Monday 14 December 2015

Share a Hug with your friends and Witness the effect of the Priceless Midas Touch

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From the bottom of my heart, I do believe there is nothing as deep, as profound, as strong as Friendship....This is most truly the best relation ever made, which is beyond any blood ties or societal compulsions!!

Luckily for me, a hosteler from a very tender age, my friends are indeed my lifeline and I am so grateful to Almighty I have so many of them to enrich my life and make this world such a wonderful place to live in....In my early 30's today, I still am in touch with most of them and never skip a chance to hang around with them and Share a Hug and some priceless laughter!

The reason for me choosing them as the anchor of my life is pretty simple though...yeah they are not the ones who are in my life because of a blood tie but because I have chosen them for myself...this deep yaari/dosti gives me a reason to smile , a shoulder to rest upon and above all a person who can pick me up and give a hug every time I fall, without a complaint..and I guess friendship is the only relation in this world which has least expectations and complaints too :)

The fact that I married my childhood best friend, itself proves the significance of Dosti in my life and I am so glad I did...As I today proudly celebrate my life with my bestie weaving sweet memories each moment in the beautiful journey called true friends , we love practically doing everything together whether it's hanging out, shaking a leg or grabbing our cozy corner for a lovely candlelight celebration often always bombarded by the sudden appearance of our large herd of friends who always know somehow e where we are...but that's how we love it too..the more the merrier...we all are inseparable beyond all doubt and love going crazy and giggle without a reason...Our life Mantra delves in leading the life with utmost fun but always remembering to celebrate responsibly too with hurting anyone physically or emotionally!

You know what the sweetest part of our group of buddies is the special care each one takes of the other...If you would think deeply, it indeed means a lot folks...we don't let anyone feel low...if we see someone hanging down his face in a deep worry, we just share a hug , a very heartfelt one with him/her  and you'll be surprised to witness the Midas Touch impact it has on the other..The gloomy face suddenly gleams in golden shine, such is the power of friendship and a true friend's hug, my dears!Do give it a Try....

Cheers for the most Divine Human Tie "FriendShip" !

 Enjoy and Live Life Kingsize

     ...Truly Yours Roma

Author's Note: This post is intended for audience above the age of 25 years.

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