she is not harming another mother. #MotherSparshWipes are alcohol and Parabens free and do not contain any other harmful chemical at all. Hypoallergenic in nature they are #extragentlewipes which are safest for the most sensitive skin types too. Just have a pack in your bag and your worries to clean their bums, hands, face or even their toys which they keep putting in the mouth is all sorted like forever. The latest version of these #Waterbasedwipes are  #Extrathickwipes for deeper cleaning. You can buy them here.

 2.Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes: Specially designed keeping a little one’s skin needs in mind, these wipes help maintain skin’s natural ph balance thus keeping the precious little’s sensitive skin safe. These wipes are made from carefully selected and evaluated materials and are clinically proven gentle for the tender skin of newborns, thus are extremely safe for your bundle of joys.

3.Baby Dove - Baby Wipes: These are gentle and non-irritating Wipes which gently remove all the impurities and also instantly moisturize the baby skin. Their chemical-free formula is based on the fact that baby’s skin loses moisture five times faster than an adult human being thus they aid in replenishing the same. So they are good for both at home usage or use during travel.

    4. Pigeon Baby Wipes: These baby wipes are enriched with the goodness of chamomile and rosehip and it is free from 5 kinds of bacteria which can harm babies skin. They don’t possess any artificial perfumes and are alcohol-free too. You can use these wipes safely every day without a worry.

    5. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes: These are another well-known baby wipes which are infused with aloe-vera and Indian Lotus extra. It is very mild and soothing for a baby’s tender skin. Their herbal range is specially formulated to ensure the health of our baby’s skin.

Of all of the above, the #FirstWaterWipes of India from Mother Sparsh are my personal favorite, I have tested them every possible way and they have satiated me to my heart’s content.

Truly Yours Roma

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