Monday 30 November 2015

A Mother's Instinct to render Special Care and Protect her Munchkin's Soft Skin

So Adorable and Precious my Baby, you are to me...
I will do anything to give you nothing less than what is #softestforbabyskin...
I will always cradle you gently until you fall asleep in mamma's arms...
And Protect and Pamper you with all my love and Warmth!

Motherhood is undoubtedly the most divine experience for every Mom..where God confers on her a special power to caress and protect their tiny bundle of joy, even during her deep sleep!

I used to be such a nervous cocoon till my sonny was born always worrying if I would be a good mother to my child... What if I make a mistake ?? But miraculously all my dilemmas vanished at the first glance of my sunshine in the labor room and transformed me to a confident Mom!

My Mantra of taking the best care of my little peanut ever since have been guided by pure instincts of a mother....and I have meticulously planned the regime for my angel to protect his soft skin through a mom's healing touch and her trusted products....I enumerate my 5 point program for the same below:

1: Soft, absorbent and right sized diapers : First things first, hygiene and infection-free have been high on my agenda always...from day one I have trusted the soft, comfortable and highly absorbent Pampers( Oops Diapers,the term is interchangeably used in our house always)whose size zero rendered the same tender mamma's care to my new born as his mom herself ....Using the right size diapers according to the weight range of the baby is extremely critical and vital in it's ability to keep our baby dry and his skin soft...Infact, Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. It's cotton-like softness is #softestforbabyskin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby's skin soft and healthy and your baby happy.

2: Comfortable Soft Clothing washed in Antiseptic: Never overdress a child or adorn him/her in fancy irritable outfits as they may stifle our little one's comfort and harm his delicate soft skin...I Always use very soft fabrics for my little one and wash it gently with antiseptics before every use, to keep my munchkin happy and healthy...These small measures may sound trifle but are extremely significant to protect our little buddy's soft skin!

3: Gentle Olive Oil Massage: Massages not only relaxes the baby they are extremely vital as they nourish and soothe the ever growing baby skin of our little peanut, thus keeping it soft and our cutie delighted..I give my little boy olive oil massages thrice a day and he enjoys it to  the core!

4: Lukewarm water bath using Ayurvedic non chemical baby soaps : Our Mammamia-Baby Bathy Times are the most lovely part of our day where I prefer natural soaps or ingredients from my kitchen to bathe my little one as they are chemical free and enriched in the goodness of mother nature, to render perfect care and protection for the gentle skin of my baby!

5: Sanitizing baby Crib, mattress and all toys at regular intervals : A Healthy baby is always a happy baby and nothing pleases a mom's heart than his elated cooing and grins...and thus it becomes absolutely imperative to protect him/her from skin infections through germs on his/her bedding, toys and every other stuff.To do this, I habitually wipe all the things that come in contact with my baby with a disinfectant and sanitiser at regular intervals....Don't forget to rinse the baby's bed linen and pillow covers in disinfectant too post washing it!

These small moves, dear mommies, form the lifeline of protection of our little one's soft skin...Follow them and your motherly instincts religiously ......

After all our cute little bundle of joys deserve all the love and  PAMPERS!!

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