Monday, 28 December 2015

HP Star Wars Fun Side Challenge:Star War Mini Theater for my Star Wars Addict Little Sonny

Earnestly speaking, I fail to recollect, how I got smitten by the Star Wars Fever over the's probably the company of my "Star Wars Crazy Duo" at home, my 6 year old kiddo & hubby dear, that my initial interest in the same grue up to humongous levels of fascination and addiction for the same!! Well, I have reasons not one but umpteen.....

My little one lives in his own world of space fantasies treating  "Darth Vader" , "Luke Skywalker" ,"Clumsy Stormtrooper" etc almost as his kith and kin and even naming our beloved pet 'Chewbacca"...sometimes he role plays his favorite characters..the latest being Kylo Ren plotting to trap enemies and satiates his heart's "Dark Desires" (oops)....

P.S. We rang our Christmas bells watching this latest Flick from our favorite  Franchisee - Star Wars : The Force Awakens!! and since than my little boy is only dreaming about it .

And my elder kid, my 35 year old corp-orator hubby, for all the very little spare time he has, he satisfies his extra terrestrial instincts by indulging in the Star War games on our ipad, as if watching all the flicks from his favorite Star Wars Series, infinite times wasn't enough :) you know from where we drive our roots of being a firm rooted Star Wars Family (Grin!!).

Both of them(obviously) actually jumped out of bed when I informed them and showed them a Glimpse of the admirable HP Star Wars Special Addition Notebook (through this lovely video)...

...and that's when I got this lovely Fun Idea...My little sunshine's 7th Birthday is soon approaching...It would be absolutely Fantastic to give his room a "New Star Wars Inspired Look" Makeover and transform it into a Mini Theater where he could have loads of fun in his favorite world anytime and anyway he wishes with or without his friends...As his mommy, this seems to me a perfect transformation from his Baby Boy Mickey Mouse Room to a Young Sharp Boy trying to distinguish between the good and the evil, while having fun discovering his dark side!
Along with this setup, his Mini Star War Theater Room shall be armed with the Perfect and Classy HP Star Wars Special Addition Notebook, something to aid him awaken the force of his creative side ...

.....Mom always wishes you #AwakenYourForce Darling......

While the aesthetics of this limited edition Lapy stole my heart at the first glance, when I surfed through it's features  I was further bowled over in sheer admiration to it's Command Center Software...It gave me a wonderful access as many as 1100 priceless images of Star Wars Legacy which I can use directly or run as slide show along with Audio Clips during my sonny's birthday bash in his revamped Star Wars themed Room.

I also picked up the wall Paint design from a ready made poster in the Command Center to give my Kiddo's room main wall, a perfect look as per the chosen theme.

And yeah keeping up mu custom of gifting my little sonny every hour on his birthday, I intend to present him this time ,made to order Star Wars' goodies, using the bacddrops and prints from Behind the Scenes, Collections, Concept Art and Illustrated Art from Command Center of this darkly mesmerizing special notebook (I suddenly feel so resourceful, you see)...

For the Birthday Party for him and his friends, we'll keep his room dimly illuminated and run the Star War movies which come preloaded in this oh-so-awesome lapy....thus making his room his personalized Star Wars Mini Theater...The Red lit keys on the keyboard will add to the dark and spunky ambiance of the theme...Special Coding Decoding Games will be played in the Aurebesh font and food will be served in the paper plates and Glasses printed with Marvel Star War Comics images (again from Command Center Software), to add to the fun!!I am sure it's sure gonna be mega fun with kids actually coming in draped in paper costumes of Star War Characters....oh, My My!!

Wow, so with all detailing done, while discovering the most enchanting, impeccable and desirous notebook of the year by HP, I also finished planning for the biggest event of the year for our dark little adorable StarWars Family :) which also boasts of possessing it's very own Star Wars Library with E-book Excerpts, Trailers, Episodes and Comics etc....

While I had all the fun chalking out the minutest details, I trust you had fun being a part of it ...

If you too are totally spell-bound and excited to walkthrough the details of this truly worthy stellar and powerpacked STAR WARS HP LIMITED EDITION NOTEBOOK ...a peek-a-boo to the below video is enough to make your hearts too pound for it !!

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Revelations of a Lip-balm Addict: Review of Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Cherry Lip Balm (Kiss these Winters with Baby Lips)

Hola Beauties!

I deeply feel that Pretty Lips speak volumes about a damsel both literally as well as symbolically..Yes, I like my lips to reflect my personality before they utter a word...Healthy, natural pink lips are what I love and always love to flaunt no matter where I am....

And hence lip balms are an essential part of my vanity ...I choose them meticulously and am excessively cautious while choosing one...and more so on the advent of winters where the drying up and chapping of the lips is common.

Whilst I have been Maybelline Babylips for a long time now, it's latest range of Candy Wow which i bought recently seems to be a true stunner and supersedes it's previous products specifically for winters' Lips care.

I admit it I was bowled over in sheer admiration to it's Crayon pen look shrinked wrap neatly...This was the first time Maybelline Baby lips came as a convenient and appealing crayon pen in India.Full Marks on Packaging and quite easy to carry. I bought the Cherry shade which suits my Indian Skin tone Perfectly!!!

Being a Lip Balm Addict I almost instantaneously applied it and was entranced by the lovely fruity smell (which complemented the lovely chilly weather beautifully) and made my lips feel so  hydrated and healthy....the single coat gave a lovely natural pink texture while multiple cherry coats seemed apt to wear to casual outings!

The Longevity of this worthy lip balm is 3-4 hours if you are not eating or drinking(oops) though the lips feel hydrated and supple for about 6 hours due to the much desired Vitamin E nourishment...I love the  adorable tinty gloss which stays for close to 1-2 hours but does enhances the look profusely.The lips don't feel winter dry not get chapped and look elegant.

The Candy Wow is priced as Rs 275 which looks little pricey prima facie but in my view the quality is definitely worth that price.

Our of the 5 Candy Wow Shades, this one is indeed my favorite and I definitely recommend it to all!

If you love the nude makeup look like me with adorable glares, you can blindly pick this one up , beauties, I bet you would adore it <3

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Santa's Miracle Winter Home Giveaway Powered by "House This" on "Jabong"

Hola My Precious Readers,

With Christmas and New Year round the corner, the moods are bound to turn festive....with our little ones awaiting Santa and busy doing up the final deco of there lovely and precious Christmas tree....This is also the time of a lot of bonhomie and get-togethers with family and friends!

I am sure the theme of the new year party at your home as well as how you would decorate your home sweet home for the same is already decided and the excitement for the lovely vacations would be soaring each moment.

"Straight From The Heart", would love to rejoice with you in  these lovely moments and thus brings to you the "Santa's Miracle Winter Home Giveaway" Powered by the Premium Home Furnishing Giant "House This" on "Jabong".

Recently on my shopping spree for the new years, I discovered House This and was mesmerized by it's exquisite, contemperory and distinct range of home furnishing solutions like Bedsheets, Curtains, Diwan sets, Rugs etc....that too at quite an affordable price..Here's a glimpse of some of my favorite there, which I picked up:

While you can shop for them on Jabong anytime, in this giveaway we give you a unique opportunity to win them for yourselves :)

All you got to do is, share with us a pic of your home's christmas and new year deco and let us know how you would enhance it using the products of House This.

The Winner will be gratified with an awesome hamper from House This for your lovely home <3

Contest is open, on Blog and it's all Social Media Handles, so feel free to punch in your replies anywhere and walk away with the most astounding prize !!

You can also mail me your replies at

Saturday, 19 December 2015

When I walk bare feet on the wet grass every morn....I find You Maa!!

Supple and pristine were my thoughts...
During this succinctly pleasurable morn...
When I walked bare feet on the wet grass lovelorn...

I was still dreamy eyed, when lovely memories
brushed my sides...
Nature has so much to inspire...
The cool monsoon breeze sent me much back in times...

When in such lovely morns, Mom took me for those long walks
Narrating stories all the way...
Till today the wisdom of those tales...

Are my guiding lights in the dark tunnels of vicious circles of life...
such was the impact...Now I realize, 
how I was truly blessed ...

Though she left me long back for the heavenly abode,
As even God wants those who are truly good....
Till today, I feel her warmth in Mother Nature's Arms...

She waits for me in the lovely morn's dew drops..
And caresses and pampers me through her Silent Touch,
When I walk bare feet on the wet grass.... 

That's where I forever find my Mom!!

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Monday, 14 December 2015

Share a Hug with your friends and Witness the effect of the Priceless Midas Touch

Image Courtesy:

From the bottom of my heart, I do believe there is nothing as deep, as profound, as strong as Friendship....This is most truly the best relation ever made, which is beyond any blood ties or societal compulsions!!

Luckily for me, a hosteler from a very tender age, my friends are indeed my lifeline and I am so grateful to Almighty I have so many of them to enrich my life and make this world such a wonderful place to live in....In my early 30's today, I still am in touch with most of them and never skip a chance to hang around with them and Share a Hug and some priceless laughter!

The reason for me choosing them as the anchor of my life is pretty simple though...yeah they are not the ones who are in my life because of a blood tie but because I have chosen them for myself...this deep yaari/dosti gives me a reason to smile , a shoulder to rest upon and above all a person who can pick me up and give a hug every time I fall, without a complaint..and I guess friendship is the only relation in this world which has least expectations and complaints too :)

The fact that I married my childhood best friend, itself proves the significance of Dosti in my life and I am so glad I did...As I today proudly celebrate my life with my bestie weaving sweet memories each moment in the beautiful journey called true friends , we love practically doing everything together whether it's hanging out, shaking a leg or grabbing our cozy corner for a lovely candlelight celebration often always bombarded by the sudden appearance of our large herd of friends who always know somehow e where we are...but that's how we love it too..the more the merrier...we all are inseparable beyond all doubt and love going crazy and giggle without a reason...Our life Mantra delves in leading the life with utmost fun but always remembering to celebrate responsibly too with hurting anyone physically or emotionally!

You know what the sweetest part of our group of buddies is the special care each one takes of the other...If you would think deeply, it indeed means a lot folks...we don't let anyone feel low...if we see someone hanging down his face in a deep worry, we just share a hug , a very heartfelt one with him/her  and you'll be surprised to witness the Midas Touch impact it has on the other..The gloomy face suddenly gleams in golden shine, such is the power of friendship and a true friend's hug, my dears!Do give it a Try....

Cheers for the most Divine Human Tie "FriendShip" !

 Enjoy and Live Life Kingsize

     ...Truly Yours Roma

Author's Note: This post is intended for audience above the age of 25 years.

The Golden Silence

Indian Bloggers

The most difficult thing to embrace for an extrovert, is Silence...
But as time walks past me, I realize the biggest attribute of passing years, as you mature...
Is to learn to stay quiet and probably only pen your emotions in words!!

The Power of "Golden Silence" is mightier than a thousand words..
And saves you from the ignominy of being misquoted and misunderstood by some known and unknown peers!

But for someone, who likes to forever loves to express her heart, in a beautiful garland of  her talks...
heaven falls if she comes mum !

This time though she has decided  to tear out her heart and let it bleed...
but not let her mouth speak!

This is her new year resolve, which she would follow no matter what circumstances befall....
And not fell prey to people who mold her talks and use them against her as swords!

No doubt she would assume the Golden Silence's Power...
But she would still express straight from the heart...

Not from her lips, but in her books, in peace and calm...
and make her pen mightier than all swords, in times to come!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Peep into the Drive, Design and Connect of my Favorite City in India - Aamchi Mumbai

Marine Drive, Mumbai

Being a honest banker's daughter, who got transferred every 3 years, there is no part of India which has not been my temporary abode....This has indeed been the biggest blessing of my life and I cherish my connect to the whole of my mother nation, speaking multiple languages and cooking different sets of food...But if  you ask me to pick my favorite city, it gets extremely tough and tricky for me and calls for a very deep speculation!

However, if I have to rate them with respect to their Drive, Design and Connect, my favorite undoubtedly would be "Aamchi Mumbai"....the City of Dreams!

Below, I bring forth my perspective of why I feel it's the best in India with respect to the aforementioned parameters.

1.Drive: Mumbai attracts the highest number of people from all over India ...No matter which field they specialize, this city drives them towards itself, unconditionally, promising to fulfill their dreams or at-least give them an equal yet ferociously competitive chance to prove themselves...I visited Mumbai for the first time in 2003 as a GET in a automotive major and since than have been spell bound and fascinated by it's charm and acceptance for wonder it is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, the opportunities it presents to the masses are far more advanced and multi-fold than any other city in India!

2.Design: The city of Mumbai is built on a once archipelago of 7 islands roughly 2000 years ago, as per the available source)...with it's architecture primarily being based on a blend of Gothic-Revival, Ind0-Saracenic, Art Deco and other contemperory styles. Mumbai not only houses the highest number of skyscrapers in India, two of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Elephanta Caves) but also is next only to Miami in possessing the number of Art Deco Paintings.

The newer parts of Mumbai are well designed and connected and boast of an state-of-an-art infrastructure.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Teminus,Mumbai

3.Connect:For all the time that I have spent this admirably fast faced city, I have never faced any issue with respect to the connect as this city never sleeps...Though the distance from one place to another are humongous and the traffic chaos and the sticky climate are sometimes killing! 

Though Mumbai has all: road, rail, bus ,water as well air transports well in place , the primary means of local transport for the masses, here are the Locals(Intracity Trains) and the BEST buses.Taxis are also easily available in most areas.The Metro has started its operations here in Jun'15 and is expected to grow phasewise.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai

Thus , For me till date, most genuinely, I don't see a city close to Mumbai on Drive, Design and Connect parameters though there is still a huge scope of improvement and improvisation for this Mega City.....beaming with millions each day!

I have been in and out of Mumbai, in the past 12 years, but nothing can diminish my adulation for this fantastic city of dreams, which incidentally also houses the maximum number of billionaires of India! The contagious never say die spirit of this admirable metro has rubbed so hard on me and makes me fall in love with it all the more, over and over again!

Above, I have expressed my straight from the heart views on my favorite city in India based on the Drive, Design and Connect Parameters for the prestigious #MadeofGreat Campaign ( #ZonalWar ) .You can know mode about it here:


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sugarfree Express Gajar ka Halwa to strike the right chords of Everyone's Heart

I belong to the genre of people who don't hesitate a pence to satiate their tongues' fantasies and same applies to my crazy foodie family...exploring the recipes of exotic as well traditional cuisines appeases our heart to the core..

Though I admit initially I loved only the relishing part, but a vehement attempt to protect the health of my family, has driven me into a healthy cooking passion where I attentively grasp recipes from veterans than slightly customize it to suit my family's health....

As we all have a compulsive sweet tooth , a dessert is a must have post dinner in my house and with the advent of lovely winters, nothing can pamper our sweet-Hungary souls as much as the freshly cooked "Garma-Garam Gaajar ka Halwa"!

But since my Mom-in-Law is an acute Diabetic as well as the fact that it's high for me and hubby dear too to count our calories...I have slightly abridged the #straightfrommymomskitchen #exoticgajarkahalwarecipe to suit our healthy lifestyle as well as equally soothe our taste buds!The basic idea is to replace sugar with Sugarfree and retain the goodness of carrot and milk to best possible levels!

So here's how I cook, a healthier yummilicious sugar-free express Gajar ka Halwa.....


  • 250 grms carrot
  • 1l milk
  • 1 teaspoon Ghee
  • Quarter spoon cardamom powder
  • 10-12 Almonds finely chopped (you can also add cashewnuts and raisins) 
  • Sugarfree Natura low calorie sugar substitute


  • Peel off the carrots and grate them
  • Pressure cook it in 1 litre milk till 1 whistle
  • Now open the lid and cook the mixture slowly stirring it at regular intervals till the milk dries up and is perfectly absorbed...

  • Next add a teaspoon of Ghee and cardamom powder and cook it further on sim flame for 5-7 minutes, for it to get the desired flavour and texture
  • Allow it to cool, than sprinkle sugar free powder on the Halwa as per your taste (you may like it mild/average/extra sweet) and mix well.
  • Garnish it with finely cut dry fruits of your choice and Serve it Yum hot <3

This Simplest ever recipe takes much lesser time to cook, is low on sugars and is made of fresh wholesome milk rather than buying mawa from outside thus is even more healthier....

This Sugarfree Dessert undoubtedly goes a long way in lifting the moods of my sweet mom-in-law who no longer has to gaze at others relishing sweets which she cannot and to me nothing means more than striking the right chords of her heart!I am sure this would please every other heart too alike :)

Trust you guys enjoyed the recipe of my customised sugarfree Gajar give it a try !



Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Blissful Panache within your Arms, 10 Years Long❤️❤️

Anniversaries  are indeed most special,
They remind me of the plethora of unconditional love, on me you shower...❤️❤️

Time truly flies , undoubtedly it does..
And today on our umpteenth Love Anniversary as I sit back to pause❤️❤️

Turning back the most beautiful "pages" of my life...
I witness your fine imprints on each one of them with so much pride❤️❤️

Like a needle I pierced myself with the self-induced agony given by the atrocities  of life and destiny,
Until you became my thread and helped me stitch together my battered life and filled it with your smiles velvety❤️❤️

Every time I retrieved and rolled back deep into my shell...
You nurtured me with your fairness and care, until I shone like a pearl❤️❤️

No doubt our lives have been a rugged roller-coaster,
I fail till date, to imagine it without you by my side!❤️❤️

You have completed me as a woman, and rendered my life a new meaning...
What I have learnt the most for you, is how to value and nurture each relation! ❤️❤️

Yes, I was a feeble being, hiding inside my self-woven vicious cocoon, you caressed me with your tender warmth...
And helped me bloom into a vivid butterfly with your adorable charm!❤️❤️

You are solely the reason of whatever I am today..
And I thanks Almighty for giving me you, as mine forever!❤️❤️

Need I say, my love, so much with you I am in love that life appears a beautiful song...
Yes Today, Words fail me to express my gratitude to you for giving me a Blissful Panache within your Arms, 10 years long❤️❤️

Monday, 30 November 2015

A Mother's Instinct to render Special Care and Protect her Munchkin's Soft Skin

So Adorable and Precious my Baby, you are to me...
I will do anything to give you nothing less than what is #softestforbabyskin...
I will always cradle you gently until you fall asleep in mamma's arms...
And Protect and Pamper you with all my love and Warmth!

Motherhood is undoubtedly the most divine experience for every Mom..where God confers on her a special power to caress and protect their tiny bundle of joy, even during her deep sleep!

I used to be such a nervous cocoon till my sonny was born always worrying if I would be a good mother to my child... What if I make a mistake ?? But miraculously all my dilemmas vanished at the first glance of my sunshine in the labor room and transformed me to a confident Mom!

My Mantra of taking the best care of my little peanut ever since have been guided by pure instincts of a mother....and I have meticulously planned the regime for my angel to protect his soft skin through a mom's healing touch and her trusted products....I enumerate my 5 point program for the same below:

1: Soft, absorbent and right sized diapers : First things first, hygiene and infection-free have been high on my agenda always...from day one I have trusted the soft, comfortable and highly absorbent Pampers( Oops Diapers,the term is interchangeably used in our house always)whose size zero rendered the same tender mamma's care to my new born as his mom herself ....Using the right size diapers according to the weight range of the baby is extremely critical and vital in it's ability to keep our baby dry and his skin soft...Infact, Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. It's cotton-like softness is #softestforbabyskin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby's skin soft and healthy and your baby happy.

2: Comfortable Soft Clothing washed in Antiseptic: Never overdress a child or adorn him/her in fancy irritable outfits as they may stifle our little one's comfort and harm his delicate soft skin...I Always use very soft fabrics for my little one and wash it gently with antiseptics before every use, to keep my munchkin happy and healthy...These small measures may sound trifle but are extremely significant to protect our little buddy's soft skin!

3: Gentle Olive Oil Massage: Massages not only relaxes the baby they are extremely vital as they nourish and soothe the ever growing baby skin of our little peanut, thus keeping it soft and our cutie delighted..I give my little boy olive oil massages thrice a day and he enjoys it to  the core!

4: Lukewarm water bath using Ayurvedic non chemical baby soaps : Our Mammamia-Baby Bathy Times are the most lovely part of our day where I prefer natural soaps or ingredients from my kitchen to bathe my little one as they are chemical free and enriched in the goodness of mother nature, to render perfect care and protection for the gentle skin of my baby!

5: Sanitizing baby Crib, mattress and all toys at regular intervals : A Healthy baby is always a happy baby and nothing pleases a mom's heart than his elated cooing and grins...and thus it becomes absolutely imperative to protect him/her from skin infections through germs on his/her bedding, toys and every other stuff.To do this, I habitually wipe all the things that come in contact with my baby with a disinfectant and sanitiser at regular intervals....Don't forget to rinse the baby's bed linen and pillow covers in disinfectant too post washing it!

These small moves, dear mommies, form the lifeline of protection of our little one's soft skin...Follow them and your motherly instincts religiously ......

After all our cute little bundle of joys deserve all the love and  PAMPERS!!

 © [Roma Gupta Sinha][Straight From The Heart][2015]Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Smitten by Smartphone Technology, We Technocrats now live manifold Smarter and Merrier

I Love life and live it to the fullest like there is no tomorrow..Also, I feel deeply blessed to have born in this dynamic era of smart technologies which add so much fun and support to our everyday lives...However,I was not been this badly smitten by the technology charm until a little while ago, when an experience of a lifetime made me such a devoted and updated #Technocrat !
..... It was the dark chilli night in Almhult , Sweden and I missed him so so much... I have been here for an assignment with Ikea of Sweden but that day on Karvachauth my mind drifted to his thoughts time and again..This was the first time in our happy married life, I have been away from my precious half on this day of so much significance to us... His smiling face kept revolving in front of my eyes... I have been without a morsel of food and a drop of water since morn and there was no way I could see the moon in that snowy night there to perform the fast closing rituals... I felt so morose , so pain struck and so lonely as my moon, my hubby darling , too wasn't with me and I missed his warmth and care to the extend no words can ever describe....chill and hunger ran down my spines as I paved my way lifelessly to my hotel room from work, barely managing to hold back my tears!
That was exactly when I felt life in my palm.. It was the vibrator of my phone... I glanced at it with the excitement and innocence of a baby only to see my love's pic flashing as he has called me ... Words fail me to describe how happy I felt to speak to him thanks to the smarter technology these days ! My Smartphone appeared to be my bestest friend at that moment and the seeds of my deep admiration to technology were planed firmly that day :)


But folks this was not the end of my "mere piya Gaye Rangoon, wahan se kiya hai telephun", tale, there is a modern day version to it fact this was Just the beginning!!
So as I poured my heart to hubby dearest, stating how heart-broken I was due to my inability to witness moon and him on Karvachauth.... he gave me his usual grins promising me that he needs exactly 30 minutes to fulfill all my wishes.... I knew he always kept his promises so super elated I rushed to dress up into my wedding trousseau which I have always worn on my karvachauths and have carried all the way from Gurgaon to Frankfurt to Copenhagen to Almhult with so much love❤️❤️
In next 20 mins, I was united with him across boundaries across oceans thanks to our Smarter Bestie again -our beloved SmartPhones... Yes in the before time Skype Call from him, I saw him with his priceless smile as beaming as ever, the beautiful spotless moon through the window and the Pooja Table lead with all the Pooja preparations done so impeccably...Teary eyed with joy, gratitude and love alike, we together performed the Pooja as he played the multimedia karvachauth vrat katha files in the backdrop...after it he made me drink and eat as if he was sitting near me... And we talked and laughed endlessly that night to our heart's content...The admirable 4G network gave us those priceless uninterrupted moments, forever etched on our hearts❤️❤️!


And since that day started my deep rooted love affair with the smartphone technology for I now knew what a perfect solution it meant to all your worries and can be your best partner in situation umpteen...I remember how it guided me from Airport to my hotel room in snow covered Vienna at 2 a.m. through it's Maps or helped me get into the right intercity trains in different countries!It won't be an exaggeration to say that this technology has turned some of my nightmarish experiences into beautiful memories!
As time has elapsed, my smartphone has become my 24X7 companion..right from going through the headlines, to taking a quick glance of the office mails on the move or catch up on social media, and most of all in keeping myself updated of the global trends and other vital information for my blog, my always updated, smartphone aids me multitask thanks to it's all powerful Octacore Processor!Whether it's a educational project or birthday party theme search for my little sonny or shop for an anniversary gift for darling hubby or capturing pics of our wonderful times together, my capable Android phone makes it all just a swipe away! I can truly say that me , my hubby and my little sonny today are a happy #technocrats family who use technology to make our life smarter and merrier with ample of quality time for each other ❤️❤️
On a wider perspective , the smartphone technology is in my eyes, the most potent tool to help our nation and it's youth(like me) evolve and march steadfast towards there multi-faceted growth and development and infact it is doing so, by leaps and bounds and the best indicator to this fact is that the 10th largest smartphone manufacturer around the globe is from India- Micromax!! And each Indian like me is indeed proud of it! I am an ardent fan of Micromax Smartphones for years now, owing to the fact that their fully loaded , most advanced versions too come at a very pocket friendly price..Something that gives me the privilege of updating to latest technology from time to time without burning a hole in my pocket!
Another Buzzword of this generation is #HighlyPersonalized, we go miles to pimp out our phones to our fantasies, to make customized mobile covers or even have a made to order/request ringtone from our favorite artist and I am one of those freaks too...
My unending love and admiration for my smartphones now keeps me on toes to always surf ,discover and crave for the latest and the most advanced one - weather it's a new Android Marshmallow phone or a miraculously new more capable camera, my heart skips a heartbeat every time it spots a new one :D....and Yeah, going to from where I started, we thus have a new Karvachauth custom at our home now - As a Karvachauth gift, every year, I now receive the latest smartphone , from hubby darling!! So now we #Technocrats, #TravelBindass and still remain #Togetherforever and #mostupdated thanks to the worthy #SmartphoneTechnology :) :)

I trust you enjoyed the read, Folks!! Stay Smart, today and Buy Smartphones!! 

-Truly Yours Roma

 © [Roma Gupta Sinha][Straight From The Heart][2015]Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.