Thursday 10 December 2015

A Peep into the Drive, Design and Connect of my Favorite City in India - Aamchi Mumbai

Marine Drive, Mumbai

Being a honest banker's daughter, who got transferred every 3 years, there is no part of India which has not been my temporary abode....This has indeed been the biggest blessing of my life and I cherish my connect to the whole of my mother nation, speaking multiple languages and cooking different sets of food...But if  you ask me to pick my favorite city, it gets extremely tough and tricky for me and calls for a very deep speculation!

However, if I have to rate them with respect to their Drive, Design and Connect, my favorite undoubtedly would be "Aamchi Mumbai"....the City of Dreams!

Below, I bring forth my perspective of why I feel it's the best in India with respect to the aforementioned parameters.

1.Drive: Mumbai attracts the highest number of people from all over India ...No matter which field they specialize, this city drives them towards itself, unconditionally, promising to fulfill their dreams or at-least give them an equal yet ferociously competitive chance to prove themselves...I visited Mumbai for the first time in 2003 as a GET in a automotive major and since than have been spell bound and fascinated by it's charm and acceptance for wonder it is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, the opportunities it presents to the masses are far more advanced and multi-fold than any other city in India!

2.Design: The city of Mumbai is built on a once archipelago of 7 islands roughly 2000 years ago, as per the available source)...with it's architecture primarily being based on a blend of Gothic-Revival, Ind0-Saracenic, Art Deco and other contemperory styles. Mumbai not only houses the highest number of skyscrapers in India, two of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Elephanta Caves) but also is next only to Miami in possessing the number of Art Deco Paintings.

The newer parts of Mumbai are well designed and connected and boast of an state-of-an-art infrastructure.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Teminus,Mumbai

3.Connect:For all the time that I have spent this admirably fast faced city, I have never faced any issue with respect to the connect as this city never sleeps...Though the distance from one place to another are humongous and the traffic chaos and the sticky climate are sometimes killing! 

Though Mumbai has all: road, rail, bus ,water as well air transports well in place , the primary means of local transport for the masses, here are the Locals(Intracity Trains) and the BEST buses.Taxis are also easily available in most areas.The Metro has started its operations here in Jun'15 and is expected to grow phasewise.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai

Thus , For me till date, most genuinely, I don't see a city close to Mumbai on Drive, Design and Connect parameters though there is still a huge scope of improvement and improvisation for this Mega City.....beaming with millions each day!

I have been in and out of Mumbai, in the past 12 years, but nothing can diminish my adulation for this fantastic city of dreams, which incidentally also houses the maximum number of billionaires of India! The contagious never say die spirit of this admirable metro has rubbed so hard on me and makes me fall in love with it all the more, over and over again!

Above, I have expressed my straight from the heart views on my favorite city in India based on the Drive, Design and Connect Parameters for the prestigious #MadeofGreat Campaign ( #ZonalWar ) .You can know mode about it here:


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